Tuesday Tangents


monday- 3 miles on TM+ arm definer workout

I did the following exercises 3x with an 8 lb weight and could barely put my makeup on after. I love that feeling of being so sore because it means I have something to really work on.

 photo F4BDE1AF-D2D3-47AE-B40C-8C7427A33367_zpswwezlbpv.png

Over the weekend, we used Josh’s Birthday Tucanos coupon for a date night. I had all. the. foods. and I was one happy pregnant wife.

 photo 3A9E5FEA-18A3-435D-A14E-D1297D1818CF_zpsvej0sw3r.jpg

We also celebrated Josh’s brother’s bday and his Grandma’s. Those carrot cake cupcakes were soo good.

 photo EDD07271-B8A6-48FD-B789-710FFB716DB9_zpshe7gaojo.jpg

So good Uncle Jar even let J share some=)

 photo 3309C8D0-B2BD-4A42-9B90-BBC8CA2EE485_zpsczxh88wt.jpg

Utah has finally realized it’s winter.

 photo F9C5BB02-3FEF-4726-B599-3ED4323E4D8B_zpsscu5qpam.jpg

Now I’m off to enjoy my daily ice cream bowl, have a great Tuesday!

is there a treat you like to enjoy daily?

what was your workout today?

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Friday Favs 2/27


thursday- 3 miles on TM +stretching

I can’t even tell you how good it feels to stretch when you’re pregnant. I think it’s just as important to stretch as it is to get your workout in. My belly is growing, my round ligaments are stretching and whole lotta other things are going on and stretching is a life saver! Today I’m taking a rest day, and I’m hoping to get a nice run in tomorrow morning before a crazy weekend=)

Any who, on to my Friday Favs or not so favs…

1. I was so excited for my annual bag of Cadburry eggs until I opened the bag. The store placed them under a heater and so they were all melted! The worst.

 photo 6ACA9898-7F58-4876-9355-39E6378EBF9D_zps7uxbaewp.jpg

2. J is so excited for “Lep-con” (Leprachaun) day and saw this hat at Target. I may get him one of these and pass on the flasks J thought were cool haha.

 photo 693BB952-8E73-4ED1-A78C-9B2EAEB489A1_zps37cqn0j8.jpg

3. Cousins. They were too cute together the other day. I love that he has lots of buddies to play with.

 photo E7CA4286-8503-4DA3-930F-31BCB171D16F_zpsivimh0iv.jpg

4. This salad. Oh my goodness, it was delicious! I found it on this cute girl’s blog=)

 photo 8F1C2A63-1085-4C17-93A4-18B671A0BD32_zpsf25vloml.jpg

5. Some changes are happening in the house. I’ll show you guys the finished project when we get there.

 photo E6FDD36C-26F1-44C7-8041-EF040FD4F303_zpsafql9sij.jpg

what’s your favorite Easter candy?

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Thankful Thursday: Keep Moving Forward


wednesday- 1.25 mile warmup on TM + Shoulder workout

Last night Josh had a church basketball game so I decided to get my workout on. I did a slow warmup, then really focused on this NTC shoulder workout. I did the below exercises 3x through with a 5lb weight.

 photo 2EFF85F7-42FC-47DF-8AD5-F3FE3DFE09A6_zpscsexmhrl.png

As I was working out last night, it had me thinking how grateful I am for where I am in life. Life can be really hard, but it’s so worth it. There are times when we go through things that we don’t think we can over come, but then we do. I think our Heavenly Father gives us trials that may be just a little too much for us so that we can turn to Him. In return we’re humbled and as we overcome our trials we can help lift others who may be feeling discouraged. I feel so grateful for those that help lift me up on a daily basis and for my Heavenly Father who knows and loves me.

 photo 093070DA-4186-45EB-85BB-C2A07FC14822_zpszfgc2ero.jpg

I just wanted to make sure I passed on my hope for those that may be filling alone. Keep moving forward, don’t give up on your goals, passions, or whatever you’re striving for.

It’s crazy what a little workout can do for your spirit=)

and in case you need a laugh today…

 photo d70b4e4d-7d6b-44ee-bb2c-394eaabe840e_zpsmdno06pq.png

Have a wonderful Thursday!

what keeps you moving forward?

has working out given you a new perspective lately?

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Baby Bump Update 16 weeks


Tuesday- 4 mile walk outside with my mom

Maternity Clothes? Not yet, but I have started to buy some bigger tops for summer. I typically just buy a size up because maternity style clothes fit me funny. I am looking for some cute maternity capri pants if anyone knows of any good prices or places.

Sleep?  Still sleeping good

Best moment this week? Getting her quilt from my aunt Leslie. It’s gorgeous and so special! I’ll share it with you a little later on in her nursery.

Weird pregnancy moment? Not that I can think of…

Movement? yup. I’m pretty sure I feel her little movements

Anything making you queasy? nope. I feel sooo lucky to be feeling so much better. It’s crazy how sick you can feel one day and then it just stops.

What I’m looking forward to: Still having fun planning her nursery=)

Overall, this week has been great. I’m feeling so much better everyday and I’m loving being able to workout. I had my appt. last week and my OB said everything is looking healthy. We heard her heartbeat, 160 bpm(she’s had the same heart rate every single time). She said I’m measuring a little ahead and so is baby but we’re not going to change the due date till after my 20 week ultrasound.

I’m loving my growing belly! I can’t wait for me to be out of the awkward half belly stage so I can wear cute tops that show off the belly haha.

 photo IMG_3700_zpsd2c07467.jpg

what are your must haves for maternity clothes?

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Jackson at 3.5 years old


monday- 3 miles on TM + stretching

 photo 80479216-8981-4A17-9D23-E2FC52CCE4E1_zps5gv3szzv.jpg

This post is all about Jackson. I want to remember a funny/corky things he does. I write a lot of them in my personal journal, but I love having pics to go with them. So, here’s a post all about J at 3.5 years old.

Jackson loves little things. If I give him a bracelet, rock, or charm he will carry it around with him until he sadly looses it. He loves his ‘things’. On the side of his bed he has a pile of all his ‘things’ that has to be just so before going to bed. They include an old cell phone, my camera instruction book, a small Book of Mormon, water bottle, his bag(that Aunt Whit made him for Christmas) full of his rocks, and his soldiers. I have no idea why he chooses those things but those are what stay ha.

He also LOVES wearing slippers and recently got this bathrobe from my sister. He wears these two things every night/morning and loves to lounge in them. The other morning I found him stuffing the pockets of his bathrobe with candy…for breakfast.

 photo IMG_3691_zps0c104e79.jpg

Another staple in his wardrobe is this Santa hat he got 2 years ago from Grandma Lee Lee. He loves to wear it while helping dad or anytime or anywhere. I try to convince him otherwise but he’s strong willed.

Oh and while we’re on the topic of hats, I can’t forget the stage where he loves to wear underwear on his head. Anyone seen Master of Disguise because J has and now he wears underwear on his head!

 photo IMG_3677_zps5487c366.jpg

I want to remember this cute little profile before his chubby baby cheeks are gone…

 photo IMG_3681_zps8911b5ae.jpg

I want to remember how he loves my baby belly and gives it kisses everyday.

 photo IMG_3699_zps4a059809.jpg

I want to remember how he rubs my shoulders or scratches my back.

I want to remember how he gives me butterfly kisses in the morning.

I want to remember how much he loves to help. Mostly with chores that he actually makes more of a mess helping with, but he loves it.

 photo IMG_3683_zps35669155.jpg

I want to remember how much he loves his cousins.

 photo IMG_3704_zps5945d8f3.jpg

I want to remember how much he loves Josh and I. His perfect day is playing and having our undivided attention,especially Josh’s. He loves going to Home Depot with dad, riding bikes, or flying the helicopter.

 photo A471F5E2-3A66-4AAC-948F-CA20514048ED_zpsugzll2lc.jpg

Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you J=)

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The Leg/Toosh Workout that KILLS!


friday- 1 mile warmup on TM + NTC toosh workout


Now that I’m feeling a lot better I wanted to get back into my workout routine(with some modifications of course). Friday I wanted to workout my lower body so I did this Nike Training Club ‘Better Butt’ workout.

Repeat the following exercises 3x

 photo F7E1799F-38F7-4E27-A0FF-B2D795977E60_zps4vad7rau.png

Umm, I feel like death. I felt fine while doing it, but .5 seconds after finishing my legs were already jello. They have been sore for 2.5 days now. I can’t wait to run today and stretch them out. It hurts so good, but mostly it hurts ha! I think that’s just part of getting back your fitness after a break. It hurts, but as you keep doing it, you get stronger. Now I know what I need to keep working on=)

So, if you want a killer lower body workout checkout NTC, it’s a free app and it’s awesome.  During the workout when I was feeling all, “yay, me and my little baby girl are working out and feelin good!” Little did I know…haha

 photo 724B6B31-2A85-44BA-8970-6801F8B09A6C_zpsdb78qie8.jpg

The rest of the weekend that I wasn’t limping around, we made it out for some Mexican food. Unfortunately, it was not great(they got my order wrong).

 photo 5877A513-1964-4077-83F7-E16A56C75387_zpszizo9rin.jpg

J got some new clothes from my sister(she passes them along as her boys grow out of them) and he was so excited! I came home from running errands with my mom and he had dressed himself, packed his new back pack and told me to call the bus to come pick him up(he’s never been on a bus but wants to go to school really bad).

Saturday night I made homemade pizza and salad. I love this pizza dough recipe here.

 photo 854F0330-074C-4444-A69C-47E75AE6E9D9_zps7gx5ukau.jpg

Sunday we went to church and had a delicious Thai dinner at my in laws. I was too hungry for any pics, but it was really good!

any good eats this weekend?

what workout made you hurt last?

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Some Friday Favs and Funnies


wednesday- 5 miles on TM + shoulder workout


I’m so grateful I have been feeling good enough to workout again. For the first 3 months of pregnancy I was pretty much out of commission to do most anything ha. My poor boys took care of themselves while I pretty much laid in one spot on the couch for daayys.

Now that I don’t get nauseus or sick as often, I feel good working out and doing my normal daily routine. I took it slow on my 5 mile run, and just enjoyed it and listened to my body. I always feel better when I can get up and move=)


Friday Favs and Funnies

1. Making Tacos. I have been craving Mexican food and this sorta satisfied me. I think this weekend we may need to find a Mexican restaurant.

 photo A086BA0D-7714-444C-9828-72EBA4972586_zpsdmlvtnps.jpg

2. Pony rides. J gets so excited for unlimited pony rides at Thanksgiving Point. The weather has been incredible! If you have a pass, I’m getting a group together so message me.

 photo 689814D1-8388-4FE9-AE48-4D3F4538CBD2_zps1lvnmuc7.jpg

3. My boys working on my bike(yes, J is still wearing that Santa hat) all day. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t quite work=(

 photo A471F5E2-3A66-4AAC-948F-CA20514048ED_zpsugzll2lc.jpg

4. Going to lunch with Annette. We had a little too much fun eating at Sweet Tomato’s salad buffet and chatting it up. We’re both expecting our baby #2’s in August!

 photo 4F9A264F-000B-42FE-BC82-C1E2EF8CA9DC_zpslm6uosyg.jpg

5. My outfit all last Sunday. So comfy and oh so unattractive haha.

 photo 952E942C-79B7-4478-97A8-810E7F16A4E9_zps0qy2hqtp.jpg

6. This.

 photo b2c3e1d5-9a92-4e43-bbec-7381dbac10d0_zps168958d5.png

what are your friday favs or funnies?

any fun weekend plans?

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Surprise! It’s A…

I’ve been keeping a little secret from you all. Last week on our 5 year anniversary, Josh surprised me with an early ultrasound appointment. I was completely surprised and excited/nervous to find out. We brought J with us and found out we’re having a….
 (my sister had randomly made pink cookies ha)

 photo B201DC19-5916-47E8-9917-74EBE1A60DDD_zps01mn0ltq.jpg

 photo d7d0f71c-a98f-40ae-9f54-f811bc558f30_zps21d6d582.jpg

Right after we found out.

We are all super excited. Friends and family have already brought over little outfits, and I couldn’t help but go and get a few things myself. Now we just need to agree on a name=)
After we let J ride the merry go round,  he was pretty excited for that too.

 photo IMG_3673_zps0165c80a.jpg

 photo IMG_3672_zpsba87beb0.jpg

How Far Along? 15 weeks

 photo B1BA08E1-752D-4093-A2E0-73512D146DAD_zpsygxj5tuo.jpg

 Maternity Clothes? Not yet
 Sleep?  I’m sleeping great minus the frequent bathroom breaks<—–Yep, still the same
Best moment this week? Finding out the gender!
Weird pregnancy moment?  Hmm, can’t think of one.
Movement: Still feel a few flutters here and there
 Anything making you queasy? I get a little nauseous if I don’t eat right when I’m hungry so I keep snacks with me all the time.
What I’m looking forward to:  Planning the nursery
how did your parents come up with your name?
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The Long Wknd Highlights


monday- 4 miles outside with heather

This past weekend was gorgeous. I think I might have to move to Cali next winter when our snow comes back because I’ve enjoyed this weather sooo much!

Friday night Josh surprised me with a getaway to Salt Lake City for Valentine’s Day and our Anniversary. It was really nice to have the night to our selves, and sleep in the next day. All I wanted was a good burger and endless amount of fries. Red Robin was too good to us. Then we headed to Cheesecake factory for dessert. We were in food coma for the next two days haha

 photo BE046B83-A3D4-4CA3-B7A7-DD9BA0DD93B2_zps2c5tvaw0.jpg

 photo E0646001-4323-4F73-9406-313171F4FF76_zps5tm989wg.jpg

Saturday after we picked up J from my in laws(he had a blast) we headed home to get some things done. The rest of the day was pretty chill. The weather was great so me and J played outside while Josh did a little golfing with his cousin.

 photo C259D1F3-B7E8-4A48-A228-391C3114F543_zps6vlssbn9.jpg

Sunday we headed South for Josh’s cousin’s baby blessing. So fun to see family and see that precious baby girl.

 photo 7F7AFCD4-044C-446B-A5F0-199CD0C3B6D9_zpsabdoqwsx.jpg

Monday I ran with Heather in the morning and it was a bit colder. Still felt great to run and to start my day with exercise.

 photo 3997ED15-9677-4988-91F9-6D36BEF71661_zpsg1iheggd.jpg

The rest of the day I cleaned and went grocery shopping. I have been craving salmon and so I invited family over and got the biggest salmon I could find at Costco. It was a success for the pregnant lady=)

 photo E724C547-D685-4B3D-BCB3-A8A4025A4BD3_zpsosbzs1bk.jpg

ice cream sandwiches my sis made
 photo 49522601-3F89-41F4-ACAF-CCE853674E78_zpsomwp2pum.jpg

how was your long weekend?

are you craving anything these days?



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Feeling Like Myself Again


tuesday- run outside 3 miles

thursday- run outside with Heather 4 miles

Happy Friday the 13th!! Any superstitious people out there??

This week I’m feeling so much better! I’m beginning to feel like myself and not a walking zombie. I was able to get outside 2 times already and run. The weather is killing it lately, I just want to soak it all up in case UT decides to dump snow on us.

Proof I ran outisde ha I forgot to get one with Heather=(

 photo 7F83BB07-39F2-49E5-9333-16DA6F7F501A_zpswbgazbvr.jpg

I take my runs really slow when I’m pregnant. I’m not running for time, just simply to feel good and to keep my fitness up. I’m so grateful Heather is willing to ‘jog’ with me;)


The rest of the week has been filled with Valentine celebrations, meeting up with friends and one sleepy boy.

Met up with Alyssa for lunch. She works right by my house now, so I think these will be a regular thing.

 photo 017C5638-3E50-4A42-B87C-DB987F875A78_zpsacbwmm8g.jpg

J never takes naps anymore but the other day he fell asleep while driving to Grandma’s house. I love that he wears his hat and glasses everywhere we go.

 photo CE440368-E1A6-4CDC-9721-51D952DC7757_zpsxgxbhzbm.jpg

My friend Jordan had a Valentine party for the kiddos. They decorated cookies and exchanged valentines. J liked handing out the cards, but he would have no part in decorating them and didn’t even want to pick them out.

 photo DE1ED37A-B3B1-45A6-AB22-2D60BDB03ED4_zps9ekuwnpk.jpg

Have a happy Valentine weekend!

are you running for time right now or just for fun?

did you give anyone a valentine this week?

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