Friday Favs(sunless tan, cravings, and fav stretch) 3/27/15


wednesday-5 miles on TM + stretching

Wednesday I woke up feeling well rested and wanted to run a little bit longer. The whole run I felt really good until the very last .25. Not sure what it was, but it felt like a side ache? Being pregnant and working out it’s best to be careful, so I just walked the last part. I ended the workout with some of my favorite stretches. The below pic stretches my legs in the best way possible.

 photo 92682EF2-B28A-4567-A506-89E89DB1C430_zps4qtppujc.jpg

thursday- 1 miles warm up + Leaner Legs NTC workout

I did the below exercises 3x through alternating an 8lb weight and 5lb weight. When the exercise required jumping I would modify and not jump ha.

 photo E32DEC73-951E-4A29-BF7F-A474B9E72A12_zpsk8xkls6c.png

Friday Favs

1. My fav treat lately is a bowl of cereal. I got a little crazy and bought Reeses Puffs and it was the best decision I’ve made this week.

 photo 40DAF2E3-326A-412C-8006-0F7DCD929EC9_zpsqitqfsud.jpg

2. Going on walks with J. He loves going on walks and exploring. Doesn’t being out in the fresh air just make everyone a little happier? Oh and his outfits for our walks never disappoint.

 photo B3CF9EFB-F8CC-4994-ACA6-03121F10DC57_zpszkynljvw.jpg

4. Getting this pic on my Time Hop app. I can’t wait to have another chunky baby this fall!

 photo A9E6BDFF-9C7C-4520-87A9-6AEBE69E8B4F_zps1ydns6r5.png

5. I’m still rocking Jergens Natural Glow sunless tanning lotion. I raved about it last year here. I forgot to take a before pic, but this one shows a little.


 photo 79935BE9-54F4-4F87-8696-B2962092194D_zpsj2qs7fol.jpg

after(not perfect,but I like it better than the pale one) PS I have only been using it for 1 week.
 photo 6106FC5D-B2A4-4869-BDD3-9E99CB4BFDA5_zpsfvzf9iyz.jpg

what’s your fav right now?

cereal fan?

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20 week baby #2 bump update


tuesday- 3miles on TM + shoulder workout

It felt so good to run again after a few days off. I love running when I’m pregnant because I don’t have to worry about time at all and I just do whatever pace feels good. Unfortunately, that means it takes me a lot longer to run than it used to, but I’m just grateful I can be active.

Baby girl is definitely making an appearance these days. I love it!

 photo 3678377E-5A74-4E23-92B9-AE2010491D35_zps2fijxwo6.jpg

20 week bump update(baby #2)

I’m thinking of doing updates every 2 weeks until I get a little further along. So below is info is from the last 2 weeks. Baby bump updates from weeks 14, 16, 18.

Maternity Clothes? Not yet. Still fitting in my low rise stretchy H&M skinny jeans. They’re so comfortable and stretchy I’m hoping to wear them until short/capri weather. When it comes to tops, I’ve been wearing my loose shirts because they’re more comfortable.

Left: 20 weeks with Jackson Right: 20 weeks with baby girl

 photo 1E314EC9-079E-49FE-A464-774A76A3E146_zpsblhapkub.jpg

Sleep: I have been sleeping great. I occasionally have to get up and use the bathroom, but not often. I caught a pretty nasty cold so that kept me up a few nights last week. But overall the last 2 weeks have been great.

Best moment this week: I got to see baby girl again! I had my 20 week ultrasound and got some cute pics. She was all curled up on my bladder(explains all the bathroom breaks during the day) and wouldn’t let us see much. Everything looks great and she’s measuring right on track with her Aug. 12th due date.

 photo 227AB90F-8D8C-4BBE-959A-09BC3141F9F4_zpsvzojgssv.jpg

Movement? Yes! I feel her a lot and I love it. I can even feel her little kicks on the outside but they’re pretty subtle and not often so Josh or J haven’t felt her yet.

Anything making you queasy? I haven’t felt queasy at all which is such a blessing. I feel really good, so I’m just enjoying being pregnant. I can sometimes get a little dizzy if I don’t eat right when I’m hungry.

Food Cravings: I crave all. the. foods. I think I have definitely gained a huge appetite these past 2 weeks. Luckily, I crave fruits like mango and plums. Plums are really good right now so I have been eating those like candy. I’m also loving anything salty; pickles, olives, salt and vinegar chips, and fries.

Fitness: My fitness has been pretty regular. I feel really good running and lifting weights so that’s what I’ve been sticking too. It feels really good to move my legs, stretch, and be active. I’m so grateful for my treadmill because some days she’s right on my bladder and I have to use the restroom a lot. Yesterday though, I ran 3 miles without any breaks, it was great!

are you a salt and vinegar chip fan?

if you could have any snack right now what would it be?

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Wknd Highlights Birthday, ponies, and bikes

Friday Josh was home a tad early from work which meant we could beat the crowds so we headed to Red Robin(one of my fav places). I tried a new to me burger, the chicken ciabotta with pico and it was pretty good. Not as good as my usual, chicken terriyaki burger, but it satisfied. And of course the star of the show was the endless fries and sauces!

 photo 143286EF-6138-4A96-B4D9-3E249C86062D_zpsdjiyhfqf.jpg

After dinner we had a family movie night in our bed watching The Book of Life. J LOVES when we let him watch movies in our bed. We all liked the movie, but probably wouldn’t watch it again.

 photo BA3ADDF9-1E66-4F46-8002-D4BC98B6A669_zpsfhvfwm9u.jpg

Saturday was a beautiful spring morning, so we took a family walk/bike ride on a nearby trail. J is getting pretty fast on his Strider, but gets tired after about a 1.5 miles(I think is impressive with his little legs).

 photo DD2C8D2B-30E1-40B9-BD63-7590654ADE69_zpsqhby22vk.jpg

I asked J too take a pic of my bump, I actually love how they turned out, double chins and all.=)

 photo AE48CCAF-8CCC-4EF2-B534-8D6CE87D681A_zpsyoebnn0i.jpg

That night we met up with Josh’s cousin and his family at the farm. J of course loved the pony rides. I loved catching up with Jillian and of course eating Thai(it’s tradition) with them.

 photo 593F6105-A2EF-4D68-BE39-8F45C1C22C5E_zps2xarnrxc.jpg

Sunday we headed to church. J and I were ready a little early so of course we took some silly selfies. Don’t mind my lazy eye, it only comes out when I’m laughing really hard.

 photo E1024E1E-03DE-41F4-889C-7FF170815F80_zpsvy8jhcl6.jpg

That evening, we celebrated my mother in laws bday. Have I mentioned how lucky I am in the in law department? She’s amazing.

 photo scottfam20140589_zpsqf5myyky.jpg

how did your wknd treat you?

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Friday Favs: Running on Empty

Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post I took it nice and easy, no workouts. I taught joy school, and the kids were angels! I was so grateful since I had to run to the bathroom to blow my nose every 2.5 seconds.

 photo E3DE4A6F-FC05-4D43-86F5-D614413AF06C_zpsksfgrmmq.jpg

After preschool J and I got to work on organizing his room and the toy room. I had been neglecting both for some time…


 photo 0952BAB9-6343-4615-A845-ED267678ECE1_zpstsiw6ans.jpg


 photo 36F8D72E-8C30-4CAA-ADC0-E2EAE6423BB2_zpso65nzzkj.jpg

I wouldn’t call it nesting, but it’s definitely a win ha


Friday Favs

Seeing these 2 cousins become best buddies(for the most part hehe).

 photo 63FA23AD-5998-49EA-BC5C-1C5D9BEA34A6_zpsqkhvbfz9.jpg

Late night banana bread. Seriously, the best!(please ignore crazy face and raw nose)

 photo 65DA1D67-D5C3-44C5-A417-1D62FA3349EA_zps98oan6bq.jpg

Tacos with homemade guac. Yes, most of my Friday favs are food, I’m pregnant, mmkay?

 photo 2275F499-73BD-4696-9BAF-63A83D5C4C4E_zps1xtevjnv.jpg

Making it to the gas station before you run out of gas. It says Range: no miles ha.

 photo 75BC483E-1E15-4308-861A-9E44FF0555A1_zpsgcdmfpyf.jpg

Have you started spring cleaning?

Favorite homemade food right now?

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Thursday Things


wednesday- 3 miles on TM + leg day

I just have a few things for you today so lets start with yesterday’s workout. I started with a slow 3 miles on the treadmill. I would run 2 laps or .5 mile then walk at an incline for 1 lap or .25 mile. Doing that really engaged my legs and warmed them up for my leg workout.

 photo 79935BE9-54F4-4F87-8696-B2962092194D_zpsj2qs7fol.jpg

I did 10 of each exercise 2 times through:


weighted lunges(10 on each side)

squat jump

side lunge(10 on each side)


We met up with Katie and my little sister at the park. We all packed our lunches and hung out for a few hours. The weather is so perfect, not too hot. I even had to put sunblock on me and J and we still got a little rosy.

 photo 1F75C859-F0E7-43B6-9256-FE08F90D7E02_zpsejjpre5p.jpg

 photo DCC63722-06EF-48AB-8EBE-085820BD0762_zpslf27j2xa.jpg

Then J spent a few hours over at his friends house. I somehow got a nasty cold, so I came home and just relaxed and drank sooo much water! I’m feeling a lot better today, but I’m taking a rest day today meaning no scheduled workouts.

**I’m getting a post ready about exercising while pregnant. If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment.

Happy Thursday!

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St. Patrick’s Day Festivities

Happy Wednesday! Yesterday was a really fun day and it started with some green pancakes to celebrate St. Patrick’s day.

 photo 81529C57-F99D-4DFC-BD07-D7C49997247D_zpsitgkrzqi.jpg

I taught joy school and had a lot of fun with the green day theme. We had a parade, green jello for snack, and of course went on a leprechaun hunt. I love seeing this age get so excited for holidays.

 photo 32B979AF-A3AF-4846-9195-FCC9205312C5_zps7nkplazv.jpg

After joy school was over, J and I headed up to Park City. Josh’s cousin Addie is in town and invited us to go swimming at her condo. She also had pizza, salad, fruit, and the most delicious cupcakes for all of us. It was such a blast. J kept saying, “Can we please go back, mom?” J and his cousin definitely felt spoiled=)

 photo BC8589C6-E42A-4613-8335-9CF6D5F18439_zpslsziikea.jpg

 photo 6A40FD67-6F8D-4890-85BC-256ACB994C4B_zpsfv0zqahj.jpg

After spending the day swimming, we drove to my mom’s house. She invited us for salmon dinner. The weather was in the 70’s and the food was PERFECT! I’m totally ready for Spring this Saturday.

 photo BA849854-6937-4832-A482-0FCFB74B2623_zpsiquob3pi.jpg

All in all yesterday was jammed pack with lots of fun activities. Today I’m hoping to get a great run in and a leg workout.

what are your goals for today?

how did you celebrate St. Patty’s day?

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What Matters Most


monday-4 miles on TM + tricep/bicep workout

Friday morning of last week I unfortunately got the flu my sister had a few days prior. I took Friday-Sunday off from working out and took it easy. Luckily, it was a quick flu, like only a few hours.

Yesterday I tested out how I’d feel working out and I actually felt really good, so I got in a nice slow 4 miles then did the following exercises as much as I could for 1 minute each(2 sets).

Bicep curls

tricep dips



 photo 7326D937-EDB6-4E4C-8A7D-5A2530813DEE_zpstyzrbrmj.jpg


Over the weekend we lost Josh’s aunt Lezlie unexpectedly. I think it’s safe to say we were all very close to her because she made such an effort to be close to all of us. It’s tragic and I still can’t believe she’s not with us anymore. It’s really made me reflect on what matters most and what I want to cherish each and everyday.

Last night we had family night. I think it’s so important to carve time out of our busy schedules and just be together.
enjoying our family night treats
 photo 941F245B-BAFE-483F-B65D-3C3D6EB27FFD_zpspxwbarqb.jpg

Embracing the crazy moments. I mentioned on Insta that J wanted to do his hair by himself and used water and toothpaste… instead of freaking out I just had to laugh. That boy is so determined. Oh and he had to do his cousin M’s hair too.

 photo 9A97896D-0D8A-40CC-8D33-957DB232BDB3_zps7dz01val.jpg

 photo EA1A69F6-5287-4D3F-BDA4-BE2E7FE158D7_zpshh5eraw5.jpg

This past week my mom was out of town visiting my brother and his wife(who just had the cutest baby girl). My dad took me and J on a date(J chose where hehe) and it was so fun to get that one on one time with my dad.

 photo FF7B4FDA-942E-412E-9156-41CED7778F60_zpskwn8wnaa.jpg

Enjoying the beautiful surroundings. We’ve had the best spring weather so Josh took us on a hike where he normally bikes.

 photo 5ADD531C-A9A6-4F36-A730-BE1CCCBCE18C_zpsbnqd19et.jpg

I hope everyone takes time today to appreciate a new day=)

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Bump Update: 18 weeks


monday- 2 miles + leg day

tuesday- 1.5 miles(ran out of time)

wednesday- .5 mile w/u on TM + back workout

This week I’ve squeezed whatever workouts I could do in the morning. Yesterday I did the following exercises 3x each with a 5lb weight. First time I’ve done that NTC workout, and I really enjoyed it.

 photo 4C93BDFF-4638-4668-8999-9A4E8BA7D09B_zpsofoqomue.png

18 week Bump Update

Maternity Clothes? Not yet, I don’t think I’ll buy too many ‘maternity’ clothes because they never fit right with J. I am wearing a few shirts that I bought a size up and they feel great!

Left: 10 weeks Right: 18 weeks

 photo 0CB72F21-6179-4291-88CF-0D6D79E5BC3F_zpsyngg0wbj.jpg

Sleep: I’m sleeping way better than I was in the early stages. I don’t have to pee as often at night so sleep has been great.

Best Moment this week: Thinking of a few names with Josh. We have such different preferences when it comes to girl names, so it’s been really hard. But I love the challenge;)

Weird pregnancy moment: Just seeing my body change. It’s amazing! I’ve gotten a lot thicker down the middle, and a bump is starting to show.

Movement? Yes! This week I have really started to feel her kick and flip around, it’s my favorite thing. I’ll lay on my side and just wait to I feel her, it’s the best.

Anything making you queasy? Not specifically, but my appetite has increased again this week so if I don’t eat something every 2 hours I get a little nauseous.

Food Cravings: Pretty much any food commercial or mention of food and I want it. One thing I try really hard to do while pregnant is eat healthy and eat at home. Fridays we go out, so if I have a craving that lasts all week, then I usually indulge then.

Fitness: I’m loving being able to workout. It’s not always a lot, but I try and do something active every day. If I take a rest day from my usual routine, I try and run around with J. I feel so much better at the end of the day if I’ve been active. It’s been hard to try and fit in a workout that I used to do and realize that I have to run a lot slower now. I feel so funny when I run, but I’m glad I can do it.

My gym moved to the top floor in our guest room(it was in the basement but now we’re renting it out) and I’m actually liking it a lot. I didn’t think I would since it’s a much smaller room, but it’s nice to have J in the room next door. I’m so glad Josh gets my need to workout and hauled that beast up 2 flights of stairs with my dad and BIL, thank you!

 photo 1CFDEA11-189B-49B0-932E-89E4AC1015F2_zpspsvrfjhh.jpg

what’s your go to breakfast lately?

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Pregnant Distance PB and some highlights


saturday- 6 miles on TM


Saturday morning I woke up and was determined to get in  a nice longer run. I haven’t ran more than 5 miles since I got pregnant. I’ve been feeling really good lately, so I decided to get pass 5 miles, I did it! It was nice and slow and felt great. My legs were a bit tired, but overall me and baby girl felt good. I hope to keep running most of my pregnancy. I wasn’t able to do ANY type of workouts with J after 27 weeks because I started dilating. So we’ll see. . .

 photo 8478F533-5493-494F-AEC0-12ABF841F3CD_zps4gcbsvlu.jpg

Saturday was gorgeous weather, so we took J to the park and let him ride his bike around. Josh brought his drone and the boys flew it together while I sat on a bench just watching and enjoying the Sun.

 photo 7BD62DA2-CF7A-44B6-97C2-20AF2BD1CC8A_zps8rv0hcgp.jpg

 photo 8CD7C716-5FB0-4416-B750-03B75136D3B7_zpswikudpg9.jpg

That night Josh worked on the basement(all weekend really) getting it ready for the renters. Just a few more things to do and it’ll be ready! I babysat for my sister, but baby M wasn’t feeling great. He’s usually such a happy baby, it was sad to see him so sad. I did however, enjoy the cuddles=)

 photo 785DAB9A-4F12-47DB-9CD2-22C980A80E75_zpsuyzuzkfk.jpg

Backing up to Friday, me and my sisters met up at my sister Leah’s house. We let the kids have a ‘picnic’ for lunch, J has asked to do one at our house everyday since ha

 photo 3772F3D4-37C5-4D28-ABD7-303B44049341_zpsddjdfcsk.jpg

Sunday we went to church and then had a BBQ at my parent’s house. The weather was beautiful, and the food was delish. I forgot to take any pics, but it was fun to see family from my dad’s side.

what’s your personal best running distance?

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Happenings Lately-projects, running, and life


tuesday- 1 mile warmup + stretching


thursday- 2 miles outside/ 2 miles inside = 4 miles

This week has been crazy busy over here. We have renters moving into our basement VERY soon and we have a lot to get done to get it ready. Luckily, I’ve been able to squeeze in a few workouts here and there. Thursday I went out for a gorgeous run outside but only  1 mile in I needed a bathroom so I sprinted back and finished on my treadmill. Part of pregnancy is having to pee all the time haha.

 photo 048810E3-4808-4B26-9666-6667D39D4058_zpsul9nopu2.jpg

Since we’ve been trying to finish all these projects we’ve had a lot of late nights or nights where the minute we’re done I just want to go to bed. That meant no time for blogging, so I’m playing a little catch up.  Here’s the highlights from the week.

We put in these doors to separate our dining room and living room. Since we’ll never need a formal dining room we made it into J’s new play room. Now the nursery is empty and ready to be decorated for baby girl.

 photo E6FDD36C-26F1-44C7-8041-EF040FD4F303_zpscn14stta.jpg

 photo 22160DD5-65F8-4CBD-BEB8-AF56E0FC9281_zpstfpycqyi.jpg

They play room is perfect! It’s right off the kitchen so now J and his friends can play and I can see them. J has loved playing right by me while I cook or clean on the main floor. Those doors were A LOT more work than I thought. To save money we just had someone install the doors and then we puttied the holes, sanded, painted, took all the white protectors off the glass(harder than you think) and it took days! But it turned out great!

 photo 3203E3FA-9E74-4A04-A8AA-2E57621F26E2_zps1cnge3ap.jpg

I’ve been snacking on these when I get a sweet tooth. They’re chewy jolly ranchers and I’m loving them.

 photo FA6FCC6F-C266-446C-B713-D22E8829339B_zpsaok0acut.jpg

We got a pretty good snow day this week so J and I shoveled the driveway. Mostly me while J played, but it was great to be outside.

 photo 5EEF6AEC-5E20-4183-9405-05C65C0D941E_zpskcled6l5.jpg

We spent a morning at the Curiosity Museum with friends.

 photo 709054D0-45D6-4D52-92DF-0E29975AE987_zpsy3ecruvr.jpg

Can’t wait to be done with our basement, then we get to work on the nursery. Have a great weekend!

Tell me what run or race your doing this weekend!

what was your favorite toy growing up?

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