Five Things Friday

No workouts this week unless you count running to the bathroom ha I think we’re finally over this sickness and I cannot wait to get back to working out! Now that I have been appetite back, we’ve been eating our veggies(drenched in dressing;))

 photo EB273F93-692C-4855-BA0E-D9983EB56858_zpstjtsa00b.jpg

Now onto 5 things for your Friday

1. Our Christmas party was a hit! Love having girlfriends that enjoy getting together as much as me. We all brought something for a lunch and Katie provided the house and gingerbread to decorate.

 photo B11E0233-C5EA-4F02-975C-9F2E26142E38_zpsicndbpqh.jpg

 photo 80C51279-434D-422E-A58F-9DE4C4CEAD95_zps43nymw6d.jpg

2. Heather made a copycat Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana soup, and everyone else brought sides and Alicia brought the kiddos mac n cheese and jello(huge hit). Oh, and that cider Katie made and it was soo delicious! Not to mention is smelled just like Christmas.

 photo 4A155626-CA92-4455-9DB0-462F765C0171_zpsr7avzmyb.jpg

3. It finally snowed! Not enough, but I’m hoping for a white Christmas. In the 6 years I’ve lived in UT this the first year we have had only 2 snows! We’re usually knee deep in it by now.

 photo D63F7410-E810-447F-A729-05745C04155F_zpsy3hsiupn.jpg

4. In N’ Out. Nuff said.

 photo ABC53C82-58F7-4D38-B3AE-A4BFEBC5D243_zpsqe4ktwdy.jpg

5. And a flash back to my last run before the flu hit. I’m craving a run and my tunes!!

 photo 08242D4C-77BC-42F5-B7C1-AC54EA2EB97E_zpsorjsgrc8.jpg

Share your 5 things

what are you missing today?

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My Jackson Boy

I spoke to soon in Mondays post about saying goodbye to my stomach bug… It returned with a vengeance! I’m so bummed, I’ve had to cancel two play dates and we are now officially out of food ha I’m praying I wake up today and feel up for J’s annual book exchange and lunch with friends :)
Speaking of Jackson I just need to have a mushy mom post about him…he’s the sweetest!

He’s always been such a good helper and now that he’s gotten older he does actual chores….and mostly happy about it(when it involves the vacuum)

 photo 511ECAEE-D89C-490A-AF99-1C4D6111997E_zpsgxs9mytv.jpg

This is him snuggling me while I was sick. He kept kissing me saying it’s okay if he gets my germs. He eventually fell asleep on me and I was in heaven, he doesn’t fall asleep on me often. He even have me one if his fav stuffed animals to sleep with last night.
 photo 01C2D693-B333-409B-A19C-C89069E1F56C_zpsxcie63rs.jpg

On Sunday before we went to my in laws J wanted a pic with his favorite stuffed bear and his BYU hat. He’s such a cheeser and I love it. He is always trying to make josh and I laugh. I am so grateful for him and that I get to be his mom.

 photo 2BA90CEE-35D2-4ED6-B428-4667B7AC03DA_zpspatj6kzt.jpg

One last thing about my sweet little j is how beyond excited he is for Christmas. I don’t think any of us are going to get sleep Christmas Eve night. He got a letter back from Santa and is so thrilled! I can not wait for Christmas morning with my boys:)

 photo 3EFBA0C8-5AD3-4C92-B54D-316C218C4AE8_zpsukgxxztk.jpg

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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The true meaning of Christmas and being sick

Happy Monday! I can’t tell you how glad I am to see Monday. Friday Josh had work off, but unfortunately I caught the stomach bug that’s been going around. It wasn’t horrible, but it definitely made the weekend more low key than anticipated.

I didn’t want to waste the whole day Josh had off, so we showed him the museum of Curiosity because he’s never been. We all had a great time! I mostly sat and watched as the boys played:)

It was soooo windy outside!

 photo A9E9A850-55EB-4450-911D-B53DA49348BA_zpscj5vwopi.jpg

J in the wind simulator(like we needed that) hahaha

 photo 0E0CC804-5702-4EF4-A888-0220311574B6_zpsn3q7mb0p.jpg

 photo E205F8A8-9BE0-4B4A-8E45-023594647CB1_zpspmlxytap.jpg

Later on, we finished Josh’s Christmas list and now we are both officially done. Josh is the best gift giver ever. I really enjoy shopping with him. On our way home J had one request, ice cream in an ice cream cone. Luckily we have an Iceberg near our house that has great ice cream. Everyone was satisfied(this is their ‘mini’ size)!

 photo E2D55711-D392-4953-968F-21CB61865BFB_zpscqb5a4ay.jpg

Saturday we all took it chill. It was rainy outside so of course I made cocoa and toast for breakfast. I did laundry, Josh and I both planned our lesson for our Sunday class and I did a little grocery shopping. I wanted to make sure to rest so that I didn’t still feel sick this week(lots of fun things planned).

Pizza and Yahtzee to end the night:) Can I be real? Papa John’s really is the best pizza.

 photo 40C0CDCF-83A6-4020-A4AE-86F973320555_zpsbad4xyik.jpg

Sunday we went to church, taught our lessons where I shared this video…such a good video describing the true meaning of Christmas, gives me chills! Then we headed to Josh’s parents for dinner.
After our tummies were full we drove to Temple square where they cover the whole grounds with Christmas lights. It’s incredible!

 photo IMG_3462_zpsd18c4a1a.jpg

 photo IMG_3455_zpsde2ca2c4.jpg

 photo IMG_3457_zps584cbdfc.jpg

As we were driving to see the lights we passed by a huge group of homeless people making their way to the back of a Suburban. A family had filled the back of their car with what looked like a very hot dinner and they were handing out to anyone wanting it. It was such a sweet example to me of what this season is truly about. We can all do something for someone=)

The whole fam

 photo IMG_3465_zpse1536970.jpg

what’s your favorite board game?

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Flashback, and a progressive dinner

Yesterday while J was at preschool I got all my Christmas shopping done. It feels so good to finally be done! Don’t get me wrong, I love finding the perfect gift for people, but as it gets closer to Christmas it stresses me out not to be done.

After preschool we ate lunch at my moms. She fixed some of his stuffed animals that had been injured. Behind them will be my mom’s new mantel, I’ll have to update you guys when that’s done.

 photo DCC761B9-4B06-455C-8603-0DFD9C1189F2_zpsg0kiqhfi.jpg

I forgot to show you guys her new floors, I love them!

 photo 73E49DA3-48A5-4791-A438-2BA18F210B63_zpsn1r4rphf.jpg

The rest of the day was pretty boring. J helped me clean the house and then we had ‘quiet’ time where he and I just snuggled and watched  Toy Story(yes he still loves that movie). UT weather has been crazy. Usually I like cuddling inside and having chill days, but there’s no snow! So, I actually feel pretty lazy when we don’t take advantage of the great weather ha.

That night my mom and sister Bree invited me to their neighborhood progressive dinner. My mom spoke at it and Bree sang at it so it was fun for me to be there. Not to mention the food was really good.

potatoes, roll, honey butter, green beans, and cordon blue(not my fav)

 photo 6F60F910-E121-4768-8B33-05EE58A8048A_zpsqwzkyhpv.jpg

One of the houses it was at had an amazing view! All the houses were actually incredible. I got lots of ideas but they’ll have to wait ha.

 photo 0DCA7599-D7CA-4ADC-A95D-5230FF7E1CEA_zpswscrp5dj.jpg

Wonderful day, and now I gotta get ready because Josh has work off today! See you on Monday, have a great weekend.

Here’s a little flash back Friday for ya! Jackson when he was 1 year old at my sister Bree’s wedding. My SIL Jessica took the pic.

 photo 9ED40622-012F-4E86-BB97-C444E2E14070_zpsdoyfos4w.jpg

weekend plans?

wood, tile, or carpet?

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Thursday Things + what I learned from my race


monday- 3 miles on TM


wednesday- 3 miles on TM + Shoulder ripper NTC workout

Hello! Sorry I’ve been absent the last few days, there really wasn’t much going on, so I didn’t feel like posting, then one night J threw up all over me=( But we’re all feeling well now and I’m ready to catch you up on a few things that have happened.

I’ve had a few great workouts. Something that I learned during my last race was that my strength training and Pure Barre has made a huge impact on my running. I shaved 2 minutes off my time on a hilly course without doing very many long runs. What I was doing was strength training and Pure Barre. Since I don’t have a race in the near future I wanna keep up strength training and barre and keep my mileage comfortable so I don’t burn out.

 photo 441588F5-3964-4219-B7B8-B21074AC591D_zpsuwht51aw.jpg

I’ve also learned that you MUST drink your water in the winter even when you don’t feel like it. Staying hydrated even in the cold months is important!


Thursday Things

Jackson had his 3 year check up(a little late, oops) and he’s in the 58% for height and 78% for weight and as goofy as ever=)

 photo 0D8A2366-3F04-4E74-A56E-899DB3CA650C_zps7qrpdxyg.jpg

Are these little gowns not the cutest things?

His appointment knocked him out!

 photo 6F1AA84B-7EDD-468F-99AC-961128A95DE6_zpsqbwevqv7.jpg

I got to meet this sweet baby girl. Josh’s cousin Nate’s wife had her 3rd baby last week. Nothing like holding a sweet newborn.

 photo 1f2d84b2-0b8b-4e63-b7c0-45903149f9c9_zpsab9b6f5b.jpg

The library had a puppet show yesterday. J and all his friends went to it and it was pretty funny/entertaining.

 photo C8D432F7-6BB7-4849-8EAB-B76E1050F62E_zpstv2wbbrd.jpg

Einstein Bagels with cinnamon cream cheese spread is pretty amazing. Probably wasn’t the best lunch choice more of a dessert(and the cookie ha), but you gotta splurge every once in awhile.

 photo 022EA9A0-8ED0-4DB0-9D47-EF72AB98CFD5_zpsl6n6nxwa.jpg

Little gingerbread house making in the wee early morning.

 photo BC204E2C-528B-446F-9978-585561C47DC4_zps9ogwjzqe.jpg

Painting their own nativity sets from Grandma Lee Lee in over sized shirts. Too cute!

 photo A91CC07A-7063-4B4B-88EC-C4CA00BDCC9B_zpseapm1dot.jpg

Cafe Rio, never gets old.

 photo D43A3FC5-8B07-4128-81AF-F92EE8721A4F_zpsndjhppwa.jpg

Hope everyone is having a great week! I’m hoping to catch up on everyone’s blogs today. I don’t comment much, but I love reading=)

what’s your favorite splurge meal?

have you ever had to go to the emergency room?(J’s gown made me think of it)

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Santa, reindeers, and lights = perfection

This weekend has got to be one of my favs for so many reasons. This is the first year J really gets Christmas and gets so excited about everything to do with it. I love Christmas(and still do) growing up. My parents always made it very magical for all 7 of us. We’re a really close knit extended family and Christmas Eve was always a night to remember with all my cousins. The excitement and thrill is bringing back all the memories I had as a child and I LOVE it!

Friday morning we met our friends at the Dinosaur museum(we finally got a pass yay!) and spent all morning there.

 photo IMG_3416_zps1a31a3a6.jpg

 photo IMG_3422_zps2963e7c2.jpg

The kids starting getting hungry so we headed over to the cafe that’s right there by the museum. I ate their first the first time and tried their Minestrone bread bowl. It was really tasty, but kind of dry for a bread bowl soup. As we were eating, we saw them bring out reindeer!

 photo 2E4695BE-43C1-4B2D-B136-47A3FA7455A5_zpso9jvhuir.jpg

J darted out the door faster than I had ever seen him ha He was so excited that Santa’s reindeer came to see hi. We let the kids play and feed the reindeer for awhile and then we all parted ways.

 photo IMG_3431_zps6f9e387c.jpg

 photo IMG_3430_zpsf7309302.jpg

J and I headed to Santa’s Lodge(at Traverse Mountain Outlets by H&M for locals) where we were meeting Whit, Lee Ann, and Alisha. Jackson loves to see his cousins, and they all did great with Santa. First they wrote letters to him and put it in the mail box, then they all got to sit on his lap.

 photo IMG_3436_zps092fbaf5.jpg

J was pretty nervous, but he finally did it! His first year he willingly sat on Santa’s lap(in the pic of just him, you can find it on my Insta: Sugar plum runner).

 photo 00608cb8-4884-43d0-b64b-8b5bd6e7c262_zps4d3edfea.jpg

Friday night we stayed in and had Subway. I was on a mission this weekend to eat ALL THE VEGGIES.

 photo AEF671D6-8F7E-4F32-8499-BC7B72EA69B4_zpst1mvi06n.jpg

Saturday’s dinner(there’s chicken and rice under that somewhere)

 photo 6EC97978-0D49-43AD-B3C7-735753F6A299_zpsz1rnpwzs.jpg

Saturday we lounged around, got things done around the house, then headed to the park to see the lights and let J run around. I love that we live so close to see this beautiful park lit up.

 photo IMG_3442_zpsef3acb5e.jpg

 photo IMG_3443_zps398fe38b.jpg

After we had popcorn and watched a Christmas movie that was on TV.

 photo 5A3C5EBF-E0A9-4EB9-A31D-FFE015D5AF94_zpsngj54cex.jpg

Sunday we had church(all the kids were recording a Christmas CD) and then I made rolls for my FIL’s bday dinner. Of course the food was great and we had fun spoiling Richard. He is such a fun grandpa and J adores him.

 photo B82E1B0D-67AB-414C-9488-4416B57CF511_zpscsr2zbub.jpg

what’s your favorite Christmas tradition?

tell me something good about your weekend

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Friday Favs aka all my random thoughts


thursday- 3 miles on TM

I’ve taken this week super chill in the running department. I feel 100% great, but I wanted to really focus on getting all my Christmas stuff done so I didn’t have to worry about it. I got 95% of it done, so next week I’m ready to crush some workouts! Yesterday was 3 easy miles that keep me sane=)

 photo 79536724-50E2-4202-9C86-4A52CF77C3D3_zpsw92pwu4f.jpg

Now onto all of my random thoughts as Friday favs.

When Josh and I first moved to the city we live in, we always talk about how much we loved this tree in the park. It’s so beautiful. I even took some of my cousins bridals by it here. They lit up the whole park with lights this week, and they have out done themselves this year. I mean, isn’t this gorgeous?

(not my pic)

 photo 8747a3a2-1318-42f2-9959-b048fde08687_zps45e39fef.png

We were overdo on a Pirate O’s trip, so last night we wondered through the aisles till we found some fun treats.

 photo 94B7BB26-620C-453A-B714-3A583161BCF4_zpspjtokgnj.jpg

Finding new yummy restaurants. Growing up new Seattle, they just wasn’t that many places to choose from. They have great seafood and terriyaki, but UT has so many restaurants to choose from. The other night we found this little cafe called The Ridge(up in Suncrest for local readers) and it was so good. I got a garlic, Parmesan, artichoke, chicken pizza with balsamic vinegar. It was sooo good.

 photo 9F3C622C-FA00-4CFD-86B6-7A1317F6E468_zpseoyqiglf.jpg

These two cheesers at preschool.

 photo 228409E6-D19D-4C14-906A-9575F473D97E_zpstbububtu.jpg

Seeing this cutie pie. After my friend and her baby left, J kept saying, ” Mom that baby was just so cute.” “Mom, that baby girl was just soooo cute!”

 photo ABE47135-7D8F-4B51-BAD6-539C0C51CDEC_zpsmajrgjpy.jpg

Seeing J wear my race shirts=)

 photo D1840291-99AD-48B4-822B-804BDFCD62F6_zps8kapxaso.jpg
what are your friday favs or randoms?

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San Fransisco(kinda) Part 2

Yesterday was a rest day for me. J had preschool and since it’s December I had a lot of errands to run and it was bliss to be able to get it all done without J to bribe the whole time haha

The rest of the day I was stuffing Christmas cards. Is it weird that Christmas cards make me feel like such an adult? So silly. I found mine at Costco, $16 for 50. I’ll share with ya a little later. Then I headed to my moms to see my sister who was gone for Thanksgiving. J snuggled and slept in her arms!

 photo 28A83956-81B9-4A5E-AB53-1D5A6919771A_zpsj3gwzmlm.jpg

That night we had Heather’s little girl over so of course we had popcorn and a movie. These two crack me up. They’re personalities are so similar.

 photo F75D4613-EEFC-44CF-9D60-F2A6627A7DBA_zpsrmxcc9ed.jpg


Our last day in San Fran was technically Sunday morning. The rest of the day was spent a couple different places. We woke up early and headed to church. It was the only day that rained. Lucky for us, we had planned to drive to see a lot of places. We headed to see some Redwood trees near Santa Cruz. I wish I describe accurately just how cool the experience was. Since it was raining, Josh and I were the only ones on the trail. It was so peaceful and beautiful. The smell was so great too. The calm rain drops and a distant steam engine in the background was all we could hear as we slowly walked through these giant trees.

 photo IMG_3377_zps30152ecb.jpg

 photo IMG_3367_zps468e3dba.jpg

blurry faces:/
 photo 0ac7fd0a-4775-4dbd-a785-0a4d528c3fb8_zpsd58cf2bd.jpg

Some were 1700 years old! At the beginning of the trail there was a tree ring that showed how old it was. The last tag was when Christ was born, so crazy!

 photo IMG_3364_zps0f3e1940.jpg

 photo IMG_3366_zps3efdeed7.jpg

Later we drove into Santa Cruz and found this Indian restaurant that I thought was pretty tasty. Josh didn’t finish his dish…

naan is the best!
 photo DA479CA1-EC5F-4A75-A0DD-16E837B854FB_zps1oucqzfi.jpg

 photo 97202ACC-0A4F-46E6-B0B9-71B416875E48_zpscjf5tong.jpg

Our last stop was Stanford. By far the prettiest area we saw on the trip. So many beautiful fall leaves and cute homes. We found this ice cream place called Cream that did not disappoint.

just a street near Stanford
 photo 37472E65-D615-484D-BE4C-EE246DA35E43_zpsemkojhtn.jpg

 photo BC215FB7-0219-46E5-A0D4-0133411165C9_zpsmgoxbh4c.jpg

Then we headed home. The weekend could not have been better especially because I got to spend it with my best friend.

do you like driving?

what’s your favorite ice cream sandwich flavor?

I chose M&M cookies and cookie dough ice cream=)

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The best things to do while in San Fransisco part 1


friday- bike ride around SF

saturday-1.5 hotel TM + weights


monday-3 miles on TM + weights

Where do I even start? Our trip to SF was a perfect weekend. The last time we tried to go to SF it was a total disaster and we ended up coming home after just one night. This time we went alone and left J with my sister Leah. We got frequent updates like these…he was having the time of his life with his cousins. Leah knows how to party for sure.

smore’s in your pajamas, always a good idea
 photo 588A72C5-61C4-40C0-81C7-CE57F486E503_zpsjmxx8k79.jpg

happy meal for dinner(which he never gets so he was so excited)
 photo 9A95FE16-B40D-42ED-BDD7-C9D4D4C36244_zpsssg2z1ec.jpg

decorating gingerbread men
 photo 74AED3D3-3B3F-49E3-B474-BB94A8D22354_zpse95i6gko.jpg

Friday we flew out early and arrived in SF about 10:30am. We checked into our hotel and then headed to lunch. We walked around hoping to try some ramen that Yelp said was incredible, but the place was packed! We decided on this Mexican restaurant that was amazing! It was so fresh and delicious. We actually ended up eating their twice and we were not disappointment. Their pico was to die for. I got the grilled salmon tacos, nachos, and the next time tried their burrito. All very tasty.

 photo AF365BBD-1E59-4B9E-AFA4-B217443EEAAC_zpsooqardms.jpg

After lunch we headed downtown to rent electric bikes. Yes, you heard me right, electric bikes. They are 1000x better than regular bikes and we could not stop laughing. You can get up to 20 mph on those things! We would cruise by other bikers huffin and puffin up the hill, it was so fun. We biked across the Golden Gate Bridge and then did some trails till it was dark. We rented them at a place called Sports Basement, it was $26 for both of us(Black Friday deal) and totally worth it.

 photo IMG_3345_zps52f6522f.jpg

 photo A1970DCA-9550-4FBC-A320-110BFE0CE011_zpslcvxegsl.jpg

 photo IMG_3344_zpse176afca.jpg

 photo 1180B306-2885-4BD5-982B-8A8F7B6211AB_zpsrwcwywtm.jpg

We returned the bikes and headed to Ghirardelli Square. They were lighting their tree and had a live band so naturally everyone in SF was there. It was crazy busy, but we finally found a parking spot and tried their famous ice cream sundae in a waffle bowl. I’m not even a huge sundae fan, but it was really good. The chocolate sealed the deal for me.

 photo D0B96500-A817-4D54-B21D-BDAFB225CFA9_zpsysgx4l45.jpg

free piece while we wait in line, don’t mind if I do=)
 photo 30BF6E77-1002-4971-A4CD-D31DE7E51F1B_zps11fycfz3.jpg

 photo E82E59D2-B882-4C34-BAC5-30442679B358_zpsqd0xivkw.jpg

That night we ended up getting a Red Box(because we gotta stay up late when J’s not with us right?) and slept in the next morning. Our hotel had breakfast and they did not disappoint.

 photo 5A46B905-3319-49BA-AF7A-9341807674C8_zpslp8xojjj.jpg

After, I attempted to run a bit to stretch my legs out since they were still sore from my race. I only had old running shoes with me and they were killin my feet so just a short run and a few weights.

 photo F964475C-537F-4330-B12F-3EC78F2604AD_zpsznvdfflf.jpg

Our friends Kristin and Brody picked us up and we headed North to Berkley for the BYU vs Cal game. We ate Thai for lunch and of course it was great.

 photo F17A8675-3602-45EC-AD8F-B36148A82643_zpsfxtajtlb.jpg

The game was even better! BYU won, the weather was gorgeous, and our seats were awesome. It was so fun to see friends and cheer on our team.

 photo IMG_3354_zps1ef3c438.jpg

 photo IMG_3352_zpsf9b3338c.jpg

 photo 2676EE37-8EE1-4E94-AFFF-D3EDE3376C7C_zpsn1hbluwc.jpg

I’ll post our last day tomorrow.


Monday morning I ran on the treadmill while talking to my sister Leah. Just an easy run with lots of stretching and a few weights. It felt great to get back into routine after a weekend of fun and ALL THE FOODS. Last night we decorated for Christmas, got our tree, and made some cookies for family night. We went with my parents to Lowes and found this beauty. I wish you could smell it, ahh, I just love the smell of Christmas.

 photo 004d9240-aab5-4e3f-9a25-6ace668e33a5_zps193bbbe2.jpg

 photo IMG_3400_zps75cccd00.jpg

My mom had to make a tough decision on what tree…
 photo IMG_3394_zps18596f15.jpg

 photo IMG_3408_zps786be7ec.jpg

These smelled pretty great too.

 photo IMG_3405_zps8dd4cc41.jpg

J helped me all day grocery shopping, decorating, and doing laundry. He found his old Santa hat and had to wear it all day. He fell asleep while I was making dinner, he cracks me up.

 photo IMG_3388_zps12aeeac4.jpg

Hope you’re having a great day!

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Thanksgiving 2014

Happy December 1st! I cannot believe it’s already December, I LOVE this time of year and can’t wait to start decorating for Christmas today. Josh and I snuck away to San Fransisco this weekend. I can’t wait to recap all the fun things we did, but first let’s talk about Thanksgiving.

Thursday after the thankful 13 race I hurried home to get ready. I had to peel the potatoes, make frosting for my cookies, pack the car, and shower. Oh and finish packing and clean the house since we were leaving for our trip early Friday morning. Luckily I had my little helper:)

 photo 97E82AFF-305C-4659-BD99-933FE775D16E_zpsiykutmkv.jpg

We headed to Josh’s parents where we had a delicious dinner with just our immediate family. My first plate of many.

 photo E92EBF58-38B8-4784-ABF5-11194F797A6D_zpskuagksdm.jpg

After dinner we walked to the park and let the boys run around. It was such a beautiful day in UT.

 photo 658c6e92-bd18-49c6-b300-0340dc838f3e_zpse6ad0a2d.jpg

 photo 4E163089-67F2-4AF9-A612-89E94832EFB5_zps8l12tsjz.jpg

 photo 5C210C97-4614-4F60-9FA7-BF3A7FBFAACB_zpstiwsbr7e.jpg

 photo IMG_3325_zps3ba28b25.jpg
After singing to my SIL Alisha( her bday was Friday) we had cake and pie. We said our goodbyes and headed to my family for dessert.
All the desserts were  heaven. The boys got to decorate the cookies I made.

 photo IMG_3333_zps970e871b.jpg

We left j there(at my sister Leah’s) for the weekend(more on that later). She has 3 boys and j fits right in. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I have so much to be thankful for. I try to make my morning prayers only prayers of thanks and it helps me so much throughout my day. I’ve felt so blessed lately for family, friends, Josh’s work, health, text and calls of support and love. And of course my readers! You are all so encouraging and supportive. I love the blogging community:)

 photo IMG_3332_zps6c6d2c0e.jpg

How was your weekend?
What are you grateful for?

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