First snow 2015

This past Tuesday (Nov 16) we woke up to a beautiful white blanket of snow.

There’s something so peaceful and quiet about snow and I love it! From last year

 photo IMG_3300_zps7be8c0b3.jpg

J excitedly put his boots, gloves and hat on and played in the falling snow.

 photo IMG_4753_zpsixktgnln.jpg

Later, after a lot of snow had fallen he put his whole suit on and played for hours!

 photo IMG_4759_zpsu3csxtr6.jpg

 photo IMG_4757_zpsmjoqffxo.jpg

I can’t wait for more snow so Lily can try out her suit gma Lee Lee gave her:)

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PC wknd with my parents

One of our favorite things to do as a family is go up to Park City. It’s a cute little ski town surrounded by beautiful mountains and trees. Main Street is lined with fun shops and restaurants.

A pic from last year when we went up earlier in the fall. Read about it here.

 photo IMG_2796_zps1a8567de.jpg

This past weekend we invited my parents to come along and it was the perfect getaway.

 photo D9981152-7A64-407A-9E62-4D5040EEFA19_zpsihz4mhf6.jpg
The bench was wet, sorry mom!

We are at a pasta/pizza place on main when we realized Bandits was closed until the slopes open. It was good and satisfied are hungry tummies. J ate 3 pieces of pizza!

 photo 7612410D-72E4-4EB2-81CA-FBE5E4A05213_zpsiiicauc8.jpg

 photo 819B7EC4-5AB0-4861-B45E-97216577CB50_zpstfurglrw.jpg

Afterward we had hot cocoa and watched movies while chatting and eating lots of sweets(okay maybe that was just me).

 photo IMG_4781_zps2jc4duuv.jpg

And snapping cute pics:)

 photo IMG_4775_zpsecj0gym0.jpg

 photo IMG_4773_zpstauoj9qc.jpg

Saturday my dad and I took j swimming while Lily watched football with daddy.

He insisted on wearing his jacket OVER his floaties.
 photo FA274A30-F319-4A0C-AF8E-D1BC3CEBD043_zpsn5bkohrt.jpg

 photo A0B17698-5FF8-4621-80AF-62C639599F01_zps819chy3o.jpg

Then of course we hit up the outlets and found a few fun things.

Can’t wait for next time!

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A trip to Hill Flight Museum

A couple weekends ago we headed up to the Hill Airforce Base to checkout their flight museum. Josh has been interested in going for a long time and we finally made it!

 photo IMG_4748_zpse4pqonvs.jpg

Josh’s family came along and the babes learned a lot ;)

 photo IMG_4750_zpshhomjsdm.jpg

 photo IMG_4747_zpsrdgzvhrj.jpg

It was pretty amazing seeing all the different kinds of planes and fun paintings on each.

 photo IMG_4749_zpsjscedsht.jpg

 photo IMG_4739_zpsijqwmqzt.jpg
Afterward we had a yummy lunch at kneaders then headed home. Love making memories with my little fam.

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Why I’m not running the Thanksgiving Half

Last week I posted on Instagram that I made the decision not to run the Thankful 13 Half on Thanksgiving.

It was a really hard decision because I LOVE that race, I’ve ran it the last 2 years(here and here), I love starting the holiday off being active, and I hate quitting something I start. BUT I knew it was the right decision for me right now.

Training was stressful. Running is my stress reliever, but training for the race was adding stress because I was trying to cram it in, in only a few weeks.

I’m only (almost) 4 months pp. Although I feel really good, I don’t want to injure myself. I want to properly fuel myself and build my muscle before hitting that high mileage.

 photo 80534686-35D8-40F5-AD35-D0E07002ADA0_zpsyxshtwcb.jpg

I want to soak up this precious time with my littles. I know that sounds so cheesy, but it’s true. With J, the newborn stage was hectic, overwhelming, and exhausting. I didn’t know what I was doing and couldn’t wait for him to just sleep haha. With Lily it has been the exact opposite. We waited a long time for her and I want to soak up this sweet newborn stage. I know it ends, I know we’ll sleep again, and I know I’ll never get the nursing one on one time again. So instead of rushing out the door on Saturdays for a long run, I’m gonna be smothered by my little family in bed. There’s always another race or run but there’s only one newborn stage.

 photo E61312A2-1376-4AD8-B51D-91497A626C21_zps2m7ppjmz.jpg

I’ll still be running, but shorter runs and more weight training. Running is a hobby I truly love and I don’t have to run much for it to make me feel good. I’m grateful for a healthy able body to run, but I’m more grateful it allows me to keep up with these littles :)

 photo 8DD5791C-5C0A-45C3-AABA-68BDE1C6F90C_zpsddqazfsn.jpg

Have a great week!

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12 wks pp running update

These 12 weeks have flown by and I’m so grateful to be feeling strong again. I’m not 100%, my abs still feel pretty weak and I haven’t done any ab workouts quite yet. The reason for not doing any yet is so my abs have time to go back together.

I’ve been increasing my mileage for an upcoming half marathon.  I wasn’t planning to run one till spring, but then I won a free entry to the Thankful 13 on Thanksgiving! I ran 7 miles on Saturday and felt good afterward. I’m taking it nice and slow, no time goal.

 photo D6EF6A5E-992F-4BFE-94EA-47A0A211A45E_zpsmewxjupw.jpg

I haven’t weighed myself in awhile because I don’t really care about weight. I measure my success on how I feel in my clothes and if I have energy throughout the day to be a mom and get things done around the house. I bought a few ‘in between’ clothes since my old ones don’t fit as comfortable. I think it’s important to feel good in every stage haha. Like the below shorts are not quite comfy yet. I found out on my run last week, that they chaff my thighs haha It’s hard sometimes not to feel down or discouraged, but I remind myself what my body just did. Birth/pregnancy is miraculous and I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything. So my body is a bit different and that’s okay. I only get one and it was a gift from my Heavenly Father, I want to treat it well and be grateful.

 photo 880DFE70-0304-4CEB-A88B-9B90D773237F_zps9dmz6jtb.jpg

I continue to lift weights and do ‘more squats than miles’ to build muscle and stay injury free. I only have a few more weeks till my race then I’ll cut back on running. Feels good to be back :)

 photo 2EC2F688-37C9-4891-898C-50207EEAB848_zpsnamwx2kq.jpg

Happy running!

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Halloween 2015 part 2 

We ended on Thursday when we went to my mother in laws kindergarten Halloween parade. Previous Halloween’s here and here and here.

Friday we headed to my sister Leah’s early to join her neighborhood Halloween parade.
Afterward we had snacks and played Halloween games Leah and her kids had planned for us. The kids had a blast together and I had fun catching up with my family.

my mom with Lily and Zach(4 months apart)
 photo IMG_4686_zps4e2tclva.jpg

 photo IMG_4687_zpsdys4el2i.jpg

 photo IMG_4696_zpshvlxfegz.jpg

Saturday morning I ran and Josh did yard work(isn’t he the best?) then made our way to his parents.

 photo IMG_4732_zpsjhqbdymn.jpg

 photo IMG_4730_zpszdkg2gia.jpg

Pumpkin shaped pizzas and trick or treating with cousins. I can’t tell you how fun it is to enjoy holidays with kids! J absolutely loves Halloween, so it was fun living it up with him:)

 photo IMG_4736_zpsz00lyqua.jpg

These two babes slept like champs while we went house to house. Love that they’ll grow up so close to each other.

 photo EF2E4038-DD0B-4B0D-907B-99D9B104EA15_zpsiwnjmhbt.jpg

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Halloween 2015 part 1

Halloween lasted ALL week long, so yes, there’s a part 2:)

We carved out pumpkins for family night last week and like every year, the boys had fun and were really creative. And…I was not so creative. You could even say lazy… Haha.

 photo IMG_4658_zpsttgrsjy3.jpg

Tuesday night was our ward trunk or treat. We dressed the kids up for the first time and it was too much cuteness.

 photo IMG_4665_zps7q0zhxwv.jpg

J found this dragon at TJ Maxx in September and wouldn’t take it off. He has played in it almost everyday since and couldn’t wait to show his friends. Lily was a pink flamingo.

 photo IMG_4668_zpszpewugre.jpg

 photo IMG_4672_zpsjxw57aqc.jpg

Trunk or treating was a total hit and lots of candy was eaten:)

Thursday we headed to my MIL’s kindergarten class for her annual Halloween parade. This year J was a ‘big boy’ and didn’t want to hold grandma’s hand:(

 photo IMG_4676_zpsjttj6omn.jpg

 photo IMG_4678_zps4cbe5two.jpg

He had so much fun being a kindergartner for a day and eating more candy!

The rest of our week was packed with more activities, part 2 coming soon!

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3 months and my little helper

We celebrated Lily’s 3 month birthday on Halloween this year. Before we dressed her up I snapped a few pictures to document those chubby thighs, sparkling eyes, and gummy smile.

 photo IMG_4711_zpsigmilkrf.jpg

 photo IMG_4716_zpskwrskgva.jpg

 photo IMG_4722_zpsid1zbadl.jpg

She is so much more alert these days and smiles and coos when we ‘talk’ to her. She even laughs while J smothers her with love. Haha

She loves snuggling with daddy and watching football ;)

She loves looking at fans, lights, and the TV. She giggles a lot more and kicks her legs so fast with excitement, especially in the bath.

 photo IMG_4714_zpsah2mtzul.jpg

She eats every 3 hours during the day, takes 4 naps about an hour to an hour and a half each, and sleeps 5 hour stretches at night.

 photo 411102d6-80bb-46f4-b0f9-82509ad414cf_zps9hzclslz.jpg


Jackson has adjusted to her very well. He loves to ‘help’ with diapers, feeding, and making her feel better when she cries. He loves it when she ‘talks’ back to him and he will laugh the cutest laugh.

 photo 10A74FB3-A3D4-4124-A4FC-62D113F8EB42_zpse9zxilqd.jpg

this. haha
 photo IMG_4663_zpsasq0vjir.jpg

He helps with chores and is such a sweetheart. The other day he snuggles right up to me and kissed all over my face. I cherish those moments with my growing boy:)

helpin dad in the yard

 photo IMG_4727_zpsg8y3rsmg.jpg

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Family pictures 2015

My amazing friend Liz, Lizette Pope Photography, captured our new family of 4 a few months ago. I wanted them taken when Lily was still a newborn. I absolutely LOVE the pictures, especially the ones of Lily and J together.

Here’s a few of my favs=)

 photo IMG_2169_zpskvhgyaf7.jpg

 photo IMG_2190_zpsanh3q5n9.jpg

 photo IMG_2227_zpsmtciqmjm.jpg

 photo IMG_2317_zpsqiwgnjhr.jpg

 photo IMG_2333_zpsmsr3naax.jpg

 photo IMG_2350_zpsc861g1br.jpg

 photo IMG_2363_zpszaclaaow.jpg

Thanks Liz!

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Jakers and Black Island Farm

This year we are taking advantage of every fall day. It’s starting to get cooler, and you never know when UT is gonna just skip right to winter.

Last week we met up with cousins at Jakers Farm. It was a perfect day as far as the weather goes. The sun was out but it wasn’t blazing hot.

 photo 0D448F14-0C33-41C5-8D6A-1D414AC529C7_zpsp1khkdc1.jpg

 photo B77FA1A7-1680-44AE-85DA-373E46B5DCBA_zpswm99kipz.jpg

J had a great time running from one activity to the next with his cousins Cal and Lance. They’re all just a few months apart.

 photo AFD393EE-2280-4131-8CC4-6F20EE031911_zpszqrktku9.jpg


Black Island Farm

The next day we headed up North for our annual pumpkin patch tradition with my family.

My sister had made a delicious dinner for us before we headed out in to the rain. We were bummed it was raining, but it actually turned out a lot better than expected. Because of the rain, there were no lines or crowds. It wasn’t too cold but I made sure to bundle the kids up.

 photo 97114080-9B56-4EC8-AC60-6B1B33427157_zpsajzol2l2.jpg

We did the hayride first before it got dark. J found a green pumpkin that he gets every year(Ninja Turtle colored).

 photo 8E20384A-DE27-47E5-B654-BAAEF1C446CC_zpsfrq0aksx.jpg

Jackson was picked to help with the pig races(thanks to Neeley for shouting his name;)) and he won this pig nose. Cutest pig I’ve ever seen!

 photo 965B872A-DD46-41B2-9D21-3A1C1E54E77C_zpsbdnicev9.jpg

 photo B73C0596-616A-4C50-998B-3E1456059B58_zpsigy4a5we.jpg

After all the slides and train rides, we headed to the maze where I regretted my shoe choice haha it was all worth it when Neeley had donuts for us.

 photo B831FBE1-8670-42EC-B870-C7464F6736A3_zpsjae8dxgq.jpg

 photo B6027BBD-756A-46E8-97D9-721B1A81CFBD_zpsfmpxwscs.jpg

Such a great week spent with family!

 photo 6B414BC3-DE83-42CE-A84D-466E29D15DAF_zpslpfdrx0w.jpg

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