Birthday planning and swimming kisses

Happy Friday and first day of August!

Today we get to celebrate Jackson’s 3rd Birthday! We’re throwing him 2 family parties(1 shared with baby Mason) this weekend and I’m just a tad bit excited ;) Yesterday we picked my mom up to go to Target(she had shopping to do too) and I had J pick out what kind of decorations he wanted for his bday. Surprise surprise he picked out Ninja Turtle(also what last years party was). He took some selfies on the way…he was just a little excited.
 photo 29697077-BFE6-4B6D-BF60-34105D338E3D_zpseiarw2be.jpg
After finding and picking out every Ninja Turtle thing they had, we headed to my mom’s community pool for the afternoon.

  photo 4E683613-28EB-4269-90C6-007EA39283EA_zpsjfcjwgfl.jpg

We’re trying to soak up every last bit of summer we can. I can’t believe this fall J is going to be going to a Joy School. It kinda breaks my heart, but at the same time I’m so proud of him.
 photo 9324A4CF-D6A4-4783-BE50-34DBC9A156F2_zpsgc1ynvoa.jpg

I wasn’t able to run yesterday and to be honest my legs are kinda sore from running outside for the first time in awhile. It was nice to swim some laps and take a chill day.
 photo 4C82AD38-112C-4971-8475-6440D0B70E06_zpslppupgkc.jpg

After J took a nap I brought him over to my sister Bree’s to be babysat. Josh and I went out for dinner and a movie and to go shopping for Jackson’s bday present. I’m so excited for the weekend! Not only do we get to celebrate Jackson with family, but my cousin is coming to stay with us too. It’s gonna be a party!

PS if my pictures are coming up blank, sorry trying to get it fixed!

what are your birthday traditions?

if you could pick a theme for your bday what would it be?

is today a rest day for you?

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Thursday thoughts(randoms)


wednesday-OUTSIDE 5 miles

I have lots of random thoughts to share with you all today…enjoy!

1. It’s been overcast/cloudy/rainy the last 2 days. We take snuggling and cozy days very seriously. J wanted to snuggle on the kitchen floor while eating lunch, why not?
 photo EFA0EFBF-14CC-4555-A532-446EFD90A115_zpsye4uxumn.jpg

2. Ninja Turtle ‘battle’ for days. It’s J’s favorite thing to do.
 photo E2F6D026-7115-45A3-BD5F-F7B0B555AAD4_zps49yn4umy.jpg

3. I ran outside for the first time in over a month yesterday! It was so glorious, but seriously. It was overcast and not too hot and kinda humid. It felt amazing!
 photo BFD75F1F-AD96-4BAC-A724-7C52D5F9877C_zpsts28iang.jpg
 photo 64052E62-B02E-4E84-94B4-C17B0B1D2FC3_zps3syinjaa.jpg

4. Me and my lil sis went shopping. Who said you need a double stroller?
 photo 9CBC7473-AB56-4473-A998-700B6E31CA9E_zpsqntvxyht.jpg

5. Jackson’s aunt Alisha got him a Ninja Turtle jacket(for his bday) and of course he won’t take it off for anything. And yes, that’s an infant sized binky. I refuse to buy binky’s so he’s had the same one for 3 years. He only uses it when he sleeps, and after we get back from Singapore we’re getting rid of all 2 that he has haha
 photo F0FE7D71-932C-4A67-9C48-FC55D656CE82_zpsqcooge56.jpg

what are your random thoughts today?

what are your favorite shops at the mall?


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What Up Wednesday

Yesterday my workout was scrubbing my bathrooms. Seriously, what a chore. J got to play with Grandma Lee Lee(Josh’s mom) for most of the day while I got my hair done. I love getting my hair done. I know a lot of people hate it, but I love getting my hair washed and after I look so fresh. My hair stylist even gave me tips on how to round brush my hair…. I’ll let ya know how that goes. Oh and I ran into Heather! We go to the same stylist and she was just finishing up. Hot mama!

  photo 92623093-F6D9-4B55-A19D-DCAFDC0AE51C_zpsl99sef8z.jpg
I went a little more blonde
 photo 3EC661B7-9761-4F7C-8140-2176398DEBEB_zpsbf0yxo9j.jpg

J’s 3rd Birthday is this week! I cannot believe it and I can’t believe I’m one of those moms, but my heart actually aches. I love seeing him grow but it’s also the weirdest feeling. I just want him to stay this age forever, it’s the best! We have the funniest conversations all day long. One of these days I’ll share a video, J is a hoot!

old picture but it shows his contagious smile(:

My MIL not only watched J for me, but then she sent me home with clam chowder for dinner. We had rainy thunderstorms yesterday and soup was the perfect dinner. It was sooo good.

 photo 52A880A2-2D2C-44D0-A0CE-15DAA551AA69_zpspjg8ri87.jpg

After dinner we may have stopped by Barnes and Noble to get some books for our trip. And by we I mean Josh…Old Navy may have been next door and I may have gotten carried away there. They had $6 shirts! Of course we had to get ice cream on our way home. Since Josh gets to work from home Wednesdays, Tuesday nights we usually watch a movie and stay up later. Movie:Robocop Review: 2/5 stars-entertaining but pretty weird and cheesy.
 photo 93220810-CB0C-4ACC-9B2C-3C45C76841C5_zps6cgfvwkx.jpg

Now it’s Wednesday and I hope I got myself out of bed for a very overdue run outside. Hope you guys are having a wonderful day!

what would you ask for your birthday?

favorite soup?

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Treat yo self tip Tuesday and biggest pet peeve


monday-3 miles on TM +core workout

Yesterday I got up and started some laundry and putted around the house. I didn’t feel like running, and knew instantly if I ran I would have a great workout. For some reason the days I don’t feel like running I and I do anyways I have really good workouts.

I haven’t been doing any kind of speed work or really all that much running lately. This summer(besides the one race I ran) I decided to focus on other things and just run casually. Yesterday I just felt like running fast, so I did. There’s something about just running to run that feels really good. I ran 3 miles in 26 minutes just to prove to myself I can. Sometimes you just gotta do it(:

Unless your hair tie breaks then all bets are off. But seriously, the worst pet peeve ever!

  photo 7DF7E745-50C9-424A-A1A6-3255CB705C08_zps6xtzxapr.jpg

After running J and I stopped by the good ol’ car wash. I grew up always washing my own car, but our new house has a crazy steep driveway and it makes it very difficult to wash a car. I guess I’ll just have to settle for the car wash;)
 photo 70FF768D-B453-415E-894F-91C4B1F44E57_zps9evbg8oz.jpg

You all know I really dddrreeaaddd grocery shopping. Lately I’ve actually really been enjoying it because I get myself a pre-made salad to enjoy when I get home. I always get so hungry while I’m shopping and when I finally get home, put all the groceries away, feed J I’m hangry and want to eat anything and everything. It’s the best treat to be able to just sit down and enjoy a salad. Now I look forward to my shopping trips and treating myself.
 photo 1548CB40-9391-481C-A1FA-D9F824CFB607_zpsi1sjkefv.jpg
It wasn’t very hot yesterday and it was super windy. So why not go to the pool? My sister and mom were game so we headed out. We stayed for awhile until we heard thunder. We got out just in time to beat the rain(true Seattle girls at heart).
<a href="
 photo 2A7490C9-CB9D-4C29-91C9-9C3FE30E9729_zpscghgb6a9.jpg
J trying to say, “cheese” while eating a granola bar haha
Later Jackson and I caught a ride with my parents to my sisters house(Josh had to work late). My brother and his family are in town for another night so we all get together and made some smore’s.
 photo EDEB7120-C631-48DC-9A2C-BCB2AE15F39B_zps4sky1c2p.jpg
 photo 09981F1E-7DB3-438F-BE45-E3F612EF1DFE_zpse2w1iptz.jpg

How do you treat yourself?

do you wash your car or go through a car wash?


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Yard Sale Success and a big family dinner

Saturday morning I got up early, but not to run. Heather, Shannon, Jen and I met up at 7am to continue organizing the yard sale. We had received so many donations, the yard, driveway, side yard, were all covered! It was so amazing and such a blessing for Shannon’s family.
 photo 60CB56F1-93E5-4CEF-89DE-9728EEE9AA62_zpsu0vmndi5.jpg
Just to catch ya up, my friend Shannon and her husband adopted a little boy and her sweet in laws paid for it. They want to pay them back($36,000) so we thought about having a yard sale(she also has a gofundme). It was such a hit. We made a lot more than we were expecting and had a great time doing it. I was so nervous no one would show up because the city took down all my yard sale signs(I had put up the day before). But the day of another family had a yard sale right by ours and they had put signs up the morning of. We got all their traffic and I felt so blessed.
J driving his gf around
 photo 07774F42-7D5C-4CA0-ADE0-02010F240E00_zpsgmb4kaed.jpg

I came home, showered(again, it was sooo hot) and then crashed. After I napped, we went out to dinner at a new to us place called Cubby’s Chicago Beef. It was all really good and fresh. I found this description on their site, “We are a cute little sandwich and salad restaurant that uses all the local, fresh, and organic ingredients we can get our little hands on. Our food is fresh, delicious!”
I got the Cockadoodledoo
 photo 13044C9F-3E97-4182-B6B2-51BE25FFE46C_zpsyiusscu7.jpg

After we headed to the outlets right by our house and enjoyed walking around the outdoor mall. We rushed home to make it to the neighborhood bike parade. J had so much fun riding the streets on his strider(and collecting candy). Popsicles are the best way to end a summer night.
 photo FC84F911-7507-4CB8-91C7-B4F7E2C05AA8_zpsbg6upvoz.jpg
 photo 5E405708-991C-43E2-B06D-ECF929F6690F_zpss20km4vl.jpg
 photo 7295C3B3-734C-4CE7-AA88-C69E26284F1B_zpsoomsk7sr.jpg
Sunday after church, most of my side of the family came over. My grandparents, and my brother and his family are in town, so we had everyone over. It was wild and so so fun.
Just a few of us I was able to grab as people were leaving.
 photo 63E24D57-23D9-4D93-B40F-B0CC240C5CF9_zpsmplsfh3m.jpg

what are you looking forward to this week?

favorite popsicle?

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Garage Sale and Gluten Free Monster Cookies


thursday- 2 miles on TM + abs

I just did not have the attention span for my workout yesterday. The treadmill was just too boring so it was short and sweet. I figured my face was boring you guys too,so I decided to spice it up for ya…you’re welcome(:
 photo 1EBB9208-E791-4BF4-924C-1A9C3194A173_zpshehsevqu.jpg

J dressed himself yesterday and was really proud of it. We’ve been having really hot weather in UT and yesterday morning it was only 80* so J thought it was perfect jacket weather.
 photo 9998D431-9980-4C0F-BF89-FDBCB38A2704_zpssany6yoi.jpg

After we got ready J, baby M and I picked up my mom to bring her to the airport. I found this(and 15 others) on my phone of the car ride. J is  gonna be a great little assistant blogger someday.
 photo AD1D2B70-06D0-4067-BF9E-52E5C7D9CBD8_zpskch8hmiy.jpg
We had the rest of the day to chill so why not make some monster cookies? I shared a photo on Instagram and now I’m delivering with the recipe!
 photo 9EE31154-FB14-4DDC-A9D3-8B56918B8E69_zpsldtggulc.jpg

1 1/2 cups Peanut butter
1 stick softened butter

1 cup Brown sugar

1 cup White sugar

2 tsp vanilla extract

3 eggs

4 1/2 cups oats

2 tsp baking soda

1 cup Chocolate chips

1 cup M & M’s

Mix the first 4 ingredients together. Then mix in the vanilla, butter and eggs. Combine all the dry ingredients then add to wet ingredients and mix. Bake at 350* for 10 minutes. DO NOT OVER COOK or they will become very chewy. Enjoy!

The rest of the evening I got to spend with these awesome ladies(Jen left before the pic, but know she is awesome too).

We sorted through so much donated items. I’m organizing a garage sale for my good friend Shannon who just adopted a sweet little boy. I had posted a bunch of flyers asking for donations and so many people delivered. I’m overwhelmed with all the help I’ve received. Can’t wait for Saturday!!! (If you’re local check my FB for details)
 photo 6EB707B4-324C-4D5A-B178-86AA599F49B3_zpspt9eg6fc.jpg
 photo 75195BC3-3FB0-4571-8212-FA54A094312F_zpsj2h3irpn.jpg

That’s not even half the stuff, there is so much in the garage we still had to sort through!

do you scope out garage sales?

favorite kind of cookie?



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Water Slides are the best

We got up nice and early yesterday and watered our plants then headed out the door. We wanted to beat the heat and have some cooler temps at the water park. It was perfect out, and we enjoyed all the slides. I seriously get so giddy when J and I go down the slides. I love that he enjoys them just as much as I do. My SIL Whit went down them with her son and we tried to get a pic of us all coming down but it didn’t work out. Maybe next time ha
 photo 06B65EEA-C5E3-4DED-B5E4-02D47B136408_zpsxvcuxxoo.jpg
Left: Cousin Charlene, her daughter, J, me, MIL Lee Ann, SIL Whit, nephew Porter and Cal
 photo ede644d6-63a6-4013-a80d-25b8af946124_zps2dfbb8ed.jpg
That afternoon I had to run to Target and exchange my rug. I was so lucky because they only have 2 left and the one I brought home originally was torn yesterday morning): Usually Target is difficult with exchanges/returns but the lady was so kind and understanding. Now I just hope this one holds up!
 photo 208080FE-AECA-4232-9B0F-0DBB37E311DD_zpsxcu8lh06.jpg
Oh and while I was out and about I may have stopped and got one of these…Coconut rose boba. I wanted to try a new flavor, but this one was no good. That’s the last time I take suggestions from the boba maker haha
 photo 41564E39-CDC7-4C7F-88A1-9797E48FA544_zpscwnr6st7.jpg

After J pretended to nap, we got busy making dinner. J loves when we do pizza night because I let him make his own. I forgot to take a pic of them cooked, but they were pesto, tomato, mozzarella, and fresh basil.
  photo AA6AF3F8-6B1A-4F14-ADB2-B10AD5BFAED9_zpstnaav7ji.jpg

I hope today is a little cooler for us tomorrow and I can get some more yard work done. Have a great Thursday!

what’s on the menu for tonights dinner?

what kind of shoes do you mostly wear in the summer?

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Guest Post

Hi Brooke and Jane Readers!

My name is Sharsti and I’m the blogger behind the Sugar Plum Runner. I love writing about my workouts, recipes, recent DIY projects, and of course my family. I’m lucky enough to be a stay at home mom to my almost 3 year old Jackson and wife to my handsome hubby Josh.


I’m honored to be guest posting and can’t wait to share with you a great workout that will kick your booty.  I promise you will want to kill me and thank me all at the same time after you complete this. Of course my first love is running, but I also love circuits so why not combine them?

If you have a treadmill great. You can set up your circuit at the gym, at home, or even outside. You’ll need a 1 mile loop, weights or soup cans(whatever you have), and motivation to get it done! In this workout I’ve combined all of my favorite moves that work out multiple areas at the same time.

*I convinced my little sis to photograph me doing all the moves, as a result I’m laughing in most of them because nothing can be too serious with her(:

Start out with a 1 mile warm up jog

 photo IMG_2133_zps3d4fe47b.jpg

1 minute Squat Shoulder Press
Step 1
 photo IMG_2159_zpsb4dec970.jpg

Step 2
 photo IMG_2155_zps2fa019f5.jpg

1 minute Bicep Curls
Step 1
 photo IMG_2164_zps2a93a87c.jpg
Step 2
 photo IMG_2165_zpse3d835d8.jpg
1 Mile comfortable pace

1 minute Alternating Plank Front Raise
 photo IMG_2157_zpsb6bcdb75.jpg

1 minute Bicep Curls

1 mile comfortable pace

1 minute Shoulder T’s
Step 1
 photo IMG_2161_zpsdc20f867.jpg
Step 2

  photo IMG_2160_zps03a4639e.jpg

1 minute Bicep curls

.5 mile cool down


Thanks again for letting me stop by! Hope you check out the Sugar Plum Runner for some more great workouts(:

 photo IMG_2151_zps3ff6349b.jpg


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An amazing circuit workout


tuesday- 3.5 miles on TM + abs and a lil arms

This move was my favorite from yesterdays workout. Please don’t be blinded by my clash of the pink workout clothes. You bring your arm up and then lower it while you’re in a side plank position. Works your obliques and arms.
 photo 3CE00FCB-B8F6-413E-AD4F-328368BA9F55_zpsnniye2hs.jpg
**If you want an awesome, killer, circuit workout check out my guest post over at Life of Brooke and Jane. I even have some fancy pics to show you the moves(thanks Bebop;)).
 photo IMG_2159_zpsb4dec970.jpg

My sisters came over yesterday, so of course we had to try out my mom’s new pool. Verdict: it’s wonderful.
 photo EA510A05-B689-4A6D-9119-E7C31274D859_zpsez9qdexr.jpg

Me and my mom are hat nerds.I’ve recently become very cautious about the sun and my skin. I always put a bunch of sun block on J to protect his skin, so why wouldn’t I do the same for myself?
 photo C5BEE498-96D3-46A4-AC9A-00A4339C3F93_zpsczg0nrjd.jpg

Since I played all day, last night after dinner I decided to tackle a corner of my backyard. If you remember when we first moved in, the yard was soooo over grown/neglected(in that post you can see the backyard in the background. My goal is just to have the whole yard gutted by winter so next spring I can start making it beautiful. Last night I filled 3 giant bags. Yard work is exhausting!

 photo 3E81D414-C1C6-44BB-9875-8383155151F8_zps6bcsldgq.jpg

anyone else suffering from a heat wave??

hot tub or pool fan?



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Stretching, meeting new friends, and shirtless


monday- 4 miles +strength circuit

Yesterday’s workout was a killer! I can’t wait to share it with you, but it’s going to have to wait until tomorrow(: Until then, here’s a friendly reminder to ssttrreetch. It’s very important in preventing injuries. You’re welcome.
 photo E1BC4404-976D-4F55-943A-FD3718096F9A_zpsivao01rm.jpg
After a great workout I got to work scrubbing bathrooms(like everyday since J has been potty trained ha),grocery shopping, and of course painting with J. I love Mondays because we get back on schedule and we usually stick around the house cleaning, and just simply playing. Because we do that on Monday’s the rest of the week we get to play!
 photo 05F56736-1F7E-4E48-8502-3CDA70512898_zpsicrslefe.jpg

We did, however, go to a BBQ last night. It was so much fun. If you know me in real life you know I’m a talker. I LOVE  being social and getting to know people. If you know my husband, he is the complete opposite. Since last night was a BBQ for all his employees(that he already knows) it was so fun for the both of us. I’m so sad I didn’t get a picture with everyone. Just of J who soaked all of his clothes and had to borrow some(thanks again Emily) and ran around the party shirtless. At least he had his cousin there being his partner in crime.
 photo 94A40C7D-493D-4B25-88D9-854CDB13B00C_zpsfxedkyuw.jpg

what is your favorite BBQ food?—watermelon for sure!!

if you could only use an elliptical, treadmill, or stair climber for the rest of your life, what would it be?


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