10 miles + Thankful 13 Race Discount


thursday- 10 miles outside

You guyyyss! I did it! Thank you for the kind comments and encouragement. I dropped J off at preschool, then headed out to a nearby trail. I just kept telling myself to keep it slow and steady. It was about 40* and it felt perfect. I wore layers and my ear warmer, but the temp was great. It was just me and my tunes and my thoughts. If I could describe the run with one work, it would be peaceful.

 photo 852D8957-14C9-4437-9766-B498189AC834_zpsja1cb3ey.jpg

I did an out and back route, and at the 5 mile mark there was a bathroom. Seriously one of the nicest public restroom I’ve seen, score! I had some fruit snacks at mile 6 that worked great.
 photo C6E2B076-95DE-40BB-AD68-6AFA30770468_zpshdutd72o.jpg

Before my run I ate a bowl of cereal one hour before, then half a grab n go applesauce right before(it worked great)! As soon as I was finished with the run, I was hungry so I ate the Kind bar I had in the car with me, the rest of the apple sauce and drank a lot of water. When I got home, I had peanut butter and a banana. I don’t usually want a huge meal after a long run, but I do need something so I always try and find something with protein in it. Usually I smoothie with greek yogurt or something with peanut butter.

I stretched, showered, and pretty much lay around with J the rest of the day.

 photo 9F816099-2272-4F81-B266-47E4C41E64A7_zpsbytzimct.jpg

 photo B4323289-1A98-40EE-ABEA-E90C932A8E54_zps3ixea8jq.jpg
what J was doing while I showered…

Once J was napping, I got started on dinner. I don’t know what it is, but winter always makes me want to try new recipes(maybe because it’s pitch black by 5pm) and bake. I tried 2 Pinterest recipes, one for basil garlic rolls and the other for cauliflower chowder.  The dough took me 2 tries=( Flour is so crucial when you want a nice fluffy roll and I swear every recipe always calls for too much. But the second batch was just right.

 photo IMG_3237_zps8872d8f2.jpg

sorry for blurriness
 photo IMG_3240_zps3d33a50e.jpg

The soup was really good and full of veggies. J even liked it! I love soup leftovers because then I just eat it for lunch.

 photo IMG_3241_zpsb3b9f6af.jpg


I’ve mentioned I’m running the Thankful 13 next week on Thanksgiving. I ran it last year with my cousin Mckae(her first half) and it was such a great way to start the holiday.

This year the half marathon starts at 8am at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi(they also have a 5k and kids run). Each registration provides food and other services for the needy.

 photo 7e078cb0-0039-4a74-a3b2-dca523eb3f9a_zpsa551188e.png

They are offering Sugar Plum readers 20% with code: SugarPlum

You can register: Here

who’s running the Thankful 13??

what’s your go to meal before you run?

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Things Thursday + Running Jitters


tuesday- pure barre

wednesday- 4 mile walk with my mom and sister

Playing a bit of catch up from the last 2 days. Tuesday while J was at preschool, I headed to my weekly barre class. I have seriously never been so sore. Trish did a whole new workout that I’ve never done and I’m STILL sore, I love it!

 photo EC662669-653B-436D-8C8D-33405C8E5FAA_zps75u9eccl.jpg

 photo 5B1C3422-31A8-4E18-AC50-A36580F7101E_zpsfzlblcqy.jpg

Wednesday I got up early and walked with my mom and sister. It is getting so cold here(Not as cold as NY, but it was 20*). I layered up and put this cream on my face to protect it from getting chapped. It was my mom’s so I’ll get the details and get back to ya.

 photo 07841292-86FB-41A9-8F26-3D60FDC946FD_zpsifmpudnc.jpg


Things Thursday

Hot cocoa after a workout outside should be mandatory, it’s the best!

 photo BCE6D645-4419-49D8-8360-827AB452F88C_zpshcfzfc6m.jpg

I’m hoping this week is the LAST time I have to post about yard work this year. I can see the end and the blister on my hand can prove it.

 photo 4C4BC518-D6C8-4F1C-B4A8-E02A8701E8D1_zpsts1osf0g.jpg

Josh and I had a date night at the temple. It was just what I needed.

 photo 72454330-D40A-4377-83D8-BD44FD495B12_zps3vcvg1jn.jpg

Okay, let’s talk running. Today I’m running my last long run before my half next week. I’m so nervous! I’m shooting for 10 miles but I don’t want to push it. I know I didn’t have a lot of time to train for this race, but I’m just taking it slow. It feels so good to be running again, I do not want to get injured.

Here’s some of my motivation:

This song

 photo fb696c04-2cb8-45be-b202-7657cdc310f0_zpseaa80842.png

This poster

 photo a210d2e4-1a0a-4fd4-a7d8-d777a3829379_zps4e9a659f.png

This saying: I can do hard things because hard things make me a better me

What kind of motivation do you use to get pumped for a long run?

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Tangent Tuesday +update on J


monday-5 miles on TM

Sunday night I slept in J’s room with him on a mattress on the floor(Josh slept with him Saturday night) so that he wouldn’t wake Josh up. He had a nasty cough and would wake up all stuffed so whoever was sleeping in his room would put the humidifier up to his face. He slept in till 9am Monday morning, and if you know J you know that’s amazing!!! I can count on 1 finger how many times he’s slept till 9 so he was feeling good.

 photo E9C21AF1-F86E-46DA-8AD7-F8DF22DA0467_zps2ystsy3l.jpg

While he slept in, I got to get my run in on the treadmill. I just took it slow and steady because I’m still sore from Saturday’s run. I can tell my I’m getting stronger by my aerobic endurance. I’m not any faster, but each run because a little bit easier, I’m not huffing and puffing and my face isn’t super red(speed workouts will always leave me huffing and red ha). It’s so nice to be training again.

My love for Teddy the Tready
 photo 601db0b0-30c6-4e6a-b36d-fa53ffb10d39_zps802d0f73.jpg

Tuesday Tangents

I went to get my makeup at Ulta on Saturday and Bare Minerals was giving away gifts with your purchase. Super cute bag, blush, lip gloss(that I’m obsessed with) and primer. I was seriously way too excited, but I LOVE Bare Mineral makeup.

 photo IMG_3204_zps558e112f.jpg

We sat down to eat dinner and J climbed behind me and started scratching my back. Um, yes please. He’s the best.

 photo 6C067161-BF6D-429D-9959-BBC0601A8EEA_zpsqibk9lk6.jpg

Josh helped my dad demo his fireplace. I just love that guy=)

 photo 95A13363-C020-4BE7-9BB0-2A8C3B355D81_zpsp0hv1rga.jpg

Grilled cheese…tis the season.

 photo IMG_3208_zps25f38b17.jpg

My friend Katie introduced me to this deliciousness. I added grape tomatoes, olives, and cheese. So fast and yummy.

 photo 7378548A-68F5-4936-B551-3F7280D39477_zpsatcw0v8d.jpg

what are your tangents today?

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can you believe it?


friday-4 miles on TM + arms

saturday- 7 miles outside


How was your weekend? We had a great weekend over here. Josh had Friday off and so we got to have a 3 day weekend! We all slept in, got a few chores done, then we were off to the movies. If you ask J what he wants to do he always says, “See a movie in the movie theater” or “Go to Pirate O’s” We chose to see a movie as a family. I smuggled some goodness in and of course we got a giant popcorn, this family loves popcorn!

 photo 17C2C966-5781-4955-8058-0C02FE96C757_zpskhbluelf.jpg

 photo 54436695-5D59-4084-8686-F1B94B640234_zpsksbn2ttw.jpg

Big Hero 6 was really good and J sat through the whole thing.

That night, we went out to Water Moon and got Bento Boxes with Miso soup. I am not a fan of Miso soup, so J ate mine. He’s just such a little man these days.

 photo 2849593C-B915-4274-9D7B-1578CD5029B6_zps6piwwgy1.jpg

Saturday morning I. ran. outside. Can you believe it?! I actually ran outside!! Even though I hate the cold, there’s something about running in freshly fallen snow that is so great. The air feels so fresh and crisp and I think my body does really well in cooler temps.

 photo 177c458e-1dba-41c2-a301-5297ee18e07a_zps1134b3e3.jpg

I got thirsty half way through my 7 mile run and thought for sure the city would have already turned it off my beloved water fountain…nope! It was running and felt like the water was straight from a stream in the mountains, so good.

 photo 9BE4B675-8A43-4D51-8747-7CB07588C8B0_zpslefp7ulb.jpg

 photo 0F882A37-464D-44AE-9E18-0CEB91F18885_zpshu5tkveq.jpg

After my run however, I was so sore! I forget how much running outside in the cold does to you. You’re body burns more calories in the cold because it’s trying to stay warm(even though I was pretty toasty in my 3 shirts, pants, gloves, and ear warmer). Not only the cold, but the difference from running outside from my treadmill is killer! It’s good though, my body needs to get stronger and run outside more=)

I had to rush and get ready because I was speaking at a baptism. I teach the 7-8 year olds at church and when they turn 8 they can get baptized. Being their teacher I’ve gotten to speak at a few of the baptisms, it’s always really fun. Now that it’s snowing, that means warm church clothes with tights and boots. I love winter clothes, they’re so warm and boots are the best.

 photo IMG_3223_zpsbf753683.jpg

Later that afternoon, Whit, Lee Ann and I threw our cousin Char a baby shower. It’s her 3rd baby so it was a ‘diaper shower.’ It was so much fun to meet new people and enjoy yummy food together. Of course, I’m dying to hold that new baby when she comes! I made this recipe( I didn’t add the jalapenos) and it was really good. If you’re need of a cheese dip for football season, this one is so easy!

before it was melted
 photo IMG_3215_zpsebd07818.jpg

 photo 747c3c8d-78ca-4709-85b3-77aa96097c97_zpsb4ab36fb.jpg
The Scott girls

Sunday as always was nice and chill. J hasn’t been feeling too great(has a cough) so we kept it pretty low key. I did finish my super easy craft from the other day. I found it here. If I can do it, you can do it ha.

 photo IMG_3214_zpsa5609033.jpg

 photo IMG_3212_zps61ac22a7.jpg

do you get more sore when you run outside?

what’s your favorite veggie in the winter?

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My Winter Running Wish List

I got up early to meet my sister at the Temple. It was so cold out! I’m not sure I’m ready for winter yet, but I am ready for the holidays!

 photo 85F22765-1918-4C90-AC83-7661F10C7504_zpsthze5fih.jpg

After the temple, I met up with my friend Katie to have lunch together and let our kids play. I love chill afternoons like that. I got lucky with some awesome friends=)

who knew a box could be so fun?
 photo IMG_3197_zps65f7f5d7.jpg

 photo IMG_3200_zps42118466.jpg

Yesterday was a rest day for me. I’m hoping to get a long run in this weekend since the Thankful 13 race is only a few weeks away. It’s freezing outside, and it got me thinking about my wish list for my winter running.

This post is what I wear to stay warm and tips for new winter runners. Below is what I hope to add to my collection. But you guys know me, I’ll probably go to TJ Maxx and see what I can find that is similar and half the price;)

1. Winter gloves that I can still have use my phone with. I found these ones on Pinterest but the link wasn’t right. So if you know of good gloves, let me know!

 photo 8287556c-6146-4162-bcc6-98e4c7437aa3_zpsf86d275b.png

2. These Nike running pants, I mean, they’re just so cute!

 photo 211a9d8b-b8e6-4755-9be8-5c0621808621_zpsf7d1f026.png

3. A couple ear warmers. I love this one I have, but this one from Lolewomen is adorable! I also want this scarf to pull up over my nose and mouth while I run, it would be perfect.

 photo 71d40bec-3db8-4edc-95e9-9bbeb5dc44ed_zps85197409.png

4. A comfy sweatshirt that I can run in, walk in, and lounge in. Albion Fit has the cutest workout clothes, I’ll take one of each please.

 photo 58ae6542-3c03-486a-b53a-f7ac4ce1b68a_zps2e1fc98f.png


Josh has today off work, so I’m off to go play with my family. Have a great weekend!!

what’s on your running wish list?

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Freezing temps and date night


wednesday- 4 mile walk with my mom and sister

 photo FDC1720F-4479-4DFE-A536-76B9C113185C_zpsfipmafs8.jpg

Oh boy, the cold has hit UT! It was 28* and FREEZING outside yesterday morning. I know some of you are getting even colder temps, so sorry! Our faces were so cold and frozen for this pic ha but we did finish the hilly walk. Bree brought her little bundle along for the ride. He was quite warm and just fell asleep.

 photo 853C43A9-A714-4B37-B9E6-96123D58F241_zpsuye6vbme.jpg

 photo 817CDC3D-EDF3-4340-B1A6-A5FF748C5630_zpsnqnovaeo.png

 photo A4D860E3-CF41-447E-B99A-9208366800A8_zpshm4hyxia.jpg

After our walk, J and I got busy decorating my living room for Christmas. Whit and I decided to take some Christmas photos of the boys. It turned out pretty cute. My aunt normally takes them(she’s amazing!!) but we just didn’t have the money this year. So we improvised=)

 photo fd941274-b3a9-4af1-922d-c614a72b0e0a_zps6d33668c.jpg

After playing all afternoon with cousins, J and I chilled. Josh was working from home, so we decided to go out to eat for dinner with his cousin and his family. When he works from home we can get to the restaurants right after 5 and beat the crowds, it’s nice. J asked to take a pic with me, he’s the best!

I love his little comb over haha

 photo IMG_3192_zps2567b6e3.jpg

We had Thai food, the usual Masaman curry and Pad Thai. Then we headed to Kneaders for desserts. I got the raspberry bread pudding, it was sooo good!

 photo 274BC835-8A47-4F44-ADA9-913EA78D6008_zpsi2qbdcni.jpg

how are your workouts going?

any yummy ways you’re eating veggies? I need ideas!

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Wearing what you want and Cross training like a boss


tuesday-pure barre

I can’t even begin to tell you what kind of pain Pure Barre put me through yesterday morning. Every single time I go I leave thinking, why?? But seriously, it’s such a great workout. I love working my ‘seat’ as the instructors call it. I’m not very flexible so she’s often over by me helping, but man I love to be sore! I learned from training last summer, cross training is so beneficial. It pays to feel strong when you’re running a lot of miles. This article is great on benefits of cross training.

Especially these benefits Runner’s World lists for cross training, I mean, who wouldn’t want to feel all of this while running??

  1. Enhance a runner’s efficiency.
  2. Increase a runner’s power.
  3. Increase the amount of time a runner is able to spend training without accumulating fatigue or getting injured.

 photo 4168BA3E-16E0-4337-8057-DF44251B9CC7_zps85fn7yto.jpg

J was in preschool while I went to Pure Barre and there happens to be a Joanne’s fabric right by the studio. I found myself browsing for some good deals and didn’t find any but it put me in the crafting mood. I started a craft that I’ll share when I’m finished.

 photo IMG_3185_zpsad8d9242.jpg

Yesterday was one of those days where J and I got to have a lot of fun mixed with usual craziness. J is at the age that I can joke with him and really have conversations and laugh out loud together, it’s the best. He’s kind of grown out of naps(meaning most days he doesn’t take them but some days he asks for them) so he has quiet time. That means he can play in his room or his play room but he has to be quiet so I can get stuff done, or read or do whatever. Yesterday during quiet time I came to get him and his shirt was soaking wet. I asked him why he was wet and he said it was from the toilet…

 photo IMG_3181_zps8d6168b3.jpg

I threw him in the bath, scrubbed the bathroom(you don’t wanna know), and tossed his clothes in the dirty clothes bin. It’s just part of life, and I love it. I love watching him grow and learn new things like the toilet is disgusting and you can’t stay in your clothes if they’re covered in toilet water. He’s my buddy, my silly buddy.

 photo IMG_3184_zps9ae6507f.jpg

Later that night we all went out with my MIL to help her find some clothes for my FIL. This is what J chose to wear after bath #2. I don’t even argue with him anymore. He felt awesome and that’s all that matters ha

 photo D49414AD-5DDF-4D60-8924-BE2A3045E273_zpspzutetw8.jpg

I know my outfit isn’t any better, I guess he learns his style from me haha

 photo 6E1AC1A2-387A-40F8-B7D4-62D2D6260B05_zpsehhmorhl.jpg

Happy Wednesday, make it wonderful!

what’s making you happy today?

what other cross training should I try next?

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Remember recovery is important and SNOW!!


monday- 5 miles on TM + core workout

Since I’m slowly easing back into running more mileage I’m reminding myself just how important rest and recovery is. If you don’t want to get injured it’s always best to play it smart. I ran 6 miles on Saturday and it was pretty speedy for me. I took Sunday completely off and then yesterday I ran slow(for me) to give my body time to recover. Not every workout needs to be the fastest. It’s really hard for me not to go faster on the TM so I try and give myself enough time to finish the workout and not feel rushed. Saturday’s run was a 9:20 pace, and yesterday it was a 10 min pace.

Then I made sure to stretch, so important!!

 photo FD6E35C6-6F96-4647-915D-CA88390952DE_zpsl6apnmwx.jpg

After running, J helped me with chores like vacuuming and cleaning out the fridge. After we finished cleaning out the fridge J said it was time to go to the store because we had no food left. He was right ha.

Before the store we went to the park. I told J Sunday night that if he slept without crying or coming out of his room we would have a picnic at the park. He may be getting a little big for the baby swings, but he has his carrot so it’s all good. This boy loves carrots haha

 photo IMG_3170_zps6721a435.jpg

Little did I know it was going to snow! My friend Heather was crazy with me and we stayed for as long as we could, but it was so cold! No picnic, but the kids didn’t have a care in the world, they just played and tried to catch some snow.

 photo IMG_3175_zpsa4dd5dc5.jpg

We rushed to the store, then headed home to snuggle and watch Christmas shows and make banana bread. The best way to spend a cold day.

 photo 51DCEBB0-3D69-47EE-9D56-581D5F7E49A0_zpsxeudmhkn.jpg

That night we had family night on reverence because J has been a little rowdy during church lately. Totally understandable for a 3 year old not to sit still for 1 hour(the other 2 he gets to play with friends) but I want him to understand why we’re reverent at church. We played a game, sang, and then practiced being reverent.  Then made caramel apple pie apples. The best!

 photo 1601D210-25C9-4DF6-BD51-8AEC2C90C658_zps1f6noy9k.jpg

how many rest days do you take?

do you have certain days that you do certain chores around the house?

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I think I’m training again…



saturday-6 miles on TM + lunges and squats


After a whole season of not running more than about 5 miles at a time, I’m excited to say, I’m back at it!!! I know you’ll all think I’m crazy, but I think I’m going to to run the half marathon on Thanksgiving day that I ran last year with my cousin Mckae. Obviously, I’m not running it for time, but just for fun and of course so I can have all the desserts and gravy that I want ha

Friday I headed up to my sisters to play. The gorgeous weather continues!

 photo IMG_3152_zps4635c484.jpg

I had my sis take some pics of my new hair with my camera. I seriously love the change, perfect for winter.
before(already had a nice natural ombre goin on)
 photo IMG_3146_zps291cfeb1.jpg

 photo IMG_3159_zpsf2644970.jpg

 photo IMG_3161_zps4ca7eb2c.jpg

Saturday morning I got up did some laundry, scrubbed the floors and then jumped on the treadmill. J loved playing on the chairs that I had moved to mop. It made me laugh cuz I totally remember doing that when I was young too.

 photo 370B1840-8308-4C7F-BFAF-B9D9B7469AD5_zpsadnfqkos.jpg

During the run, I felt great! It’s amazing how good it feels to run again after so much time off from speed work and long distances. I felt strong so I decided to make it a progression run so that I wasn’t totally bored. I started at 5.4mph and ended at a 7.4mph(7:44 pace) with a 9:20 average pace.  After the run, I felt pretty good, but the lunges and squats did me in. It’s been awhile since my legs were tired, it feels good ;)

 photo 3BCFA71A-E588-40BD-98AA-F862918A0FF9_zpswomkwcu9.jpg

Later that afternoon(after refueling with pears<–so good right now! and yogurt) we headed to Josh’s grandma’s house. His aunt Laurie came to visit and I had never met her before. It was so fun to get to know her and see cousins. She brought the kids these cute frogs and candy. J wanted a ‘silly’ picture with it.

 photo IMG_3164_zps4064b649.jpg

 photo 01A07B6F-96B7-4A90-BEB5-CE9A50F5C453_zpsytf4jqrb.jpg
Whitney, Lee Ann, Me, Laurie, Grandpa and Grandma

We went on a walk to take a family pic and there was a beautiful duck pond. The boys loved it! That night Josh and I had a church meeting so J got to play with Grandma and papa.

 photo C55FFCF7-D8EC-4E23-9D2A-4A00D4EAE0DD_zpsksclzjq7.jpg

Sunday after church I had my parents and Bree over for dinner. I finally had my mom teach me how to make gravy and I can’t wait to practice a few more times. Gravy, it’s serious business over here.

 photo IMG_3167_zps06711941.jpg

Then we played Yahtzee and Josh dominated! And yes, J is licking the mixer to the cookies I made. Don’t judge. . .

 photo IMG_3168_zpsf80be9b2.jpg

Happy Monday!!

have you started Christmas shopping yet?

what is the one thing at Thanksgiving dinner you must have?

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New hair and the best of the best of friends


thursday- 1.5 mile on TM + core workout

I was hoping to get a nice longish run in yesterday, but I just did not have the time before preschool started(I was teaching) so I got in what I could. I also squeezed in some core work and by squeeze I mean only do a few variations of crunches. You do what you gotta do right?

 photo D1823062-6621-4C1A-B475-0B8456EBA2CE_zpslthe1s7t.jpg

After preschool was over I had a friend come over bearing the greatest gift…comfort food! We both indulged and ate all the good Cafe Rio. I needed a little pick me up like that, friends are the best=)

 photo E3195A0D-D2AE-4CDF-9A17-6F7B15CE35A0_zpsckw9luod.jpg

 photo 03BE1652-63AE-4593-B7BC-F2451029D0D8_zps49tbiek0.jpg

The weather was gorgeous yesterday! J played outside all. day. long. It was wonderful. So of course we took this awesome phone pic together haha

 photo 5DA1D6C0-9614-4DC0-8367-6C5DFB713896_zpshgivmaxv.jpg

Later on,  Lee Ann came over to watch J till Josh got home from work so I could get my hair done. I got an ombre for the first time, and I love it! For now I’ll share some more ‘awesome’ phone pics until I can have my sis take nicer ones with my camera. I love getting my hair done and my stylist is the best! If you’re in UT and need one, let me know!


 photo 8CDA6D00-72A0-4428-9C48-760543D0367A_zpsbls4guhk.jpg


 photo 54C4E353-8660-4811-B7C1-515C1736C272_zpsnj3ku07s.jpg

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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