Friday Favs: new do


thursday- 4 miles on TM + NTC Leaner Leg workout

Yesterday I ran on the treadmill, then did the below workout. My legs were sore before I even finished, so today you can find me on the couch;)

 photo 6D881147-1224-4EF6-B4CF-27710DE4A52A_zpsuoktoopu.png

 photo AC714E6E-FF43-4447-AC82-ED0629914A23_zps6yxpnccs.jpg

Friday Favs

1. Yesterday I visited my sis and her new babe. He just gets cuter and cuter!

 photo 06957DFF-7F10-4415-A2C6-B2C2FC8F12EA_zpsxohvcfts.jpg

2. Jackson wanted to do his own hair. I love that he’s independent and I let him choose his own clothes 99% of the time but I struggle letting him out of the house with that gel plastered hair haha. Good thing he’s cute.

 photo 25697408-2FFC-4FC8-A922-2AEAC5D9F870_zpstnyzwsls.jpg

3. Speaking of hair, I got my hair done! I wanted to keep it simple because I like the natural brown that’s been coming in. I just had my hair stylist put a few highlights in and then I get my eyebrows tinted. Now I feel fresh.

 photo 7DF4C6B4-12D3-405B-87A5-B21E26B674F5_zpsftnjrfxb.jpg

 photo E582F183-F6BB-4735-9BD0-1EB0899ABD72_zps7ywoenpl.jpg

4. This weekend I get to see my brother for a quick sec! He’s moving from TX to WA State and stopping by, can’t wait!

what’s your weekend plans?

do you get your hair done regularly?

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It’s that time of year again…


wednesday- 4 mile walk with my mom

Spring has definitely arrived here in UT. I hope we don’t get any more surprise snow storms. Yesterday morning I went on a walk with my mom. It always leaves me sore because you go down a huge hill, then come all the way back up, it’s killer! And my mom is the cutest=)

 photo 5BC0631E-1893-438F-86AA-5A2F1D6315B9_zps0k2q2hrc.jpg

Later on J and I met up with friends at the Tulip Festival. We’ve gone already this year, but we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to hang with friends out in the sun.

 photo 2D56F39F-E8CC-41E0-8DE2-A4E21BF05684_zpsaq5efdw3.jpg

 photo 7C10C054-3FDA-4DA2-8616-EBC760319FAE_zps9wigz3zr.jpg

It’s that time of year again, Josh and I are gearing up for some serious projects. I love it, but hate that I can’t be as helpful. But growing a baby is 10000x worth it so I’m over it haha We headed to Home Depot to find some sample paints for our house. Yep, we’re attempting to paint our house this spring and rip out some tile that’s on our front steps. Wish us(and by us I mean mainly Josh) luck!

 photo DF146FE6-A4E6-4E87-9A23-75E486D140E4_zpstmcmwfun.jpg

Before heading to Home Depot we grabbed some dinner at Blue Lemon. I tried the Santa Fe Flat bread and it was so delicious!

 photo FD68D601-5650-4D83-9F0A-DC111F4F4D06_zpswermtuti.jpg

working on any projects?

have you been able to enjoy nice weather lately?

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Bump Update(baby #2): 24 weeks



tuesday-4 miles +sculpted arm workout

I’m finally not too sore after the below workout, so now I need to find a new one. I like changing it up so my body doesn’t get used to the same workouts over and over.

 photo 3100F931-3CFC-48AB-8D02-1EB2DE03FD50_zps9vz4i2cq.png

Monday I had my 24 week check up then the rest of the day was spent cleaning the house and doing laundry. By the end of the day I was spent so sorry for no post yesterday. We were out on our deck last night and J said, “I just need to relax” haha. Me too J, me  too.

 photo BEA9F624-E9CA-4084-A373-90C62DD954C8_zpsacd7hkvo.jpg

waiting at my appt.

 photo 03656F99-B8DC-4749-AD31-7A64BC34C916_zps1oelmmsp.jpg

24 week bump update

Maternity Clothes

Yes, still rockin my maternity pants from my sister and pretty much the same 3 shirts that are super comfy. Ahem, this grey shirt is worn like every other day.

 photo 0C6DB15F-1FE5-4DF9-8B29-CD2AF5E4B662_zpsylckmz8d.jpg


I’m still sleeping great. I occasionally have to change sleeping positions to get comfy, but it’s not bad.

Best moment this week

I got to hear her heart beat at my check up. It was a short visit, but her heart beat was strong, and everything is looking great. Also, Josh felt her kick for the first time this week. He seen her kick a handful of times, but he finally felt her. Oh, and Josh’s family was over Sunday night and they all saw her moving. I LOVE seeing and feeling her all the time.


She moves a lot, but she definitely has a schedule. She doesn’t start moving around till about 10 am, but then she moves quite a bit throughout the rest of the day. I also have a lot of Braxton Hick contractions throughout the day. My OB says that’s pretty normal(I had them with J too) but they can be uncomfortable.

Food Aversions

Not really. I pretty much want all the food all of the time still ha. I get full pretty quick, so I feel best if I eat small meals every 2 hours.

Food Cravings

Nothing specific this week. Still loving all the light foods that don’t make me feel extra heavy; salads, fruit, yogurt, and smoothies.


I can’t believe I’m still able to run comfortably. I stopped running at 20 weeks with J and just walked and did weights. I recovered fast with J, so no complaints but running just feels so much better to me than walking. At 23 weeks with baby girl, I ran 6 miles and now at 24 I’m comfortably running 4 miles. I love just running and feeling energized so I hope I can continue.

J joined me and did his own workouts and “concentrations”(meditation) =) PS I don’t meditate so I have no idea where he got that from.

 photo 0EEFF754-F2A9-4FCD-A455-44E0A7A76B4F_zps6noxw41y.jpg

**We still haven’t agreed on a name and I haven’t started the nursery. I’m hoping to start on the nursery soon, but I’m not in any rush.

any name suggestions?

what songs are you running to?

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Wknd Recap 4/20/15: Full House



saturday- 4 mile run outside with Heather + 3.5 mile hike with family

This weekend Heather and I finally got to run again! When I first got pregnant, I did run for a month or so. Then, super exciting news….Heather is expecting too! So right when I was feeling good, she got pregnant and couldn’t run for a few weeks. Now, we both are feeling good and running with our baby bumps. I’m so excited to run or waddle through this pregnancy with her haha.

 photo 808455A1-1071-4922-B749-384052C624DC_zpsjkn2olgh.jpg

 photo FC69E901-5FAD-4A14-9A54-6985C2F64F58_zpsky2snuh5.jpg

I mentioned a few times that my sister Leah had her 4th baby boy this past week. This past weekend, her older boys came to stay. J was in heaven! He loved having his cousins to play with all day. We went hiking with my parents on Saturday, watched movies, played games, and had some yummy food. It was such a blast to have a full house.

 photo 567BDD93-D102-4840-B22A-23A217787098_zpsox0rpqys.jpg

the boys with Grandpa
 photo 6FAE3C5E-A481-486C-9A5F-384277DB1504_zpsotdv3xri.jpg

 photo 659C7583-1292-4E49-81CA-A1F6B5175DC6_zpsdrdtb814.jpg

 photo 69496137-2EAB-40DF-9FCD-EE69AB19DCD4_zpsbrdn3tzz.jpg

 photo 79915368-51D0-44A7-904F-4AA9775C919D_zpsqebjnzzk.jpg

Sunday, they went to church with my mom and then headed back home. After our church Josh’s family came over for games and dessert. I love Sundays because we get to see family and feel refreshed for the week. 

what are your current fav running shoes? 

fav breakfast right now?

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Friday Favs 4/17/15


wednesday- 6 miles on TM


For the first time this pregnancy, I ran 6 miles! I’ve ran 5 miles a handful of times, but Wednesday I felt good and had the time so I went for it. I took yesterday off just to make sure not to over do it and I feel great today. It’s been such a blessing to be able to workout.

 photo E8253B0D-CF12-4B80-8FA8-63F205172286_zpsmbuotn3f.jpg

Friday Favs

1. Taylor Swift Pandora station. It’s pretty much all I listen to on my runs lately. I LOVE T Swift and her newest album.

 photo ABACD9B3-E9B5-42A2-9A1C-6340E1286012_zpsth3sbvqg.png

2. Sneaking into bed early with the comfiest pants(thanks Lee Ann) and reading my newest book, Princess Academy.

 photo EB65FEA2-B683-4A13-B4B9-2E84D2930D7B_zpsvw4sjzrj.jpg

3. Seeing my newest nephew again this week. And celebrating his big brother’s 2nd Birthday!

 photo IMG_3903_zpstwqmhrnr.jpg

J’s new ‘smile’
 photo 94C5A030-F491-47D4-A7D7-859AE6E1D85C_zpswglvtebh.jpg

4. In N’ Out. I just love it, the end.

 photo B10737CA-B75E-483C-8F52-FF90508660CF_zpsvayfft0x.jpg

5. That the snow came and went. We needed the moisture, so after a day of snow we’re back in the 60* weather=)

 photo 1E954CA5-5E77-4F72-A36B-FC41E4824DDC_zpssowdtdga.jpg

what’s your favorite song right now?

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Fit Pregnancy: How to Stay Active Throughout your Pregnancy


Tuesday-2 miles on TM +arm workout

Working Out While Pregnant 

 ** I am not a Dr or trainer, this is just my opinion and what works for me. Before starting ANY workout program or starting something new consult your Dr.**

I have always been pretty active. Growing up I played soccer, ran track, and cheered. It was an easy decision for me, when I first got pregnant with Jackson, to continue to be active. I was able to workout till 32 weeks, but I started dilating so my Dr. had me stop any physical activity till 37 weeks. I had J at 38 weeks, healthy and happy.

Now that I’m pregnant with baby #2(a girl) I want to be active, but I want to stay active up until I deliver. Here’s my tips on:

23 weeks

 photo 55EF912F-CB8E-4E91-920A-5CCCF2DB5F19_zpsbg2seyi9.jpg

how to stay active throughout your pregnancy

1. Stay Hydrated– I think this is where I made a mistake with J. I didn’t drink enough water and I had to be hooked up to an IV at 32 weeks which then caused me to start dilating. So this time around, I have a water bottle strapped to me at all times. When it comes to running, I literally have water strapped to me. Drink when you are thirsty, but more importantly drink even when you’re not. Always drink your water!

I never said I was a model…
 photo C9069A29-6D70-44B7-BF65-DFA406A2BBFE_zpspsifx6mc.jpg

2. Modify your workouts-this one can be hard, but it’s so important. Every day is different for me and I just have to listen to my body. Some days my growing pains are too much for running, so I walk. Some days I feel great, so I take advantage and run a little longer or do more weights. I just tell myself that any workout is better than no workout. So if I’m walking for 30 min instead of running, that’s okay. Pregnancy is not the time to push yourself to new limits. You can push yourself to stay motivated, but now is not the time to work on speed;)

I worked too hard on my arms to let them go for 9 months, so I try really hard to do weights. Modify the moves as needed.

 photo EEE6DBD5-129A-4B26-A9CF-B9CB6F6EB786_zpsfcwb3kci.jpg

3. Don’t eat for 2-Although people tell you all the time that you’re eating for 2, you’re really not. The first trimester you don’t need any additional calories, the second you only need 300-350 additional calories, and the third trimester only 500 extra calories a day. I usually get really hungry at night. So, before bed I’ll have a bowl of cereal, an apple, or cheese and crackers. Of course I let myself indulge every once in a while, but just with a handful of chocolates not the whole bag. (More info found here)

I try and stick to salads when we got out or when I’m on the go. Then when I craving hits and I want fries I can have them and not feel guilty.

 photo 561D9019-CE0E-4701-BA99-6065963E12AF_zpswglayhs6.jpg

4. Communicate with your OB– Every appt I have I talk with my OB about my exercise. I confirm that everything I’m doing is okay. My first priority is baby girl, so I think it’s important to communicate with your OB your goals and what you’re planning on doing.

Benefits to Regular Exercise(more info here)

1.  It will help you carry all the weight you DO gain in pregnancy

2. Prepare you for birth

3. Keep you sane-okay, is it just me or does exercise keep you happy too?

4. help you sleep better

5. make getting back into shape a whole lot easier after baby is born

what would you add to the list?

any questions? let me know, love hearing from you!

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Tulip Festival 2015


monday- 3 miles on Tm + NTC arm workout

Last week I did this same Arm Definer workout from Nike and it left me so sore! I wanted to do it again this week since it was such a good workout.

 photo 3BDCE77F-E63E-4C9C-B0F8-D40D18BFADAB_zpsu6ws47pq.jpg


Yesterday I met up with my mother in law and sister in laws for the Tulip Festival. Every year Thanksgiving point has gardens and gardens full of tulips. It’s gorgeous!

 photo 3F3434D8-447A-42FE-9F4F-6982A5A3DF6D_zpsk82e9rsu.jpg

We brought a lunch with us and had a little picnic in the garden then walked around and saw all the beautiful flowers. The boys just like to find sticks and run around.

 photo DC2C66B9-7C5E-4CF7-903C-AA7C7B79ACA1_zpsgn8h0yza.jpg

It was such a beautiful day out so we soaked it up(it’s supposed to snow tomorrow!).

 photo 2F570685-8828-457B-9189-1F8B29347769_zpskvdirg3g.jpg

Last night for dinner I made fajitas. I haven’t made them forever, but they were a hit. Me and J couldn’t stop snacking on the peppers, they’re so sweet right now.

 photo 6CC81664-0CE9-4580-B22C-EE0AB01B21E1_zpswdt7vaae.jpg

what’s your favorite flower?

what workouts are you loving right now?

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Wknd Highlights-My sister had her baby!


friday-3 miles + leg workout

saturday-5 miles on TM + Stretching

 photo 66948AA3-910F-4492-9CEF-49E8E443F30D_zpshbc99miu.jpg

sunday- rest

This weekend was such a blast! Friday we snuck away to a hotel with Jackson. We had some points that needed to be used, so we just made it a little staycation. Josh was there, but he hates pics so he’s not in them haha.

We ate at Firehouse Subs(my choice) and I ordered the 12in! I don’t know what I was thinking, so I just HAD to bring the rest into the movie with me hehe.

 photo D45BED99-8A29-460A-BA15-634770F77000_zpsvnm1rxxm.jpg

We don’t see a lot of movies in the theater, so this was a fun treat for us all. We saw Home and it was really cute. I LOVED all the music in it.

 photo 02FF3F0E-E0E0-4632-A1D4-A0B1867887AE_zpsvso0rz9f.jpg

We headed back to the hotel and took J swimming in the pool. It ended up being pretty crowded so we didn’t stay long. Instead, we cleaned up and headed to 7/11. J thought it was cool he could go in his boots and PJ’s. We all got some slurpees.

 photo 19985151-A806-4649-85CB-C86F5CBF8B54_zpsaginijm0.jpg

 photo B429CACC-D018-4C17-AF83-E986B1167A06_zpstvpdptxn.jpg

We ended up staying up super late. No schedule, just hanging out as a fam, my favorite!

Saturday, we headed home and got some yard work done. I can’t even tell you how awesome it feels to only do a few hours of yard work and the yard already look pretty good. I worked all Spring, Summer, and Fall last year so this was great!

 photo A75EBC29-F3F7-4B22-8C63-52E5F4C960BB_zpsnzgmcrda.jpg

Later on, I got a text saying my sister Leah was ready to deliver her 4th baby boy! I rushed to the hospital with my camera and met little Zachary. So excited for my sister and brother, he is such a handsome little guy!

 photo knighton1 9 of 19_zpsyjhmw081.jpg

That night my niece was going to Prom so I headed up to see her off. She is such a beautiful young lady.

 photo 48A35CE6-F23C-489C-BD68-4519B992D5F1_zps6qiusj49.jpg

Sunday was church and cookies as usual=)

It was a packed weekend for sure! Today I’m going to be cleaning and catching up from all the fun.

what’s on your to do list today?

anyone join in on the ‘bring your own cup’ slurpee day?

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Thursday Thoughts


wednesday-5 miles on TM + stretching(lots)

Oh man! Yesterday was one of those days where running just felt really good. Tuesday I could barely make it through .5 mile warmup without feeling so uncomfortable. Yesterday though, I wanted to run more, but J was needing some attention, so I stopped after 5 miles. I think the key for me is running earlier right after I eat breakfast(I run so slow, that eating right before doesn’t bother me).

 photo 523D1FF9-E886-49FD-8087-474FD3C7BF74_zpshlslawsa.jpg

It’s crazy, but the way baby girl is positioned I feel like I can never get a full breath of air, but when I’m running I feel like I can finally breathe! I’ll take it.


Thursday Thoughts aka my rambles aka like every other post=)

The other night for family night we took J’s kite out to fly. It’s always windy around our house, but it was a  bit chilly. The boys had a blast with the kite while I played photographer.

 photo kite flying1 1 of 1_zpszy3ukdap.jpg

 photo kite flying 1 of 1_zps64otwmbr.jpg

Lately, J will snuggle with me and lay his head on my belly. He’ll talk about all the things that he’ll help me with. Recently, he talked about how he wanted to share a bunk bed with baby sister and he wants the top bunk haha.

 photo 1070374E-A401-42D7-86CF-7FE928BEBC28_zps9xe3vwdr.jpg

Chick Fil A. I had it for the first time a few months ago at a friends house, but I was still nauseous and everything just wasn’t very yummy. So, we tried it again as a fam last night. The chicken sandwich was so good and J loved the nuggets. I think I get the hype now…

 photo 30D76FE9-17A1-47A5-BD26-33E3E00E6269_zpsum1ycix8.jpg

Have a great Thursday! I can’t believe it’s already almost the weekend, yipee!

Chick Fil A, like it, love it, or hate it?

when was the last time you were on a run and felt like you could run forever?

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Bump Update (Pregnancy #2): 22 weeks


tuesday- .5 mile warm up on TM + NTC sculpted arms workout

I did the following exercises 3x through with an 8lb weight, except the ‘plank front raise to rotation’ I used a 3lb weight=)

 photo 3100F931-3CFC-48AB-8D02-1EB2DE03FD50_zps9vz4i2cq.png

I’m loving the 2nd trimester! I’m haven’t been nauseous in weeks and I’m not huge yet so I’m feeling pretty great. I love that my bump is showing more and I can wear more maternity like outfits.

21 weeks
 photo A62509FB-8F53-436C-AEE6-9C783F7B6994_zpsong7fb7w.jpg

22 weeks
 photo 2D92850E-CFF2-49AC-ABD4-B5D0021A8AC1_zpscxckel0y.jpg

Maternity Clothes? Speaking of, I’m finally in some maternity pants! My sister Leah actually found me the perfect ones that don’t have a panel. I HATE things on my stomach and she found these jeans(also wearing them in above pic) at H&M(I couldn’t find any online). The only part that is stretchy is between the pockets, and they are SO comfy. As far as shirts go I’m just wearing a larger size in regular shirts.

 photo A2E5A382-86E7-4358-BEC5-D19FF523E1AE_zpstycz5iga.jpg
Can you see the dark blue stretchy fabric? That’s where all the comfort is=)

Sleep: I sleep pretty good. For some reason, I wake up every night at exactly 3am and just feel a little uncomfortable and have to adjust, it’s so weird!

Best Moment this Week: Feeling her move all the time. I love her littler kicks and jabs and Josh even saw her kick for the first time last week. He still hasn’t felt her, but it was fun for him to see her kick.

Movement: read above=)

Anything making me queasy? Not really. I realized with the Easter candy around that chocolate gives me heartburn. Not horrible because now I don’t want it as often haha

Food Cravings: Oh yes! I’m LOVING mangoes. I mean that’s not totally new, but their back in season and only 0.68 each! I just love spring/summer fruits and I’ve been eating them by the bunches.

baby girl and mangoes are what my afternoons look like lately

 photo 21F66B2D-0D62-4E3A-9A14-69AC1BAB2A11_zpsddcatha5.jpg

Fitness: I have been so lucky lately. I have felt pretty dang good during most workouts. This week, I’ve had some round ligament pain when I run, so I’m ordering this belly band to see if that helps. I had the same pain with J. Basically, it’s just my belly’s growing pains and the bouncing while running doesn’t feel great. Hopefully the band will help.

 photo 4C29CC83-389A-406E-A1C4-3A9C969BA204_zpssw9sqjrv.jpg

do you have any prego questions for me?

what are your fav fruits right now?

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