Wknd Recap: fishing and pool side


Thursday- 2.5 miles outside with J in the morning/ 3 miles on TM in the afternoon/ 2 miles outside with mom and Bree

Friday-3.67 outside with mom/ hiked 3 miles with Scotts



I’ve been trying to stay active and help baby girl come, I love being able to get outside with family. This past weekend was a long weekend because here in Utah we celebrate Pioneer Day. Josh took Friday off for the holiday and he got a lot of work done Friday morning and then we hung out with family. But before I get to that, Thursday was my little sister Bree’s bday.

She celebrated with her husband during the day, but that night we all had pizza and dessert.

 photo 6A051D75-4344-431C-82AD-4843CDF83288_zps0ddqwcag.jpg

Later, my mom and Bree took a nice walk, it was gorgeous out! Earlier that day I had my 37 week appt and I had progressed to a 3 and baby girl is really low. That’s why I had been walking/hiking so much to try and meet her this weekend;) No baby yet, but I have my 38 week appt today(I had J at 38 weeks) so I’m hoping sometime this week!

 photo 0F28665B-43BF-406C-9027-8BFADF6B4474_zpseuipexps.jpg

 photo F5CCE4F2-1FF8-4B52-A74A-88892B85C2E9_zpslfe2oiot.jpg

Back to Friday. While Josh was finishing up his work I took J and his cousin to the park.

 photo 43CE5EFE-AE58-4ED3-B551-F593F7058D50_zpsahlm9jmd.jpg

After, we met up with his family for a delicious BBQ and then hiked Bell Canyon. Once you get to the top there’s a gorgeous reservoir. The boys had so much fun playing in the water and fishing. Josh’s dad brought fishing polls up for them and they thought that was the coolest.

 photo AB85991A-AD04-416B-8C07-2309690DC74D_zpsz5ajnxwi.jpg

 photo FAF78350-0CA2-43EB-A2F2-6D57642077B3_zps9cbcemfu.jpg

Me and Whit, still pregnant haha and yes I know I look like such a nerd, but at this point I wear what’s comfortable. Oh and the hat, I really need to get a new one since I bought that in high school lol

 photo 252F9557-165E-45FD-B64C-B02B0075CEE4_zps2kptfywi.jpg

Josh spent all day Saturday ripping out the orange tile that was on our front steps. They weren’t attractive and during the snow/rain months they would get soooo slippery. Still some clean up to do, but he saved us so much money doing it all himself. He’s the best and a beast;) You can see what the tile looked like before in this post.

 photo D6B2ED3B-8AE6-4728-A264-F95F2387276E_zpsgnrcdvn4.jpg

It was my dad’s bday, so I brought him a gift and enjoyed some late night treats with him. I’m so grateful to have so much family around. While Josh was busy I took J to swim with his cousins. It’s been gorgeous weather.

 photo 4B8F7544-5935-4DF9-8B53-BB582E5CDA69_zpsfxj6stnh.jpg

Sunday was church and more family time, hope everyone’s had a great Monday so far!

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splash pad fun


wednesday- 3.7 mile solo walk outside

Since Josh was home yesterday I went on a longer walk up a giant hill then back down. It felt great to be outside and even better not pushing J in a stroller. Here’s my giant shadow for proof haha

 photo 34822EE8-AE3F-4BB9-B436-7AD8ED3ABB82_zpsp3vfyykq.jpg

When I got home I scrubbed bathrooms then packed J up to go to the pool with friends. Unfortunately, the pool was locked so we headed to a nearby splash pad. I’m always confused by some splash pads that are just giant jagged rocks, cement, and then of course water. They give me a lot of anxiety so I’m not sure we’ll be back ha J had a lot of fun with his friends though. He wanted to show off a little thigh too…

 photo 93A04704-6E6A-4E04-8362-52F514C23329_zpssyvwduoi.jpg

The little girls were crawling all over J and he was laughing and giggling with them. Made me sooo excited for him to meet his sister.

 photo 9BE4D249-98D4-4084-B72D-FDD868F26DD5_zpsxwmxo7ux.jpg

Later that night we went on a family walk because I’m doing everything in my power to meet baby girl sooner than later. It started to rain during our walk, so we only got a mile in. Still felt great to be outside with my little fam and BIG belly.

 photo 28DA97A3-519C-4523-8F88-C639D18B1C20_zpsw6soxdcs.jpg

Today is my 37 week appointment. I’m hoping for some good news, send positive vibes my way=)

splash pad fan?

what are you doing to stay active today?

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Baby #2 Bump Update: 37 weeks


Monday- 2.5 mile walk on TM + bicep/tricep workout

Modify tricep pushups are such a good workout. Being pregnant and doing them is even better haha I can’t go as far down due to my belly, but I know it’s a good workout because I’m always sore after.

 photo 5D5FB0F8-B6B7-4102-9D31-35AD4AE0E0D2_zpsujbvcpae.jpg

tuesday- 2.5 mile walk outside with J

Yesterday was a beautiful overcast kinda day. J and I went out for a walk(I walked he sat in a stroller) and it was so peaceful. After our walk, I picked up my mom and headed to Cherry Hill to meet up with my family. My brother and his family came and it was so fun to play with them and their kids. J even mastered his fear of the ‘dragon slides’ and went down them 7-8 times(thanks to his uncle and cousins who took turns taking him)!

lazy river with all his girl cousins

 photo 588FC0FB-9CAF-43EC-AC94-1E48E918D21B_zpsauacepiy.jpg

 photo 5092B967-CC68-4D37-9B7E-B43759852577_zpsddhnpbh5.jpg

 photo 6B0ACD48-F85A-4958-8D19-2076B9C2415E_zpsd3fbmyqp.jpg

I can’t move on without mentioning Monday night. Monday we went up to my mom’s to see my grandparents(who are also in town) and have a salmon dinner. My mom makes the best salmon and I was sure I’d go into labor. I mean, I had just had the best meal, and my sister had just given me a pedicure. Spoiler alert: I didn’t go into labor, but I slept happy=)

There’s not a lot of room for food these days, so I eat small but more frequently.

 photo 09C8D115-E4E6-4F4A-8A6B-97F5381ADFB5_zpsnucnnolw.jpg

Bump Update: 37 weeks

This week I’m doing the update differently. I’m just going to update on how I’m feeling and not go through all the other stuff I have in previous bump updates.

This stage in pregnancy is the hardest for me. I’m finally considered ‘term’ meaning the baby healthy and can come anytime, but that doesn’t mean the baby will actually come. I have to practice patience and kindness haha. I’m feeling pretty miserable.  My clothes don’t fit very well anymore, she’s sitting really low so any waist band that is too tight is really uncomfortable, and the anxiousness of not knowing when she’ll come drives me bonkers. I have contractions a lot and they’re getting more uncomfortable and painful(which is a good thing=)).

At the same time, I don’t want to wish this time away. I feel so incredibly grateful to be pregnant. I can’t believe the pregnancy has gone by so fast. No matter what we’re going to be meeting this baby in 2 weeks or less(my OB said she’d induce me if I make it 39 weeks). The best feeling is feeling her move across my belly and actually seeing arms/legs. I just can’t wait to snuggle those little arms and legs! My pregnancy has been great and I don’t want to ruin it be complaining these last couple of weeks. Instead I’m soaking up this time with my boys and enjoying our family of 3 =)

I love comparing my belly with J with baby girl. The left is with J at 38 weeks the right is 37 weeks with baby girl. I know they’re different babies, but it amazes me how different my belly looks with each of them.

 photo 584F45F7-8615-4647-85D0-10E8598B4EB5_zpsevgwn1j4.jpg

what workout always leaves you sore?

we still haven’t decided on a name, so last suggestions are welcome!

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Baby Girl Nursery Reveal

Yesterday after church, we had all my sisters plus my brother and his family over for desserts. The kids were in heaven getting to play with cousins they hardly ever see. The sand box is always popular, but it really is the worst(so messy) ha.

 photo 287F3985-55DC-48AF-A52D-E3E20A20AB54_zpskozlhg1f.jpg

We have been having so much fun with family, it’s been a nice distraction while I wait for baby girl. Until she arrives, I’ve living it up with family.

Okay, I’m no decorator, but here is what the nursery looked like before(from the previous owners).
 photo 22524822-6408-417D-BE4F-A5C60E7B924F_zpsfoeztqdj.jpg

 photo CA818B82-EC16-4356-9C96-7308BFFBEE62_zpsent0u5ja.jpg

 photo B67C5796-E4F9-49A7-8E96-C8A67EC2ED7D_zpsmb9gl9og.jpg

For the makeover I was inspired by the quilt my mom’s best friend Leslie made for me. It’s seriously the cutest quilt and I cannot wait to wrap baby girl in it. I love all the colors, but wanted the room to be really calm and relaxing so I pulled out the soft pink and cream and then I could  accent with any of the other colors found in the quilt( I still want to find a few more accent pieces but I won’t know them till I see them ha).

 photo IMG_4026_zpsnvk1ivhv.jpg

 photo IMG_4023_zpsnyd8amsb.jpg

My sister painted one of these for me before I was even pregnant and told me it was for my nursery someday(we had been hoping for baby #2 for a while) and I love that I have something hand made from family. I had her paint a second one so I could hang them on either side of the window.

 photo IMG_4032_zps9ltxnzyw.jpg

 photo IMG_4033_zpsenlcvein.jpg

 photo IMG_4022_zpskglxdr1d.jpg

We used J’s crib and bought a new dresser from Ikea. I love how everything turned out. I think one of my favorite things is the board and batten Josh did with the shelf. It really lightens up the room since we have such dark carpet.

 photo IMG_4028_zps080hl4qy.jpg

 photo IMG_4029_zps6fkcrtav.jpg

 photo IMG_4020_zpsq8tfsowa.jpg

Now I just need to have this baby! I’ll be 37 weeks in 2 days and she is welcome to come any time=)

Let me know if you have any questions about where things are from

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Prego Update + life lately


tuesday- walked/jog 2 miles on TM + arms

wednesday- walked outside with J 2 miles

thursday- walked on TM 2 miles + squats and lunges *evening walked 1.5 more miles

 photo D61E1102-A382-4E34-8842-60967ADAF568_zpsj42h8pzu.jpg

friday- 4 miles walk/jog on TM + arms and stretching

saturday- 4 miles walk/jog on TM + legs and stretching


 photo BBE86CF9-CF15-483A-8748-F479FBDC2BD5_zps7cse5ny0.jpg

As you can tell, I’m trying really hard to have this baby sometime this week. If anyone wants to go on a walk with me I’m game haha I went to my 36 week prenatal appointment and everything is looking great. She said I’m still measuring about a week ahead, baby girl is head down, and seems to be pretty good size(about 6lbs). I’m dilated to a 2(as of last Thursday) so I’m hoping to keep walking and have this sweet girl sometime this week=) Positive vibes. . .

36.5 weeks

 photo 79E8FF67-AFD8-441B-A17C-CAD23F53DB55_zpsu7c7gjgg.jpg


Life lately

My brother Jordan and his family are in town this week. They’re staying with my sister Neeley and yesterday we went up to celebrate my nieces bday. It was so fun to see them and meet my newest niece for the first time(she’s now 5 months old!). My grandparents are in town too, so it’s a big family party.

 photo 8EB000A3-C2FC-4D3A-934E-4BDEB1FFF484_zps9qm5dczc.jpg

 photo e3e52769-0c11-4dc0-aa7c-f7bebeebf4f2_zpsfs3uw9rq.jpg

Earlier in the day I got to celebrate my friend Courtney’s baby shower. I’m 2 weeks ahead of her, but we’re both having girls. Oh and me, her and every other prego lady has this dress because it’s soooo comfortable!

 photo 765CE742-06C5-4C26-86B4-5F52C88F15A5_zpsl0ivaivq.jpg

Backing up to last week. I finished the nursery! Pictures will be up this week=) We spent some days at the park and the weather has been pretty mild, I love it.

 photo A9C7F16D-87AC-4D68-88FE-230C1C6AE080_zpsv2feozvm.jpg

J has mastered doing his own hair, his favorite do, the ‘mohog'(mohawk).

 photo D2892057-CAC0-4CDF-A626-9673D1E78E9D_zpsgwe1ghah.jpg

We went to the mall to walk laps, and couldn’t resist these motorized stuffed animals haha  J was getting mad at Josh for driving, so Josh folded his arms. They were both having a blast lol
 photo C1D5837E-1F29-4943-B8B7-0BA2AB10F529_zpspvrbsywr.jpg

how’s your Sunday?

what’s your favorite summer clothing staple right now?

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Baby #2 Bump Update: 36 weeks


monday- 1.5ish mile walk with Heather

Just 2 pregos haha Heather is 25 weeks and I’m 36

 photo C24287B3-2379-4A8D-A98A-96C732B0DFD9_zpsq4ooyl6u.jpg

tuesday- 2 mile woggle(walk/jog) on TM + triceps and squats

I’m trying to do a few squats at the end of every workout. I’ve read a few articles saying it’s really good for labor, so why not? ha I’ve also started walking a lap then jogging 2 laps(at a VERY slow) pace, but a jog nonetheless=)

My SIL Whitney took us to a new spot in Springville, UT. J thought it was so fun to play at the ‘beach’ (reservoir) and we had fun just chatting and eating the afternoon away haha

 photo BC6B211B-385D-475E-AD90-89919E0EC01F_zpstglqq1n1.jpg

 photo 51D30AA4-E48C-4AD5-BD4C-4F4EC63FDBD4_zpsi2mw78rw.jpg

I’ve mentioned before we found a new shaved ice hut that is just so perfect on summer nights. J was just a wee bit excited for his rainbow flavored ice.

 photo 032E28A3-7451-4C9A-8E94-9D77D1C61269_zps4jzy5qhd.jpg


Bump Update: 36 weeks

You can find my previous bump updates here:










18 weeks

16 weeks

14 weeks

36 week bump shot

 photo 37B38C3C-393E-42EA-9653-5F8416AC67E8_zpslgkoi11l.jpg


Sleep, hmm it’s not great, but I do manage to get a good 20 min nap in everyday that I just love! J will snuggle up next to me and watch a show and I’ll snooze for a bit. I love that time with J.

Best Moment

The best moment was finishing all my projects. I don’t have much else to do to prepare for baby girl, so it’s nice to just put the finishing touches on a few things and then hopefully she’ll make her debut. Here’s a sneak peak of how the nursery is coming along. I still need to hang a few things then I’ll do a full tour.

 photo 8A4F5A5E-9BE8-429F-BCEE-4E42F180529C_zpscst0idwg.jpg

Food Cravings

Anything cold! I’m just so hot all the time, anything cold or refreshing(ahem see above picture of shaved ice) is what I want 99% of the time. I’ve been eating mangoes and nectarines since they were on sale this week.

Food Aversions

I still get bad heart burn with anything spicy or tomato based(salsa, pizza, etc) so I’ve been trying to avoid those.


Luckily I’ve been able to be pretty active. I’m starting to walk a lot because I’m really hoping she can come early like J did. I’m still so incredibly grateful my sciatica is gone, it’s wonderful.

 photo A78F6464-7A55-453A-8F87-6E93D4C30BF5_zpsgxolbejf.jpg


This week I physically feel pretty good, just achy and a lot more contractions which I’m totally fine with(bring on baby!). I’ve also felt VERY moody. I’ll just wake up in such a crabby mood and then I’m pretty short fused all day. My boys are champs for putting up with me.

how are you staying cool this summer?

what’s your favorite cold treat?

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DIY Roman Shade and life lately

workouts from last week till now…

tuesday- 2 mile walk on TM + legs

wednesday- 1 mile walk + arm circuit

thursday -rest

friday-2 miles + shoulders and squats

saturday- 2 miles + squats and lunges


 photo 5A1AF057-9A8F-465B-AE9B-8F9EDCB176AE_zpsek4zy4ge.jpg

Wow, it’s been a couple of days since I’ve caught up on the blog. We’ve been busy getting things done and playing before baby girl comes. Here’s a few pics of what I’ve been up to lately.

Josh and I had a date night at the temple. I love being able to go to a place to find peace and be with Josh away from any distractions.

 photo 41314E87-9EA8-4623-96E6-F77CB10E67D7_zpszluvswfm.jpg

My Grandpa Dickson came for a short visit. It was so fun to catch up with him and some cousins. All the guys were out on the deck, and I loved seeing Josh talk with my grandpa(and a gorgeous sunset).

 photo 5D723F9F-6062-4B4B-9AEE-22D6BD57AE0D_zps0kafvrnp.jpg

 photo 8B14B733-C959-42B3-A5BF-0E1B9F73C3C9_zps0kryjipk.jpg

Jackson’s been playing hard with friends. I feel so lucky to have such sweet friends with kids J’s age.

 photo 6FDFCAFC-02C8-4B81-9B9A-B4C453B16FDF_zpsyzdkks7x.jpg

I finished my last ‘big’ project that I wanted done before the baby came. The blinds that were in our kitchen were broken and pretty beat up. I made this roman shade following this tutorial. I could not have done it without the help of my mother in law, she was a lifesaver. I think it turned out pretty cute!


 photo 310A48DE-85D8-4236-AB95-530555DE1FA8_zps9bfzvc1t.jpg

 photo 5D9E3887-3AAF-42F8-BC8E-45937BD2769B_zpsurtvquhn.jpg

We had a Scott family reunion this past weekend and it was a hit! I love this photo Whit got of our boys, ha.

 photo d4726c3f-46a0-4187-8418-2680fb2a6455_zpsu873eiru.png

Sunday best, so it calls for a belly shot. Almost 36 weeks, eek!!

 photo FE29AD91-CAC4-4E38-8FB0-938B03162A22_zpskjegt7et.jpg

what are your life happenings lately??

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wacky wednesday and 35 weeks prego


monday- 2 miles on TM + squats,lunges and arms

I did a variation of workouts after my walk on the TM. I did 20 weighted squats, 2 minute lunges, and several bicep workouts. I love being in the homestretch of pregnancy and being able to workout without worrying. At my last OB appt she said she wouldn’t stop labor if she came, not that I want her to come before 37 weeks, but I’m glad she’s looking healthy and at a good weight.

My workout clothes on the other hand are suffering…I refuse to waste money on workout clothes right now ha.

 photo EC5376A0-D4D2-4F08-947F-80EE2EFD52F6_zpsoqhfbrkg.jpg

I’m nesting like crazy over here. The nursery is almost complete, just have to hang some pics then I’ll share it with all of you.

 photo C909A9B8-FCCC-4CF7-8F13-B39228AAE5C0_zpslwkbu3iz.jpg

I’m still cooking 2 meals about 3x a week. One to eat and one to freeze for after I have the baby. It’s working out nicely and it will be even nicer after I have the baby when I can just pop the main dish into the oven or crock pot.

 photo 21D700B7-3679-4759-A704-11E85E1BB26D_zpsysi5zijv.jpg

At 35 weeks I’m carrying baby girl a lot differently than I did with J. Pic on the left is me pregnant with J and the right is me now. I’m feeling very pregnant, but still so grateful my sciatic nerve doesn’t hurt anymore. I still contract all day every day, but I’m hoping that means she’ll come early like J.

 photo 8388BE03-C3E8-4B00-AB3B-D7DFF3B9F0F1_zps9tiodm5p.jpg

Here’s some more randoms for your wacky wednesday=)

We live at the water park/pool these days and it’s the best!

 photo 535f5947-ea1c-4a14-bd92-ba790ec94788_zpsjzb7xyaa.jpg

My mom forgot her purse at my house and J sat on the front porch waiting for her, he’s such a gentleman(except he got impatient and came back inside before she made it back haha).

 photo EF02E458-261C-4A6D-BF97-C9CDB9CA489F_zpsvlxwv0eq.jpg

Falling asleep with a sucker stick in your mouth= you’ve had a good day

 photo 543874C5-DF99-4B21-A84D-B90112C27288_zpsnny7pshx.jpg

Happy Wednesday!

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4th of July Wknd 2015


friday-3.25 mile walk with my mom

saturday-1.5 mile walk outside


 photo 55E95BE4-E904-435E-AB1F-F382A6DBC3A3_zps2r0gtlvx.jpg

Yay!! I’m so glad to be working out again. Recently, baby girl shifted and dropped a bit and my sciatic nerve feels SO much better. It’s crazy that I could be in so much pain just because she was sitting on my nerve. It feels so good to be active again and just have a little ‘me’ time again=)

This week/weekend has been so much fun. My brother and his family left yesterday morning, and we were so sad to see them go. We had so much fun playing all week and loved getting to celebrate the 4th together.
 photo 399E8CFD-F486-411C-BFCE-FEEEB7D4AF83_zpsbcau8huv.jpg

We started the 4th off with a parade with Josh’s parents. We’ve gone every year, and love seeing all the fun ‘floats'(mostly tractors, trucks, and cars ha). We always get a little treat even though it’s 10 in the morning=) This year it was cloudy and it felt so nice.

 photo IMG_3992_zpsh7qbdd5v.jpg

 photo IMG_3994_zpsbdxbxwym.jpg

 photo IMG_3995_zpswsrhgbby.jpg

After, we stopped at a little carnival going on. This was the first year we did this and J loved the bounce house.

 photo IMG_3997_zpswktesnfi.jpg

We ate lunch at Salt City Burger with Josh’s parents then headed home to relax and make some flag jello. I have finally perfected my jello layers. I used this recipe and found it to be the easiest so far.

 photo C18E046A-D0A0-48B7-90E9-E7C707F5E697_zpsxtwobhtq.jpg

 photo IMG_3998_zpspcreq5y4.jpg

We headed up to Leah’s for a BBQ with my family and the food did not disappoint. We were all stuffed! I hung out outside watching the kids light off fireworks for most the night. J had never done anything like that before and was pretty psyched. They would all follow the older cousin(Max) around, pretty hilarious.

 photo IMG_4001_zpscmwl5yjd.jpg

 photo IMG_4005_zps08qhddxv.jpg

The weather started to get pretty nasty, wind and a little rain, so we headed home to watch the fireworks from J’s bedroom. He thought that was awesome so it worked out.

Hope everyone had a safe 4th, happy Monday!

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Sleeping in carts and $1 frozen yogurt

After a day at Cherry Hill we were all pretty beat. I wanted to run to Target to pick up a few things and J conked out the minute we got in the car. He stayed asleep the whole Target trip and the ride home. I love summer because we play hard and then everyone takes naps=)

 photo 9BF71AD7-B319-466F-917C-C693957F35A0_zpshuhdwxyz.jpg

Yesterday we took a chill day at home with cousins. The kids had so much fun playing play doh and making me all kinds of food creations.

 photo 324E5DC0-DE48-4840-B52D-F035A2F403A6_zpscybb5kda.jpg

 photo ED377515-17B1-4F59-B607-6AA4CEC5C0C6_zps0ecdols5.jpg

We also stopped by Old Navy to get the necessary 4th of July gear. J was so excited to pick out his shirt(only $2.50!) and then we headed to my moms for dinner.  She makes the best salmon and those potatoes were garlic and oh so delicious.

 photo 0AB2B14C-93EB-46B3-989F-A6651ACDC74E_zpsschkmxp5.jpg

After dinner we were on a hunt to find a rocker for our family room. I really want a rocking chair or rocking recliner to rock baby girl. We went all over and I think we found one, we didn’t order it quite yet though. We also stopped at Ikea to pick up a dresser for the nursery.

 photo 0DB923E2-13D7-4B49-88B1-F958B0028634_zps817ukugz.jpg

And then we saw $1 frozen yogurt cones, um yes!

 photo C5A1D1E7-8F81-4D93-848B-BE64B3FC0632_zpsqvseadw0.jpg

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!

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