What I Eat to stay healthy and fuel my running


Tuesday- 7 miles, mile repeats on treadmill

Yesterday’s workout definitely made up for Monday’s failed attempt.

2 miles w/u

3x 1 mile @ 8:34 pace(7mph)

.5 mile cool down in between each mile

1 mile cool down

I was definitely tired at the end and was really red faced. I can tell a lot about how hard a run was or how much effort I put forth but how red my face is. This picture is before my run to show my new Nike dri-fit tee I got from Easter, love it!

 photo E35A3D58-F487-4AA2-B530-55B9518BD012_zpsifbptced.jpg

The rest of the week is supposed to be kind of crummy weather, so J and I headed to the duck pond to feed some ducks. We invited my friend Vanessa along too. The kids had fun chasing after the poor ducks ha

 photo A9A30DA8-FC04-445C-A385-682C2559326A_zpssxuge70b.jpg

 photo 8A955130-5D3A-40A1-9B70-5B33F941AA50_zpsnd4xxygz.jpg

Tips to Eating Healthy w/o starving yourself

A lot of people ask me what I eat on a regular basis or what some of my favorite healthy snacks are. I wanted to share with you what I eat on a typical day. I don’t usually like posting a lot about this because I think everyone is different and you’ve gotta find what works for you and your body. Again, this is a typical day, I do have splurge or off days(weeks) ha but this is what I try and stick to on a regular basis.

I do not believe in restricting any food category. I think it’s important to have a well-balanced diet that you can maintain as a lifestyle.

For breakfast I try and eat a protein with a fruit. Eggs and oranges was yesterday, but you can have Geek yogurt with fruit, boiled eggs with strawberries, oatmeal with bananas, banana and peanut butter on whole wheat toast are a few options. I try and stay clear of cereal since it doesn’t really fill me up(I do love cereal so I’ll eat it as snack after dinner sometimes=))

 photo C5CE421B-2975-416B-87FF-C611E7CFA4FA_zpsbv3pqype.jpg

2-3 hours after breakfast I’ll have a snack. Yesterday was a spinach, yogurt, orange, banana smoothie because I knew I was going to want something cool and refreshing after my run. Often it’s a Lara bar with a water bottle because I’m rushing to get out the door and get our errands done before nap time.  Other options: string cheese and pretzels, yogurt, or an apple with peanut butter.

 photo 4D46F3E5-5F27-430E-9A8F-0083C8B14AC1_zpsrw5eld7o.jpg

Lunch is often leftovers 3 hours from having my snack. I hate wasting money, so I tend to eat a lot of leftovers. If we don’t have any, I’ll have a turkey  sandwich with avocados(they make everything better). Having a plan for lunch is best for me, if I don’t I just snack on junk. Have a plan!

Leftover enchiladas with fresh tomatoes and honey dew

 photo 06FDF14A-61FB-4F07-8A65-454C07B6339A_zpshqknudvo.jpg

I’ll eat another snack around 3pm. Ever tried these? They are soo good.

 photo 4CCF493A-9A0B-4240-A808-E4EF600F1AB2_zpsvs875mef.jpg

Dinner is at 5:30 and I try and make healthy dinners and I always have a salad and/or fruit as an optional side. I try and have large portions of those and a smaller main course. Last night was fish fillet burgers, sweet potato fries, and honey dew.

 photo 5537A65A-2A4C-49D9-ACB1-EDA10EF8EFDB_zpsxdyojdbb.jpg

I always have a sweet treat after dinner and then I close the kitchen after 8pm. I don’t always abide by that rule, but Josh and I both feel better if we stop eating at about 8pm.

 photo E977774C-981C-4182-B191-22DFF6BAA547_zpsqvllge13.jpg

Times above handful by 3=)

Obviously some days are better than others, but I try really hard to live by the 80/20 rule where I eat really good 80% of the time and whatever I want the other 20% of the time. I think it’s important to be true to yourself about how much or often you eat certain foods. Try writing down what you eat in a journal for a week to see really what you’re putting into your body.

Another tip that I didn’t mention, drink water with every meal. I’m not awesome at this, but I do drink water throughout the day and with every meal. I rarely have juice and can’t remember the last time I had soda.

If you have any questions feel free to comment or email under my ‘contact’ page.

what are some healthy tips you live by?


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Watermelon and Lollipops is all you need


Monday- 2 miles on treadmill

My workout yesterday just did not work out ha I wanted to do 5 miles of 1 mile repeats. I got into it 2 miles and got several phone calls that I didn’t want to ignore. So, life happens and I’ll try again tomorrow=)

The rest of the day was usual Monday cleaning and grocery shopping. I know I talk about hating grocery shopping, like a lot but I realized something….I love spring/summer grocery shopping. Dinners and snacks are so much easier to prepare.

 photo 4D37DDD5-03A3-452D-962E-E59CD117846B_zpssaogak71.jpg

I mean watermelon and lollipops? What could be better?

Everything is colorful and delicious! Awe, I just love the Sun.

 photo 877D2A1D-7D7D-4FD3-AE04-536B9E3EA874_zpsqt2jii0e.jpg

Other things that just didn’t work out yesterday? Doing my hair. Oh well, this little guy’s hair got done so as long as he’s cute it doesn’t really matter does it?

 photo 3132CF13-ED5A-4C0D-9082-92C7960CAC80_zpsqlqsb5pq.jpg

From my Instagram: Sugarplumrunner

PS if anyone is seriously interested in running the Drop 13 on June 14th do it soon because it’s filling up!!! I just got an email saying that had a few spots left and the sooner you do it the better deal you’ll get.  I can’t wait to run it in a month and a half!

PSS if you are running it, let me know so we can meet up!

are you Monday’s pretty chill?

what are you cooking this week? I’m always needing new ideas


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Hiking Doughnut Falls and Easter


Friday- 3 miles on treadmill

Saturday- hiking Doughnut Falls- 3.5 miles or so


Friday we headed to a nearby farm. J was supposed to go with his cousins and Grandma on Thursday, but since he was sick Grandma took him Friday. He was so excited and felt so special since Grandma had already been the day before too.

 photo IMG_1507_zps07ab0746.jpg

Saturday morning I got up early and got my hair done. I know a lot of people dread doing that, but I look forward to it! I love looking fresh, getting my hair trimmed, and having someone else wash it=) Right after, I met up with Josh, J and Josh’s dad for a hike. It was gorgeous weather and the trail was supposed to be 3 miles round trip. No biggie, we thought… until we ran into snow!

 photo IMG_1516_zpse3f32f5f.jpg

 photo IMG_1530_zps400b5994.jpg

 photo IMG_1539_zps678a526a.jpg

It got a little tricky with Jackson so Josh pretty much carried him the whole way. I’m so glad we didn’t turn around though. The top was so awesome! The very top only Josh and I climbed and Rich was kind enough to watch J for us. You climb in under the water fall and it pours through a little hole like a Doughnut hole. And since it was all icy, the only way down from the top was sliding on your bum in the snow…it was a blast!

 photo IMG_1540_zps98f7c0ab.jpg

 photo IMG_1541_zps158ded81.jpg

 photo IMG_1543_zps61908afa.jpg

Sunday we went to church and then headed to my in laws for dinner. The cousins had an Easter egg hunt, we took family pictures, and then ate waaayy too much. Of course, it was all really fun and the food was delicious!

 photo IMG_1548_zpsd113e0cf.jpg

 photo IMG_1566_zpsaa32e0c2.jpg

 photo IMG_1575_zps5fcab7ad.jpg

Aunt Christy helped J score so many eggs!

 photo IMG_1556_zps5e5240c5.jpg

For Easter J got a fun family game for us to play. It was a happy Easter!!

This week I need to calm down on all the sweets for sure! It’s going to be hard since we went home with bags of candy…=)

Good luck to everyone running Boston!!!

how was Easter?

ever hiked to a waterfall before?

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And you thought I was done with DIY projects. . .

Happy Friday!!

Yesterday I took another rest day. J was up all night again not feeling good, so I spent the morning cleaning and doing laundry. Luckily, throughout the day, he started feeling so much better. His appetite came back, and so did his personality. He was running circles around this zombie mama.

Wednesday’s lethargic train playing. . .

 photo IMG_1471_zps156f97bd.jpg

yesterday’s energetic eating, ha

 photo IMG_1482_zpse3337505.jpg

I got a little cat nap and then I got to work on our deck. I didn’t get much done, it’s a tedious process. I used the same Restoluem paint that I used on the fireplaces and outside lamps. Here a little before and after. I’ll have more once the whole deck is finished.


 photo IMG_1483_zps441ae718.jpg


 photo IMG_1487_zps0f58ba91.jpg

Once Josh and my dad got home(my mom has been in Houston, TX visiting my brother and SIL who just had their 4th baby. After 3 gorgeous girls, they finally got a boy!!!) we had dinner and then the boys went out to do yard work.

Baby Lucas

After 2 rest days, I’m hoping to get a run in and get outside with lil J. Being cooped up in your house is really not fun. How did we do it all winter?

Here’s to hoping no one else get’s the flu!

What are some of your Easter traditions?

anyone wanna come help me paint, I’ll pay you with chocolates;)



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Sick Days and Popsicles

Wednesday’s I usually get to run outside since Josh works from home. Unfortunately, I was up all night with poor J. It was really sad and really exhausting, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I love that he calls my name when he needs help and when he snuggles up to me and asks me to scratch his back. Josh also was extremely helpful. I won’t go into detail, but lets just say he helped with some ‘dirty’ work and he got some snuggles too.

I remember in Jr. High I got really sick, and the best thing ever was when my mom would walk in the room and have a popsicle or the best foot rub to offer.

I didn’t get to do what was on my schedule for the day, but being a mom takes first priority and I’m so incredibly grateful I get to do that. Seriously, I feel so blessed that Josh works so hard(2 jobs) so I can be home with J.

So, here’s what our day looked like. Filled with Popsicles, back scratches, cuddles, and a lot of gatorade. Oh, and lots and lots of Lysol and several loads of laundry.

 photo 92B12E6F-1614-4559-A072-782C0B51472D_zpshngkdcz6.jpg

 photo D232A4C2-23DF-4D4E-9039-245129A76392_zpsww2fbahm.jpg

After his first bath he just wanted to chill for a sec. Then he requested his ‘comfy clothes’.

 photo 510E6526-E27A-435C-A6A9-58192654F8F6_zpsicmudtoo.jpg

For dinner I made chicken salads. I chose an herb and garlic marinade for the chicken, and grabbed all the fixings we already had in the fridge. Simple and delicious(and fast;))

what comforts you when your sick?

what’s your favorite kind of popsicle?


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Tips for running in the sun


Tuesday- 3 slow recovery miles on treadmill + shoulder ripper NTC workout

On my run outside last week it started getting really hot. Utah often skips over Spring and goes straight to summer(luckily this year we’re getting a bit of spring). Most of the time I try and get up early so that I can beat some of the heat, but if you can’t, it’s better to be prepared.

 photo FD427E4B-0222-4021-B795-E3827F98E8A2_zpsvjs17vhg.jpg

Tips for running in the Sun

1. Wear shirts that are breathable. I usually wait for Nike to have a sale on the Dri-fit T’s because I love the fabric and how breathable they are. When I first started running I wore nothing but cotton t-shirts and got so overheated! Treat yourself, and buy a couple nice T’s or tanks that allow your body to breathe.

My favorite Nike shirt for summer(smoothie not included, but is a great cool down;))


2. Bring water with you, run on a trail with a water fountain, or place water bottles along your route. Whatever works for you, but stay hydrated! I use the Nathan Hydration if I’m not on the trail with a water fountain. It’s around $30 on Amazon and holds 2, 10oz water bottles, fuel, and my key.

 photo 98F09B71-DF4C-49B0-A8C1-B261AD150759_zpsyhd84qoc.jpg

one of the trails has this awesome water fountain;)


3. Wear sunscreen. I know that sounds like the worst thing ever when you’re about to go sweat, but getting burned is worse, I assure you. I have the most sensitive skin and I’m rather pale ha I use this sunscreen on my face and I don’t break out.

 photo BB3916B9-AE17-4C6D-9C3E-D8AC1C243D7B_zpsjarakxro.jpg

I use this one for the rest of my body and works great!

 photo EC996941-978F-4272-B15C-9482E220A962_zpsppaidytm.jpg

4. Wear a hat, vizor, or sunglasses. Protect your eyes, you’ll have a more enjoyable run if you can see.

 photo photo22_zps2cf7c35d.jpg

J playing with his cousin yesterday…they forgot their sunglasses;)

 photo 30783BCE-1181-4955-95C2-4EAD865A7148_zpsiz2kkgpo.jpg

5. Light-weight socks. I’m super picky with my socks because if my feet get over heated at all, that’s all I can think about the whole time I run. I buy my socks in a 6 pack from Costco for $18. Super affordable and very breathable.


Happy running!

what are your tips for running in the Sun?

what’s your favorite summer staple?



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How to have the best treadmill run


Monday – 6 miles on treadmill

I woke up yesterday and wanted to do a longer run because I may not have time Saturday morning. I wasn’t feeling it on my treadmill so I knew I had to do something…here’s what I did and it worked.

1. Get your favorite workout outfit on that makes you feel awesome. Mine happens to be pretty ugly, but it’s the most comfortable and I was at home, so who cares ha

 photo C31D313C-DEA0-4789-B58B-597BDAFE22B6_zpssrqvpyli.jpg

2. Have water and anything else you need to survive on the treadmill. In my case I need music and a towel because I get really hot inside.

2.5. Use said towel to cover the treadmill so you don’t stare and count down each step=)

3. Music. Make a great playlist. Some of the songs that helped me to have the best treadmill run were(don’t judge me)

  • Turned down for what-DJ Snake & lil Jon
  • John Doe-B.o.B and Priscilla(the chorus gets me every time)
  • Not a bad thing-JT
  • Red lights-Tiesto

I ended up having the best run. Like goosebumps and some serious runners high. It also may have been because I ran another 5k in 25 minutes, my app wasn’t wrong after all. Here’s what it looked like:

2 miles warm up at 10 min miles(6mph)

3 miles tempo, 2 @ 8:34(7mph), 1  @ 8:00(7.5mph) = 5k in 25 min!

1 mile cool down at

It was hard, don’t get me wrong, but I felt good. Now I just need to hold that pace for 13.1 miles=)

The rest of the day was a blur…just kidding, I’m not that dramatic, well maybe. Anyways, we ran errands, my sis Bree came over before she leaves me to go on vacation and I made a green smoothie for us. (Bree ran on the treadmill too, she is kicking booty getting back into shape after having her baby). I got the recipe from my sweet friend Karina, it was delicious!

 photo C60D1E71-2FFB-49EA-9A6A-C00CCF947109_zpsycrq9k9a.jpg

 photo 33AC195E-5038-4D76-A65D-E19ED02F823F_zpscab751mm.jpg

J has been asking us to go to the movie theater for awhile, and there was a buy one get one movie ticket so we went to Rio 2. Ha, I just love seeing this boy so excited.

 photo 21797407-59F7-4F65-A404-297830FEA4ED_zpsbtvdhi2h.jpg

We had the movie theater practically to ourselves, it was awesome!

had any runs that give you goosebumps lately?

what was the last movie you saw?


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Birthdays, yard work, and a great run


Saturday- 4 miles outside with Alyssa


Friday night we headed north for my nephews birthday party. It was so much fun to watch him smash his cake! If you’re local 9Utah)and looking for a cake follow Emily on instagram, her cakes are adorable!

 photo IMG_1450_zps15f2a611.jpg

Saturday morning I met up with Alyssa for a run on the trails by my house. It was a perfect morning and we had a great run and loved catching up. She’s coming back from an injury and rocked 4 miles at a 9:30 avg pace. Seriously, doesn’t get much sweeter than that girl.

 photo DEBF0795-D05D-4BED-AD30-A2F0A48CFAF8_zpsxyioima2.jpg

After my run, the boys and I spent all day outside in the yard. My dad helped us a lot too. Seriously, we filled my in laws Tahoe full of stuff for the dump. And we still have a lot to do.

 photo 4FFC9955-528C-4921-A180-95D540FD0D7C_zps0o0gyizn.jpg


 photo CCF9D29F-7602-4021-8F06-4B48CD89B33D_zpstbjarlav.jpg

After(cleaned up the ivy, now you can see the rock wall and I’m planning on painting the deck railing soon)

 photo EAE06D71-2832-434B-9D08-38EEF4FA2C32_zpstubzb42d.jpg

That night I got to watch my nephews. We had a lot of fun eating pizza, cookies, and popcorn. Yes, I do bribe my nephews into loving me with food. And guess what? It works=)

 photo 974510C8-577C-49B7-89F6-EB50DB115FC7_zpsvkjvi8mi.jpg

 photo E64A4AEA-2C4C-46B2-951E-9239DE1F6382_zpswi7vw3vo.jpg

J loved helping feed baby P

Sunday we went to church, had my in laws for dinner, made more cookie(that bribery works on adults too) and just chilled. It was the best.

Now it’s Monday. I’m hoping to get a lot done and hopefully get a longish run in(5-6 miles), wish me luck!

what’s on your agenda today?

when you go on vacation are you a chill type, or a go, go, go type?

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Spartan Race Winner and Things I’m loving


Thursday- 3 miles on treadmill (slow easy run) + arm workout

Ahh, I love Fridays! I love that Josh gets to come home and spend the weekend with us. I’m also loving a lot of other things lately, so why not share it?

1. Shorts weather!!! Running shorts are back and welcomed with white legs;)

 photo 3246C2F3-C604-46DC-80F1-3CB37A2CFDDD_zpseennrqgn.jpg

2. Watermelon! If you follow me on Instagram(sharsti) you already know this.

 photo 84DEB42F-673E-4D5E-86A4-CC304BF21FFD_zpsmnbcjxg9.jpg

3. My favorite go-to summer nail polish, electric pink. I was doing my nails yesterday with my sister and J wanted to try some, so I let him. He was so excited and kept asking if I liked them haha he cracks me up.

 photo IMG_1392_zpsfa7630e8.jpg

 photo IMG_1383_zps0aca8bb8.jpg

 photo IMG_1390_zps4d1cddd9.jpg

I just did little dots so he wouldn’t get it everywhere

4. Being outside all day every day instead of cooped up in my house. I think J loves it too.

 photo F73A2076-F58D-4AE8-B35C-DF986EADB7A0_zpsmiwmkpyv.jpg


The giveaway winner is……

Everyday Wanderings!

Congrats!! Email me to claim your prize=)

***If you are still interested in the race, use this link for 15% off your registration today!

what are you loving lately?

go-to nail polish color?

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Tempo Thursday

**Last day to enter my Spartan Race Giveaway, I’ll announce the winner tomorrow!


Wednesday- 4 miles outside, tempo run

On yesterday’s run I wanted to see if I could hold my goal pace of 8:30min mile for 3 miles. Since I don’t have a Garmin or a watch that tells me my pace, I ran on feeling. So, after a 1 miles warm up, I pushed myself really hard for 3 miles. Counting the 1 mile warm up, my app Mapmyrun said I ran an avg of 9min miles. BUT my 5k time was 25 minutes! That’s a new PR for me, I kinda don’t believe it, but I’ll take it=)

I think having to go up two long hills every time I run outside might be helping, doesn’t mean I like it;)

 photo 635B7777-F6F9-45C7-92C5-F91C30B83168_zpsppiift62.jpg

 photo B874FC2D-638B-4C98-A717-96902476F947_zpskbuarrvf.jpg

I spent the day outside doing yard work. Our new house is overwhelming. No one took care of the yard for a long time, so every section needs to be completely gutted. It will be so nice when I can start planting flowers! (I’ll take pics next time)

Last night we had Heather and her family over for dinner. Remember when they came over and helped us fix the hole in our wall? They deserved some burgers!

 photo IMG_1368_zps7bd9da7d.jpg

 photo IMG_1370_zps7f1791fe.jpg

The spread. Watermelon made it’s appearance again and I’m okay with that.

 photo IMG_1362_zps70b1d4e2.jpg

what is your favorite summer fruit?

what time do you get up to run?

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