4th of July Wknd 2015


friday-3.25 mile walk with my mom

saturday-1.5 mile walk outside


 photo 55E95BE4-E904-435E-AB1F-F382A6DBC3A3_zps2r0gtlvx.jpg

Yay!! I’m so glad to be working out again. Recently, baby girl shifted and dropped a bit and my sciatic nerve feels SO much better. It’s crazy that I could be in so much pain just because she was sitting on my nerve. It feels so good to be active again and just have a little ‘me’ time again=)

This week/weekend has been so much fun. My brother and his family left yesterday morning, and we were so sad to see them go. We had so much fun playing all week and loved getting to celebrate the 4th together.
 photo 399E8CFD-F486-411C-BFCE-FEEEB7D4AF83_zpsbcau8huv.jpg

We started the 4th off with a parade with Josh’s parents. We’ve gone every year, and love seeing all the fun ‘floats'(mostly tractors, trucks, and cars ha). We always get a little treat even though it’s 10 in the morning=) This year it was cloudy and it felt so nice.

 photo IMG_3992_zpsh7qbdd5v.jpg

 photo IMG_3994_zpsbdxbxwym.jpg

 photo IMG_3995_zpswsrhgbby.jpg

After, we stopped at a little carnival going on. This was the first year we did this and J loved the bounce house.

 photo IMG_3997_zpswktesnfi.jpg

We ate lunch at Salt City Burger with Josh’s parents then headed home to relax and make some flag jello. I have finally perfected my jello layers. I used this recipe and found it to be the easiest so far.

 photo C18E046A-D0A0-48B7-90E9-E7C707F5E697_zpsxtwobhtq.jpg

 photo IMG_3998_zpspcreq5y4.jpg

We headed up to Leah’s for a BBQ with my family and the food did not disappoint. We were all stuffed! I hung out outside watching the kids light off fireworks for most the night. J had never done anything like that before and was pretty psyched. They would all follow the older cousin(Max) around, pretty hilarious.

 photo IMG_4001_zpscmwl5yjd.jpg

 photo IMG_4005_zps08qhddxv.jpg

The weather started to get pretty nasty, wind and a little rain, so we headed home to watch the fireworks from J’s bedroom. He thought that was awesome so it worked out.

Hope everyone had a safe 4th, happy Monday!

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Sleeping in carts and $1 frozen yogurt

After a day at Cherry Hill we were all pretty beat. I wanted to run to Target to pick up a few things and J conked out the minute we got in the car. He stayed asleep the whole Target trip and the ride home. I love summer because we play hard and then everyone takes naps=)

 photo 9BF71AD7-B319-466F-917C-C693957F35A0_zpshuhdwxyz.jpg

Yesterday we took a chill day at home with cousins. The kids had so much fun playing play doh and making me all kinds of food creations.

 photo 324E5DC0-DE48-4840-B52D-F035A2F403A6_zpscybb5kda.jpg

 photo ED377515-17B1-4F59-B607-6AA4CEC5C0C6_zps0ecdols5.jpg

We also stopped by Old Navy to get the necessary 4th of July gear. J was so excited to pick out his shirt(only $2.50!) and then we headed to my moms for dinner.  She makes the best salmon and those potatoes were garlic and oh so delicious.

 photo 0AB2B14C-93EB-46B3-989F-A6651ACDC74E_zpsschkmxp5.jpg

After dinner we were on a hunt to find a rocker for our family room. I really want a rocking chair or rocking recliner to rock baby girl. We went all over and I think we found one, we didn’t order it quite yet though. We also stopped at Ikea to pick up a dresser for the nursery.

 photo 0DB923E2-13D7-4B49-88B1-F958B0028634_zps817ukugz.jpg

And then we saw $1 frozen yogurt cones, um yes!

 photo C5A1D1E7-8F81-4D93-848B-BE64B3FC0632_zpsqvseadw0.jpg

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!

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Baby Bump #2 Update: 33/34 weeks


chasing Jackson at Cherry Hill(water park) all day=)

We have been having so much fun with family in town. I so wish my brothers and their families would just move to UT already. J gets so excited to play with them, and the number one game they play when their not swimming? Brothers and sisters…yup that’s the game haha it’s so cute. J keeps telling me he wants me to have a lots of baby brothers and sisters for him.

 photo CC786544-993A-41D7-9AFE-7F1EB458588D_zpspx1hixk9.jpg

Yesterday we went to Cherry Hill. I walked around the lazy river and throughout the park and my sister wore her fit bit. I think we were close to 3-4 miles? I was beat!

 photo A300B05C-7B80-49CC-8464-DD916C62B887_zps8tjsuxfp.jpg

Last night my brother and his wife celebrated their anniversary while my little sister watched their kids. So Josh, J and I went to see Inside Out. I have officially entered the uncomfortable stage of pregnancy. Below is my VERY comfy outfit that I know is not flattering ha

 photo D719A8EF-8E8D-4416-B934-FD625B19CF05_zpsuur7bbip.jpg

Baby Bump Update 33/34 weeks

 photo F46AB97F-A06A-4FE5-9750-EB989D28750D_zps96jk6yos.jpg

Maternity Clothes

Still a good mixture of just a bigger size of regular clothes and maternity clothes. I did get a new dress for the 4th I can’t wait to wear, so comfy! It’s from the maternity section at Target.


Sleep hasn’t been that great the last 2 weeks. With the combination of the heat, my belly size, and my sciatic nerve I just toss and turn(very slowly and painfully) all night. But that’s just part of pregnancy.

Best Moment

Having my baby shower! I loved seeing all my friends and family and celebrating baby girl. I can’t wait to get her nursery set up and get the last minute items. It really was such a perfect day.

Food Cravings

Anything cold. It’s been hot here in UT and anything cold and refreshing sounds great! Ice cream, otter pops, and cold yogurt and my go to’s.

Food Aversions

Anything that gives me heart burn which is usually all the junk food that I like to have every once in awhile ha


I haven’t done any scheduled workouts for the last 2 weeks now. I have however stayed very active every day. J and I go swimming or do some type of activity every day. I am bummed I haven’t been able to walk in the morning do to my sciatic nerve pain, but recently it’s been feeling a little better. I do these stretches at night, swim a lot, and try and wear flat shoes. That has helped a lot! I’ll get on more of schedule and get back to lifting weights once family leaves, right now I just wanna live it up and have fun with them=)

**Overall, I have felt great, but to be honest this last week I finally am feeling very pregnant. I feel so blessed because I’m close to full term(37 weeks) but I feel huge and uncomfortable. That also makes me excited cuz that means I’m getting closer!

I’m really looking forward to my 34 week appt tomorrow, I get to have an ultrasound=)


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Wknd Highlights: My Brother and his family are in town!

Happy Monday!

Summer is in full swing over here and we are LOVING it. We’ve had family come to visit and lots and lots of pool days. Being 8 months pregnant, I’m actually really liking the summer. I get to eat fresh fruit and live in the pool all day =)

This weekend has been no different. My brother Tanner, his wife and kids are staying with us for the week. It has been so much fun! I love when J has cousins to play with all day long. Not to mention the 4th of July is this week and that may or may not be my 2nd favorite holiday. Can’t wait!

Here are some of the highlights

7 peaks water park with his cousins Cal, Port, and Mason

 photo F065AEFB-EA72-494C-A093-EE47F4B8E5DF_zpszkamo076.jpg

 photo 730A22D5-99DE-49BA-9D24-885F978B97C5_zps1sfzwhlu.jpg

pool day with Mason and some friends

 photo CCE06E3A-0DA2-435E-B142-9AE99692D0E2_zpsyn4ovgzx.jpg

Visiting dad at work in 100* weather so slurpies were necessary(when are they not?)

 photo 45748849-4514-46C8-9EA9-D7E1A63909D9_zpsqnff1qgw.jpg

Eating pizza with cousins that we haven’t seen in 3 years(so fun to have my bro and his family here!!)

 photo E08E6688-9522-48F4-BCED-CF3EF1AF63B7_zpsnj0b3xzl.jpg

Getting my feet rubbed and my nails painted. Seriously my sister is the best!!

 photo E005D504-A2A0-49F4-AED8-2B88FE386AE0_zpsn8f7y7yv.jpg

Late nights playing in the sandbox and eating otter pops.

 photo 2F977BE8-6425-4743-9F61-10281EAB0DE7_zps01ijijsx.jpg

All the UT cousins over for dessert last night, but I could only get a 4 of the 14 that were here. 

 photo ADEF8BC0-810E-4A2F-BB73-EA3DEACC329D_zpsbfjoun63.jpg

I never want summer to end, I just want to add baby girl to the mix;)

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what my fitness plans are at 33 weeks prego

Maybe you’ve noticed the last couple of posts (the last week?) I haven’t done much as far as planned workouts go. Keeping up with J and playing in the Sun has proven to be enough(even painful) lately. I hope to walk or do something active for at least 30 minutes everyday, but lately I’ve been having a really bad pain in my right leg/lower back/bum cheek. I’ve decided it’s sciatic nerve pain, but I haven’t seen my OB about it yet(I have an appt next week).  It’s incredibly painful to walk or do much of anything. When I move it shoots a pain down my right leg that takes my breath away.

 photo A56D3096-DE08-434B-9ABA-245699129687_zps8mizagbr.jpg

Monday I tried to go on a walk with my friend Emmalee, but throughout the walk I was in a lot of pain, and that night my foot and calf cramped and I felt miserable. I spent the day/night trying to foam roll to see if that would help. It relieved some pain, but not enough.

 photo 7CABC9ED-E1FD-466A-A831-228ABD4C2C3C_zpsfy8smvcj.jpg

So, what does that mean for the rest of my pregnancy? I’m really really hoping it’ll go away. Everyone tells me it’s because of the position of the baby, she’s pressing on my sciatic nerve. If that’s the case I can’t really do much. If for some reason it goes away, I would love to walk everyday a few miles and lift weights.

If it doesn’t go away, I don’t think I’ll be able to do much cardio, but I’ll continue to lift weights and try out squats and lunges. My main focus is just to eat healthy and be healthy for baby girl.


On a brigther note, we’re watching my nephew for a few days and J has been loving it. He’s practicing being a big brother and insists and feeding him. So cute!

 photo 624542E7-0753-4B66-AD41-F3EBAC567B64_zpsxawttdnf.jpg

anyone experience sciatic nerve pain?

any suggestions?

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Strawberry Jam round 2 and Jurassic World


monday- 2 mile walk with Emmalee

tuesday- rest

Monday I got to chat with my friend Emmalee while we walked a nearby trail. Emmalee was my friend throughout college, but moved out of state. Luckily, she visits UT and usually we get to meet up once a year. This year, we took the kids for a walk while we caught up with each other. She’s 22 weeks prego with her 3rd and I’m 33, so fun!

 photo FFCE9493-7DB1-4106-91C5-A6224455108D_zpsmmjnapns.jpg

The rest of that morning I did a lot of errands, some yard work, then chilled the rest of the day. As I get bigger, I have a lot more Braxton hick contractions. I’m trying to stay comfortable till at least 37 weeks, ha.

Yesterday I headed up to see Leah so we could make strawberry freezer jam like last year. My sisters all met up and Leah’s SIL too. It was so fun laughing and chatting and of course making soooo much jam. Seriously, we made so. much. jam. I was exhausted.

 photo IMG_3990_zpswpnduobf.jpg

 photo IMG_3991_zpshsr7e19a.jpg

But now we all have enough jam to last us until we make it again next year.

The kids played outside while we slaved away.

 photo 2B44812A-5E3E-41D3-BCEA-8AD5FD38F3E3_zpswi9ychot.jpg

The first thing J did when we got home was make himself a PB&J with fresh jam.
 photo 4D5A73D8-BF09-4066-BB91-85C82C8DA538_zpswgwthzyr.jpg

Last night Josh and I went on a date to see Jurassic World. It was an entertaining movie and brought back memories of my childhood. My brother Jordan was babysitting us and let us watch Jurassic Park, I don’t think I slept for a week!

 photo 185473E8-0390-4AE4-B0F0-BA9654BAD380_zpshizrd5my.jpg

Ended the night with a perfect sunset=)

 photo 39771892-1A23-4BE7-830C-ABC67C5CA6B3_zpsneaawnnq.jpg

seen any good movies lately?

what is one of your favorite summer traditions?

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Baby Shower for Baby Girl

This past weekend my family threw me the cutest baby shower. My mom, mother in law, and sisters all helped and I was so blown away by all that they did.

 photo IMG_3941_zpsqkbkotvw.jpg

 photo IMG_3943_zpshlws5spz.jpg

 photo IMG_3950_zpstwzsrme1.jpg

The food was a yogurt buffet with the most delicious fresh fruit. Also there was mini quiche, mini blueberry muffins, and bread pudding. It was all so good!

 photo IMG_3948_zpsojev6odu.jpg

 photo IMG_3946_zps8ed1xe7e.jpg

Jackson came with me because he’s been so excited for his sister. He couldn’t wait to help open presents and be involved, I loved it. (He also insisted on wearing a jacket in 90* weather ha).

 photo IMG_3962_zpsngm0wjbt.jpg

So many people showed up and it was so nice to see everyone and celebrate. Seriously, this little girl is already so loved. I can’t wait to start organizing her nursery(we need a dresser first).

 photo 4A914E3B-2091-40D8-93CD-845B06218003_zpsnifa6djn.jpg

Me and my SIL Whit, we’re 1 week a part!

 photo IMG_3980_zpsdgcvkzun.jpg

 photo BAF522B9-A90D-4DBD-8876-1D6C77FFB821_zpsufj9hppj.jpg

It was such a perfect day in every way. I have one more shower and 4 weeks to go till I’m full term(37 weeks) and then she can come whenever=)

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Friday Favs: Summer salad, smore’s, and pie


wednesday-1 mile walk with J(he rode his bike) + bicep/tricep workout

 photo 77DB9C50-54B1-4E84-8396-80EC80D6449E_zps7cnh1w7j.jpg


Friday Favs

1. My sister in law and her kids have left, but it was such a fun week playing with them. Wednesday J got to swim with them at my moms while I got my hair done. Later on we headed to my sister’s house for a delicious BBQ and smore’s. I was in heaven with all the food and snuggling that sweet new baby of hers.

 photo 4162B3FF-9D68-4F2C-BBC2-714CCFD3F6BE_zpsfgbbqmsg.jpg

 photo 184B8F15-6B7C-4FD7-BC85-09D1759F3D04_zpsuzsvv3yu.jpg

2. Chill days. Yesterday we were supposed to go to the water park, but things came up and J asked if we could just have a chill day. I love that he can be totally entertained just doing crafts at home, playing in his sand box, or making himself a throne complete with ‘desks’ make of pillows to hold his snacks. He cracks me up haha

 photo 1F0CEF05-3D2D-4972-9035-3E65687374F0_zpslrao11cm.jpg

3. Summer salads. I love them! They are so easy to make, and delicious. Last night we had a chicken strawberry salad(one of my all time fav). I marinate the chicken for a few hours in a ziploc bag in the fridge(I use Grill Masters seasoning in a packet, this one was called Zesty Herb) then grill or bake the chicken. Add whatever toppings you want!

 photo 3F449F0D-AFAE-4C28-930C-5CC622F6E3D7_zps51zr1lvh.jpg

4. Pies. I really love pies, but hardly make them because Josh isn’t a huge fan. Last night at church the sweetest lady taught us some tips and tricks to making the best pies with less sugar. I was skeptical, but after tasting her peach and apple pies I was sold!

 photo EDDC1887-6145-4649-97E1-204B7BFBBAED_zpszll3pje9.jpg

 photo 71FF6487-61A6-4F04-9B60-8009E4245DEF_zps7spktsi5.jpg

Everyone ready for Father’s day?

favorite flavor of pie?

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Baby #2 Bump Update: 31 and 32 weeks


tuesday- chasing J at Cherry Hill water park=)

Yesterday all my sisters plus my sister in law Sarah met at Cherry Hill. It’s a really fun water park with slides, a lazy river and wading pool. All the kids had a lot of fun running around with their cousins. J and his cousin B loved swimming in the lazy river so that’s where you can find me. I think we walked around more than 25 times? It was was a great workout ha

 photo 77AF750E-AA98-4990-9241-8ECCEFA8C47F_zpsnoql2cq6.jpg

 photo 195C866A-CD14-4FF9-B4F7-33CD78FB6F93_zpsmp3ja61d.jpg

 photo E2646F7D-C894-47F4-BD79-DA52AE90446C_zpsjktegfrx.jpg

That night me and my boys ate at Rumbi’s. I had a coupon, and when I tried to cook our chicken for salads at home the oven started smoking. Apparently I burned something in the oven the other night, oops! Rumbi’s salad did the trick=)

 photo 6A28F9A7-483C-45A4-9285-A10884824020_zpsqex3n5m5.jpg


Baby Bump #2 Update 31/32 weeks

 photo E2E3246A-D616-4713-AC0E-962118DFF693_zps6eoovdbu.jpg

 photo 2585D10C-D76D-4F07-8893-E70B2CBB686F_zps23bpmqmw.jpg

Maternity Clothes

Yes. There are some jeans I’m wearing that are super stretchy that aren’t maternity, but most of my clothes are bigger sizes or maternity.


Sleep is on and off. Some nights I sleep great and others I’m just too hot or have to use the bathroom. Nothing horrible though, I get a nap pretty much every day for 20 min or so. She kicks a lot at night or right before I fall asleep. It’s my favorite time to just see her move and feel her little kicks. Sometimes I get too excited at night thinking about her and then I can’t sleep because I’m just too excited haha.

Best Moment

I had my 32 week appointment and heard her heartbeat. I LOVE getting to hear her heartbeat and know everything’s okay. My Dr. said everything is looking good and I’m measuring a bit ahead. I always measured ahead with J too, so it’s no surprise. I now go to the Dr every 2 weeks!


Yes, she moves a lot in the afternoon-late at night. She is pretty chill in the morning till about 1pm. I think it’s because I’m usually more busy in the morning and maybe just don’t pay attention as much?

Food Cravings

Same as last update, I pretty much enjoy all the foods. I love fruits and recently love satisfying my sweet tooth with chocolate cinnamon bears. I was getting really bad heart burn for awhile, but I haven’t had it in awhile. I think she dropped some, so she’s not giving me heart burn. I’m also still drinking lots and lots of water. Helps the Braxton Hicks not happen all day long.

 photo 70B13068-3D2E-4454-BF4D-8260A9C177CD_zpsqevpmhki.jpg

I may be the size of a watermelon because I eat so much of it!

 photo C2DE16F8-DE10-4C1B-BF41-A5C63549D911_zpsvdzb0bca.jpg

Food Aversions

No aversions, love it all=)


I mentioned before, but at 31 weeks I stopped running. I walk or do something active everyday, but running was causing really bad pain/pressure for me. I’ll jog at a speed of 4 on my treadmill sometimes, but it’s basically a fast walk. I love lifting weights and doing squats and lunges. Just staying active really helps me feel better and stronger as the weeks go on.

 photo 5E241304-A744-4554-B1C2-9A6AD19FAAB8_zps8f974jog.jpg

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Fun in the Sun with Cousins


1 mile hike with family

Just a short hello today! I mentioned yesterday that my sister in law and her kids are in town for a couple of days. Yesterday we got together at my moms house and the kids had so much fun playing together. J loved their dog Jetta and all the tricks she can do.

 photo 1962476F-F2E8-4D64-AC4C-91E20EDC0FEE_zpsyux9rdco.jpg

I had my 32 week appt, so while I was gone J got to swim with all his cousins. I’m sad I missed out, but I LOVED hearing baby girl’s heart beat. When I got back we ate lunch, then headed out for a short hike. It was pretty hot, so we didn’t stay out too long.

 photo 0ACE210B-91B7-49F8-93EC-B30083FB4D35_zpsj368gzks.jpg

Later that night we had a BBQ and I got to snuggle my sisters little boy. I seriously can’t get enough of him. He makes me so excited to meet my baby in a few short months!

 photo 16586A83-4BD2-4F6A-B913-6259B4D9A299_zpsy7yarnms.jpg

how have your workouts been going?

any fun summer plans?

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