First time carving pumpkins

Happy Halloween!!! and last day of October, can you believe it??


wednesday- 4 mile walk with my mom

Fall, don’t ever leave!
 photo D4DCD884-D6A5-4A1C-8236-88B2104BD684_zpsg7krjvdg.jpg

thursday-yard work(it never ever ends)

Josh and I had a late night Wednesday watching Godzilla. You know, I thought I would be so bored watching it, but I didn’t hate it. Anyway, I was too tired to post, so I’m catching up from the last couple of days.

Wednesday J had preschool and they had a Halloween party. He was so excited to have another excuse to wear his costume, but then wouldn’t put it on when it was time. Later on, his teacher(my friend) sent me this picture. I knew he couldn’t resist a chance to dress up=)

 photo 3C615B53-66F1-4EC6-8F40-3928453D2D7D_zpsv5j03roz.jpg

That night, Josh, J and I carved pumpkins. I wanna say it was the first time Josh and I have ever carved pumpkins together?? I know it was J’s first time and he loved it. Carving pumpkins hasn’t always been my favorite because I lack creativity and carving skills, ahem, I’m sure you can guess which is mine.

 photo IMG_3072_zps6ed17e25.jpg

 photo IMG_3074_zps1e467ca0.jpg

 photo IMG_3075_zps4d36b25b.jpg

But I’m so glad we did it, it was so much fun to see J so excited and Josh is pretty talented when it comes to carving. He did the Y for our college, BYU and carved J’s Jack face from Nightmare Before Christmas. I stuck to something simple, circles haha

 photo IMG_3076_zps8bbdbc9a.jpg

J’s pumpkin was bright orange in the middle, green on the outside and smelt like cantaloupe. It was really cool! He chose a good one.

Thursday morning we all got up bright and early and headed to my MIL’s school. She teaches kindergarten and yesterday was her school’s Halloween parade. Yup, J got to dress up again and be the leader of the Kindergarten parade with Lee Ann. It was so cute, but I didn’t get a very good pic. I’ll get some more tonight of everyone together.

 photo IMG_3078_zps7a6131da.jpg

lee ann the lady bug, my nephew porter the pirate, and J
 photo IMG_3080_zps642a2f06.jpg

We got to help out a bit with the kids. J instantly was a hit with the boys in the class because of his costume and he made friends with a Ninja Turtle.

 photo IMG_3081_zps61214155.jpg

When Josh got home from work we had dinner, and then got to work on the leave situation outside. Seriously, I love trees, but it’s getting old ha This was just our side yard. There was a whole backyard full AND our front yard. It was a workout for sure, but it went by fast with 3 of us working;)

 photo IMG_3028_zps4e0fa741.jpg

You can see all the leaves in the background of this pic

 photo IMG_3068_zpsab12c5a9.jpg

he wanted a pic with his pumpkin=)

 photo IMG_3084_zpsf541c3dc.jpg

what are your halloween plans?

are you good at carving pumpkins?

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First time Trunk or Treating and getting my tuck on


tuesday-pure barre

Yesterday evening I had some friends come to Pure Barre with me because it’s always better to suffer with someone than alone right? One of the techniques in Barre that I haven’t quite grasped yet is tucking. It’s a tiny movement that you do with your hips and it leaves you super super sore ha. Last night’s class killed me! That’s what I love it about it.

some of you may recognize sweet Alyssa from See this Girl Run=)
 photo CB111F6D-6FB4-4E94-8676-24DEA6284438_zpsylqcn3q6.jpg

Earlier that day while J was at preschool I snuck over to see my friend Jessica’s baby girl. I am so lucky all my friends are having babies right now. I just go over and hold them forever until they awkwardly ask me to leave, I kid I kid. But really, she is a doll!

 photo IMG_3052_zpsc3d8e360.jpg

Since I didn’t get enough baby time I went over to my sisters and kidnapped her son for the afternoon. J loves having a little buddy to hang out with. He wanted to show Mason how to ride a bike, so we settled for letting Mason watch him ride his bike. It was the cutest, the boys love each other.

 photo IMG_3056_zps459d2dc7.jpg

After naps, we headed to our church’s Halloween party. They had soup, donuts, games, and then trunk or treating. It was J’s first time ever trunk or treating and he loved it! He got spooked a bit by some kids dressed as dead somethings, but other than that he enjoyed it and came away with some good candy(for me to eat while he’s asleep;)).

he practiced trick or treating at my mom’s so she could see his costume(she’s leaving for Halloween). Except she wasn’t home, fail haha.

 photo IMG_3058_zps984e5524.jpg

he ran into another transformer and was so excited haha

 photo IMG_3061_zps30fc89cc.jpg

 photo IMG_3064_zpsfdbe3491.jpg

 photo IMG_3066_zps6087912a.jpg

Have a good Wednesday everyone!

have any questions for me? anything you want me to post on? let me know!

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Tips for your first time at hot yoga

I have been promising you guys for forever that I would post about my first experience with hot yoga. First, I LOVED it! That is coming from a girl who really hated yoga and have tried several yoga classes, so this is a big deal. I feel like there’s hope for mine and yoga’s relationship to bloom ha

Things I loved about it:

I loved what it taught me. Picture it: you’re in an unbearable warm/ humid room and no matter how hard you try not to sweat it’s pouring down your face. Throughout the class I would try to wipe it off my face until my friend said, “the more you wipe the more you sweat. It will get out of control. In order to control it you have to just let it happen.” She was so right. The minute I stopped trying to wipe and just let it come down my face the more relaxed I became and the more I learned to “just let it roll off my back.” It was a good life lesson, that no matter how hot(angry, mad, sad) you get, you can handle it.

I was crazy flexible. I’m not normally flexible, but your muscles get so warm it allows them to really stretch.

To really relax. The class is super quiet(our teacher didn’t even want you to drink until he told the whole class to) and it gave me time to just be and not think about stressful things.

Sweat it out. I felt so cleansed after, it was great!

Things I’m glad I knew before going:

Luckily I had my friend tell me what to bring and wear so I felt pretty prepared. Here’s what you’ll need.

 photo IMG_3050_zpsb1dce1d3.jpg

beach towel(you cover your mat with it)

 photo IMG_3043_zps9252c200.jpg

yoga mat

water(make sure it’s full;))

 photo IMG_3051_zpsedf7bf54.jpg

as little amount of clothes as possible, preferably black so it doesn’t show sweat. I wore spandex and a tank top.

 photo IMG_3049_zps19153e7c.jpg

flip flops for the shower(and to wear to and from)

another towel for your shower

 photo IMG_3042_zps147c41ea.jpg

change of clothes

you may need soap, shampoo and conditioner, but the studio I was at had some

Things I wish I knew:

Don’t wear makeup, it will burn your eyes when you try and wipe your eyes from sweat

Rinse any lotion off you may have had on. When you’re trying to do poses and you’re sweaty AND have lotion on you can fall ;)

Hope these tips help, let me know if you try hot yoga!

any tips to add?

what are you doing today that you’re looking forward to?

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Cabin trip, birthdays, and a new workout


friday-4 miles on TM + resistance bands

saturday- walk at the cabin


This weekend we headed up to Josh’s family’s cabin in Oakley. It was gorgeous weather and a great weekend to enjoy the last bit of fall color. The trees are quickly losing their beautiful leaves.

Friday, before leaving for the cabin I ran a nice slow 4 miles on the TM and it felt like I could run forever. I love taking a break and then when I come back it always feels so good.

After the run, I tried out my resistance bands for the first time. My MIL Lee Ann got them for me for my bday and I love the variety they give my workouts. I tried a few moves to target my arms and I felt the burn. I’ll share more moves with  you as I learn them.

 photo A6863E7C-51D6-4606-A504-773123DC4ED9_zpsrmz4goz1.jpg

on the way up to the cabin…it’s not a road trip with the Scott’s unless there’s car dancing.

 photo IMG_2980_zps651d0248.jpg

I made these cookies for J and his cousins to decorate at the cabin. My sister Leah made them a week or so ago and they were to die for! They had a lot of fun decorating and eating them ha

 photo IMG_3032_zps63eeb533.jpg

 photo IMG_2988_zpsd6677983.jpg

nothing is better than staying up late with cousins!
 photo IMG_2991_zpsabceaf20.jpg

After the kiddos went to bed us girls got our Jamberry on. I’ve never done a full manicure before and it took me awhile to do it but I love the result.

 photo IMG_2993_zps0e13340a.jpg

 photo IMG_2995_zps1aa3d1a7.jpg

Saturday morning we all got up and went on a family walk. It was too pretty out not to. J insisted on bringing that truck with him and did a pretty good job carrying it most the way;)

 photo IMG_3001_zpsb88a1e37.jpg

 photo IMG_3003_zps96c32fad.jpg

 photo IMG_3006_zpsa0ad8238.jpg

Then we took ATV rides and the boys didn’t want to stop. Don’t worry Josh ended up putting both boys in front and going very slow.

 photo IMG_3021_zpsc72c1f9a.jpg

 photo IMG_3024_zps62502e89.jpg

The cabin is always such a great time. I love spending time with Josh’s family.

 photo IMG_3027_zps4baa0dbc.jpg

Sunday we had church and then I made this chicken Alfredo pizza. I had leftover sauce the other night when I made fettuccine and froze it. Last night I used it as sauce, topped it with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and chicken seasoned with lemon pepper. I thought it was very tasty and the boys ate it up too.

 photo IMG_3034_zps84476b40.jpg

Later that night we headed to my mom’s for a dessert party for my sister Neeley. Yesterday was her birthday and she loves pumpkin pie. We had pies, cookies, and ice cream=)

 photo IMG_3038_zps2946363b.jpg

my nephew approved haha
 photo IMG_3040_zps643d1f7c.jpg

how was your weekend? who was racing?

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Friday Favs and Tips

Happy Friday! I’m so excited for this weekend, actually every weekend ha! I hope everyone had a great week and that you all have some fun weekend plans. Let’s have some fun with some favorites and some tips.

1. Ever heard of crock pot liners?? Well you all know I’m pretty obsessed with my crock pot and it’s mostly due to these liners. The cleanup is sooo easy. Compared to the scrubbing and torture when I forget to buy more. Look for them in the aisle that has tin foil. They are the best!

 photo IMG_2935_zpsb29a971b.jpg

2. Seeing J with little kids. We got to watch this sweetheart the other morning and J was loving it. When we got in the car I put her car seat on the opposite side of the car as J and he was so upset that I didn’t put her in the middle. He wanted to be able to hold her hand, so cute!

he’s got a smoothie stash=)
 photo IMG_2974_zps91ca475f.jpg

3. Afternoon cuddle sesh with my boy while we watch Casper. I LOVED/LOVE this movie growing up. It was so fun watching it with J.

 photo 44D0AD3F-AC2C-4ED6-9F34-7C09E490EFA6_zpszttbx3zl.jpg

4. Whenever my bananas are getting too brown and I don’t feel like baking banana bread I throw them into a smoothie or freezer(to make into a smoothie later). Yesterday I had some strawberries and bananas that had seen better days. Ta da! Banana strawberry smoothie=)

 photo E5BCBF86-ED7F-4315-B2A7-3AEDE5CC7CDA_zpshzgwfehv.jpg

5. If you have a Kneaders near you, you must try the apple bread pudding. It was amazing!! (This is a tip and a fav ha)

 photo E9240DD4-CEB4-4569-9011-EBBFCE5EC61C_zpst24rmwni.jpg

6. This quote, I love it!

 photo ba545e51-4c9c-4247-b224-871ad4da1d61_zpsad5ae68f.png

Have a great weekend!

what’s your favorite Halloween movie?

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Popcorn for dinner is the best kind of night


wednesday- 3 mile hilly walk with my mom

Yesterday morning was a chilly crisp morning. I LOVE those kind of mornings, they’re perfect for running. I was so tempted to run, but since I’m trying to cut back and give my body rest I called my mom and asked if I could go on her walk with her.

 photo 8B54F6A4-03B8-4A60-A274-6EF62690BBA9_zpsoyszxfkl.jpg

We even had matching Costco leggings=)

 photo 3FECC95D-AF60-45AF-BBAF-6D6A1B3DE9AD_zpsyzndl4vx.jpg

After our walk, I got J and I ready and then picked up my mom and sister to head north. My sister Neeley’s bday is this weekend so we wanted to go out to lunch and spoil her a bit. She really is the best of the best.

Not sure where I’m looking…

 photo IMG_2964_zpsf0434934.jpg

Neeley had never been to Zupas so of course we had to show her what she’s missing. I got my usual, enchilada chili and honey cilantro sandwich.

 photo IMG_2957_zpscf2f61d7.jpg

I rarely buy food for J at restaurants because he won’t eat it. So, we pack fruit, pbj’s and snacks. Here’s his funny face!

 photo IMG_2955_zps1e7a4049.jpg

Where we ate, Station Park, is a great shopping center and has a great play ground. I love when shopping centers have a fun play ground you can reward your kids with after you’ve shopped. I REALLY love it when they have a splash pad, I wish there were more around.

 photo IMG_2960_zps1bffe6aa.jpg

We said our goodbyes and then headed home. We had a nice chill night with Josh and I didn’t even cook dinner! I made some popcorn, J had yogurt, and Josh had some of his Asian noodles we got last week. I love those kind of nights=)
popcorn with a side of crazy J

 photo 870FB957-ACE9-488E-AA86-0B7B26509C0F_zps0amdrgvp.jpg

We watched my nephew Mason too and J had a blast playing with him and trying to do his hair haha

 photo aaf1469d-71ea-4a35-968c-0b553bf04f3e_zpsadaefde4.jpg

when is your birthday?

how often do you wash your hair? I recently went 3 days without washing my hair(most ever) and it was killing me. Tell me your secrets!

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New babies are the beesstt

Yay, it’s Wednesday! I love Wednesday’s a) Josh works from home b) we made it half way through the week!

But let’s not dismiss Tuesday too quickly, it was actually a great day to see friends. My friend Amanda(she lives in TX now) came to visit and so we all went out to Kneaders. Let’s just say 3 running kids, a baby, and a crowded restaurant isn’t the best ingredients for a nice afternoon catch up with friends haha Luckily, we did get a few words in and now I NEED Amanda to just move back already.

Me, Liz, Luke, Jackson, Amanda, Addie, Shaylin and baby Ty

 photo IMG_2940_zps418e86c6.jpg

These boys were a hoot together!

 photo IMG_2942_zps09bf5251.jpg

Since we were in the area, so of course we had to stop and see Whit=) The boys had fun ‘playing’ soccer in the backyard, while we got to catch up. Sisters are good for the soul, I’m so glad I blessed with wonderful sister in laws too.

 photo IMG_2945_zpsd621291c.jpg

We got home late and J fell asleep on the way and continued to sleep while I got dinner ready and watched some Netflix. After Josh got home from work I ran some dinner to my friend Kendall who just had a beautiful baby girl. You forget how tiny they are, I just wanted to snuggle her all night! Too precious.

 photo IMG_2947_zpsbad66d73.jpg

If you haven’t held a newborn in awhile and you’re feeling grumpy I highly recommend it;)

tell me something awesome about your wednesday!

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Monday’s should always be a party and dressing up

My week started off great yesterday. I think it should be mandatory that every Monday start with a party of any kind. Yesterday J’s friend had her 3rd birthday party and it was Halloween themed. Everyone got to dress up and enjoy all the fun Halloween foods my friend Alicia made( do you see all that craftiness?).

 photo F2D77792-9784-4C8D-B311-69AB49E9543B_zpsdrmqr09b.jpg

The kids had a blast playing in their costumes, but when it came down to taking a picture together most were just not having it. J and of course loved posing for the camera ha

 photo IMG_2917_zpse9fc7f6f.jpg

 photo IMG_2921_zps15a14495.jpg

J was Bumble Bee the Transformer

 photo IMG_2925_zps72441f1a.jpg

How can a Monday go wrong when it starts out with bulging muscles and coloring??

 photo IMG_2924_zps9989a291.jpg

Later, we met my sisters and mom at my house. My sister needed to borrow my washer and dryer so of course we made a party out of it.

J was in heaven playing and exploring outside all day with his OLDER cousin who he adores.

 photo IMG_2933_zps43b56ce6.jpg

I made the easiest dinner on the planet(and it easily makes a lot too) for everyone. Are you sensing a theme here? I love quick, easy, and delicious dinners ha I’ve already talked about chicken salsa crock pot tacos here.

 photo IMG_2929_zps36c421ad.jpg

My dad was a great helper=)

 photo IMG_2934_zps21b19f49.jpg

I loved that they both had their weapons on the table…so boy haha

 photo IMG_2936_zps5a6d55b4.jpg

That night, we played Yahtzee for family night. It’s one of J’s favorites to play and Josh and I really love it too.

 photo A4E6AC8D-73F1-4292-A6E6-6DC71ECF5C55_zps7ljoxfh4.jpg

if every Monday was a party what kind would you want it to be?

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sweet chicken crock pot recipe and painting pumpkins


friday- 3 miles on TM



Another weekend of some fun fall activites. I’ve said it before and I’ll prob say it a million more times…fall is the BEST in UT. The weather is perfect and this weekend we tried to take advantage of it.
Friday we woke up early to meet at my MIL’s house.On the way J and I stopped at a park because the colors on the mountain were so pretty. I’m no professional so the pictures don’t even show how bright they were, but I did capture J and he’s pretty cute;)

 photo IMG_2880_zps11e940fd.jpg

 photo IMG_2884_zpsab5aad14.jpg

Had to get one with his boots. He LOVES his Toy Story boots=)

 photo IMG_2887_zps4b5d7645.jpg

 photo IMG_2894_zps757a1661.jpg

My SIL Whit met us at Lee Ann’s to paint some pumpkins with our boys.They were both very focused on painting them just right.

 photo IMG_2895_zps4a5b6c82.jpg

Seriously, do you see his chubby little arm? I die!

 photo IMG_2898_zps495bfdb6.jpg

After, we chatted in the driveway while the boys rode bikes, played in the dirt, and ate some Popsicles.

 photo IMG_2900_zpsf8bcf800.jpg

That night I made one of my favorite fall recipes. It’s so easy since it’s a crock pot recipe. All you need is:

chicken breast or pork chops(one for each person, frozen is fine too). Josh doesn’t like pork, so we used chicken.

1 yellow onion chopped and peeled

2 green apples chopped

brown sugar to taste

a dash of salt and pepper

 photo IMG_2875_zps0ce75125.jpg

You put all of those ingredients in the crock pot on low for 5 hours, or high for 3 hours. Serve with sweet potatoes. Such an easy healthy dinner that tastes so good! The chicken is so moist and sweet. I love how the onion and green apples taste together, all very yummy!

 photo IMG_2901_zps4a0430fc.jpg

Saturday J and were back outside raking leaves. He loves playing in them and I love watching him. We played for a solid hour before we went inside to warm up.

 photo IMG_2905_zpsb9daa752.jpg

 photo IMG_2907_zps06595b3d.jpg

We put some more Halloween decor up, went to the Asian market to get some ramen Josh has been craving since we were in Tokyo, and Josh watched the BYU game while I went and did my nails with my mom and sister.

 photo IMG_2912_zps27cfb1bb.jpg

Sunday was the usual church, nap, and dinner with family. This week my mom invited us to dinner. J was such a gentleman and helped with the dishes after(smearing mashed potatoes on everything with a sponge, so helpful ha).

 photo FADD3299-5AD3-4D68-B4B3-4636892C2AF4_zpsjoiynsz4.jpg

On a running note- this weekend was the Haunted Half I’ve ran every year since they started it. I’m so sad I missed out but I’ve loved seeing all the pics. I’ve decided to take a step back from running races this year to give my body a break. It has been SO hard! So, I need to live vicariously through all of you, tell me about your training and races!

what’s your goals fitness wise this week?

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random thankful post, wordy and mushy


thursday-3 miles on TM

Yes, another 3 mile run on the good ol’ treadmill. I’m running a lot less and incorporating more strength/cross training these days. I hope you guys aren’t too bored of me because stay tuned I’ve got some fun new workouts coming your way! I didn’t forget about my hot yoga experience and how I was going to share with you my tips so be patient my friends=)

Yesterday was one of those really awesome days. I’ve been having a lot of those lately where I think to myself, ” if this is my life for the rest of forever I’m okay with that.” We all have hard days/weeks/months/years but I truly believe that it’s how we react in those situations that help us become who we want to be. I’m learning that life is so much more enjoyable if we make today happy and stop hoping for better tomorrows. If today is what forever is like for me, then I need to find happiness in that. I have a lot to be happy for, so it’s not hard to count my blessings but can be hard to remember to. For example, currently I’m writing my blog and J and Josh are right above me stomping their feet and chanting the Olympic Theme Song. I’m not sure what’s going on up there but I can be grateful my boys have so much fun together haha.
little sneak peak of our family photos my SIL Whit took. She’s amazing and I can’t wait to see more!

 photo 7FD42A92-ADB6-440C-BA92-CABB076A8081_zpsyc6nwq6c.jpg

So that leads me to a random thankful post on a Friday:)

I’m thankful for the beautiful weather UT has been having. My mom goes on walks daily. After we got back from Singapore J kept saying, “Everyone needs a little fresh air mom, let’s go on a walk.” I knew he got that from my mom while she watched him and it’s so true. Fresh air does a body good.
Yesterday my mom took the grand kids on a hike

 photo 5bd9c73b-fa85-4a8c-aef8-fe070fcd153a_zpsc336e25a.jpg

I’m thankful for family lunch dates. Yesterday we picked Josh up from work and ate at Zuppas and even got a giant chocolate cake that we all shared.

 photo 35B041D4-F242-4F68-B5F5-BB65B3DF5901_zpssxbc4mwk.jpg

and yes I did get the biggest bowl of soup…it was delicious

I’m thankful for tender moments with J. There are times as a mother that I feel absolutely insane. Those moments where he comes and snuggles up to me and grabs my hand with those dimpled fingers melts my heart. I’m seriously going to cry when he has no ‘baby’ left on him.

 photo 05560CD8-0583-4163-9ECD-0A3807E9D707_zpsokp81cd0.jpg

I’m thankful for uplifting scriptures.

 photo 3fe88952-66fc-4639-bd01-f93a6ebc49a7_zpsedf9f5dc.png

And of course I’m thankful for running. Everyone and their dog knows how I feel about that.

 photo 7746a618-54b1-4477-9d42-3a32eadfb54c_zps019820e1.jpg

what are you thankful for today?

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