Jamberry Nails: How To Apply and what I think


wednesday-welcomed rest=)

After Tuesday’s two workouts, yesterday was a wonderful rest day. Rest is SO important and I am learning that without it, you can’t do all the other things we like to do i.e. run! When I take care of myself and listen to my body, I get to workout longer without injury. That’s a win in my book.

Yesterday I met up at the mall with my SIL Whit to see if we could find any family pic worthy outfits(we’re doing the whole Scott family and then individual families). Luckily, I was only searching for J and I found the exact shirt I had in mind for $9. Can’t wait to update our family pics.

Later on, my sister Bree came over and was forced to be my model for you guys. A) she has awesome nails that I unfortunately didn’t get and B) it’s a lot easier to take pics of her doing it than trying to take them of myself(you’re welcome).

How To Apply Jamberry Nails

 photo b6cf7b9d-d1d6-432c-9186-71075b44049f_zps93196a7f.jpg

**This is not a sponsored post, I just decided to try Jamberry out, and tell you guys about my experience. I have LOVED using Jamberry nails. I honestly thought it would be way too much hassle. It’s pretty quick after you do it once, and the best part…you don’t have to wait for it to dry and it doesn’t get smudged. This video also shows you step by step how to apply them. I on the other hand didn’t have all the tools shown in the video, so if you’re cheap like me you can follow my steps=)

Here’s what you’ll need:

Hair dryer(yes even my cheap hair dryer will do)

Jamberry Nails

Nail scissors

Nail filer

 photo IMG_2678_zpsab5db8f8.jpg

1. Choose the appropriate size Jamberry for your nail.

 photo IMG_2681_zpsc32c5a7e.jpg

2. Push your cuticle back.
 photo IMG_2682_zpsa8a19ba0.jpg

3. Cut the strip in half(each strip can be used for 2 nails) and let it stick onto the scissors.

 photo IMG_2683_zps6546a394.jpg

4. While it is stuck to the scissors, heat it up for 3 seconds with the hair dryer.

 photo IMG_2687_zpse012371b.jpg

5. Place it on your finger, line it up as best you can. There will be extra Jamberry at the top of your nail, that’s okay.

 photo IMG_2688_zpsc5fba312.jpg

6. Cut the extra Jamberry off with the nail scissors along your actual nail.

 photo IMG_2689_zpsebe491c8.jpg

7. Heat the Jamberry with the hair dryer for 5 seconds and smooth. Repeat this step until it is smooth.

8. Now take the nail filer and go downwards in a 90* angle to get the extra Jamberry off. It will come off in one little strip. You have to do a short hard motion down the nail.

 photo IMG_2691_zps1cbc46d4.jpg

9. Heat and smooth one more time, for good measure, and you’re done!

 photo IMG_2692_zps1fcd0043.jpg

10. Enjoy!

If you’re interested in a FREE accent nail sample to try for yourself, you can message my friend Sheri on her Jamberry Facebook here. Warning, you will be hooked!!

ever tried Jamberry?

what are you planning for lunch today?

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Cross Trainining is Key


tuesday-Pure Barre in the am/ Bikram Yoga(Hot yoga) in the pm

You gguuuyyyss!!! I finally tried hot yoga with my friend Kim and it was seriously amazing! I can’t wait to do a whole review/tips for your first time. All I’ll say for now, is I’m definitely going back.

Yesterday J had preschool so while he was at preschool I went to Pure Barre. I still leave shaking. I love being able to try new things and experience new teachers. Having hot yoga on the same day was actually really good. It lengthened my muscles and really stretched them out.

 photo 401cbf85-bc0b-4a4e-996e-07f86e4251ec_zpsde3704a4.jpg

I can’t express enough how important it is to cross train. I NEVER cross trained last year when I was running 5-6 miles a day. My body feels so much stronger and I just feel a lot healthier. I’m so glad I took this summer off from racing and just focused on listening to my body. If you haven’t found a new workout to try this winter(from my tips to staying healthy this winter) I hope you feel inspired now. Check out what’s near you and just try=)

More reasons why cross training is awesome, from Runners World(where I get all my advice;) :

Alternative forms of exercise have definite benefits: improved your fitness, injury prevention and rehabilitation, quicker recovery, and boredom busters. The trick is to approach cross-training as a runner. Runners have their obvious strengths: power, endurance, tenacity. But within those strengths lies the potential for weakness: quads that overpower our hamstrings, neglected upper bodies, and poor flexibility—qualities that could lead to problems.


After I picked J up from preschool we were both ready to eat lunch. I decided to make homemade salsa with my in laws garden tomatoes. It turned out pretty good, and it took me all of 5 min to make. I threw tomatoes, red onion, cilantro, teensy tiny bit of a jalepeno, olives, and salt into a blender and blended till chunky. I dipped a few chips in it along side my boiled egg and turkey.

 photo 6664D012-DF59-4C48-B075-AE210BD4051D_zpszvc1ecsd.jpg

This weekend we’re getting family pictures and I’m not doing so well on finding our outfits, but I did find some fall boots. Of course I found them at TJ Maxx for half price, score!

 photo F715EC70-C3DD-4C9C-95F7-5A38DAF2B823_zpspszjza9q.jpg

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!

salsa lover or hater?

ever been to hot yoga?

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treat yo self tuesday


monday-3.5 miles on TM + arms

Mondays are always my favorite to get back on the workout train. I did a nice short run with some weights at the end. I brought the towel around the neck back…you know you’re jealous!
 photo 2F40CA0C-372B-4D76-A194-3E7AA32AA5E2_zps8b206wpn.jpg

Since it’s Tuesday, let’s share how we’re treating ourselves lately. It’s easy to get down on yourself or compare yourself to others, but just stop it. I’ve been learning a lot lately that we create our own happiness, so let’s treat ourselves to some nice things shall we?

Lately, I’ve been taking nice bubble baths because the weather is cooler. It’s the best way to relax.
 photo B0A79082-B7E0-4BFD-9510-12685E6EC8C8_zpsjzwb2jaa.jpg

Doing my nails. I’m loving these Jamberry nails. I’m going to do a whole post on how to apply them soon.

 photo A15377CF-C2B1-4754-8263-75745F063802_zpsafoi0bgq.jpg

J is treating himself by playing with cousins. Him and Mason have really started to play well and it’s so cute.

 photo 972A553E-C543-4FEB-8214-859DCBB24FE6_zpsvbkiqxwj.jpg

Last, I treated my parents to dinner last night. I made this Broccoli Cheese soup and it was really good, not to mention it was so easy. Grandma hugs=)

 photo Perfect-Broccoli-Cheese-Soup-iowagirleats-01_mini_zps2624fc56.jpg

 photo 61E967EF-5F4B-46F1-A683-EF852D3E239B_zpsg7spfypv.jpg
how are you treating yourself today?

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hot dogs, smore’s, and secrets


friday- 3 miles on TM



This weekend was definitely one to remember. J has been asking us to take him camping all summer. Well now that it’s fall, we finally got around to it. Josh’s brother Jared found us a great camp site and all the Scott’s met up there after work. Unfortunately, it started out pretty rainy.
 photo IMG_2575_zps0caf17c9.jpg

 photo IMG_2576_zps3f73e4f7.jpg

 photo IMG_2579_zps015f7a20.jpg

Luckily, it was only sprinkling, and we all still had a great time. We bundled everyone up, brought lots of blankets, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. UT’s mountains are so beautiful in the fall. They’re just barely changing colors but give them another month and there will be red, yellow, orange, green, brown, everywhere!
 photo IMG_2578_zps07c10a42.jpg

Cousin secrets
 photo IMG_2582_zps70c15bd5.jpg

checking out the river with aunt whit, thanks for the pic!
 photo IMG_2585_zpse6caa3d8.jpg

We made hot dogs and bratwurst for dinner and had smore’s for dessert.
 photo IMG_2593_zps61bc33b1.jpg
 photo IMG_2601_zpsaa31defd.jpg

We packed up early in the morning because it was still raining, and headed to my in laws house for breakfast. The boys were in heaven getting to run around and play  longer.
early morning silly faces
 photo a3006694-32b1-435d-8eb6-c90f27e9b756_zps60d46ecb.jpg
 photo IMG_2603_zps101adcd0.jpg

After we got home and cleaned everything out, I got to have a girls night with my sisters and mom. My niece was going to her first homecoming so we headed to Neeley’s to see her off. Bree did such a great job on her hair. I’m so proud of Bayley and I love her dress!
 photo IMG_2626_zps686cdf5d.jpg

After Bayley was off to the dance, we had Cafe Rio and watched the Women’s Conference(a church meeting just for girls to hear council from other women leaders). Neeley’s boys even made us delicious oatmeal raisin cookies after! It was a great night filled with inspiration and good laughs with my family.
 photo IMG_2667_zpse9af7872.jpg

Sunday we had church and then hung out at home while it continued to rain.

what’s your favorite kind of cookie?

did you have a long run this weekend, tell me about it!

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Friday Favorites: Gardner Village


thursday- very hot 3.5 mile walk with my mom

My mom and I met up after J went to preschool for a walk. I guess I didn’t learn from last weeks hotastic run because I took my sweet mother out in the heat! Seriously, it’s September and 90* out. I cannot wait for some fall weather.

Friday Favs

Trying the Habit. It’s supposedly like In N’ Out, but I still think In N’ Out is a lot better. Don’t get me wrong, the Habit was great and the grilled onions were on point, but nothing beats the freshness of  an In N’ Out burger.
 photo ABB5E3CF-DD32-40B7-B5C1-A4C010510B64_zpsnod9p9ku.jpg
 photo 1ECF27A8-B2D6-4A50-89AC-E58A28FBA532_zpsuzkih2pf.jpg

Girls night out to a church activity with my mom and sister. They served these delicious bread bowls with soup. I found out later the bread bowls are from Apple Spice Junction and made fresh everyday.
 photo 3B6FC77E-A181-4D3C-A825-DDE8521EE519_zpsoqcfhvro.jpg
 photo EF24C48E-7371-4F91-89CF-5646CBED3F79_zpsnynnsn9f.jpg

J and his new buddy. I found them outside laying in his ‘pirate ship’ looking up at the sky. They had a blast outside and didn’t fight. That’s always a win in my book!
 photo D8E31464-FE5C-44DE-887D-EE3AF296BD85_zpsc1w6xuqq.jpg

Gardner Village! I only go here about once a year and it’s when they have the witches and Halloween stuff out. Unfortunately, yesterday was so incredibly hot! Luckily we found shade and J loved finding all the witches, but did not love being too close to them. They freaked him out ha

 photo IMG_2567_zps74cb2c6b.jpg
 photo IMG_2558_zps49dd7e54.jpg
 photo IMG_2547_zpsed9d7f42.jpg

where is your favorite burger from?

what’s on the schedule for the weekend?

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5 Tips to Eating Better

Happy Thursday everyone! I’m really excited to share with you some of my tips to eating healthy. I’ve always lived by the rule of 80% healthy and 20% whatever you want. I want to share a little more with you what I eat on a regular basis.

*** I am not a dietician, but I do have a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Education***

I’m not one that can restrict myself from certain foods because I usually end up needing to have it and then devouring a whole bag of treats instead of just a few. So, here’s what works for me.
 photo 2a438395-0321-4409-b812-694778bb8674_zpsad5bcb54.jpg

1. Plan and be prepared. I usually boil several eggs, have plenty of fruits and veggies on hand and healthy snack options. If I don’t do this, then I will no doubt go to the candy cupboard(yes I have one, don’t judge) and eat whatever is in there because it’s quick and convenient. So I make the healthy options quick and convenient. Here are some ideas:
pre cut and washed green beans
 photo 4034A627-3A15-434A-90A6-F51E03DEB2A6_zpsvyciywzu.jpg

 photo 37FC5C97-76B4-4ED1-8CF5-D6E8C2A795D5_zpsv4hwq70r.jpg

my fav breakfast, cottage cheese, sliced pears and cinnamon
 photo IMG_2478_zps522bf038.jpg

I love smoothies! I have them for breakfast or lunch most days. I use Light and Fit Vanilla yogurt, ice, and whatever fruit I have on hand. The yogurt is really good, and has a lot less sugar than most yogurts. This girl uses it too;)
 photo IMG_2464_zps712e45df.jpg

 photo IMG_2472_zpscf3f839d.jpg

Boiled eggs. I just keep on hand for a protein packed snack
 photo IMG_2460_zps64e86279.jpg

I keep a few pre made salad bowls when I just want something easy.
 photo IMG_2488_zps91e11503.jpg

2. Portions. The only way I can eat 20% of whatever I want is by eating correct portions. It’s like what you’re parents told you all growing up, “You can’t have dessert unless you finish your dinner.” You need to eat the healthy food to nourish your body, and then you can splurge on dessert or maybe you’re thing is carbs. Mine happens to be both, I love all the foods! I follow this rule that I used to teach my health class pretty close when it comes to my portion sizes for each meal.
 photo portionsizes_zps7df337b9.jpg

3. Eat frequently. I eat 3 meals and 2 snacks so I don’t let my stomach get to the grumbling starving stage. When “starvation mode” happens, your body starts storing fats(instead of burning them) because it thinks it’s not going to get food. It’s best to eat right when you start feeling hungry and only eat until you’re satisfied not full to where you’re uncomfortable. Your body needs food to function just like your car needs gas to drive. You have to keep it fueled if you want it to work properly.

4. Drink lots of water. I used to struggle with this a lot but now I make sure to have several water bottles and cups of ice cold water already set up for me to drink. Notice that convenience is key! The more convenient your healthy choices are the better. If you get sick of plain water try adding a little flavor to your water bottle once a day.

I drink 2 of the purple water bottle and one plastic water(I keep in the car while I’m out and about)
 photo IMG_2477_zps49677413.jpg

5. Get enough sleep. I know that doesn’t sound like it has anything to do with eating but it has everything to do with it. When you don’t get enough sleep you usually want to consume more food to have more energy or you’re too tired to prepare and plan your healthy meals. Get enough sleep and you feel like a million bucks.

what other tips would you add?

how do you like to eat your veggies?

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Pazookies and running in the fall

It’s finally cooling down a bit here in UT and I’m loving it! I couldn’t help but buy some super cheap fall flowers at Walmart($2) to spruce up some of my flower pots that didn’t survive summer. I added a few pumpkins in there to make is seem fallish but I’m not sure I succeeded. Either way they make me happy.
 photo 33C9533B-B2E6-4F07-B6AE-9D7C84B235F6_zpsujimrqgz.jpg

Something else that makes me happy and that you need to make asap is pazookies. For family night on Monday I busted out my Birthday present I got from my sister Leah, little pazookie ceramics. They are the perfect size and tasted oh so good.

  photo 410E993B-469B-48DB-9341-D04E8CF06B89_zpssyslye0y.jpg

After eating those, I really need to get back on the running train! I’ve taken the last couple days off from running, but I’m so anxious to start again. Fall running is my favorite because it’s not too hot and not freezing yet. I think a trail run may be in order soon…

pic from last year


Yesterday after picking J up from preschool my friend Erica and her kids came to visit. We went to Jr. high together, but she moved and now we’ve both randomly ended up in UT. It was so fun to catch up and meet her 3 kids! She makes the cutest babies, I wanted to sneak her away.
 photo 06340833-8C65-49C6-A5AC-86526600A4A3_zpsrgjlmnno.jpg

It was a great Tuesday and today Josh works from home, yay! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, what I eat to stay healthy!

what’s your favorite fall breakfast?

anyone racing this weekend?


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Tuesday Tangents and a great article


monday-cleaning, yard work(ya I’m counting it;))

Tuesday Tangents

Yesterday I spent the day cleaning, grocery shopping car wouldn’t start:(, and some more yard work. I’m actually looking forward to the snow so I can have a break on yard work! But I am very proud of these.
 photo 2C6BDF2E-312B-4184-94EF-960A64C72DF6_zpsplcjgsq2.jpg

One of my favorite soups is taco soup. It’s so easy and delicious when paired with avocados and corn bread.
 photo IMG_2535_zps170a1b9b.jpg
 photo IMG_2536_zps161d5377.jpg

J wanting extra snuggles in the morning. I love when he just wants to lay in our bed with us before demanding breakfast ha lazy mornings are the best.
 photo FAD7F0D3-F463-4E50-B497-35D8209FE74F_zps4lk5qso0.jpg

I tried Jamberry nails for the first time(just an accent nail). I’m gonna write some more about them after I wear them for a bit. I think they’re so cute!

 photo D6C3C9BC-D013-4BF5-9627-94AC1EFD87D3_zps76t9joz9.jpg

Halloween is coming, are you ready??

 photo 67C9007E-6D0E-4081-AB62-7E2ED910B9B0_zps5ei2ztzs.jpg


I was sent this great article and wanted to share, enjoy!

Keep Your Kids Moving on the Path to Health & Happiness  Author: Whitney Hollingshead

Every parent wants to have a kid that is happy and healthy.  In fact, those are probably the top two things every parent desires for their child not only now, but when they grow into an adult as well.  Luckily, parents can focus on one component of daily life that will increase the odds of their children being happy and healthy now and for many decades to come.  The secret is raising kids who are physically active.   

Why is it so important to raise active kids?

Physical activity is critical for developing bodies.  Active kids develop healthy bones and muscles.  Physical activity also helps kids handle the stress of everyday life, increases their overall self esteem, and helps them feel better in general.  

One of the greatest problems that comes when kids are not active is obesity.  According to the CDC, as of 2012, 18% of children between the ages of 6 and 11 are obese, and 21% of teens between ages 12 and 19 are obese.  To provide some perspective, these numbers have quadrupled over the past 30 years.

Obesity puts children at a greater risk for developing the following severe health complications throughout their lives:

High blood pressure, High cholesterol, Stroke, Diabetes, Sleep apneaBone and joint problems, Osteoarthritis, Many types of cancer, Social problems, Psychological problems (mainly stemming from self-esteem issues), Premature death

Research shows that children who are obese are likely to become adults who are obese.  Raising physically active kids increases the odds that your children will enjoy better health as adults too.  

How much physical activity do kids need per day?  The CDC recommends that children ages 6-17 have 60 minutes of physical activity per day.  

What are some fun activities that will entice children to be more active?

In a fast-paced, nearly instantaneously gratifying world, it’s difficult to find activities that pull kids away from technology.  Sure, using technology and being active are not always separate thanks to gaming consoles that use physical movement to facilitate a game.  However, the vast majority of technology use does not promote physical activity.  So how do you pull your kids away from the seemingly endless entertainment that technology has to offer?

The key for every child is to find something that interests them and more specifically to find something that they think is fun AND requires them to be physically active.  If your child is attracted to athletics, team sports are a great way to keep kids moving; however, not every child wants to be an athlete on a team.

Here are some other great physical activities that you can discuss as options with your child:

Biking/Hiking – If you have bike paths or hiking trails near your home, take advantage of these on the weekend.  If you are fortunate to have mountains nearby, hiking to a beautiful destination through nature will give your kids plenty to do and they will barely notice they are exercising.

Dance – While many people think of traditional dance classes, you can get your child involved in any type of dance from ballet to ballroom, hip hop to hula, or even get them involved in breakdancing.  

Martial Arts -Karate is not the only option.  Check out the various studios in your area that offer any kind of martial arts for kids.  Some common alternatives to karate include judo, taekwondo, and kickboxing.  

Skateboarding – Skateboarding is often attached to a culture that you may question as a parent; however,  skateboarding can be a positive way to get your child moving.  The key is to find community skate parks that are well lit, kid friendly, and that you approve of the overall environment.  Another important key is making sure that you kid is outfitted with the right skateboard and safety equipment.  Don’t be surprised when you child wants a board that is not only safe, but also looks really cool like this skateboard from Lib Tech.  

Swimming/Diving – Swimming is great for overall health.  Every child will benefit from formal swimming lessons whether they enjoy being in the water or not.  If you have a child that loves the water, sign them up for more advanced classes at your local pool.    

Gymnastics – Gymnastics classes provide a great way for your kids to work on various coordination skills and increase their flexibility.  Your child will most likely love the chance to climb, jump, shake, swing, flip, roll, and twist without getting into trouble.  

In addition to organized activities, it is important to keep your kids moving at home on a daily basis.  As discussed above, kids need 60 minutes of physical activity per day.  While this seems like a lot, add up all of the physical activities your child participates in each day.  For example, if your child has a long walk to catch the bus, this time counts both directions.  If your child has a P.E. class at school, or is very active during recess, those minutes also count toward the total for the day.  

Here are some additional spontaneous activities that can help your kids get moving after school:

Shooting hoops in the driveway, Playing tag or frisbee in the yard, Helping with chores indoors or outdoors, Building an obstacle course and taking timed laps, Dancing to music, Riding a bicycle, Going for a walk together, Playing any game that involves running, Hula hooping, Raking leaves and jumping in the piles, Playing in the snow, Flying a kite

Keep these activities at home simple.  Find any activity that your kids enjoy that keeps them moving and encourage them to participate as often as possible.  


While we all know that raising healthy kids is really important, we sometimes forget just how important physical activity is in the daily development of our children.  By understanding the risks of inactivity and being committed to keeping our kids moving in a variety of fun ways that interest them, we can offer them enjoyment that will last far longer than any game of tag.  

what are some of your tangents?

are you having a hard time getting up in the mornings already?

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It’s better to laugh than to cry


saturday- pure barre with my ladies

Okay, word of advice, do not do 2 barre classes in one week when you’re a beginner! I am so sore and I’m probably going to take an extra rest day today just so I can feel normal again. Don’t get me wrong, it hurts so good, but I’m so not used to all those muscles hurting. My friends Heather, Katie, and Alicia came and my lil sis Bree. It was another great class. I’m planning on getting a large group of ladies that want to try it out together so leave a message, comment, email, or text me if you’re in the area and would want to come!
 photo B4CE0A17-0753-4A56-A038-D945BAD4D9D4_zpsu1l2lf2j.jpg

Friday night the boys and I headed out to Rumbi’s. They have a promotion going where kids eat free after 4pm, score! I of course got the Aloha Mango salad like always and it didn’t disappoint.
 photo 6EEA82C1-1469-4CB5-98AA-A208484D1841_zpsnqfnjjui.jpg
 photo 22007D0B-BAB4-4563-B983-BFE98976959B_zpsaf2lfv6j.jpg

After dinner we walked around Scheels and J finally got to ride the ferris wheel. He was so giddy and kept yelling down at me, “Mom, hi mom!!” He got off and was yelling, “That was so awesome, mom. I can’t believe I did it! That was so awesome!” It’s the little things.

 photo 26C1F775-1270-48A3-8A99-80197C6617B6_zpsepadvikk.jpg
 photo DA059AEC-6316-4A98-BD12-58206845F7FA_zpswue5tc9o.jpg

Saturday after the barre class, J and I went to a baptism for one of the kids I teach at church. It was such a beautiful fall day, I love spring and fall and the perfect temps they bring.
 photo 7F7143BB-2951-4CCD-A576-D623F5C5E90B_zps0i0sbidr.jpg

Josh and his brothers and dad went to the BYU football game so J and I met my sister Bree at the park. J took a nap once we got home, and then my MIL came over to eat dinner with us. Since our boys were at the game, we went out for Kneaders and had a little girls night. It was a lot of fun and the food was great!

 photo 16AF83F3-52C6-4180-A2AB-BEB37EC1FD41_zps6ofvgw7g.jpg

 photo DFDABE4C-E03E-45F3-9E3A-57E5189B47F2_zpstadhjhp3.jpg
 photo 37A4093E-C3C8-4775-A4B3-B3B4B841CCDE_zpsbcr9o18b.jpg

Sunday we went to church(dedicated a new temple) and then had wayyyy too much time to do things like put bagels on our sweaty heads.
 photo 680DBA35-B094-4A65-A107-C8A40F9B2C43_zpsdd1ddln6.jpg

I tried to make this yummy potato soup from the Pioneer Woman but of course I burned the best part….the bacon! Fail. I’ve learned to laugh in these situations instead of cry. But now I need all your yummy soup recipes!
It started out just fine
 photo IMG_2538_zps94b30920.jpg

Then ended in this=(
 photo IMG_2541_zps35c1860f.jpg

share your soup recipes and link up

what was the last workout that left you hurting so good?

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Running in the heat is no joke


thursday-6 miles outside (old temple route)

It’s Friday! I know you’re all thinking how can I be so excited it’s Friday when every day is pretty much Friday for a stay at home mom. But you would be wrong. Yes everyday is pretty awesome, but the weekend means Josh is home to play and I don’t have to cook dinner, whoo hoo!!! So, let me continue, it’s Friday!!!

Let’s talk about some Friday favs…

1. Surprising my good friend Kendal with a baby shower/girls night. She’s having her 2nd baby girl and it was such a fun night spent at Olive Garden.
 photo 5CEC1C63-0F68-4A54-9ABC-5C2BBF220A1F_zps4hufooka.jpg

2. Wendy’s salad with my sisters. I feel so incredibly blessed that I have family here(both from my side and Josh’s) and we get to see them so often.
 photo 0C2622A8-20C2-4072-B75F-0BB677B6D09E_zpshbmokobk.jpg

 photo IMG_2528_zps7890b720.jpg

3. Looking down and seeing J’s sandals that he put on himself, haha.
 photo 10AD0F4E-8BF3-4EE4-AD43-8B8DCDF5BF4A_zpsermshhpm.jpg

Yesterday while J was at preschool I thought I would go on a run. If I’m going to run the Haunted Half, then I need to probably get some longer runs in(I’m just running it with a friend, not for time). I decided to run my 6 mile route I used to run all the time in my old house since his preschool is up there. Um, someone remind me to never run after 9am when it’s hot out! Apparently UT doesn’t want to feel like fall anymore and it went back to Summer. It was close to 90* out and I didn’t bring water.

Nice little self timer shot for ya;)
 photo 372D2468-18EC-4C94-949C-3058E8CAB0E5_zpsyw4reqhq.jpg

Luckily there was a park with a water fountain at mile 5. After that I pretty much walked the rest of the way. Early morning runs for me from now on!
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what is your go to drink after a workout?

what are your Friday favs?

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