Tips for running in the sun


Tuesday- 3 slow recovery miles on treadmill + shoulder ripper NTC workout

On my run outside last week it started getting really hot. Utah often skips over Spring and goes straight to summer(luckily this year we’re getting a bit of spring). Most of the time I try and get up early so that I can beat some of the heat, but if you can’t, it’s better to be prepared.

Tips for running in the Sun

1. Wear shirts that are breathable. I usually wait for Nike to have a sale on the Dri-fit T’s because I love the fabric and how breathable they are. When I first started running I wore nothing but cotton t-shirts and got so overheated! Treat yourself, and buy a couple nice T’s or tanks that allow your body to breathe.

My favorite Nike shirt for summer(smoothie not included, but is a great cool down;))


2. Bring water with you, run on a trail with a water fountain, or place water bottles along your route. Whatever works for you, but stay hydrated! I use the Nathan Hydration if I’m not on the trail with a water fountain. It’s around $30 on Amazon and holds 2, 10oz water bottles, fuel, and my key.

 photo 98F09B71-DF4C-49B0-A8C1-B261AD150759_zpsyhd84qoc.jpg

one of the trails has this awesome water fountain;)


3. Wear sunscreen. I know that sounds like the worst thing ever when you’re about to go sweat, but getting burned is worse, I assure you. I have the most sensitive skin and I’m rather pale ha I use this sunscreen on my face and I don’t break out.

 photo BB3916B9-AE17-4C6D-9C3E-D8AC1C243D7B_zpsjarakxro.jpg

I use this one for the rest of my body and works great!

 photo EC996941-978F-4272-B15C-9482E220A962_zpsppaidytm.jpg

4. Wear a hat, vizor, or sunglasses. Protect your eyes, you’ll have a more enjoyable run if you can see.

 photo photo22_zps2cf7c35d.jpg

J playing with his cousin yesterday…they forgot their sunglasses;)

 photo 30783BCE-1181-4955-95C2-4EAD865A7148_zpsiz2kkgpo.jpg

5. Light-weight socks. I’m super picky with my socks because if my feet get over heated at all, that’s all I can think about the whole time I run. I buy my socks in a 6 pack from Costco for $18. Super affordable and very breathable.


Happy running!

what are your tips for running in the Sun?

what’s your favorite summer staple?



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How to have the best treadmill run


Monday – 6 miles on treadmill

I woke up yesterday and wanted to do a longer run because I may not have time Saturday morning. I wasn’t feeling it on my treadmill so I knew I had to do something…here’s what I did and it worked.

1. Get your favorite workout outfit on that makes you feel awesome. Mine happens to be pretty ugly, but it’s the most comfortable and I was at home, so who cares ha

 photo C31D313C-DEA0-4789-B58B-597BDAFE22B6_zpssrqvpyli.jpg

2. Have water and anything else you need to survive on the treadmill. In my case I need music and a towel because I get really hot inside.

2.5. Use said towel to cover the treadmill so you don’t stare and count down each step=)

3. Music. Make a great playlist. Some of the songs that helped me to have the best treadmill run were(don’t judge me)

  • Turned down for what-DJ Snake & lil Jon
  • John Doe-B.o.B and Priscilla(the chorus gets me every time)
  • Not a bad thing-JT
  • Red lights-Tiesto

I ended up having the best run. Like goosebumps and some serious runners high. It also may have been because I ran another 5k in 25 minutes, my app wasn’t wrong after all. Here’s what it looked like:

2 miles warm up at 10 min miles(6mph)

3 miles tempo, 2 @ 8:34(7mph), 1  @ 8:00(7.5mph) = 5k in 25 min!

1 mile cool down at

It was hard, don’t get me wrong, but I felt good. Now I just need to hold that pace for 13.1 miles=)

The rest of the day was a blur…just kidding, I’m not that dramatic, well maybe. Anyways, we ran errands, my sis Bree came over before she leaves me to go on vacation and I made a green smoothie for us. (Bree ran on the treadmill too, she is kicking booty getting back into shape after having her baby). I got the recipe from my sweet friend Karina, it was delicious!

 photo C60D1E71-2FFB-49EA-9A6A-C00CCF947109_zpsycrq9k9a.jpg

 photo 33AC195E-5038-4D76-A65D-E19ED02F823F_zpscab751mm.jpg

J has been asking us to go to the movie theater for awhile, and there was a buy one get one movie ticket so we went to Rio 2. Ha, I just love seeing this boy so excited.

 photo 21797407-59F7-4F65-A404-297830FEA4ED_zpsbtvdhi2h.jpg

We had the movie theater practically to ourselves, it was awesome!

had any runs that give you goosebumps lately?

what was the last movie you saw?


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Birthdays, yard work, and a great run


Saturday- 4 miles outside with Alyssa


Friday night we headed north for my nephews birthday party. It was so much fun to watch him smash his cake! If you’re local 9Utah)and looking for a cake follow Emily on instagram, her cakes are adorable!

 photo IMG_1450_zps15f2a611.jpg

Saturday morning I met up with Alyssa for a run on the trails by my house. It was a perfect morning and we had a great run and loved catching up. She’s coming back from an injury and rocked 4 miles at a 9:30 avg pace. Seriously, doesn’t get much sweeter than that girl.

 photo DEBF0795-D05D-4BED-AD30-A2F0A48CFAF8_zpsxyioima2.jpg

After my run, the boys and I spent all day outside in the yard. My dad helped us a lot too. Seriously, we filled my in laws Tahoe full of stuff for the dump. And we still have a lot to do.

 photo 4FFC9955-528C-4921-A180-95D540FD0D7C_zps0o0gyizn.jpg


 photo CCF9D29F-7602-4021-8F06-4B48CD89B33D_zpstbjarlav.jpg

After(cleaned up the ivy, now you can see the rock wall and I’m planning on painting the deck railing soon)

 photo EAE06D71-2832-434B-9D08-38EEF4FA2C32_zpstubzb42d.jpg

That night I got to watch my nephews. We had a lot of fun eating pizza, cookies, and popcorn. Yes, I do bribe my nephews into loving me with food. And guess what? It works=)

 photo 974510C8-577C-49B7-89F6-EB50DB115FC7_zpsvkjvi8mi.jpg

 photo E64A4AEA-2C4C-46B2-951E-9239DE1F6382_zpswi7vw3vo.jpg

J loved helping feed baby P

Sunday we went to church, had my in laws for dinner, made more cookie(that bribery works on adults too) and just chilled. It was the best.

Now it’s Monday. I’m hoping to get a lot done and hopefully get a longish run in(5-6 miles), wish me luck!

what’s on your agenda today?

when you go on vacation are you a chill type, or a go, go, go type?

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Spartan Race Winner and Things I’m loving


Thursday- 3 miles on treadmill (slow easy run) + arm workout

Ahh, I love Fridays! I love that Josh gets to come home and spend the weekend with us. I’m also loving a lot of other things lately, so why not share it?

1. Shorts weather!!! Running shorts are back and welcomed with white legs;)

 photo 3246C2F3-C604-46DC-80F1-3CB37A2CFDDD_zpseennrqgn.jpg

2. Watermelon! If you follow me on Instagram(sharsti) you already know this.

 photo 84DEB42F-673E-4D5E-86A4-CC304BF21FFD_zpsmnbcjxg9.jpg

3. My favorite go-to summer nail polish, electric pink. I was doing my nails yesterday with my sister and J wanted to try some, so I let him. He was so excited and kept asking if I liked them haha he cracks me up.

 photo IMG_1392_zpsfa7630e8.jpg

 photo IMG_1383_zps0aca8bb8.jpg

 photo IMG_1390_zps4d1cddd9.jpg

I just did little dots so he wouldn’t get it everywhere

4. Being outside all day every day instead of cooped up in my house. I think J loves it too.

 photo F73A2076-F58D-4AE8-B35C-DF986EADB7A0_zpsmiwmkpyv.jpg


The giveaway winner is……

Everyday Wanderings!

Congrats!! Email me to claim your prize=)

***If you are still interested in the race, use this link for 15% off your registration today!

what are you loving lately?

go-to nail polish color?

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Tempo Thursday

**Last day to enter my Spartan Race Giveaway, I’ll announce the winner tomorrow!


Wednesday- 4 miles outside, tempo run

On yesterday’s run I wanted to see if I could hold my goal pace of 8:30min mile for 3 miles. Since I don’t have a Garmin or a watch that tells me my pace, I ran on feeling. So, after a 1 miles warm up, I pushed myself really hard for 3 miles. Counting the 1 mile warm up, my app Mapmyrun said I ran an avg of 9min miles. BUT my 5k time was 25 minutes! That’s a new PR for me, I kinda don’t believe it, but I’ll take it=)

I think having to go up two long hills every time I run outside might be helping, doesn’t mean I like it;)

 photo 635B7777-F6F9-45C7-92C5-F91C30B83168_zpsppiift62.jpg

 photo B874FC2D-638B-4C98-A717-96902476F947_zpskbuarrvf.jpg

I spent the day outside doing yard work. Our new house is overwhelming. No one took care of the yard for a long time, so every section needs to be completely gutted. It will be so nice when I can start planting flowers! (I’ll take pics next time)

Last night we had Heather and her family over for dinner. Remember when they came over and helped us fix the hole in our wall? They deserved some burgers!

 photo IMG_1368_zps7bd9da7d.jpg

 photo IMG_1370_zps7f1791fe.jpg

The spread. Watermelon made it’s appearance again and I’m okay with that.

 photo IMG_1362_zps70b1d4e2.jpg

what is your favorite summer fruit?

what time do you get up to run?

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The first sunburn is always the worst!

Yesterday was a rest day from running. Instead I scrubbed the bathrooms, vacuumed the house, and clean our bedding. I love getting into a clean bed with freshly vacuumed floors, it’s the best!

Later I got a text from Katie saying we needed to go to the park because it was so gorgeous out. I didn’t argue and before I knew it we were packed up and headed to the park with lunches. I think we spent a good 3 hours there? It was just too perfect outside to leave.

J at the park photo IMG_1333_zps12b93204.jpgGrandma and J swings photo IMG_1341_zpsc9bf9872.jpg

Playing around with my camera on Katie’s sweet daughter.

kennedy photo IMG_1342_zps0eed8f6d.jpg

These two were impossible to get a pic of

Lacey and J photo IMG_1354_zpse5eec010.jpg

Unfortunately, I’m out of practice and forgot to put sunblock on me and J. Nothing too bad, but the first sunburn is always the worst and I always for horrible when J gets red at all. Once Josh got home, we went out to Olive Garden for dinner because they’re having there buy one take one promo going on and we can’t pass that up.

After a filling dinner and a long day, I’m so ready for my run today! I get so antsy on my rest days and I kinda love that feeling=)

**Don’t forget to enter my Spartan Race Giveaway, end on Thursday!

do you have a park near you?

do you get antsy on your rest days?

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Spartan Race Giveaway!


Monday- 3 miles on treadmill + lunges and squats

I needed to change up my treadmill workout yesterday, so after each mile I would do a combo of 50 lunges and squats. I love mixing it up!

After cleaning up and doing our grocery shopping, we headed outside to do some bubbles. J loved it and me and my mom loved sitting out in the sun. This week UT is supposed to have gorgeous weather, you bet I’m gonna soak it all up!

 photo IMG_1313_zps49571d18.jpg

 photo IMG_1316_zps90bf8783.jpg

Good weather calls for some grilling, so I made some delicious grilled pizza. Basil, mozzarella and olives is my fav! And of course, my first watermelon of the season. The smell of watermelon has to be one of the best smells.

 photo IMG_1331_zpsabcb758f.jpg

 photo IMG_1327_zps8388842e.jpg

I love making pizzas because J likes to be involved whenever I’m in the kitchen. Pizzas are so fun for him to make all by himself.

 photo IMG_1329_zps446c39e1.jpg

The rest of the night we spent as a family in this beautiful spring weather.


I have a really awesome giveaway for you guys and gals today, one free entry to any 2014 US Spartan Race!

What is a Spartan Race you ask?

They claim to be the best obstacle race on the planet and others agree, it was voted the #1 obstacle race by Outside Magazine and is the global leader in obstacle racing since 2005.  Check out this video and you’ll see what they’re talking about.

Okay, I’m not gonna lie, after watching that video I was excited but also terrified! That was until I found out you can  you can enter whatever level you feel comfortable with. There are 4 levels to choose from:

Spartan Race Levels of Obstacle Racing

The best part? Spartan offers a workout plan to get you started and prepared for their crazy obstacles. You can find it here.

Here is a list of where the races are held throughout the US. Check it out and see if there is one near you!

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Good luck!!

This post is sponsored by Spartan Race, all opinions are mine=)

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Wknd Recap: all the good foods


Saturday- 6 miles outside @ 9:05 avg pace

I ran outside Saturday morning and it was perfect running weather. There’s a paved trial by my house and it was packed with runners. I love seeing all the runners out getting ready for upcoming races. The water fountain was on, and I felt energized.

 photo 51FBCA5E-B4F7-46E6-BA4B-9DFB28167BEB_zpswcuas7ep.jpg

There were, however, some thoughts of doubt. It’s always hard not comparing yourself to, in my case, last summer or whatever your last training was. It was hard to keep an even pace and just trust my training.

Friday night we headed to my nephews Birthday party. He turned one and knew how to eat a cupcake like a pro.

Saturday we watched conference, and I made cinnamon rolls. I know I always only supposed to eat 2 desserts this week, but I blew it on Saturday. I ate too many cinnamon rolls, but they were worth it! That night I went to my friend Shaylin’s baby shower and forgot to get a pic of us=(

 photo IMG_1272_zps15c398fd.jpg

 photo IMG_1275_zps295bd98a.jpg

 photo IMG_1279_zpsce82c34c.jpg

Sunday we watched the last sessions of General Conference(with crepes), and then had a surprise graduation party for my BIL. My sister planned the whole party and it was a success, delicious food, and great company. I ended the night with a tres leche cake and strawberries, yup more desserts!

 photo IMG_1280_zpsb84eb374.jpg

 photo IMG_1289_zps25099ed0.jpg

 photo IMG_1294_zps98bc834b.jpg

Baby M wearing his dad’s graduation hat

 photo EB583A9C-D49A-42E8-AE5B-5A876932381C_zpsqzgzziig.jpg

 photo IMG_1299_zpsa5d01ad8.jpg

 photo IMG_1308_zps5d83d32b.jpg

 photo 32BDE6F4-E3FE-45B4-8B5D-91656882FD55_zpsjkerj74f.jpg

Now it’s Monday and I’m ready to jump back on the no sweets band wagon.

Stay tuned, this week I have an awesome giveaway!!

highlight of your weekend?

how did not eating sweets go if you were doing it?

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Friday Faves


Wednesday-5 miles(slow recovery miles)

Thursday- 3.5 miles(1 mile wu, 2 miles at tempo pace, .5 mile cd)

After my last post you all probably thought I died from not eating my regular pounds of sugar. No, I’m still here, barely surviving. Actually, it’s been great besides the horrible head ache I got. I’m seriously having withdraws, but that just proves to me I was eating way too much sugar. I’m replacing it with drinking more water and I’m hoping to feel better and better.

Here are some of my favorite snapshots from the week:

J helping me vacuum, it’s his favorite thing to do, and he’s pretty decent

 photo IMG_1270_zps0a7efaee.jpg

Getting a new table cloth for my table. I’m not sure why, but this makes me feel like such an adult ha

 photo IMG_1266_zps9f02158d.jpg

BBQ, it’s that time of year already and I couldn’t be more excited! Okay, okay, UT has had some snow this week, but yesterday was just warm enough and my mom grilled up some delicious burgers. Now I just need some watermelon=)

 photo IMG_1266_zps9f02158d.jpg

This weekend we’re watching General Conference where our latter day prophet and apostles speak to us. There will be lots of yummy food and pj’s involved, can’t wait!

what are your favorites this week?

anyone racing or doing a long run tomorrow?


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Sugar Detox



Yesterday all my sisters came over with their kids. They are on Spring break so they came down to partay!! I wish I could say it’s because I’m so cool, but really it’s because my mom is so cool. We all brought a little something and had lunch together, chicken/strawberry salad, potato salad, veggies, and of course more cookies!

 photo IMG_1257_zpsbf4cab5a.jpg

 photo IMG_1250_zps9bd23735.jpg

All my sisters and mom are going on what we’re calling a ‘sugar fast’. We are only going to have sugar 2 days a week and only one treat on each day. I do this every year to detox from all the sugar I eat. I love having support and someone to hold me accountable. Today starts the first day of the sugar fast, who’s in?

Yes, I’m asking you to give up happiness for 5 days of the week;)


Other exciting happenings, my in laws bought the tickets to Singapore!! Remember how they got us tickets to Singapore for Christmas to pick up Josh’s brother from his LDS mission? Well, it just got real because we have an itinerary and tickets, ahh, sooo excited!

Our excited faces, haha

20131222-163731.jpgsugar fast anyone?

what’s the farthest place you’ve ever traveled?



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