Tuesday tangents

its been awhile since I’ve posted, sorry about that. Let’s catch up shall we?

This past weekend we want to my sisters for Ty’s birthday party. Delicious food was definitely eaten(not pictured, the best homemade chocolate cake with Reese’s ice cream).
 photo 4E10EEF4-BB1C-48ED-AA51-4D2D34825550_zps2jsal753.jpg

 photo DD9565D6-C34D-49BC-98A5-9C6E060CF760_zpsawu2jn2h.jpg

Lily met aunt Alisha for the first time:)

 photo 1489EE58-5CEB-4F9C-86C7-9A02929C395F_zpscx3m6fwo.jpg

We went to all 3 hours of church for the first time and she did great, and looked pretty darn cute. 
 photo FFF2F077-39CE-4FB5-A914-72C479987422_zpsjjgsdfit.jpg

I took the kids to the Original Pancake house to meet up with friends who haven’t met L. These two are 3 weeks apart. Ps the pancake house is INCREDIBLE.

 photo AF9277CC-93D4-4E6C-9C1A-9654B100369D_zpssthqsopn.jpg

 photo 402681F8-0C1E-4A23-B0B5-269599E1CD61_zps0hok7jx9.jpg

We thought a walk for family night to see this Zebra would be a good idea. Lily got hungry and Josh insisted on pushing me IN the stroller while I nursed. We both could not stop laughing the entire time, he’s the sweetest.
 photo AB703EBF-D491-45D4-A84D-6DA316C73A22_zpsd0f2xlpt.jpg
 photo 2529E969-96C9-4F34-8966-A3F6B87AC018_zpsrejhr2do.jpg

Lots of smiles happening over here, and we all can’t get enough! 
 photo BF101441-6FA7-4903-97DB-226689C4A419_zps6dkrjrn5.jpg

Happy Tuesday! 

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Friday Favs: 4wk workout and tummy time


friday- walk with my crew + TIU arm workout

Happy Friday, and happy 4 weeks to Lily Mae! To celebrate her 4 week birthday I decided to start SLOWLY being active. I took the kiddos on a short(less than a mile) walk outside, then I did an awesome arm workout inside. Definitely a Friday Fav.

 photo 765FFC2E-5BD0-4B5E-BC5B-74D0AB4EDF6A_zpsjmrpydqx.jpg

I love the Tone It Up videos, they always leave me shaking and sore. This morning I did the bikini arm workout 1 time through. I’m hoping to gradually build up to doing the whole routine 3x through. I won’t attempt any running until I get the 6 week clearance from my Dr. and plan to take a leisure walk 4x a week mixed with weights.

Now for some of my other Friday Favs!

Tummy time for Little Miss. At 4 weeks she’s already more awake, loves the light(I lay her in front of a big window) and loves to be on her belly. #rufflebum

 photo F42BA1A2-8D3E-4342-906E-47D6EFA18CBE_zpstnyxunyg.jpg

Temple date night with the hubs who of course refused to be in blurry the pic;)

 photo A62F8146-EC9E-4C1D-A93C-9B99E3550FB6_zpsopvedczc.jpg

Play time with cousin.

 photo E2D32A50-F44B-4EB9-9671-7CB030CE8DB0_zpswbyussmq.jpg

Curiosity museum with more cousins.

 photo 34AE2BE6-9602-4160-B906-27C38B73AEA1_zpsznmtsh9m.jpg

And of course, soccer:)

 photo IMG_4270_zpsvdbjurrl.jpg

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Jackson’s First Soccer Game

Last night we all headed to a nearby soccer field to watch J and his team play their first soccer game. This has seriously been the best money I’ve ever spent! It’s hilarious to watch 3 and 4 year olds play soccer.

Before we left I had J pose for a few pictures. I had no say in what he did, he’s such a crack up. (he was already sweaty because him and Josh practiced, then J ran to the our home gym and did a few ‘workouts’ he said he needed to do)

 photo IMG_4245_zpsbt5kmmpq.jpg

 photo IMG_4243_zpstozsdpoe.jpg

 photo IMG_4247_zpsq8aniipc.jpg

Once we got there their coach explained what goal was theirs and then they were off. They were surprisingly good and by the end, J totally understood what to do and almost had 2 goals!

 photo IMG_4257_zpsarxupkwy.jpg

 photo IMG_4255_zpsqevza0o0.jpg

They all had the chance to be goalie too, J liked being able to use his hands.

 photo IMG_4260_zpss0uqnaqv.jpg

I didn’t catch it on camera, but he threw in a few somersaults during the game too haha By the end, when he would sub out, he would curl up next to Josh for a ‘quick rest.’ Love my boys!

 photo IMG_4265_zpsnhoux1ot.jpg

Can’t wait for the other games to see what else J and his team can do.

 photo IMG_4270_zpsvdbjurrl.jpg

 photo IMG_4269_zpso2tevxhn.jpg

Have a great weekend!

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Soccer, and sleeping(or lack thereof)

Happy Wednesday! 

Things have been busy around here. J starts neighborhood preschool(same group as last year) next week, he started soccer on Monday, and of course all the new baby things are keeping me busy. 

I love it! I love being busy with my family and experiencing all their ‘firsts.’ J had his first soccer practice and of course he was the loud one distracting everyone with his ninja moves… We’re working on it ha. Tonight is his first game, I’m so excited! Get ready for pic overload;)

 photo 0CEF6A27-5447-47E0-B11D-89146EB3AA8C_zpsh9w98jad.jpg

Lily has been starting to smile and lately her dad and grandma Coco have gotten most of them. I may be a little jealous. 

 photo DB15BE1B-0A0C-449B-9A5D-5965EE1C3DFB_zpsygc0jvhy.jpg

Nursing play time has continued. I’m subject to pretty much anything j wants to do to me. That day he covered me in stickers, it could be much worse. 

 photo 45E8C873-EE8F-45D1-9609-E70BECDD2D9A_zps40utwjii.jpg


Let’s talk about sleep. I’m always curious what others do, so I thought I’d share! 

With a newborn you don’t get a lot of sleep since you’re up every 2 hours feeding them. I exclusively breastfeed, so it’s all on me to feed her(which I actually love A LOT, it’s our bonding time). 

 photo BF9C0863-A6D6-44D5-9F18-A7A37DF8A4FD_zpsfx4cgjcs.jpg

I try really hard to feed her every 2 hours during the day and keep a eat, wake, sleep schedule (from the book Baby Wise) during the day and then an eat, sleep every 3 hours at night. 
 photo 685113FB-8B2D-4354-8DE2-2B32C6808452_zpsb488qgpd.jpg

She’s doing really well, but I struggle keeping her in her own bed at night. I just love snuggling, but I know that makes sleep training later more difficult. So, I’ve been keeping her in her bed(it’s right next to mine in our room) throughout the night and then her last feeding before we wake up I snuggle her, so from 5am-7:30am. 

Some nights are better than others, but I know this time ends and I just want to cherish it. So if you see me with giant bags under my eyes or lots of make up piled on, you’ll know it’s because I’m up all night with this little dream:)
 photo 454AA30A-85E5-4E15-A849-7FC8D71432D7_zpspjsqnd7m.jpg

What are your sleep routines like? 

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Lily’s 3 week stats

 photo 15a20b47-bdf9-467c-8fb0-9b450193c833_zpsev0bexhy.jpg

Lily had her second check up with the Pediatrician on Friday when she was 3 weeks old. I can’t believe we’ve already had her that long! Her first appointment she was only 4 days old, so I was excited to see her 3 week stats.

Length: 20.16in  30%

Weight: 8.71 lbs 51%

Head circumference: 14.1 in 36%

She has truly been such a joy. We are already on a pretty good schedule of eat, play, sleep. For the first 2.5 weeks I would say, she had her days and nights mixed up. So she was really hard to wake up during the day to eat and ‘play’ and then at night she was up every 2 hours on the dot. Now we eat every 2 hours during the day, then she’s awake for about an hour, then she sleeps for about an hour, repeat. Last night she slept for 4 hours, then I woke her up at 3 hours the rest of the night because  I was a bit sore ha

She sleeps in her own bassinet at night and for a few naps during the day. The other naps me, Josh or J get to snuggle her.

 photo IMG_4231_zpsrhxgxc9o.jpg

 photo IMG_4225_zpsxadwzt6x.jpg

 photo IMG_4216_zpsfrpetgx2.jpg

 photo IMG_4214_zpsv8bj0i3c.jpg

Have a wonderful Monday=)

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Cowabunga, BYU, and a girls night

Thursday morning I headed to the park to meet up with some friends. It ended up being pretty windy so we didn’t stay too long but it was fun catching up with Jessica and Elizabeth.

After the park we picked my sister and Mason up to head south to BYU campus. My mom was hosting at education week all week and since we’re used to seeing her everyday we just had to meet up for lunch;)

 photo 7A7D6CC2-A7EE-4FB9-9346-75733C514104_zpsg4btgpll.jpg

Chick Fila was delicious(I always get the Cobb salad) and then we found a shaded spot outside to catch up. It was so fun to walk around my old campus, but I was pretty tired afterward, 2.5 weeks till I can start getting my fitness back.

 photo 6638A010-32CA-4B5B-B5F7-CD8BF011626F_zpsxkcmsmmw.jpg

Friday morning Lily had her 3 week check up(more on that tomorrow) and then we ran a few errands. I needed to get some groceries for Josh and J’s boys night out. My father in law planned a whole weekend of activities for J and his cousin Cal and Josh went too. They stayed at the family cabin and did all sorts of fun things. The highlight for j was catching a fish!
 photo 7369DAC5-2D88-431D-A7AB-F38B163BF796_zpsnnez8csb.jpg

Before they headed to the cabin I took j to cowabunga bay, a new to us water park. My friends Katie and heather were there too. J had a blast with all the slides and it was easy for me to watch him since I can’t be in the water yet.

 photo FE94A263-E291-481D-9427-DC2F21CF749B_zpskubc2tdk.jpg
 photo B9D06E68-A5B1-4F94-862F-E5625D189241_zpsxqqoh0ot.jpg

That night me and my mother in law had a girls night since our boys were gone. Zupas and snuggling Lily for the win:)

 photo EBA8DC54-9321-4B9F-84EF-B5134026C794_zpssku2k9hs.jpg

Saturday I went to Josh’s cousins baby shower. There were several cousins who had just had babies, it was crazy in a good way.
 photo 25EFC71F-8C20-4AAF-9562-D81DCD758687_zpso6ik7m2r.jpg

Today we went to church(L and I only go to the first part) and lots of morning snuggles. We love that Lily is more awake now, we’re all a bit obsessed.
 photo 066E73E1-E810-41E8-A9DA-F17AA93D03B0_zpsfcsdp1u5.jpg

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Covered Goods Review/Giveaway

Today I want to talk about one of my favorite baby items from this pregnancy. I was sent a Covered Goods cover to review and I honestly LOVE it.

Covered Goods

At first, I was hesitant to use it. I would just use a blanket that was nearby until one day I finally tried it out. Actually, it was 6 days after L was born. She had a follow up appt at the hospital and was hungry after so I sat in the lobby and nursed. I was hooked from my first use.

 photo 341F1E29-1149-41BC-9768-2D72E07D9E71_zpsd907ms4q.jpg


    • Can we just talk about how cute it is? All of the patterns are gorgeous, I want them all and want to give them to all my friends as gifts.
    • Lightweight/breathable-this is a must when nursing. I use it mostly when I’m out and about and outside and I love that baby girl isn’t sweating while trying to eat.
    • Easy to pack- You just throw it in your bag and go. It’s literally a piece of fabric, again, lightweight.

Road side nursing emergency

 photo 69EF86C4-86E5-497B-8969-472CCAAA87F6_zps2i59qppn.jpg

  • Has 360* coverage- this is my favorite thing about it. My back and sides are covered so I can be sitting anywhere and no one is going to get a peep show.
  • It’s so versatile! It can be used as a nursing cover, car seat cover, grocery cart cover, or I recently used it as a stroller cover to block the sun.

 photo 0169E070-F1F8-4674-B96F-07F7D8C382B3_zpsopkehn8h.jpg

 photo CD15C04C-C98E-44A0-A1A3-7039D151A11C_zpsvphqczdw.jpg


I honestly can’t think of any! 

If you can’t tell, I love this product and I’m so glad I get to use it with Lily. Covered Goods and I also want one reader to have a chance to win one!

To Enter:

Check out my Instagram on how to enter=)

*Giveaway will run until Friday @midnight MTS 8/21/15. Winner will be announced Sarurday morning.

*This post was sponsored by Covered Goods, but all opinions are my own

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Successful outing with 2: Hogle Zoo

Yesterday all 3 of us ventured out to the Hogle Zoo. We met up with Lee Ann, Whit, and her 3 boys. I was a bit nervous about the adventure because it was the first time I would be using my double stroller, and be away from home and be pretty active.

 photo 0165C083-34FA-416B-9F26-86B7952FD51F_zpsxpb5rj8x.jpg

Luckily, it was a success! Everyone had a great time and the weather was perfect. We got there early and left before it got too hot or crowded(the only way to do it in my book ha).

 photo 2B3B1813-DC33-4F9A-8593-B6ADF2653723_zpshksfuxvd.jpg

They have all these new dinosaur exhibits and fun music throughout the park. It was a perfect day to have our first ‘big’ outing. *PS I found my double stroller on KSL for $70! I was pretty excited about my find. I layed L’s seat back and then put rolled blankets to support her head. I know the pic looks like she’s uncomfortable, but I was just about to pull her out but had to stop for a selfie haha

 photo F7106E34-84CE-448A-9E5C-CBA351112FE4_zpsphjy4pe3.jpg

When we got home and L was taking her nap me and J played the board game Life. I used to LOVE playing that game at night before bed with my sisters. I’m trying harder to have more one on one time with him and put L down when she’s napping. I could tell he was needing some attention and I’m hoping to be better at dividing my time.

 photo 8715F0F3-8BA7-4AAA-9234-CD4893C4AA7B_zpsxpsoes8n.jpg


Yesterday was probably the most active I’ve been post baby.  I feel really good and it’s hard for me to not just start working out again sine my body feels good. I know it’s important to fully recover and take the 4-6 weeks to do so. Until then, I’m going to keep leaving up our last month of summer!

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So much more

Yesterday was such a fun day. Josh’s grandparents and sister came over to our house to meet baby L and E.

 photo IMG_4233_zps8pfnzk3b.jpg

 photo IMG_4236_zpsd6fpqtyv.jpg

These two are just too precious!

 photo 08A39495-1489-48AD-AFD1-9EC673436B31_zpswc2rogwl.jpg

Lily has had the chance to meet a lot of family. She doesn’t know it yet, but she is VERY loved and has so many people around her that prayed earnestly for her to come. It’s amazing what a baby can do even before they’re born. I know Lily is special and has a divine role here on Earth(I believe we all do). Before I was even pregnant with her she brought our whole family together.

 photo 15a20b47-bdf9-467c-8fb0-9b450193c833_zpsev0bexhy.jpg

We wanted to add to our family and it wasn’t happening in the time frame we had thought. All of our family was so supportive and prayed with us, mourned with us, and rejoiced with us when I finally got that positive pregnancy test. She is just a little thing, but children are so much more.

 photo IMG_4232_zpsqtkmkgns.jpg

They teach me every day;

patience, kindness, selflessness, service, how to function on very little sleep, how to play make believe, and most importantly how to love unconditionally.

Now that she’s here, she’s bringing family together again. So many loved ones have come to meet her and see her light. I can’t explain how full my heart is. My family is everything to me. Josh and I are so grateful for what we’ve been given and I’m so glad we all get to be together forever.

 photo IMG_1166_zpsgjorisij.jpg

what are you grateful for today?

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wknd highlights: cousins meet and dino museum

This weekend was filled with family and friends. I love being able to get out of the house this past week, I was getting cabin fever ha

Friday we went to the Dinosaur museum with Whit and her boys and Bree and Mason. It was the first time Lily and Ezra(they’re 3 days apart) got to meet. Both were sleeping though, so it wasn’t too exciting.

 photo EDBDB0CF-D286-4B51-8AA1-8C93F7CA98B5_zpsrcsiilxp.jpg

 photo EA80EAE5-9BBF-4918-8126-7397CA63D9C7_zpsrjilkcqa.jpg

Saturday I went to Josh’s cousin’s bridal shower. It was so fun to celebrate with her and see more family. The babies finally got to meet when they were awake, but they still weren’t too thrilled about it ha

 photo 13ef6da5-9c2a-4e05-820d-9e6892dda4d9_zpskkyz34i5.png

 photo 49CC90AA-F7DE-4B5A-ABEE-A62CBFF644B9_zpsta1nm4f8.jpg

 photo 149BC0C0-B242-44B2-BAFA-6FCCEBEC8CB1_zpsnmxsvzwk.jpg

L with her second cousin=)

 photo 4E83F723-D15A-4463-A9E7-9B4DBAE3766D_zpsfw5nrhlb.jpg

Later that night we went to a family birthday party where Cinderella showed up. The girls were thrilled! J and the other boy there were not as thrilled but I think it was because he had to play cool. . .

 photo 500A8C21-CCE5-44F5-BBD7-A07669C818B4_zpsb2hfbpnx.jpg

Sunday we made it to the first part of church( I don’t stay for all of it because I don’t want L getting any germs) and it was wonderful. The dress she’s wearing is from my sister Neeley’s girls. I love seeing her in dressed I remember my nieces in.

 photo 26AF63D6-D2D5-4BE0-A4B2-D64CEA770973_zps8z1x5rbp.jpg


It was a great weekend and can’t wait for what this week will bring. I’m feeling really good as far as recovery goes and I’m starting to get the workout itch. I’m not going to do any running before the 6 weeks, but it feels good to get outside and take walks. My nutrition has been pretty out of control, so my goal this week is to calm it down and start eating better. I’ll have a more detailed post coming up about how I plan to get back into shape after baby L.

what are your nutrition goals?

how did you spend your weekend?

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