Garage Sale and Gluten Free Monster Cookies


thursday- 2 miles on TM + abs

I just did not have the attention span for my workout yesterday. The treadmill was just too boring so it was short and sweet. I figured my face was boring you guys too,so I decided to spice it up for ya…you’re welcome(:
 photo 1EBB9208-E791-4BF4-924C-1A9C3194A173_zpshehsevqu.jpg

J dressed himself yesterday and was really proud of it. We’ve been having really hot weather in UT and yesterday morning it was only 80* so J thought it was perfect jacket weather.
 photo 9998D431-9980-4C0F-BF89-FDBCB38A2704_zpssany6yoi.jpg

After we got ready J, baby M and I picked up my mom to bring her to the airport. I found this(and 15 others) on my phone of the car ride. J is  gonna be a great little assistant blogger someday.
 photo AD1D2B70-06D0-4067-BF9E-52E5C7D9CBD8_zpskch8hmiy.jpg
We had the rest of the day to chill so why not make some monster cookies? I shared a photo on Instagram and now I’m delivering with the recipe!
 photo 9EE31154-FB14-4DDC-A9D3-8B56918B8E69_zpsldtggulc.jpg

1 1/2 cups Peanut butter

1 cup Brown sugar

1 cup White sugar

2 tsp vanilla extract

3 eggs

4 1/2 cups oats

2 tsp baking soda

1 cup Chocolate chips

1 cup M & M’s

Mix the first 3 ingredients together. Then mix in the vanilla and eggs. Combine all the dry ingredients then add to wet ingredients and mix. Bake at 350* for 10 minutes. DO NOT OVER COOK or they will become very chewy. Enjoy!

The rest of the evening I got to spend with these awesome ladies(Jen left before the pic, but know she is awesome too).

We sorted through so much donated items. I’m organizing a garage sale for my good friend Shannon who just adopted a sweet little boy. I had posted a bunch of flyers asking for donations and so many people delivered. I’m overwhelmed with all the help I’ve received. Can’t wait for Saturday!!! (If you’re local check my FB for details)
 photo 6EB707B4-324C-4D5A-B178-86AA599F49B3_zpspt9eg6fc.jpg
 photo 75195BC3-3FB0-4571-8212-FA54A094312F_zpsj2h3irpn.jpg

That’s not even half the stuff, there is so much in the garage we still had to sort through!

do you scope out garage sales?

favorite kind of cookie?



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Water Slides are the best

We got up nice and early yesterday and watered our plants then headed out the door. We wanted to beat the heat and have some cooler temps at the water park. It was perfect out, and we enjoyed all the slides. I seriously get so giddy when J and I go down the slides. I love that he enjoys them just as much as I do. My SIL Whit went down them with her son and we tried to get a pic of us all coming down but it didn’t work out. Maybe next time ha
 photo 06B65EEA-C5E3-4DED-B5E4-02D47B136408_zpsxvcuxxoo.jpg
Left: Cousin Charlene, her daughter, J, me, MIL Lee Ann, SIL Whit, nephew Porter and Cal
 photo ede644d6-63a6-4013-a80d-25b8af946124_zps2dfbb8ed.jpg
That afternoon I had to run to Target and exchange my rug. I was so lucky because they only have 2 left and the one I brought home originally was torn yesterday morning): Usually Target is difficult with exchanges/returns but the lady was so kind and understanding. Now I just hope this one holds up!
 photo 208080FE-AECA-4232-9B0F-0DBB37E311DD_zpsxcu8lh06.jpg
Oh and while I was out and about I may have stopped and got one of these…Coconut rose boba. I wanted to try a new flavor, but this one was no good. That’s the last time I take suggestions from the boba maker haha
 photo 41564E39-CDC7-4C7F-88A1-9797E48FA544_zpscwnr6st7.jpg

After J pretended to nap, we got busy making dinner. J loves when we do pizza night because I let him make his own. I forgot to take a pic of them cooked, but they were pesto, tomato, mozzarella, and fresh basil.
  photo AA6AF3F8-6B1A-4F14-ADB2-B10AD5BFAED9_zpstnaav7ji.jpg

I hope today is a little cooler for us tomorrow and I can get some more yard work done. Have a great Thursday!

what’s on the menu for tonights dinner?

what kind of shoes do you mostly wear in the summer?

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Guest Post

Hi Brooke and Jane Readers!

My name is Sharsti and I’m the blogger behind the Sugar Plum Runner. I love writing about my workouts, recipes, recent DIY projects, and of course my family. I’m lucky enough to be a stay at home mom to my almost 3 year old Jackson and wife to my handsome hubby Josh.


I’m honored to be guest posting and can’t wait to share with you a great workout that will kick your booty.  I promise you will want to kill me and thank me all at the same time after you complete this. Of course my first love is running, but I also love circuits so why not combine them?

If you have a treadmill great. You can set up your circuit at the gym, at home, or even outside. You’ll need a 1 mile loop, weights or soup cans(whatever you have), and motivation to get it done! In this workout I’ve combined all of my favorite moves that work out multiple areas at the same time.

*I convinced my little sis to photograph me doing all the moves, as a result I’m laughing in most of them because nothing can be too serious with her(:

Start out with a 1 mile warm up jog

 photo IMG_2133_zps3d4fe47b.jpg

1 minute Squat Shoulder Press
Step 1
 photo IMG_2159_zpsb4dec970.jpg

Step 2
 photo IMG_2155_zps2fa019f5.jpg

1 minute Bicep Curls
Step 1
 photo IMG_2164_zps2a93a87c.jpg
Step 2
 photo IMG_2165_zpse3d835d8.jpg
1 Mile comfortable pace

1 minute Alternating Plank Front Raise
 photo IMG_2157_zpsb6bcdb75.jpg

1 minute Bicep Curls

1 mile comfortable pace

1 minute Shoulder T’s
Step 1
 photo IMG_2161_zpsdc20f867.jpg
Step 2

  photo IMG_2160_zps03a4639e.jpg

1 minute Bicep curls

.5 mile cool down


Thanks again for letting me stop by! Hope you check out the Sugar Plum Runner for some more great workouts(:

 photo IMG_2151_zps3ff6349b.jpg


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An amazing circuit workout


tuesday- 3.5 miles on TM + abs and a lil arms

This move was my favorite from yesterdays workout. Please don’t be blinded by my clash of the pink workout clothes. You bring your arm up and then lower it while you’re in a side plank position. Works your obliques and arms.
 photo 3CE00FCB-B8F6-413E-AD4F-328368BA9F55_zpsnniye2hs.jpg
**If you want an awesome, killer, circuit workout check out my guest post over at Life of Brooke and Jane. I even have some fancy pics to show you the moves(thanks Bebop;)).
 photo IMG_2159_zpsb4dec970.jpg

My sisters came over yesterday, so of course we had to try out my mom’s new pool. Verdict: it’s wonderful.
 photo EA510A05-B689-4A6D-9119-E7C31274D859_zpsez9qdexr.jpg

Me and my mom are hat nerds.I’ve recently become very cautious about the sun and my skin. I always put a bunch of sun block on J to protect his skin, so why wouldn’t I do the same for myself?
 photo C5BEE498-96D3-46A4-AC9A-00A4339C3F93_zpsczg0nrjd.jpg

Since I played all day, last night after dinner I decided to tackle a corner of my backyard. If you remember when we first moved in, the yard was soooo over grown/neglected(in that post you can see the backyard in the background. My goal is just to have the whole yard gutted by winter so next spring I can start making it beautiful. Last night I filled 3 giant bags. Yard work is exhausting!

 photo 3E81D414-C1C6-44BB-9875-8383155151F8_zps6bcsldgq.jpg

anyone else suffering from a heat wave??

hot tub or pool fan?



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Stretching, meeting new friends, and shirtless


monday- 4 miles +strength circuit

Yesterday’s workout was a killer! I can’t wait to share it with you, but it’s going to have to wait until tomorrow(: Until then, here’s a friendly reminder to ssttrreetch. It’s very important in preventing injuries. You’re welcome.
 photo E1BC4404-976D-4F55-943A-FD3718096F9A_zpsivao01rm.jpg
After a great workout I got to work scrubbing bathrooms(like everyday since J has been potty trained ha),grocery shopping, and of course painting with J. I love Mondays because we get back on schedule and we usually stick around the house cleaning, and just simply playing. Because we do that on Monday’s the rest of the week we get to play!
 photo 05F56736-1F7E-4E48-8502-3CDA70512898_zpsicrslefe.jpg

We did, however, go to a BBQ last night. It was so much fun. If you know me in real life you know I’m a talker. I LOVE  being social and getting to know people. If you know my husband, he is the complete opposite. Since last night was a BBQ for all his employees(that he already knows) it was so fun for the both of us. I’m so sad I didn’t get a picture with everyone. Just of J who soaked all of his clothes and had to borrow some(thanks again Emily) and ran around the party shirtless. At least he had his cousin there being his partner in crime.
 photo 94A40C7D-493D-4B25-88D9-854CDB13B00C_zpsfxedkyuw.jpg

what is your favorite BBQ food?—watermelon for sure!!

if you could only use an elliptical, treadmill, or stair climber for the rest of your life, what would it be?


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Draper Days and Moving

Saturday morning we all got up early to help my parents move into their house. We got a lot of help from my brother in laws, uncle, and father in law. It was so much fun seeing all my childhood memories fill the new house. It was really sad to see my parents sell the house I lived in for 18 years, but I think they are so happy about their new house.
 photo F21EACFF-23C1-4CB0-9E27-7F294A4872E5_zpsnqhykzf8.jpg

I mentioned this weekend is also Draper Days. We’re usually in Lake Powell this weekend so it was fun to go and enjoy all the festivities. They had bounce houses, trampolines, water balls, concerts, vendors, food trucks, performers. The list goes on and on, and we loved walking around and seeing it all. J loved the bounce house that looked like Batman, and I really enjoyed the pineapple ice cream slurpee=)

 photo 7E35F1CD-FD36-490D-9781-E64D779648EF_zpsmkmgrscu.jpg
 photo D513561A-D646-4537-9085-0D269455BE67_zpsaatswjqq.jpg
 photo 27A867BE-51A6-417D-8707-A71B52BA2582_zpsfrvbqhmk.jpg
We didn’t stay for the concert or fireworks, but we were able to watch the fireworks from our house. We had a lot of fun, but Sunday was a very nice rest day. We had my parents over for dinner, and of course had Sunday cookies.

Just a short post today, I hope everyone is making today a great one! I’m getting my run on today and some strength training.

what are you doing to move?

does your city have a festival each year?

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Fantastic Friday

Yesterday was such a fun summer day. I took the day off from a set workout and J and I headed to the water park with friends and family. It has been so hot here in UT and yesterday was just pleasant so it made for a great time going down water slides, jumping in the pool, and eating lots of strawberries.
 photo 4164F826-1CE0-408C-AF55-385D25D8A18F_zpsmmru0wyh.jpg
Later on, my parents got the keys to their new house! They are so excited and I’m really excited for them. This weekend we help them move in and get all settled.
 photo 95FE6EC1-34D7-4FA7-8DF2-72B0DF35236A_zps3tdmufsc.jpg
This weekend is also Draper Days where all weekend long the city celebrates with parades, concerts, outdoor movies, a festival, and more. Last night they had a outdoor concert and movie, The Lego Movie. It was so fun to be out late on a summer night. J had so much fun dancing, and made it till about 11pm! We left right before the ending so we weren’t stuck in traffic.
 photo B7F3F762-4171-4F75-9C8C-9A6961B78F3D_zpswgeb3cwp.jpglike his big shoes? He wanted to wear his ‘cool nikes’
 photo EB177F28-94E5-4116-91A4-5BD91DAA2D35_zpsnuapwk2r.jpg

The last time we were able to participate in Draper Days was when I was pregnant with J, just about 3 years ago!
 photo 0DC94A27-4D0C-461E-B304-75509937E0F1_zps1wi80abf.jpg

what were you doing 3 years ago?

what’s your current favorite movie?


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Walking on an incline is no joke!


wednesday- 3 mile walk with my mom

I love being able to go on walks with my mom. Walking up a large hill/incline is no joke! It’s a great workout and even better break from my usual running.Then, my mom even took a foot selfie with me haha
 photo 99E5439C-8FC1-4031-BEEA-311239BF2EC2_zpsca9igtek.jpg

I needed new tires on my car baadd so yesterday we headed out and walked around the shops nearby. PS why are tires so dang expensive? boo. After all our walking, J was ready for a pick me up, so we stopped into Jamba. I worked at Jamba through college and every time I walk in I’m so glad I’m not the one wearing the bright neon hat haha
 photo 656B5AF8-A766-4D1B-A460-3C8C967FBB70_zpsih4nrtjw.jpg
J was pretty tired by then, so we went home for naps, yes plural I sometimes sneak naps during the day(: Then we were both ready to play some more. While he played, I tried to find some paint colors for my house. I mentioned the other day my dream house, and I’m hoping to find a paint close to that one. My mom and I tried asking the owners what paint color they used, but he was not going to share that information. People can be so funny.
 photo AC890ED6-969C-471D-B571-EF60AE9DD4D6_zpswy3qocbz.jpg

Then we headed to the library. Josh and I are trying to find some good books for our long flight to Singapore in a few weeks. Don’t worry, I found mine…Harry Potter for the win!
 photo 36B5BCC5-772B-4A52-BD1C-F345B9DF635B_zpszzoiewvt.jpg

any other good reads I should know about?

what’s your favorite jamba drink?


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Pushing yourself is hard!


tuesday- 4 miles on TM + shoulder shaper workout NTC

I finally pushed myself yesterday and it was really hard, but so rewarding. You can’t get anywhere unless you try right? I think it’s hard for me to try sometimes because I’d rather not fail or get out of my comfort zone. I’m glad I listened to my own motivation in yesterday’s post and all of your sweet comments and got up and got back in the groove.

I did the Shoulder Shaper workout from the NTC app and it was such a great workout. It suggests using 8-12lb dumbbell, but I stuck with a 3lber ha seriously, I was dying with just that. This workout is perfect to do at home and if you don’t have weights use 2 soup cans or no weights, it will still work you out. (3 sets of each exercise for 1 minute).
 photo cc1c20c0-7140-449b-9c43-a980ffa874ea_zpsef505f5e.png
 photo C65E2020-B3DA-4ECB-8366-2154394F60EF_zpszpk48idn.jpg
Yesterday I got to take 2 of the coolest ladies around to lunch for their Birthdays. I’m so grateful I made such great friends in my old neighborhood and that I’m still live nearby.
 photo 9B5182FC-66CC-4FB8-95E3-A78929DF4C65_zpsvcogrctx.jpg
The rest of the day J just wanted to chill. I’m not sure if he’s getting sick or what, but he just wanted to hang out at home. He waited all day for Josh to get home because he just “wanted to play castles with dad” and as I type this the floor above me is quaking with running feet and laughter. It doesn’t matter that it’s passed J’s bedtime, they are up there playing castles haha
Earlier I made a yummy homemade chicken alfredo. But of course this happened first…
 photo F3E5433C-C9D4-4391-BF58-942CC8DBF98A_zps8dvtkup6.jpg
 photo 744DA6EE-6F08-4982-A0AB-D0E2BD1FC749_zpscmmidbgj.jpg
After dinner I got to go have a girls night with my college friends at Shaylin’s house. Her baby is getting so big! The last I saw him he was in the NICU. Sad we missed Amanda who is living in TX now.

  photo 28383E58-D8E5-462E-8166-A74711E7FE2D_zpsa54bzf5l.jpg

Great day, and I’m hoping to roll it over to tomorrow with a run outside!

what motivates you to push yourself?

do you eat when you first wake up or do you wait awhile?

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So Running….

So I haven’t been running much at all. This wasn’t totally on purpose, but it’s happened. You know what happens when you take an unexpected break from running? It’s a little bit hard to get back in the groove. You know what else happens? I usually go on a run and it’s awesome and then I’m all, “I love running!!!” all over again ha So I’m hoping while you’re reading this I’m on a run and I feel like a million bucks after….

Since I haven’t been running, what have I been up to? A whole lot of fun let me tell ya.

Like hunting snails with J and his cousins. J checks for snails every day and finds like 30. They gross me out, but something about him having fun with him makes me want to get this sign for his room.
 photo b694104e-e894-4ec3-9dd7-04d6e14fedeb_zps933ad6f0.png
 photo 113ECEA6-6C41-4D2C-A12F-1D484F2CC02A_zpsg595e87m.jpg
I’ve also been day dreaming about this house and how I’m going to transform my current house into it. . . somehow(stay tuned).
 photo F2434C5B-A22A-4A76-A2FB-3A59B0B1099B_zpsn3o9pdum.jpg
Hanging out with with family. We had a BBQ over at our house last night and it was so fun! I have an easy delicious baked beans recipe coming your way soon!
 photo FA248AC9-AC69-4061-8A66-DE538EE961E4_zpsjmh9akgd.jpg

Teaching J how to take a selfie of his feet(I need to get him some sweet running shoes).
 photo 2A5434F3-77F1-40E2-A1C2-6579204A4182_zpsujrvgydq.jpg
You know, I’ve been busy with all the important stuff;)

Here’s the motivation I’m using to get out the door today, hope it helps you too!

 photo a32578e3-7070-41b1-be72-45023d42357b_zpsf529e265.png
what’s your workout today?

what are you doing when you’re not running?


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