Friday Favs: workouts, food, and play what more do you need


wednesday- 2 miles + legs

 photo ea772b92-29b8-462f-aca1-869499d4d749_zps3qjh4dif.jpg

thursday- 3 miles + shoulder workout

 photo 20B3AB42-9B14-49AA-A747-D1DE1040F801_zpsrfxlbuwi.jpg

This week’s of workouts I’ve been trying to focus on weights. I read in my pregnancy update that squats are a great workout to prepare for labor. During my workouts I always feel really good, (don’t mistake good for easy because it’s far from it) and I love being able to still work out. I know it’ll pay off in the end so I want to keep it up.

Friday Favs

We had so much fun with Josh’s cousin(we’ll call her G staying with us. J is going through withdrawals not having a buddy all the time. I can’t wait to give him a best friend once baby girl is here.
G loved doing J’s hair and he was so embarrassed by this particular hair do hence the smug smile. He looks like Wreck it Ralph=)

 photo 54DD5F91-8E18-4069-B883-DB6F21E33772_zpsqskl2pjh.jpg

Of course more tacos! I tried to replicate the ones I had at Zoa’s the other weekend. I bought a chopped Asian salad mix and just added chicken to it. They turned out great and it was super easy!

 photo 2661AE9C-38A7-4BC8-A6DB-1461D8D036D0_zpsryuoifx7.jpg

Me and G got our nails done together. I can’t remember the last time I got my nails done(more than 2 years ago I think?) and it was so fun. I feel pretty fancy=)

 photo A2E0E97B-0AED-4FC4-B1DE-BDD28865EDF7_zpsorwca03k.jpg

I tried my first Wild Zucchini salad with some girlfriends. I got the Thai chicken salad and really liked the chicken. I think I’ll try a different salad next time because the pesto dressing was calling my name.

 photo BE50E227-5816-4582-80F5-088C2F15D554_zpso767zpek.jpg

what are your Friday favs?

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Essential Baby Items for Baby #2

Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone is having a great short week at work. I’m celebrating my 29th week of pregnancy and realized it’s getting down to crunch time! I have about 2 months before baby girl could be here, what?! I wanted to share some items that I’m so excited to use with baby girl that I didn’t use with Jackson. I think these items are essential to use when you have more than 1 child. After I have her I’ll have a follow up/review post to see how helpful all the items turned out to be. The following are items that most of my mom friends suggested to me, then at the bottom of the post is more suggestions from a poll I took on Facebook.


Essential Items for Baby #2

1. Covered Goods Multi-use Cover

I got my sister one of these after seeing my friend using one. With an active toddler who knows where I’ll be when I need to nurse. This cover allows me to be anywhere and be fully covered(and in the back). I love that you can use this as a car seat cover or grocery cart cover too!  photo 8697f670-7dfb-4f24-82b0-4a06fd5264ee_zpsq1vrygel.png

I received this one, and can’t wait to use it. You can find more styles here.

2. Happy Baby Wrap I used a sling with J, but he I worried about him suffocating in it and decided I wanted to try a wrap. I was given this slate grey one and can’t wait to use it. I think when we’re at the zoo, park or even the mall I can just strap her on me and still have 2 free hands.  photo 30cd75c0-1046-4421-a834-be7f857a1c83_zpsdz5ufd0z.png

3. Petunia Pickle Bottom Backpack Diaper Bag Josh got me a gift card for Christmas to get a new diaper bag. I was shocked how expensive they can be! With J I used a diaper bag my MIL got me, but then I converted to an over sized purse. With baby #2 I think it will be nice to have a diaper bag that has all the pockets and room for ALL THE THINGS babies need. I loved that this diaper bag can be a back pack allowing me to have free hands and it weigh on my one shoulder. I waited till they had their sale and got this bag for half off, score!  photo c8bfbe0c-347d-4760-9886-3e443357ae6e_zpszpw0usdq.png

4. Sophie Kate Moccasins J never wore moccasins, but now I see them everywhere! They’re adorable, versatile, and so easy to put on. With 2 kids anything that makes getting ready easier is a plus. I was given these and cannot wait to put them on baby girl. There are so many cute styles and colors and they last since they’re made of leather.

 photo 06891ced-7165-43de-861a-0b58a2d0812d_zpslgzkbmnt.png

5. Swaddle Blanket

Okay, so this one I’m cheating a little…I used these with J and LOVED them. I love how light weight they are and they’re pretty big. I always had one in my bag to swaddle him in, or use to put on the ground so he could play, or if you for got your nursing cover they’re great and breathable so you and baby don’t get hot. You can find these at Target, TJ Maxx, and boutiques(they’ll be more expensive though).  photo d12bc330-371d-43a1-beb8-1e3a4f904c17_zpsawgps9f9.png Here are YOUR answers from my Facebook poll:

1. Double Jogger-if you run with kids, this one was highly recommended.

BOB Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller

2. Baby carrier-different from a wrap, and more supportive. I definitely want to add this to my list. The Ergo carrier was mentioned several times as a great option.

Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier - Dewdrop

3. Sit and Stand Stroller- Graco makes one that holds up to 50lbs per child

Graco Roomfor2 Classic Connect ™ Stand & Ride Stroller - Metropolis

4. Baby wraps- like the one mentioned in my #2

5. Some other cute answers were: diapers, ear plugs, a nanny, and the ability to take a deep breath.

Hope these were helpful, if you have any more tips please share!

This post is sponsored by Covered Goods and Happy Baby Wrap. All opinions are my own.

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Memorial Day 2015(Run of Remembrance Recap)


monday-10k(6.2) with Heather, Bree and Mom

Memorial Day wasn’t quite as sunny as last year, but it was still a great day to reflect on all our freedoms. I love starting the day with the Run of Remembrance race because I always reflect on how blessed we are to live in such a wonderful country because of so many men and women who sacrificed and still sacrifice their life for all of us.

The Run of Remembrance is a free race that Heather and I have been participating in for 3 years and my mom and Bree of for 2 years. There’s a 10k, 5k and 1 mile kids run. This year Bree decided to run her first ever 10k with Heather and I and my mom did the 5k.

We went into the race knowing that if at any time Heather or I felt off we could walk or drop down to the 5k(I’m 29 weeks prego and Heather is 18).

 photo 6331B4B7-E3AD-41FF-8D08-FEFD4F70E03A_zpsn9w0ldb9.jpg

Miles 1-3

My legs felt so incredibly heavy! I felt like we had ran 6 miles and we were only at the 2 mile marker. I started doubting myself and what I was doing. Luckily, I hill came and we walked up it. I needed a little break because my legs were just so clunky. Mile 2-3 flew by and I started feeling good again.

 photo BD18ACB9-2DE7-401C-8280-C4B4AA1C8424_zps0pyjcbcx.jpg

Miles 4-6.2

At mile 4 I had to go to the bathroom so bad. I didn’t even think about the porta potties(spelling? haha) because I’ve never needed them before. Since this was a free race, they didn’t have any set up on the course. I couldn’t run because it was causing a bad side ache and I felt so bad that Bree and Heather were forced to walk(they were the best and stuck with me). Finally Heather spotted a porta pottie on a construction site and we bee lined over to it. After that, I felt great and we were off. We ran the last 2 miles without stopping in the sprinkling rain and it was great!

 photo B260219F-D9A5-42DF-B068-3D991D6536BA_zpsjm94szwh.jpg

My mom had waited for us near the finish and ran the last stretch with us, it was so fun. I feel so grateful to be active and to do it with family and friends.

 photo D7A2BC62-F82D-4400-A5A9-48A825E626EC_zpsz8ylbr4j.jpg

 photo 37B44650-6DA9-4EDC-82F7-34DDF1A29808_zpsb9iacwxo.jpg


The rest of the day I took it easy. J and his cousin that’s staying with us played play doh, in the sand box, on the trampoline, and were so good to me. We ate lunch then headed to the park since the weather was clearing up.

After the park, Josh and the kids got slurpees and we drove around too look at the cemeteries filled with flowers. We tried to explain to J what the day meant, but I’m not sure he got it.

takin a break to eat some snacks
 photo D2CB4C8E-0B59-4602-9F8E-275DB967FC70_zpsrksqfegc.jpg

 photo 1FF6F3DB-4898-48AA-A7F2-37C22064EC0E_zps2sgvud62.jpg

 photo B68648EE-5E5B-4A23-B451-CB6B55AC6A86_zpsowhipepg.jpg

We headed home and I made brownies for the BBQ at my mom’s house.  The food was great and the kids had a blast playing till it was late.

 photo C914E4C8-008E-4D17-8A2F-060AD045DBE4_zpstdhqgaml.jpg

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day.

favorite bbq staple?

when a race starts off bad, how do you recover?

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Wknd Highliights: aquarium, teeter totters and a guest


friday- 2 miles + stretching

 photo 3A914F0F-65DB-4295-99B0-E12D93B6AB8E_zpsxiwmrtco.jpg


Happy Memorial Day! I’m so grateful for all those who have sacrificed their life so that me and my family can live in a wonderful place with so many freedoms. This morning I’m running a Freedom Run 10k, a great way to start the holiday reflecting on those that gave so much for you and me.

Backing up to this weekend.Thursday night Josh’s cousin came to stay with us while her parents are on a fun getaway. J has been so excited to have her here. We watched Beauty and the Beast(J’s first time) and had popcorn and otter pops.

 photo 9B0262EA-7730-475C-8478-5A2E9D88C361_zpslibugdim.jpg

Friday we met up with Josh’s family and the Curiosity Museum. It was a lot of fun! I have LOVED having a pass to Thanksgiving Point, totally worth it. I think the highlight was the playground outside. J stood in a huge line so patiently to ride this zip line. This kid has no fear!

His face looks scared, but I promise he was not!
 photo 4635C638-1EC7-4E5C-A8FA-E86E70681160_zpsvabcyttm.jpg

Him and Cal also loved the teeter totter and spent a good half hour on them. That night everyone came over for pizza and treats(thanks Lee Ann!) it was a great night.

 photo F758C5D1-498C-41BA-87A2-5B2E624515B6_zpspwa4gwjw.jpg

I didn’t get a run in on Saturday because I woke up with a sore throat and cold. I didn’t feel horrible but I didn’t want to make it worse and then not be able to run this morning. Instead, we went to the aquarium.  None of us had been before so we checked it out. It’s pretty amazing(locals it’s the new one in Draper). We all had a great time exploring and watching a short 3d film.

the sleeping otters(and J and his map)
 photo AD05B88A-51FD-413B-951B-269743F872A2_zpsfnqmvuo9.jpg

 photo 718F53EB-7CCA-4F26-AB48-5F47386FAC86_zpsk1w2c8w3.jpg

 photo 09017406-019C-467B-B57C-AA42957972FE_zpszdeaynei.jpg

 photo 4B1581BE-5924-4ECE-86F1-9765974EB964_zps5ig8zwzg.jpg

Later on we went to my in laws and snuck away for a date at the Porcupine Grill. My taco obsession is still going strong, and these did not disappoint. Unfortunately, later on, they did. I was up all Saturday night with food poisoning=( Sunday I felt great and hydrated like crazy!

 photo 419B6137-0151-4257-A499-A921864C4D43_zpsy5ziufhx.jpg

Sunday night after church, we ate dinner at my in laws. Roast dinners are my all time fav dinner, they never get old. Me and my little buddy being silly(it’s gonna be so weird when it’s not just me and him all the time).

 photo B3747155-CD30-4F2F-BD85-2EDBA6A1F275_zps84e9qufp.jpg

who’s running a race today?

how did you spend your long weekend?

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Friday Favs: a new makeup artist in town


wednesday- 5 miles outside with Heather + 2 sets of 15 squats, 15 sumo squats, 15 lunges(each side)

 photo B4D2AD48-366F-4587-8A7F-46814A75870E_zpsrzsvkkgo.jpg

thursday- 2 miles on TM+ arm definer NTC workout

 photo C906D527-5AAB-4013-8D63-055E8742FCDB_zpshawpvwkt.png


Friday Favs

1. J and I were bored one night and he asked if he could put lipstick on me. I agreed because, why not? Well things escalated quickly and here was the end result. He originally said he was gonna make me look fancy for dad but as he was putting more make up on he says, ” yours kinda looking scary,mom” hahaha Yes, yes I did.

 photo 373E0F5F-4465-407B-B49B-2D0FDAC676CD_zpsaxwntmoz.jpg

2. I made, and by made I mean put in the oven, a Marie Calendar Razzleberry pie for my mom’s bday. I’m still dreaming about it, I just want more.

 photo FEDBF158-2649-407C-AF95-0B36591F9269_zpsm8w1fbpb.jpg

3. Went on a date with Josh and I’m proud to say I can still see my feet=)

 photo 37EC599F-E500-4722-9C72-D82EC3C7B899_zpspfvdjqpy.jpg

4. J insists on making his own sandwiches. He’s so independent, but he better still need me when he’s scared or hurt. I’m not ready for him to be ‘too cool’ for mom.

 photo 70B46440-C45B-45E8-B81C-D0E5C120FAFA_zpskk30lovb.jpg

5. I came down stairs the other day and J had put chocolate eggs(yes leftover from Easter) in his yogurt. Smart kid.

 photo 6BC98C72-1695-451A-9B01-C0A091288A60_zps5gdzz90m.jpg

what was one of your highlights this week?

what are your spring goals for running?

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Baby #2 Bump Update: 27/28 weeks


tuesday-rest day

I decided to take a rest day yesterday because my right leg felt like I pulled something. Nothing major, but a day off and stretching hopefully helps and today I can enjoy my outdoor run with Heather.


Bump Update 27/28 Weeks

27 week bump

 photo 5EB9269C-5EE8-4904-B0EF-C6BEDBC44D6E_zpshwwqudx4.jpg

28 week bump

 photo 53A54159-1EBC-40C9-989F-508384B684F4_zpsnkgdvsdo.jpg

I am definitely feeling HUGE and it’s a bit scary to think I have 10 weeks left(if I have her 2 weeks early like J). At the same time, I’m still feeling really good and love seeing her move and little jabs on my stomach. It’s seriously one of the coolest feelings. I feel so blessed to be able to carry this sweet girl and it’s going by so fast!

Maternity Clothes

Yes. I just got a giant bin from my sister Leah and can’t wait to wear all the tops. I’m still wearing these jeans like every day or skirts. Skirts are super comfy and once it warms up I’ll prob wear them 24/7.


Sleep is still good. I just toss and turn a lot(and it’s hard work to move side to side ha) but I’m sleeping fine. Sometimes I wake up on my back and freak myself out because they say not to lay on your back, and hope I wasn’t laying like that for long.

Best Moment

I had my 28 week appt/glucose test. I loved hearing her strong heart beat and getting the test over with. I passed, meaning my levels are fine and I don’t have gestational diabetes. I honestly don’t mind the drink at all, it just tastes like flat Sprite. The blood test they do makes me queasy, but not horrible.

 photo 0AB01A2B-1571-4289-A817-6908D835A522_zpsw19bhfhb.jpg


Yes! I feel her a lot and I’m at the point in my pregnancy that if I stop feeling her I have to call my Dr. So she’s pretty active!

Food Aversions

Same thing as last time, chocolate or tomato based things give me heart burn. Luckily, Tums work for me and so I can still enjoy my pizza and pico.

Food Cravings

I’m still loving tacos, pico, and fresh fruit. Nectarines right now are so delicious. I love having fruit at night or a bowl of not so healthy cereal(current fav: captain crunch)

 photo 912BB7D4-A149-4538-ADE5-E1B1E5E536D4_zps9cvdnytu.jpg

 photo D84BEA4F-1F06-4B09-B638-041B036F5438_zpsqfkblogv.jpg


I’m still working out pretty regularly and I’m able to run. I have a Memorial Day 10k that Heather, Bree and I are going to walk/run. I’m loving my support band. You can’t even notice under my shirts and the adjustable straps in the front and on the sides really help me feel supported.

 photo 560555D1-18B7-436C-9FDE-52D6916F540B_zpsplc12mr8.jpg

 photo CF1C821E-3155-476B-BA37-E4B3683B4C6C_zpsoqyg1yta.jpg

I’m still working on nesting, and I’ll share the projects as I finish them. I feel like a ticking time bomb, so we’ll see haha

what’s your fav late night snack?

what shows are you currently loving?

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wknd highlights 5/15-17


friday- 3 miles on Tm

saturday- 4 miles outside with Bree + arms

This weekend was pretty relaxing. We got a lot of rain and hung out inside which was a nice change of pace.

Saturday me and my little sis Bree barely beat the rain for our early morning run. 4 miles and then I came home and did a few weights.

 photo 17FC5625-E069-41A1-BDF7-23E74E721538_zpshdp3xoah.jpg

 photo E9AA4FE2-3412-4587-9E31-AC7D6F9374C2_zpszfwkqdin.jpg

Here are a few of our weekend highlights=)

1. Cuddling with J. We watched Nanny Mcphee and just relaxed, I loved it!

 photo C15430DF-5AC3-43CA-A97F-742C10F1C02E_zpsomuld1na.jpg

2. We tried a new restaruant called Zoa. I got the tacos with chicken and I thought it was so good. It has everything a regular taco would have, but the sauce is an Asian peanut sauce and I loved it.

 photo 912BB7D4-A149-4538-ADE5-E1B1E5E536D4_zps9cvdnytu.jpg

3.We also tried Rita’s for dessert for the first time. I wasn’t a fan. Turns out custard tastes a lot like whip cream and I do not like whip cream. The shaved ice was pretty tasty though.

 photo 085A2715-5A13-44DA-8DC8-423139D0584C_zpsuv96vfkt.jpg

4. Playing with old friends. It had been too long since I’ve seen my friends Emily and Brittany, so it was so fun to have them and their kids over.

 photo F76E0E58-894D-427B-8F2C-094ACC508E4A_zpsnbohss4x.jpg

5. Celebrating my mom! She’s the best and I love that we got to celebrate her birthday this weekend. She got to do what she loves most, hold her newest grand baby. I made a ham and potato dinner for her and everyone came over. We found the kids have a dance party in our ‘Tiki Room’ haha

 photo BE109B60-586A-476B-ACFC-687944EFAF56_zpsb6njce05.jpg

 photo 75AEBDC3-8935-4544-9394-0EEC19AB166D_zpsx9llzhax.jpg

are you a fan of custard?

what was a highlight from your weekend?

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Friday Favs: painting the house


thursday- 3 miles + squats and lunges

I was not feeling the treadmill yesterday so I made my workout into a circuit. That’s my favorite thing to do to break up a treadmill run even if it’s only 3 miles.

Run 1 mile

15 sumo squats

15 regular squats

10 lunges on each side

8 tooshie lifts each side


 photo 8124A7D0-3B99-4611-955D-7C08ACFA4027_zpsngu4tcxr.jpg

Friday Favs

1. This salad. It’s one of my very favorites during the summer. I cooked the chicken in the crock pot with lemon pepper then added bacon bits, slivered almonds,strawberries, feta cheese, and poppy seed dressing.

 photo B8E47A3B-FA54-44E0-A7B3-251585035AFD_zpsxipk1y94.jpg

2. Josh is tackling the outside of the house. He started painted the backside of the house the other day and I’m loving it! We finally agreed on a color(Fashion Grey by Behr) with white trim. It’s a huge project and I’m so grateful he enjoys sprucing up the house as much as me.

 photo 22D23EA8-F25D-4A64-95F0-28237F11DC01_zpsfdc5pejf.jpg

 photo 8390058F-1D91-447E-B079-ACF1AC46D456_zpsh5bvlc67.jpg

3. 27 weeks and a few days. She is sitting so differently than J. I feel like she’s going out and J sat a lot lower. I’m loving the belly and love that I can still be active and feel good. The hot summer will be here soon so I’m soaking up the cloudy days=)
please excuse the dirty mirror haha
 photo 5EB9269C-5EE8-4904-B0EF-C6BEDBC44D6E_zpshwwqudx4.jpg

4. Girls night! Last night I ate out with my girls and it was so fun. I love catching up and Josh and J had fun on their boys night. I can’t wait for baby girl to come then we’ll be even in the house.

 photo C89AD966-DF1A-44E0-AF1A-8E4AF48C4563_zpslrttfyom.jpg

what was your workout today?

what’s your favorite salad right now?

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Guest Bathroom Revamped


tuesday- rest

wednesday- 4 mile walk with my mom

Lately the weather has been warm but stormy. My mom and I got up early and walked while it was still nice out, but the clouds were rolling in.

 photo 969D33E1-D6D7-4D19-952A-159CF317720A_zpsnhoa5ule.jpg

This week I’ve been busy nesting. Organizing any pile that I find and painting rooms that I’ve been meaning to get to. My latest project was the guest bathroom upstairs that J mainly uses and so will baby girl.


 photo IMG_3905_zpswapr9gbx.jpg

 photo IMG_3908_zpsdkbliq7d.jpg


 photo IMG_3918_zpsjkviccwa.jpg

 photo IMG_3917_zpskzbseoqm.jpg

Cabinets: Boothbay Grey by Benjamin Moore

Wall color: Horizon by Benjamin Moore

I replaced the knobs on the cabinet, removed the toilet paper holder, painted the mirror frame, replaced the towel holder, and renewed the grout using this in the ‘snow white’ color.

 photo 8FE57D19-FEC4-479F-9CD0-B76D9D157A61_zpspakbxehi.png
That was the most time consuming part. I used a toothbrush and damp cloth. The trick is to do a small section at a time because it dries fast! You have to wipe off the excess before it dries too much. I would only do 3 lines then wipe, then do 3 more lines.


 photo A3B97F3A-B645-43DC-81BB-132B51C433C4_zps2td5udvg.jpg


 photo 87E5CCF6-7969-4665-B634-FA16890B6661_zpsqcynp9cu.jpg

 photo FB43CE06-BF78-4584-BB08-C24DAC51BBCB_zpsgosjbuxj.jpg

It took me 2 days and I think it makes a world of difference! I’m still on the lookout for some pictures for the wall so let me know if you know of a good place!

Let me know if you have any questions

what color is your room currently?

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Adi’s Wedding (part 2/2) and J’s Grandma Date


monday- 5 miles on TM + stretching

I woke up yesterday morning feeling pretty lazy. We had such a great time in Arizona and I just wanted to do nothing, but had a ‘to do’ list that was a mile long. So I decided to get up and just run a few miles, but then I felt really good and I kept going. I LOVE those kinds of days. My left foot was feeling a little off, but I think it’s from wearing heals all weekend.

 photo 96F782C8-9056-4C1C-AE8A-C3B0077D3B32_zpsvtuhnqx6.jpg


Speaking of weekend, we left off on Saturday night, the ceremony and reception. We headed to the Omni Resort for their ceremony outside. It was gorgeous weather and the ceremony was beautiful.

The cocktail hour had delicious appetizers and drinks(we hit the ginger ale hard;))

 photo F27481F9-2342-4F6B-B6AC-34C80E6E6303_zpsch95zpvv.jpg

Then it was onto the reception. It was incredible! I think this was one of the nicest weddings I’ve ever been a guest to. The service was amazing and the food was incredible. The couples first dance was so sweet and the live band took it to the next level. Oh and the photo booth, this was my fav pic.

 photo 8837F75D-F5BD-4E23-86F8-E2876A39BD07_zpsuamizfmx.jpg

Main course
 photo E48E56CD-E1ED-47A9-A342-CF9DD90FE60F_zpslexwnp8h.jpg

 photo B508B7AF-EF56-440F-B24F-0EDABEFD2946_zpsqfitjxhy.jpg

I think one of my favorite parts was dancing with Josh. It was so fun and we just laughed and laughed because I’m a goofy dancer(add the belly and it’s quite a scene).

 photo 2077D819-DDDE-409D-AB16-B1294926D314_zpsr4w4v1ep.jpg

We said our goodbyes and Sunday after church we headed home. I’m so glad my parents were able to watch J so we could have such a fun weekend with Josh’s family. Thanks again Addie and Mike!!

We spent Mother’s Day at my sisters with my mom. Leah made the best salmon dinner!


The rest of my Monday I caught up on laundry and started another house project. I think it’s safe to say my ‘nesting stage’ has begun. I’m starting with our guest bathroom and then I have a few other projects before I get to the nursery. We’ll see how much energy I have to get it all done. The below pic is my inspiration. I actually got quite a bit done yesterday, but I’m not finished so I’ll show pics when it’s all done.

 photo A931B1E9-2DD2-4DBC-8DFE-9E24BC3D0AC3_zps7ie5xfw5.png

I was able to get so much done today because Lee Ann, my awesome mother in-law took J for half the day! J and her go on these little dates, it’s the cutest thing. He gets all excited, picks out his outfit, and grabbed his money bag. I thought they’d be gone an hour or so, but she kept him busy for more than 3 hours and brought him home nice and tired. She’s the best! They rode the train at the mall, ate a spiderman popsicle, and so much more. He’s one lucky kid.

 photo B26C950C-D50B-4E1A-91A9-896F10797095_zps0re4bqcs.jpg

 photo 15ED46CA-FF0D-4B97-B5A7-13D2D1DFC973_zpsirpwnvpz.jpg

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