Jasckson’s first day of Preschool

Jackson had his first day of preschool yesterday! I know you’ve heard me mention it a lot in anticipation, but the day came and went. There’s 4 moms in the neighborhood that got together and purchased preschool curriculum. Several of my friends kids didn’t make the preschool cut off and I wasn’t ready to send J to preschool at the local school yet. It turned out perfect! Each of us take a turn teaching 2 days a week one week out of the month(the 5th week of certain months we’ll go on field trips). The curriculum was about $90 each for the whole year(we bought the curriculum for the whole year at a discount in March, but they send you each month’s packet monthly). Here’s a link to what curriculum we use here.

J was really excited to go, but he was confused that he wasn’t riding a bus or going to the middle school that we pass everyday by our house. I had to explain to him that he was just going to his friends Derek’s house. He actually cried for a few minutes and didn’t want me to leave, but he eventually calmed down. When I picked him up he was really excited to show me his art, numbers, and his hand that his teacher traced for him. I really enjoyed the 2.5 hours I got to clean bathrooms, vacuum, and  run to Target. I’m excited to try some new workouts during that time too!

 photo 2f72b49e-f954-40f5-8dd3-49eae72570ad_zpsaecfa13a.jpg
After I picked up J we headed to my mom’s for lunch so he could tell her and my sister all about his day. We took a few more pics there with the “My first day of preschool” sign.

  photo e686a0a8-e51f-4db8-919f-2f3a55fb7445_zps4c47ebb2.jpg

Then we headed to my MIL’s so she could hear about his day and to make peach jam. My in laws have 2 peach trees that give sooo many peaches every year. This year we decided to use this recipe(altered slightly) to make peach jam. It was a success! We also put some in bags to freeze for smoothies.
 photo IMG_2399_zps7efbc150.jpg
 photo IMG_2402_zpsf732fc53.jpg
Since I didn’t get done making Jam till about 5pm I made a stop at Cafe Rio for dinner. It had been too long since we ate there, and it was so good.
 photo 04731503-41F7-4B91-B8FA-1AFBAC13957B_zpscmnnltvz.jpg
Let’s end on a random tip shall we? Don’t use your curling iron in Singapore without a serge protector because when you bring it home said curling iron will be broken:( Luckily, I’ve bought the same one since high school from Target for $10!

 photo 98840306-4275-4241-94B4-CE627095D75C_zpsb1wqu4f1.jpg

 photo E58FCBEF-AE63-4740-9376-769E20A45700_zpsk3tlxqi3.jpg
Happy Wednesday!!

what kind of curling iron, flat iron do you use?

peaches or nectarines?



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Keeping up with the boys

Monday-5 miles outside

How’s everyone feeling after a long weekend? The best part about those is how fast this week will feel. I’m not wishing away this week, actually I would like to make it go as slow as possible. J starts his first day of joy school today!! I can’t believe it, and I want to soak up all these feelings and our first big milestone together. I’ll share pics tomorrow.

Any who, my Labor Day started with a 5 mile run.
Anyone get so annoyed with this??
 photo 273E673D-DE9B-4123-A678-C5F7E8626486_zpsnrkdeped.jpg
After finally locating satellites I was happily running when a group of high school cross country boys passed me… Oh no they didn’t! I stuck right with them for 2 miles until I was at my turn around. 8:15 miles, and it felt good! Amazing what I can run when I feel competition ha
 photo AEBE16BC-0C6B-4B2C-8926-A94CE460F473_zps6lzbwlsa.jpg

(And yes I took this creepy pic of them, don’t judge)

When I got home Josh and I did lots of yard work. We are still gutting our yard and hoping to get it all cleaned out by the time winter rolls around. We were pretty exhausted. J happily rode his bike around and found snails.
We tried finding some good sales but everything was so picked over, no luck:/
That night we went to my parents for a BBQ. Food was great and it was so fun to have my parents and in laws together.
 photo F14AE63A-8805-412B-A7DA-BA6763C0211B_zps0sovvzgu.jpg

 photo 2E46022B-1DC2-4F58-8D28-742B72AF9F9A_zpssxly47p9.jpg
(Sorry for the creepy eyes)

Overall, such a great weekend. Now I’m off to take way too many photos of J on his first day of preschool!

how was your Labor Day?
are you competitive?

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boating is better than lifting weights

Happy 1st of September(my Bday is officially in less than a week!!) I hope most of you are still enjoying your long weekend today. We definitely have had a great weekend filled with a lot of family and I wouldn’t ask for it any other way. Today I’m hoping to scope out some Labor Day sales but enough about that, let’s talk about the weekend.

Friday night, I posted a pic on Instagram stating it was date night, but I was mistaken. How could I forget football season!? So, I actually got to stay in my grubby clothes all night, and get In N Out(it was so so good). That also means I won’t see my husband for a few months…Luckily, Josh and J can bond over that.
From instagram
 photo e5ef0a8a-8881-468d-bcd3-709568911e3e_zpsbb24e381.png

 photo F7DE6FE5-1C55-48C8-8941-B7BD78E494D7_zpsv3bgjqvl.jpg

I on the other hand, was bonding with my sister and mom while painting. My mom was brave enough to tackle her china hutch and dining room chairs. It was a large project and took 2 full days! It turned out better than expected, but you know me and white paint, I love it!

 photo A3ADAEAD-C9E8-4E22-A20A-A6C34AC6D574_zpsvz0ogt6k.jpg

Saturday my sister decided to invite all of us(me, my 2 other sisters, and all our families) onto her boat. Fortunately, we were all able to come even with short notice. It was so fun to have all the cousins play and  get to go tubing. I LOVE tubing, but since we didn’t go to Lake Powell this year we haven’t been tubing or boating at all! I’ve got some war wounds and super sore muscles, but it was totally worth it. Thanks again Neeley!

This was Mason’s face the whole time!
 photo 078C719D-995C-43A5-B578-99B39A14EE6C_zpsqrxuoyhm.jpg

 photo C6AF33A5-DA98-4ACC-82B0-EAA836D2FCDE_zps0zyijmp4.jpg

My sister Bree, my nephew Max, and me
 photo 8318C71D-4222-4D74-A7AB-CD756EFB72B0_zpsvorqaioe.jpg

Sunday my BIL Jared gave a talk in church(it’s called his homecoming talk) since he’s been home from his mission. We all went and heard him give his talk, then had a big dinner for family and friends. J loves feeding the horses with Jared and finding bugs with him ha
 photo IMG_2371_zpsf787a01e.jpg

Then I begged my boys to take a family pic with me(Josh hates pictures). This is the best one I got, I’ll take it!
 photo IMG_2379_zps2b6b19b6.jpg

tell me 3 highlights from your weekend?

anyone doing a labor day run?


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It’s been a long time since I’ve ran 6 miles


thursday- 6 miles on TM + shoulder exercises

Happy Friday everyone! I’m so excited for the long weekend, last weekend of our summer since J starts preschool on Tuesday(joy school).

I have been running a lot of shorter runs lately because I’m not training for anything. I’ve just been running for health and ‘me time.’ I’ve been wanting to get over the 3-4 mile hump I’ve been in and yesterday I had time so I went for it. I haven’t ran 6 or more miles since my half marathon 2 months ago! The plan was to run 1 mile at an easy pace and then 1 mile on an incline for 6 miles. Well, I did that for one mile and it did me in. That was fun ha. I stuck to a moderate(for me) pace the rest of the run stopping every 2 miles to do arm exercises. My legs haven’t felt tired in soo long, it’s a welcomed feeling!
 photo bef8a4dd-af58-4f5d-b175-3df9bbd74589_zps41828109.jpg

J was trying to play ninja with me while I was running. Glad I didn’t get hit with his sword, and it kept me on my toes lol and yes he’s already wearing Christmas pj’s=)
 photo 082C6230-1582-4819-9B12-1E7BADE9EF86_zpsegcke3lp.jpg

Yesterday was a beautiful day out(finally no more rain) so J and I headed to Heather’s house. The kids played and we chatted, but it wasn’t long enough. I’m missing our weekly runs but our schedules haven’t matched up lately:(
 photo D73BEC46-8123-41A5-AA37-7DC89C75E78B_zpsii6t5mnj.jpg

After meeting at the park for a preschool meeting we headed home. After J’s nap is the best time. He always wants to snuggle and I’m cherishing every moment because I know it won’t be long till he’s not into snuggling with his mom(;
 photo 232ac992-50bf-4801-a728-01cbe99daa62_zps7c75dcf4.jpg

We made some chocolate chocolate chip banana bread together too. Best decision ever, they were so good. I found the recipe here.

L photo 1714E8B7-EE79-4083-AF96-4811686E54EF_zpsowzjvklq.jpgLater, Josh and his parents and brother and I had a temple date. It was exactly what we needed, thanks Bree for babysitting.</
 photo 7A15C532-E08A-4342-BD74-CB44401B667D_zpsw8o25sji.jpg

what are your plans for the long weekend?

what’s your long run this week?



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Thursday’s Thoughts


monday- rest

tuesday-4 miles TM + leg workout


This week I feel like I’m going 10000 miles an hour. Sometimes I crave those weeks and really thrive when I have a lot going on. What better way to share with you what’s going on than too many pictures and my Thursday thoughts??

J is really into picking out his own clothes. My sister Leah just gave us a bunch of clothes her boys grew out of and J is in heaven. He loves clothes and loves to dress up in 5 outfits a day(you can find me sifting through his laundry deciding what is actually dirty ha). The other day he chose this outfit and boots and said he was ready for school.
 photo IMG_2345_zps273450d3.jpg

The fishtail braid. How has it taken me this long to realize it’s awesomeness. Perfect for days I don’t feel like doing my hair.

 photo IMG_2333_zpsf18c013f.jpg

My sister did my nails the other day and I love this pale pink color, so fresh.
 photo IMG_2339_zps85573801.jpg

This leg/outer tooshie move is the best. I was hurting for days after these(don’t let that tilted head and smile fool you).
 photo 41214203-800A-4B50-BB2D-C88D75109BF7_zpsqtfmyaki.jpg
Dinners that require veggies. I need more of them in my life, luckily J really likes them all and when we’re at the store he yells at me to buy them.
 photo IMG_2359_zps202c9668.jpg

Play dates with friends(:
 photo IMG_2362_zps2bc56dde.jpg

The reasons I’ve been busy. . . no more purple front door!
during the painting(you can still see the purple door)
 photo 62AE4607-BDEF-4B10-AF06-0BA8D9C0A9AA_zpshfaavfop.jpg
 photo 9C96C66A-35F6-44DA-A66F-B49782B1CA55_zpse5hnawyt.jpg

And I’m staining our brick. The brick in the front of our house is orange, and I’m staining it red. We have fun plans for the outside of our house, slowly but surely we’ll get it done.

It’s hard to tell in this picture, but the bricks on the right are red and the ones on the left are still orange.

  photo 76854312-CC55-493A-B5BE-AE8B73226257_zpsz2eys3bu.jpg

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Tell me 3 things about your week so far!

what is your go to outfit for everyday?

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A run that felt good and catching up


friday- legs/tooshie NTC workout

saturday- 5 miles on TM

I took a loonngg weekend break from blogging, oops! So let’s catch up.

Thursday Jackson had cousins over, moved into his big boy bed, and got his very own boba at Pirate O’s. Since getting back from our Singapore trip we decided to get rid of his binky. We just threw it away, and converted his crib into a toddler bed. J understands really well that he’s not a baby anymore and hasn’t really cared about his binky and loves his new bed. To reward him for sleeping well, he got his own boba. He kept saying,”this is so awesome, I have my very own boba!”
 photo A7BEB844-B619-467D-BC62-093989F614E5_zpsx3pxocoj.jpg

Friday after my first lower body workout in who knows how long(below), I headed to my MIL’s kindergarten class. She needed some help setting it up for the year so all us kids headed over to help. J loved playing on the playground and so did I;)
 photo 96384400-b2fc-4dd8-8df5-4693cf602b98_zps495d5eed.jpg
3 sets, each move for 1 min
 photo a43fb62b-addf-409f-89c0-f234f3d19771_zps59084e1a.png

Saturday I finally felt like my jet lag wore off. I got up, scrubbed bathrooms, caught up on laundry, and ran on the TM. It was such a great run. I knew that would happen after my bad run on Wednesday. I love when I have a good run and it makes me fall in love with the sport all over again. This song was on repeat, so good.
 photo 37be5f88-a0ca-4ffe-acdc-e845a61b31e4_zps365b84ba.png

After running the weather finally cleared up(it’s been raining all week in UT and even snowed in the Mtns!) so I took J to the park. He loves riding his bike around the trails. That night we had Josh’s family over for pizza, but I forgot to take any pictures, but the pizza was great and the company was even better.
 photo 521FE847-FF6A-4013-8F23-C467A74C2F0B_zpswtvoawas.jpg

Sunday after church, we celebrated my nephew Ty’s bday.First Neeley out did herself with this amazing dinner(not to mention she actually knows how to make gravy)
 photo E279F915-D97A-4D46-B019-30024A56CE3C_zps86ev152s.jpg

Then, my sister Leah out did herself with these amazing ice cream cakes. Of course I chose the Reese’s one, chocolate and pb are the way to my heart.
 photo E81BAE6C-C8FC-4879-B62B-C9BF1038E762_zpsfbjf4gwg.jpg
cause I know you need a close up
 photo E2D76B51-7A94-49C8-A7FA-5FE8DDCBB631_zpsg31zmlgq.jpg

All in all it was a great relaxing weekend. I hope you’re having a great Monday!

mint and chocolate or peanut butter and chocolate?

how often do you do lower body workouts?

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Welcoming Jared Home, and Running Sometimes Sucks


wednesday- 4 miles on TM +abs

Yesterday my run really sucked. Literally. UT elevation always kills me when I get back from vacation. Every step felt so difficult. Okay, some of it I can blame on jet lag. I thought I was doing pretty good until I woke up at 3am and couldn’t back to sleep. So ya maybe my run wasn’t so great because I had already been up for several hours ha I’m looking forward to my workout today, bad runs/workouts are always followed by good ones(:

 photo 1F6317F8-7758-43E5-9C79-6CD6CE8F8776_zpswqzqtnob.jpg

My brother in law Jared, MIL, SIL, and FIL were all coming home from SIngapore yesterday(they stayed an extra 2 days) and so we met them at the airport. When a missionary gets home, it’s pretty common for family members and family to meet them at the airport with signs and balloons. In UT there’s always a huge crowd since there’s usually a group that come home together/leave together etc. We had the boys hold the signs to finally welcome him home.

 photo IMG_2303_zps319ae041.jpg

 photo IMG_2309_zps5e721b78.jpg

 photo IMG_2311_zps75fb88ea.jpg

 photo IMG_2322_zps226eba0b.jpg

After, we went over to my in laws where me and Whit(we both got home from Singapore on Monday) made Jared’s request: mashed potatoes, roast, and rolls. I did attempt gravy but it was so disgusting I threw it away. Mom, please teach me your gravy ways.

 photo 2E93546A-1FD3-42B7-AF41-0671F03760D7_zpsd4xzzavo.jpg

The boys warmed up to Jared and by the end of the night they were begging him to wrestle and showing him how to color(:
 photo DF974463-73D9-4F6C-8D9D-7522F1CE6E1A_zpshwmpg1f7.jpg
While you serve a mission you are ‘called’ to be a missionary and there’s certain rules and guidelines you follow for 1.5(for girls) or 2(for boys) years. Once your mission is done, you get to be released from your calling by a member of the presidency of the church(stake president). It was a really spiritual thing to be a part of. We’re so proud of you Jared!
 photo 91C64DC9-2023-4C40-8BCD-E404223C573A_zpswsc3yeal.jpg
Jared with one of the families he served

 photo IMG_2298_zps04010a0f.jpg

if you could choose one dinner to have right now what would it be?

how early do you have to get up?

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Getting back in the running groove


tuesday- 3 miles outside

Yesterday morning I got up early and ran outside before Josh had to be at work. Luckily, Josh and I both slept great and didn’t feel tired in the morning from jet lag. However, my run felt sooo sluggish. I haven’t ran in about 2 weeks and UT’s elevation always kills me. I felt like my throat was on fire, but later in the day it felt fine. It’s always hard to get back to running after a break, vacation, or injury. Here’s what always helps me.
It was sprinkling rain,the best kind of run!
 photo 0A73EF92-9E71-4CB1-8A87-A651D23F685D_zpsopgjfcrm.jpg

1. Getting new music, here are some of my favs

All about the bass-Meghan Trainor

Bridges- Broods

Life of the party-Shawn Mendes

I wanna get better- Bleachers

2. Setting my clothes out the night before and getting it done first thing in the morning.

3. Thinking about how good I’ll feel after I run. I love starting my day with exercise, and telling myself over and over how good it will make me feel always works.


After my run, I did some grocery shopping. Fortunately, my awesome mom stalked our fridge with essentials before we got home on Monday(milk, bread, yogurt, fruit, snacks) so we weren’t starving when we got home or yesterday morning for breakfast. I still needed to get stuff for dinners but it was nice to not have to go grocery shopping the day we got home.
 photo 46FA11C1-3707-4C72-AFAF-7F896001C09C_zpstetlkpig.jpg

Somehow this ended up in my cart…I may be a little excited for fall(:

  photo 4E787417-44FF-4227-A156-3BCC287940D7_zpsu8iqsyho.jpg

Other errands like the bank, getting gas for the car, and Costco were also involved but later in the day. Remember how I said we woke up feeling great? Well the afternoon hit and I felt like a walking zombie! It was nice to have things I had to do so I wouldn’t fall asleep, but it was brutal. I hope this jet lag doesn’t last long ha J’s face says it all…
 photo 828ec322-4b2a-475f-9622-e100109eb1ce_zps4de9b904.jpg

Before we ran the other errands, we got to babysit this sweet girl. J wanted to hold her hand and hug her, but she was having none of that.
 photo D9FCC3E6-9B51-40D8-AF96-36826B85433E_zpsyfiwwkfv.jpg
 photo 7D8B5FAF-B55F-4DC6-AC26-470A08D165C5_zps074ejlnv.jpg
 photo 46E75635-BC30-495C-8B22-AFF2BFF0CEF5_zpsub5ynotq.jpg

J helped me decorate Jared’s signs. He and the rest of the family get home from Singapore today and we’re gonna greet him at the airport. Can’t wait for him to meet J after 2 years! I’ll have those pics up tomorrow and I’m hoping they’ll be nicer. Sorry I’ve been lazy about using my camera!

what are some of your favorite songs?

favorite fall smells?

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Back to the good life

No matter where I go or how long I’m gone it’s always nice to come home. It was extra nice because I finally got to squeeze j and smother him in kisses.
That was the hardest part about the whole trip. My mom and sister were amazing and spoiled j to pieces!
 photo 9E7D0751-8E81-422D-B200-527ADE0BFD47_zpsipo8a1ox.jpg
We got back about 1:30pm and spent the afternoon catching up, doing laundry, and just being with j.
Josh and j golfing before bed
 photo 15432D63-1A4A-4927-BD01-5EC877874F08_zpslt0khh3a.jpg
 photo 599951C8-ACCE-4D9E-BEE1-ECB5A8F45F64_zpstbdvalpq.jpg
Finally clean laundry!
He just kept giving hugs and kisses to josh and I, it was the best!
 photo DF817492-9725-4F07-9BCF-00C7B69EF2D5_zpshxi4frp6.jpg
 photo CE7A1885-9E67-4E74-B148-930A5978278D_zps7mymf0qy.jpg
We went out to Kneaders for dinner, as always it was delicious. We ended the night with a short family night lesson and all quickly fell asleep(jet lag is no joke!).
 photo A3C03E54-82F9-4EB9-AB8C-523A2C373DBF_zpsltja9ago.jpg
Can’t wait to get back into my routine and run again!

tell me about your last run

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Final day in Malaysia and traveling home

We spent out final day in Malaysia in Kuala Lampur where Jared served 7 months of his LDS mission. He baptized 2 very special women there that we were so excited to meet.
I love that where ever we go in the world, even East Malaysia the church is the same. We even met a guy at the market the night before that saw we were mormon and asked to go to church with us(he too was LDS).
 photo 71BBE984-93D9-4D13-9416-7CAB97C88C69_zpsnn9xmrpd.jpg
They had a ‘linger longer’ after church where we all eat together pot luck style. It was sooo good!
 photo B914648A-8A9C-4136-AEB2-ABE57746F1AF_zpsegndwcax.jpg
It was definitely the highlight of the trip to walk where Jared has been and see how much he has impacted the people in KL.
 photo 033718F9-2E9F-471E-8E9C-4C15069D6B74_zpszkyado4v.jpg
 photo F1EF98FF-19FA-4A36-8F95-61617CF1EB92_zpsea0ajk5v.jpg
 photo 74E32AED-8339-442D-8983-3C39B110C9FE_zpsvqignesc.jpg
Right after church we had to hurry to the airport to make our flight back to Singapore. We had a layover so we stayed in a hotel at the airport. It was only the 4 of us(me, Josh, SIL Whit, and her husband Josh) the rest of the family went to another city and won’t be back home for a few more days.
We rode a giant slide(video on Instagram), drank some free drinks, and got dinner. More mango for me ha!
 photo C1C6E99A-7AE1-40C0-AB77-CE276BE3EF29_zpshmoihbsz.jpg
 photo DD8AC05C-06E4-4E6F-99FD-C26764B897D7_zpswdlgopdp.jpg
Next post, I’ll be home!

 photo 91D4E4DD-9770-4C47-9CDE-B0B82DA2AAA9_zpsexxqhtwj.jpg
what is the longest flight you’ve ever had?
do you like Indian food?

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