Tuesday Tangents and a great article


monday-cleaning, yard work(ya I’m counting it;))

Tuesday Tangents

Yesterday I spent the day cleaning, grocery shopping car wouldn’t start:(, and some more yard work. I’m actually looking forward to the snow so I can have a break on yard work! But I am very proud of these.
 photo 2C6BDF2E-312B-4184-94EF-960A64C72DF6_zpsplcjgsq2.jpg

One of my favorite soups is taco soup. It’s so easy and delicious when paired with avocados and corn bread.
 photo IMG_2535_zps170a1b9b.jpg
 photo IMG_2536_zps161d5377.jpg

J wanting extra snuggles in the morning. I love when he just wants to lay in our bed with us before demanding breakfast ha lazy mornings are the best.
 photo FAD7F0D3-F463-4E50-B497-35D8209FE74F_zps4lk5qso0.jpg

I tried Jamberry nails for the first time(just an accent nail). I’m gonna write some more about them after I wear them for a bit. I think they’re so cute!

 photo D6C3C9BC-D013-4BF5-9627-94AC1EFD87D3_zps76t9joz9.jpg

Halloween is coming, are you ready??

 photo 67C9007E-6D0E-4081-AB62-7E2ED910B9B0_zps5ei2ztzs.jpg


I was sent this great article and wanted to share, enjoy!

Keep Your Kids Moving on the Path to Health & Happiness  Author: Whitney Hollingshead

Every parent wants to have a kid that is happy and healthy.  In fact, those are probably the top two things every parent desires for their child not only now, but when they grow into an adult as well.  Luckily, parents can focus on one component of daily life that will increase the odds of their children being happy and healthy now and for many decades to come.  The secret is raising kids who are physically active.   

Why is it so important to raise active kids?

Physical activity is critical for developing bodies.  Active kids develop healthy bones and muscles.  Physical activity also helps kids handle the stress of everyday life, increases their overall self esteem, and helps them feel better in general.  

One of the greatest problems that comes when kids are not active is obesity.  According to the CDC, as of 2012, 18% of children between the ages of 6 and 11 are obese, and 21% of teens between ages 12 and 19 are obese.  To provide some perspective, these numbers have quadrupled over the past 30 years.

Obesity puts children at a greater risk for developing the following severe health complications throughout their lives:

High blood pressure, High cholesterol, Stroke, Diabetes, Sleep apneaBone and joint problems, Osteoarthritis, Many types of cancer, Social problems, Psychological problems (mainly stemming from self-esteem issues), Premature death

Research shows that children who are obese are likely to become adults who are obese.  Raising physically active kids increases the odds that your children will enjoy better health as adults too.  

How much physical activity do kids need per day?  The CDC recommends that children ages 6-17 have 60 minutes of physical activity per day.  

What are some fun activities that will entice children to be more active?

In a fast-paced, nearly instantaneously gratifying world, it’s difficult to find activities that pull kids away from technology.  Sure, using technology and being active are not always separate thanks to gaming consoles that use physical movement to facilitate a game.  However, the vast majority of technology use does not promote physical activity.  So how do you pull your kids away from the seemingly endless entertainment that technology has to offer?

The key for every child is to find something that interests them and more specifically to find something that they think is fun AND requires them to be physically active.  If your child is attracted to athletics, team sports are a great way to keep kids moving; however, not every child wants to be an athlete on a team.

Here are some other great physical activities that you can discuss as options with your child:

Biking/Hiking – If you have bike paths or hiking trails near your home, take advantage of these on the weekend.  If you are fortunate to have mountains nearby, hiking to a beautiful destination through nature will give your kids plenty to do and they will barely notice they are exercising.

Dance – While many people think of traditional dance classes, you can get your child involved in any type of dance from ballet to ballroom, hip hop to hula, or even get them involved in breakdancing.  

Martial Arts -Karate is not the only option.  Check out the various studios in your area that offer any kind of martial arts for kids.  Some common alternatives to karate include judo, taekwondo, and kickboxing.  

Skateboarding – Skateboarding is often attached to a culture that you may question as a parent; however,  skateboarding can be a positive way to get your child moving.  The key is to find community skate parks that are well lit, kid friendly, and that you approve of the overall environment.  Another important key is making sure that you kid is outfitted with the right skateboard and safety equipment.  Don’t be surprised when you child wants a board that is not only safe, but also looks really cool like this skateboard from Lib Tech.  

Swimming/Diving – Swimming is great for overall health.  Every child will benefit from formal swimming lessons whether they enjoy being in the water or not.  If you have a child that loves the water, sign them up for more advanced classes at your local pool.    

Gymnastics – Gymnastics classes provide a great way for your kids to work on various coordination skills and increase their flexibility.  Your child will most likely love the chance to climb, jump, shake, swing, flip, roll, and twist without getting into trouble.  

In addition to organized activities, it is important to keep your kids moving at home on a daily basis.  As discussed above, kids need 60 minutes of physical activity per day.  While this seems like a lot, add up all of the physical activities your child participates in each day.  For example, if your child has a long walk to catch the bus, this time counts both directions.  If your child has a P.E. class at school, or is very active during recess, those minutes also count toward the total for the day.  

Here are some additional spontaneous activities that can help your kids get moving after school:

Shooting hoops in the driveway, Playing tag or frisbee in the yard, Helping with chores indoors or outdoors, Building an obstacle course and taking timed laps, Dancing to music, Riding a bicycle, Going for a walk together, Playing any game that involves running, Hula hooping, Raking leaves and jumping in the piles, Playing in the snow, Flying a kite

Keep these activities at home simple.  Find any activity that your kids enjoy that keeps them moving and encourage them to participate as often as possible.  


While we all know that raising healthy kids is really important, we sometimes forget just how important physical activity is in the daily development of our children.  By understanding the risks of inactivity and being committed to keeping our kids moving in a variety of fun ways that interest them, we can offer them enjoyment that will last far longer than any game of tag.  

what are some of your tangents?

are you having a hard time getting up in the mornings already?

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It’s better to laugh than to cry


saturday- pure barre with my ladies

Okay, word of advice, do not do 2 barre classes in one week when you’re a beginner! I am so sore and I’m probably going to take an extra rest day today just so I can feel normal again. Don’t get me wrong, it hurts so good, but I’m so not used to all those muscles hurting. My friends Heather, Katie, and Alicia came and my lil sis Bree. It was another great class. I’m planning on getting a large group of ladies that want to try it out together so leave a message, comment, email, or text me if you’re in the area and would want to come!
 photo B4CE0A17-0753-4A56-A038-D945BAD4D9D4_zpsu1l2lf2j.jpg

Friday night the boys and I headed out to Rumbi’s. They have a promotion going where kids eat free after 4pm, score! I of course got the Aloha Mango salad like always and it didn’t disappoint.
 photo 6EEA82C1-1469-4CB5-98AA-A208484D1841_zpsnqfnjjui.jpg
 photo 22007D0B-BAB4-4563-B983-BFE98976959B_zpsaf2lfv6j.jpg

After dinner we walked around Scheels and J finally got to ride the ferris wheel. He was so giddy and kept yelling down at me, “Mom, hi mom!!” He got off and was yelling, “That was so awesome, mom. I can’t believe I did it! That was so awesome!” It’s the little things.

 photo 26C1F775-1270-48A3-8A99-80197C6617B6_zpsepadvikk.jpg
 photo DA059AEC-6316-4A98-BD12-58206845F7FA_zpswue5tc9o.jpg

Saturday after the barre class, J and I went to a baptism for one of the kids I teach at church. It was such a beautiful fall day, I love spring and fall and the perfect temps they bring.
 photo 7F7143BB-2951-4CCD-A576-D623F5C5E90B_zps0i0sbidr.jpg

Josh and his brothers and dad went to the BYU football game so J and I met my sister Bree at the park. J took a nap once we got home, and then my MIL came over to eat dinner with us. Since our boys were at the game, we went out for Kneaders and had a little girls night. It was a lot of fun and the food was great!

 photo 16AF83F3-52C6-4180-A2AB-BEB37EC1FD41_zps6ofvgw7g.jpg

 photo DFDABE4C-E03E-45F3-9E3A-57E5189B47F2_zpstadhjhp3.jpg
 photo 37A4093E-C3C8-4775-A4B3-B3B4B841CCDE_zpsbcr9o18b.jpg

Sunday we went to church(dedicated a new temple) and then had wayyyy too much time to do things like put bagels on our sweaty heads.
 photo 680DBA35-B094-4A65-A107-C8A40F9B2C43_zpsdd1ddln6.jpg

I tried to make this yummy potato soup from the Pioneer Woman but of course I burned the best part….the bacon! Fail. I’ve learned to laugh in these situations instead of cry. But now I need all your yummy soup recipes!
It started out just fine
 photo IMG_2538_zps94b30920.jpg

Then ended in this=(
 photo IMG_2541_zps35c1860f.jpg

share your soup recipes and link up

what was the last workout that left you hurting so good?

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Running in the heat is no joke


thursday-6 miles outside (old temple route)

It’s Friday! I know you’re all thinking how can I be so excited it’s Friday when every day is pretty much Friday for a stay at home mom. But you would be wrong. Yes everyday is pretty awesome, but the weekend means Josh is home to play and I don’t have to cook dinner, whoo hoo!!! So, let me continue, it’s Friday!!!

Let’s talk about some Friday favs…

1. Surprising my good friend Kendal with a baby shower/girls night. She’s having her 2nd baby girl and it was such a fun night spent at Olive Garden.
 photo 5CEC1C63-0F68-4A54-9ABC-5C2BBF220A1F_zps4hufooka.jpg

2. Wendy’s salad with my sisters. I feel so incredibly blessed that I have family here(both from my side and Josh’s) and we get to see them so often.
 photo 0C2622A8-20C2-4072-B75F-0BB677B6D09E_zpshbmokobk.jpg

 photo IMG_2528_zps7890b720.jpg

3. Looking down and seeing J’s sandals that he put on himself, haha.
 photo 10AD0F4E-8BF3-4EE4-AD43-8B8DCDF5BF4A_zpsermshhpm.jpg

Yesterday while J was at preschool I thought I would go on a run. If I’m going to run the Haunted Half, then I need to probably get some longer runs in(I’m just running it with a friend, not for time). I decided to run my 6 mile route I used to run all the time in my old house since his preschool is up there. Um, someone remind me to never run after 9am when it’s hot out! Apparently UT doesn’t want to feel like fall anymore and it went back to Summer. It was close to 90* out and I didn’t bring water.

Nice little self timer shot for ya;)
 photo 372D2468-18EC-4C94-949C-3058E8CAB0E5_zpsyw4reqhq.jpg

Luckily there was a park with a water fountain at mile 5. After that I pretty much walked the rest of the way. Early morning runs for me from now on!
 photo 477FBCE5-4A21-46A2-A4CE-90396FCDD9A1_zpsrdkbwoqb.jpg

what is your go to drink after a workout?

what are your Friday favs?

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Things I’ve learned from not running everyday


wednesday-walked 2 miles with Bree

Yesterday was such a beautiful hot day. I love that we’re still getting some warm weather, I’m hoping that means we’ll actually get a few days of fall before winter hits. I woke up to to a text from my sister Bree seeing if I wanted to go on a walk, um yes, always! Usually I don’t have to take J with me on Wednesdays but he wanted to “workout with mom” and I can’t refuse that!

Yes, Utah is that beautiful

 photo 40EC1C56-16BE-4026-A0D1-C9C4B2487E7D_zpstptaqoti.jpg

He got to be in the stroller most of the ride, but on the huge uphill we do(plus the wind,look at Bree’s hair!), I made him walk for his workout ha. He did really well, pajamas and all.

Later on we headed to the Museum of Natural Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point. We have yet to see the whole place it’s that fun! You can find us here all day when winter hits. J also was very proud of the outfit he picked out(twisted shorts and all) and wanted a little photo shoot. Of course I was all over that.
 photo IMG_2492_zps3afd6992.jpg

the science room
 photo IMG_2495_zpse1151bbe.jpg

walked the ropes course(he was very cautious the whole way) and found an airplane!
 photo IMG_2500_zpscbf432ed.jpg
 photo IMG_2501_zpscaed7cb9.jpg

Checking out the fish pond
 photo IMG_2514_zps5559c21c.jpg
 photo IMG_2513_zps42ead837.jpg

Chalk with one of the employees
 photo IMG_2517_zpsa935f25f.jpg


This summer I decided not to run as many races and just run for fun. Don’t get me wrong, running races is really fun for me, addicting really. I wanted to take some pressure off and I  have really enjoyed just running whenever and however often I want. There are some great things I’ve learned from not running 6 days a week like I was last year.

*I’m not saying that running everyday is bad, especially when you’re training it’s often necessary. *

1. Not running X miles everyday doesn’t make me less of a ‘runner’. When I first started running and posting on the blog I always got a lot of people complimenting me on my runs or people asking what my run for the day was. I became a ‘runner’ and it was hard for me when I started running less because I felt like part of my identity was gone. I realized no one else thought this and it was just my own crazy thoughts ha.

2. Cross training is so gooooddd for you. I know you’re all like, duh! But seriously, when I’m running and training for a certain race all I want to do is run. If I have 15 minutes to do another mile or so or fit in strength training or stretching I would always choose a few more miles. I’ve learned it’s not always worth a few more miles because neglecting the other areas results in an injury, wah!

3. Cross training is fun. I actually started really enjoying strength training a couple years ago when Josh got me a weight set for Christmas. I could not say the same for other workouts like pilates, yoga, barre, zumba, etc. I’m proud to say that when you actually give something a real shot(or 3, ahem yoga) you just might like it. I’m so glad I’m strengthening other areas and in return I’ll become a stronger runner.

4. Listening to your body is 100x better than forcing a workout. I used to feel like I had to run everyday if I wanted to stay healthy and in shape. I really love running most days, but there came a point where I felt guilty if I didn’t run. Now I know it’s good for your body to rest and it’s essential for your muscles to repair themselves to grow stronger. If I feel like my body needs a rest, then I’ll go on walk or do some strength training.

what would you add to the list?

what is one thing you’re looking forward to this fall?

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One of my Winter goals: Pure Barre Review


tuesday-pure barre

You guys remember my post on how to stay healthy through the holidays?? I mentioned I always try a new class or set a new goal for myself so I don’t get lazy during the holidays. Yesterday I tried a new to me class called Barre at a studio called Pure Barre. *This is not a sponsored post*

Holy Smokes! You know when you’re in the middle of a workout and you’re already dreading the DOMS(delayed onset muscle soreness) it’s a good(or insane) workout. I’ve seen a few other bloggers trying out this Barre method of working out and I’ve been dying to try it.

The other night I was at dinner with the hubs and saw a Pure Barre studio across the street. I was so excited and have been wanting to try it forever. I finally got the guts to try it, but not without my mom. Yup, she was awesome and came to be tortured with me.
 photo F553DD0C-F16B-4F7E-A627-3B7971C48CC8_zpstsrib0cg.jpg

First off, what in the world is Barre? I had no idea but this video does a great job of explaining. Basically, it’s a workout that targets all the muscles you had no idea you had. You guys know how avid I am about working out, and my poor legs were shaking a good 8.0 earthquake! It hurt so good, and I loved pushing myself. We used a few different things including rubber bands, a ball, and weights. If you’re looking for a good cross training workout, I would definitely recommend barre.
 photo 5B082E9B-B504-430C-BFA2-4CFF72BE8E03_zpswz8psqx8.jpg
 photo 7E5624FA-F945-461A-8363-86C43313A13B_zpsycmurbqk.jpg

The instructor, Trish was amazing, I mean look at her arms! She was great at showing my mom and I the proper technique and welcoming us. Really, everyone in the class was super welcoming and friendly. Everyone is so focused on their own performance there’s no need to feel insecure if you’re a first timer. And, no you don’t have to be a dancer or have any ballet experience to enjoy this workout, ha I’m far from a dancer haha
 photo E668897B-80F3-4717-8B8F-404F6EEF4F2B_zpst6upentg.jpg

One of things I’m really looking forward to is not getting bored. There’s so much for me to improve on and muscles I need to build that I know it will cross over into my running. The owner of this particular studio is a runner too and shaved 1 minute off her running time! If you can’t tell, I’m a little excited that I found something new and it doesn’t require me buying a gym membership =)

what workout are you loving right now?

do you get nervous when you’re new to a class?

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Hair Tutorial: Wavy Curls


monday- 4 miles on TM

Yesterday was a great run. I had good music and just got to cruise. I’m going to start building up some mileage so I can run The Haunted Half in Salt Lake without wanted to die. I love this race because it’s not all downhill(that hurts my knees) and it’s in the fall. Running in the crisp air is the best.
 photo 133A4744-5941-40B7-AAF8-5F6D1FE61517_zpsslf3luvf.jpg

J and I headed over to my SIL’s house for her birthday. I hung out with the boys so she could have some alone time to get done whatever she wanted. J always has fun with his cousins especially when they magically both share with each other haha
 photo B862A0CE-3736-41C6-B8C0-1E944CAA034B_zpskfxkuhbv.jpg

After we met up with my MIL to go shopping. She got me and Whit gift cards for our birthdays so we checked out the outlets. I found a cute shirt, and I’m still on the lookout for the perfect winter boots(last years broke). My MIL watched the boys while we looked around, they love her!
 photo 8F93F11B-CD41-480E-BCEB-D55964620112_zpsz9vpaseh.jpg


I have had a few emails about how I curl my hair.  I made a video awhile back, but I’m so not tech savvy and cannot figure out for the life of me how to upload it on here. So I guess you get these crappy pics step by step.

First off, I have very thin hair. I curl it all the time to make it look thicker, so what works for me may not work for you if you have super thick hair or even normal hair for that matter ha. I usually wash my hair every other day. I can’t not wash my hair on a day I workout…I sweat too much for dry shampoo to fix.

I split my hair in 2 sections. The right side is my washed hair. It naturally has a bit of a wave to it. The left I’ve already curled. I use a 1″ curling iron from Target $10 here It’s a a lot cheaper than a curling wand and it still works great.
 photo 06a2fd4c-32dc-418e-b170-2797fa07fe1c_zpse8c4e4dd.jpg

I take a thicker section to make the curls more relaxed and wavy. If you want the curls more tight then do smaller sections of hair. I wrap my hair around the iron and then clamp down. Sometimes I just wrap it around the curling iron without putting my hair in it for an even more relaxed look.
 photo 21cc314a-174b-4b54-bddb-6d346db2bb5e_zps32d5cbb6.jpg

Then I let it sit for about 10 sec(longer if you have thicker hair, but if you have a wand don’t burn your hair off like this girl, I seriously laughed so hard at this, so sad haha).
 photo 1eab11f9-6f7f-4910-a8c0-0a3db8df3450_zpse98096e2.jpg

I point the curling iron down and wrap the hair away from my face.  I point the curling iron down so that there’s not a kink in the curl and so the curls are towards the end of my hair creating a more natural look.
 photo 8821f613-a7af-4fe4-bd7f-abacfb22b7e7_zps71f9427e.jpg

After each section is curled I run my hands through it, spray it with Tresseme hair spray and call it good. Nothing too fancy, but it works!
 photo e05c2cea-2b95-4132-93b7-f6a55c873d58_zps0004be50.jpg

I forgot to take an after pic, so here’s one from a few months ago.

after close up

If I can ever figure out my video I’ll post that ha

Let me know what other questions you guys have. I love answering them!

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More Birthday and hiking and racing(cars)


saturday-2.25 mile hike up Bell Canyon with Alyssa

Friday night my SIL Whit had a great idea for us to use our birthday Tacano coupons. You get a free meal for your bday so we go twice a year once on my birthday and once on Josh’s. Without a coupon it’s pretty expensive, so it’s always a fun treat. It’s a delicious salad buffet, and then they bring by all kinds of meats to try.
 photo D77D7560-B444-4260-95BD-58EC72324A5D_zps56psgmin.jpg
My MIL watched J and Whit’s boys too. It was such a fun night to get out totally gorge ourselves.
 photo CBDB2B56-FD47-4CE3-8E88-E371098BE466_zpsnji3o67w.jpg

Saturday morning I attempted to work off some of said gorging, but I’m not sure it cut it. It was so fun to meet up with Alyssa from See This Girl Run because we had a lot to catch up on. She is such a wonderful sweet girl inside and out! The hike was so beautiful and the air was crisp. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the fall?? I love the change of seasons.
 photo E1E63741-D73E-4452-AEE1-8705DBF03EE4_zpsjvf1bjvo.jpg
 photo 1FE83B59-3954-43BE-9B74-D626F409056D_zpsfystg1tu.jpg

When I got home we did a few chores around the house(I mainly did dishes because our dishwasher broke) and then we headed to the Miller race track. Josh scored some tickets at work so we headed way out to Toelle to see the race cars. J absolutely loved it! We didn’t stay long at all, but we saw the start and got to see the cars up close before they had to get ready for the race.
 photo 360EDE8D-F46B-450D-B9C5-457404BF90F7_zpshloghmna.jpg
Sunday was mine and Whitney’s annual combined birthday party. My SIL always goes above and beyond making us the best dinner and desserts. Salmon for dinner and so many desserts, it was all way too good. I love sharing my bday with Whit, I got really lucky in the in law department. other bdays here and here
sorry it’s so blurry
 photo 2d510198-e42d-4a58-9a0a-8a97c53d7656_zpsb2b8eced.jpg

Such a fun weekend, but you guys! I’m sooo ready to get back to running/working out and eating healthy. I’ve got a fun post of how I get back on track coming up for you guys so stay tuned. Also, I’m signing up for the The Haunted Half in Salt Lake, who’s gonna run it with me??

anyone else seeing signs of fall?

tell me about your weekend with 3 words

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Yoga round 3 attempt

Thursday-3 miles on TM +yoga in the evening

Bree caught me in my super cute head band yesterday morning after my run. I really hate hair in my face ha and the walmart head bands are working for me(; where do you get cute head bands??
 photo F9666ABA-2203-4DD9-92C0-BE2D5F180E0D_zpsoimsz7i5.jpg

Yesterday was the last day I taught preschool and now I have 3 weeks off. I’m actually really enjoying teaching and getting the time to myself on the off weeks. Yesterday we went on a walk to find colors(:
 photo DA20A362-02C4-45BC-83DF-714ED5320849_zps1zgzmzh1.jpg

Right after preschool was over j and I had dentists appointments. I haven’t been in awhile, and j has never been(except a brief visit when he chipped his tooth) so I didn’t know what to expect. Luckily we both were in the no cavity club, yay!!! I was so proud of j for letting them clean his teeth, he wasn’t nervous at all, and talked their ears off haha he told them he was 8 years old and had 4 kids haha

 photo 3C62CA66-1190-4860-9F5F-C0C00D357CAE_zps1x1g25v1.jpg
Yes he dressed himself, somedays are better than others(;

Later on I went to a church activity with my mom and sister. They were teaching yoga, how to make bread, and healthy smoothies(ya a bit random but good nonetheless haha). The food was really good, I even tried a kale smoothie for the first time…not bad!
And guess what?? The yoga was actually really challenging! I liked it! I wish the teacher taught in the city I live in, but she doesn’t:( so I guess I’m on a hunt for a good teacher in my area. 3rd times a charm right?

 photo 21D0584F-3737-42C3-A21B-B02A9A12BE49_zpswfh5u6ce.jpg

what do you like about yoga?

how do you eat kale?

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Throwback Thursday

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday! It’s finally starting to dry out here in UT and I’m enjoying the sun. Yesterday while we were watching Mason, we took a walk. The boys and I needed out of the house but J didn’t want to ride his bike. So I did what anyone person with a single stroller would do…strap em’ in! They both loved it and we walked around for a good while, fresh air is good for the soul.
 photo E26D142D-0CC0-4BCC-8F8F-20314650195D_zpskwovuomy.jpg

You know what else is good for the soul? Buy one get one at Olive Garden. You know we hit that up and it was so good.
 photo 1E0FC064-CB0E-4489-8955-E34D758DC66A_zpscneyjuuw.jpg
 photo 06A53617-248A-4EF8-8FE6-B79CD4AE2C68_zpswfpfpr2r.jpg

Then I went to my friend Jessica’s baby shower. Baby girls are just too fun to shop for!

  photo 2C9F5911-EC3C-4777-861B-BFC67BC450A2_zpsrr84u6yx.jpg


I’m feeling a little nostalgic, so we’re gonna play a little Throwback Thursday today.

1. Remember when I finally started reading the Divergent series? Well it was great, and now I wanna read the Maze Runner, anyone wanna loan it to me??


2. Santa pictures last year! I can’t wait to do these again this year, too cute!

DSC_1398 copy_edited-1

3. Last year J was the cutest Buzz Lightyear for Halloween. He still loves dressing up, can’t wait for Halloween this year.


4. BYU games with my main squeeze. It’s that time of year again!!


5. Last but certainly not least, throwback to Lake Powell last year. Ahhh, Summer we will miss you!



Happy Thursday!

tell me about a throwback you’re currently missing!

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girls nights and abs but not at the same time


tuesday- 3 miles on Tm + abs

I was inspired by my friend Kandis over at Sexy and Sane to do abs yesterday. I did 3 miles of incline on the treadmill(.5 mile at 0% incline, .5 at 2.5% incline for 3 miles) and then followed up with abs. I can’t remember the last time I did abs and yet it’s sooo good for you as a runner(or anyone really). But as a runner, it’s important to have a strong core so that you can have proper running posture. I definitely need to add abs to my ‘to do’ list.
 photo F7652077-3CDE-4DF6-B102-0BC31C5267C5_zpsmzrunw4z.jpg

After getting my run done in the early morning I hurried to get J and I ready. Preschool this week is at my house and I was really excited/nervous. Luckily, it all went really well and all the kids play nice with each other. It probably helps that they’ve all been friends since they were babes.

As soon as preschool was over, we got to watch Mason. My sister and her husband are going on a mini vacation and we are a little too excited to have him over night. To say I’m baby hungry is an understatement ha so we love having this cutie around.
 photo 2BE4AD70-A2B8-4035-BA80-AA80BF7B4104_zpsm5dzsmc2.jpg

Later, my college girlfriends came over for a girls night. This month it was at my house, and we had such a good time. We’re still wishing Amanda could just fly up from TX for our girls nights, I mean come on! Oh and Liz left before the pick! haha
 photo 219E7CF9-A2A0-404E-AC4B-CEE237595932_zpsbac1sanx.jpg

It’s already Wednesday, hope everyone is making it the best! It’s been raining like crazy here and J can’t get enough. Just our normal crazy selves over here;)

  photo 1FAB3A9F-CA09-436D-B5EA-9F23DF0E81C2_zpscbhynjd3.jpg

what’s your favorite ab move?

tell me something awesome that happened to you today!



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