Claire Ann at 2 months

Claire has been such a sweet baby. She cries when she’s hungry, has an upset tummy and needs to go potty, or between the hour of 8-9pm haha. For some reason between 8-9pm most nights she just needs to wail and get out some extra energy(is what I’m guessing).

We switched pediatricians to an office much closer to us. This was the first appt(and Lily’s 18mo) I’ve had there and it was a good experience. I miss my old place, but I’ll get used to this one.


  • Height-22in-24%
  • Weight-10lbs 12oz-26%
  • Head-14.92in

She is so smiley, but I’m having a hard time capturing her best smile on camera. She does little side smiles a lot, but she’ll do a snails where her entire face smiles from her lips to her ears and her squinty eyes like mama. It’s my fav!

She loves:

  • Bath time
  • Sleeping on her sides
  • Nursing
  • Socializing(being talked to)
  • Her swing
  • Snuggling with mom in bed at night after mom has fallen asleep nursing
  • Being held so she can see out
  • Her siblings

She dislikes:

  • Getting dressed
  • Tummy time(she just falls asleep)
  • Getting tormented by sister

I want to remember that Claire at 2 months loves to stare and study whoever is holding her. I can tell she is really soaking in who she sees. She makes the cutes coo noises and is so close to giggling.

You can read about Lily at 2 months here

 photo 71902EE9-8B74-4677-8BA7-D93179D34FA7_zps1atubplz.jpg

 photo IMG_6376 2_zpsztduvqoe.jpg

 photo IMG_6407 2_zpstwsteqnz.jpg

 photo IMG_6406 2_zps8ocizjrc.jpg

 photo IMG_6381_zpsdpbdg95c.jpg

 photo IMG_6432 2_zpsrpp72lvw.jpg

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Lily at 18 mo

Lily at 18 months loves so many things:

  • Bath time
  • Eating- she still out eats Jackson but is a pip squeak on the scale
  • Playing outside
  • Reading books
  • Being close to mom- I love that she still finds my lap when she’s playing to take a break
  • Playing with Jackson
  • her baby dolls
  • Nursery!!! She went to her church class for the first time and didn’t care at all that I wasn’t there(she has great teachers). She has been waiting to play with those toys! She cried when we picked her up because she didn’t want to leave the doll and bottle.
  • Her binky (she now only has it at bed time and sacrament meeting!)
  • Her Muslin blankets
  • Getting dressed up-Sunday’s she can’t wait to put on a dress, shoes, bow and occasionally jewelry
  • Getting her toe nails painted
  • Dancing

She dislikes:

  • Her hair getting brushed
  • Tomatoes
  • Getting dressed
  • Being told “no”
  • Not being held


Weight-19lbs 4 oz- 10%

Height-30 in-6%

Head-18.22 in

She keeps us all on our toes and we love her. Becoming a big sister when you’re only 16 mo old is a lot to ask. She has come so far and now squeals in excitement when she sees claire. She gives her kisses and hugs and loves to hold her. There is still occasionally a hit or poke in the eye haha but we’re working on it;)

 photo C8D614D4-0921-42DD-B4BA-6116AFE56F0E_zps2zss20so.jpg

 photo IMG_6340 2_zpsuydmkgpu.jpg

 photo IMG_6337 2_zpsxuz66miw.jpg

 photo IMG_6358 2_zpssdzsuwva.jpg

 photo IMG_6355 2_zpspzausfre.jpg

 photo IMG_6347 2_zpsguxkoeuh.jpg

 photo IMG_6353 2_zps06kvkgia.jpg

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Postpartum Journey- 6 weeks

I am by no means a professional, I’m just sharing what has worked for me and my body. If it can work for you too, that’s great!

I wanted to take the time to share my journey with weight loss, baby blues, and all the other ups and downs from having a baby. I want to be real with my readers(yes all 5 of you haha) so let’s start!

Baby Blues or Postpartum Depression

I have gotten the baby blues after each of my 3 babies. Each one was at about 4 weeks when the adrenaline wears off and their are no more visitors. My baby blues worsen every time I nurse too. It takes hormones to produce mother’s milk, and every time I would nurse I would get hit with baby blues. For me, that means I feel really emotional, sad, and sometimes even upset. With Claire, the baby blues have hit harder than with my other 2. I think it’s because it’s winter and I’m not nearly as active during the day, and I haven’t gotten outside hardly at all. We run errands, but we can’t go on walks, go to the park, or even play in our backyard. At 6 weeks pp I still feel really low whenever I nurse. Here’s what I do to help fight the baby blues:

    • Remind yourself that it’s the hormones, and it WILL pass
    • Find time for you whether that’s 30 min to read a book, take a bath, workout, or just nap

For me working out helps SO much. It makes me happy, oh and Lily snuggling me when I try and do core work helps too haha

 photo 4BBEED7E-4CB5-4BE9-A435-745A370751A1_zpstsqpsokk.jpg

  • Get outside if you can. For me, I can’t take the baby out in the cold temps, but I could go on a walk or run when my husband is home
  • Eat healthy foods. When you eat junk you’re going to feel like junk

**Postpartum Depression is more serious. I have never experienced it, but if you are, reach out for help. Talk to someone about how you’re feeling and get help. Don’t try and fight it alone.

Weight Loss

Today I’ll talk about my ‘postpartum plan.’ After each baby here’s what I’ve done to kick start my weight loss.

    • I workout and be as active as I can throughout my entire pregnancy
    • After I have the baby, I give myself 2-4 weeks to eat whatever I want. It’s such a crazy time after a baby and when I’m nursing I am always STARVING, so I give myself a few weeks to eat any food that I want. I usually eat pretty healthy, but friends and neighbors always bring by treats to congratulate me and I happily indulge. I don’t want to worry about the scale or anything except having enough milk to feed my baby, and helping the family adjust to a new routine.
    • Drink water. When you think you have drank enough, drink some more.
    • Cut out one bad habit a week. Once you’re ready to start cleaning up your diet(for me it was around 4 weeks) you cut out one bad habit. I was eating a lot of leftover holiday goodies, so I limited it to 1 goodie a day. Some days I did great and didn’t have any, some I had 1, and some days I failed and ate way too many. What’s important is you keep working towards your goal and start fresh each day.
    • Be active. At 4 weeks my body felt ready to workout, so I started walking on the treadmill.By the end of 4 weeks, I was jogging, and then at 5 weeks I started running 3 days a week and doing a 12 week workout program the other 3 days. Listen to your body, but start doing SOMETHING even if it’s walking around your house.

First 3 miler post partum
 photo F9110687-45EB-4A9C-8C87-4A6C8E6C86F8_zpsihxayfor.jpg

  • Don’t cut calories. This one only applies if you’re nursing. For me, I don’t cut calories because I don’t want to lose my milk. Instead, I try and eat a lot of foods that are nutrient dense like fruits, veggies, healthy fats(nuts, avocados, etc), and protein.
  • Be patient with yourself. It’s so easy to get discouraged, and I have moments of discouragement with EVERY workout. The important thing is to do it anyway. Are you working out just to look good, or to feel good too? Sometimes you won’t be happy with your results(or the lack of) but for me working out is something I do to FEEL good. When you feel good, you’re going to treat yourself better.

My journey is no where near finished, but I know if I keep moving forward I will feel 100% again. I’m grateful at 6 weeks I feel like I have SO much more energy.  I try to remember to be kind to myself. I have 2 daughters now that I want to be able to look up to me and never doubt how grateful I am for all 3 kids and for my body that carried them.  I don’t ever want them to hear me say negative things about my image, so I practice everyday saying positive things.

Here’s some progress pics of me cuz I think they’re fun:)
week 1 day 1 of BBG (4 weeks pp) You can tell by my face I felt like DEATH!

 photo 6A7F8525-6957-4C17-99E3-3737BE14C21A_zpszhkngkmc.jpg

week 2 day 1 of BBG (5 weeks pp)
 photo BC495DF3-9FA4-44D2-92C5-9FE7476B851C_zpslhmw01tz.jpg

I hope I answered everyone’s questions, if not, let me know and I’ll answer them in another post. Thanks!

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7th Heaven

I wish I could just press pause and stop my kids from growing.  I LOVE each of the stages my kids are in.

Jackson is quirky, helpful, creative, and Josh’s sidekick.

 photo DF12AF11-18D6-4BFD-9AA4-E354B4F2E2D8_zpspbyax5wr.jpg

Lily is smiley, cuddly, and wants to be one of the big kids. Her fast shuffle to keep up with J is THE cutest.

binky twins
 photo 49A02BA8-A383-4226-B6A6-BC58320B6512_zps02maoioh.jpg

Claire is precious. She smiles, coos, and her chubby cheek lays perfectly on my chest while she sleeps.

 photo 936343C5-2D4B-421C-96D0-E690D484BCC7_zps1bq5zjkr.jpg

Week 7 as a family of 5 has been heaven, that’s why I’m naming it 7th heaven. We’re getting into a groove and I’m hoping to ride this wave for as long as I can 🙂

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Claire at 1 mo and things I’ve learned so far

Claire is 1 month! Actually in these pics she’s 4 weeks- almost 6 weeks old, but that’s life with 3 kids. My mother in law asked me the other day if 3 kids is as hard or easy as I thought it would be. Honestly, it is exactly as I expected it to be, a little of both. Some days I feel like super mom and other days I’m struggling to have time for a shower! Most importantly, this last month has taught me a lot.

  1. Be patient. Be patient with yourself and with your family. If I don’t get a shower until Josh gets home, or if the only thing I accomplished all day was keeping my kids happy, then that’s okay. I am learning to be patient with my new normal.
  2. It’s okay to ask for help. Bringing Claire home has been completely different than when I brought J or Lily home. Lily and Claire are only 16 mo apart, so it’s like having twins, but one is mobile and can attack the other one! For awhile I felt bad asking Josh for help, I pride myself on being able to ‘do it all’ but the reality is, I can’t. Which brings me to my next point…
  3. Be humble. You can’t, and shouldn’t, do it all alone. I’m learning to humble myself and accept help.
  4. Enjoy the slow paced days. Having a winter baby means LOTS of slow paced days because I don’t want to risk anyone getting sick. A friend said, ” you may have lots to do, but babies don’t keep.” I LOVE that! She’s so right. There’s always tomorrow, or Saturday or next month to get things done, but for now, I get to snuggle all of my children and enjoy each of their stages.

I’m so beyond grateful to be a mom and get to be home with them. I’m also grateful that they are patient with me as I navigate motherhood. There’s ups and downs, but I’m glad I have Josh on my team and these sweet faces.

 photo IMG_6335 2_zpsxzpzdqtx.jpg

 photo IMG_6324 2_zpscpo3sgea.jpg

 photo 0260720F-5A80-47C5-AA80-EB65D4B4E254_zpsrl3taiwm.jpg

 photo BE87EF15-37E9-45AA-95C8-A19DBF7B224B_zpse2egxrbv.jpg

I was giving Claire a bath in the below pic, and after she was dressed I just couldn’t believe how tiny she was! I love this little peanut stage.

 photo C7C19B07-92C8-4735-8016-7C5C7699BE5F_zpserr992f3.jpg

J is still such a great big brother. He’s constantly helping me. These 2 have grown so close. the other day she was reaching for him and just wanted to snuggle on the couch.

 photo F163AB8E-524B-4EEC-B058-02EC2CF57F7C_zpsfw6llsvw.jpg

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Christmas break 2016

Christmas break we went about 0mph. It was wonderful! After the(good)craziness of Christmas Eve and Christmas it was so nice to have a week to stay in our pjs, watch movie after movie, and have nothing on the agenda. It was good we didn’t have much planned because we all caught a cold. So we sniffled while we played endless rounds of Battleship, Guess Who, and play doh. These pictures are from the break and I cherish them all! 

 photo IMG_6282 2_zpsthxn0o3n.jpg

 photo F8726D8A-FDE3-4DF0-B474-9B27DDE23C5A_zpsm9dkogwv.jpg


 photo 396528DC-698A-4B75-BEDB-CFF33A2AC1C5_zps3qhzrpcw.jpg

 photo IMG_6181_zpsuwft3dt9.jpg

 photo IMG_6172_zpsxuxh4ga7.jpg

 photo AA34FEA1-9BFD-40A7-B76E-B10C4A2F57F9_zpsbsrzbilu.jpg

 photo IMG_6188_zpsz1v2ewic.jpg

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Christmas 2016

Christmas with 3 littles this year was so fun. J is so easy to please, and loved every present. Lily just loved unwrapping things and wanted to see what everyone else was getting. Her favorite gifts by far were her books(I and other family members got her Usborne books that are so fun) and her play kitchen. J has been playing most with his Legos, art sets, and the remote control crane but he’ll tell you his favorite gift was his green light saber. Claire had a great Christmas being held by family and getting lots of pictures taken of her;)

We woke up at my in laws to a beautiful blanket of snow. It was gorgeous and perfect for Christmas morning. All the cousins ran in to see what Santa left them, and it was pretty much chaos with all the unwrapping, I loved it.

We headed home so we could make it to my parent’s sacrament at 12 and barely made it! Josh had to dig our car out of his parents driveway, and then dig our driveway to get our car up into the garage. It was the first sacrament since Claire that we were all there together. Josh and I have been trading off each week so she isn’t exposed to any germs. It was a special time for sure(but we probably will still keep her home for awhile).

We spent the afternoon catching up on sleep and playing with all the toys and games the kids got. I LOVE the days after Christmas when the house looks like a total explosion and everyone is in the pjs just playing with each other. We’ve done that for about 4 days now=)

 photo IMG_6267_zpsv7mmceeh.jpg

 photo IMG_6266_zpsdpdo3bpk.jpg

 photo IMG_6269_zpsleineqho.jpg

 photo IMG_6272_zpsen2vnlf2.jpg

 photo IMG_6273_zpslhp0qagv.jpg

 photo 66BB94CC-0AE5-47D7-AA87-C174A7A00E57_zpsu7jff9jj.jpg

Hope everyone had a magical Christmas!

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Christmas Eve 2016

We started the fun on my Grandma’s birthday December 21st. My sisters and I all met up at my mom’s house and had an early dinner. The kids decorated cookies and played with their cousins till we all had to go. My Grandma passed away 4 years ago, but she loved Christmas and loved having all her grandkids over, so we celebrated her by doing just that. It was such a fun day.

Christmas Eve we visited Josh’s grandparents and then headed to my mom’s for dinner with my sister’s and their families(my 3 brothers and their families live in WA and we missed them so much). The food was SO good, but the Nativity and talent show were even better.Jackson could not wait for the Nativity. Days before he picked out a Joseph costume and said he would love to be Joseph at my family’s Nativity and then made a crown and said he wanted to be the wise man that carried frankensince at Josh’s family’s Nativity, haha!

That night we headed to Josh’s parents for another Nativity and a Santa visit! The kids were shocked and so excited. Santa brought them a Lego Nativity set and some candy. We all slept(I use that word VERY lightly, ha we did not get much sleep at all) at my in laws and woke up to presents in the morning.

 photo C8941CED-BDA0-4F3C-B8D1-D17424AEB6D3_zpsvk7ugmeh.jpg

 photo IMG_6176_zpspolv8jgs.jpg

 photo IMG_6237_zps6howlgnn.jpg

 photo IMG_6196_zpsdcmwvhiw.jpg

 photo IMG_6231_zpspr0ad18i.jpg

 photo IMG_6193_zpsajxsiaal.jpg

 photo IMG_6251_zpswyilmjvl.jpg

 photo IMG_6203_zpsa0dbtw1p.jpg

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Life as a family of 5 + 2 week check up

I feel so lucky to have sweet Claire. She just slipped into our lives and I already can’t imagine what it was like without her(okay maybe I can, and it involved a lot more sleep haha). Seriously though, these last 2.5 weeks have been wonderful. There have been some hard parts too. The hardest part by far being that it’s winter and I can’t go anywhere. I’m terrified she will get sick! With Lily and J I could go to the park, a walk, to the pool, or even in the backyard, but with Claire we have been home for 2.5 weeks with minimal visitors because I don’t want to expose her to any sickness. The upside? We love our house, we have plenty to do and lots of shows to watch, and no one has gotten sick(knock on wood).

Lily has had a hard time sharing mom, but this past week she has gotten SO much better. She lets me nurse in peace half the time, the other half she is trying to lay on Claire. Her and J smother her with love and constantly want to touch, kiss, or hold her which I think is adorable. Lily still doesn’t understand how to be soft, and I don’t think she wants to be soft to Claire all of the time!

Claire is growing great and at her 2 week check up she was already a pound heavier than what she was at birth making her a wopping 7lbs 3oz. She just has a really calm spirit about her. I can’t describe it, but these first couple of weeks are just so special. I feel like the veil between heaven and earth is so thin when they are newborns and I can’t express enough just how much I love this stage. She gets up every 2-3 hours to eat at night. She snuggles with me most of the time because I just love it.

 photo IMG_6136 2_zps4dlk29gi.jpg

 photo IMG_6153 2_zpskdufcyeh.jpg

 photo IMG_6141 2_zpsizbmifrc.jpg

We’re all just soaking up this time!

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Claire’s Birth Story

I’m honestly so shocked Claire decided to come 2 weeks early like my other kids. I thought for sure I would make it to my induction date of December 5th. I was a lot more comfortable with her, she was measuring a week behind, and the idea of an induction was great.  But Claire had other plans…

38 week bump

 photo 3F6D1989-EDCD-4916-B191-C1506D00260C_zpsgkogpm56.jpg

Monday, November 28th, I went in for my 38 week appointment at 2pm. I was feeling uncomfortable that day with some mild cramp like contractions. I brought Lily with me to the appointment and occupied her in a stroller with snacks and a Leap Pad. J was playing at a friends house and I knew the appointment would be quick. I had gone from an ‘almost 3’ and 70% effaced to a true 3 and 80% effaced. My Dr. will strip your membranes at 38 weeks, so I had her do that to see if it could kick start labor(with both of my other kids it did) and then I was on my way.

When I got home about 3pm I decided to walk around my house, essentially doing laps in my kitchen and family room while updating family on what the dr. said at the appointment. I honestly didn’t think it would do much, but I started to have some pretty painful contractions. I kept walking, cleaning, and playing with the kids until about 5:30 when I was getting more uncomfortable. Josh texted and said it was snowing pretty hard and that he would be awhile until he could get home. I asked him to pick up some fast food because I wasn’t feeling great. He finally got home at 6:30pm, after shoveling part of the driveway so he could get up in his car. As soon as he walked in the door he said, ” don’t go into labor tonight, the roads are awful!” I told him I was in quite a bit of pain, but if I could make it to 8pm the roads would be clear and we could put the kids down for bed.

I lay on the couch and texted my mom. The plan was to have my dad stay over with the kids, and then mom could come to the hospital with us. I stayed on the couch until 8 timing my contractions and they were about 10 minutes apart. I texted my parents who live minutes away and told them to head down. I put Lily down and gave her and J big kisses and then we headed to the hospital. The roads were cleared and we didn’t have any problems. The mountains were gorgeous and everything was freshly covered in snow. It was so peaceful.

We walked into labor and delivery and got checked into Triage and they hooked me up to monitor the baby. I was so emotional and started crying. It hadn’t been that long ago that I was there with Lily and to be honest I was a little nervous. I still remembered SO much haha.I was also nervous they would turn us away and I would look like a wimp.

She checked me and I was at a 5. I was so relieved, we were gonna meet our baby! I called my mother in law and told her and she went and slept at my house so my dad could be at work in the morning. I’m so so grateful for all the people that were there to help us. We’re so lucky!

 photo 6D731463-27EA-4D51-92F0-D0BC9BA99570_zpspmxdeqqn.jpg

Unfortunately, the Dr that was on call and the anesthesiologist were in surgery so I couldn’t get my epidural. She got my IV started and then we waited about 45 min(about 9:45pm) and then I got my epidural. The Dr. was still in the OR so she checked me at 10pm and I was a 6 with bulging waters. Once my water breaks I tend to go really fast. The nurse wasn’t allowed to break my water, so we were waiting for the Dr. At about 12am the Dr. came in and broke my water. My contractions instantly started getting more intense. Luckily I could just feel the pressure without all the pain. At 12:15am I called the nurse back in to check me, I felt ready to push. Yep, I was a 10 and baby was ready so they called the Dr in and got everything set up. By 12:29am November 29th, Claire Ann was born. 6lbs 6oz and 18 in long. Her umbilical cord was super short, but there were no problems.

 photo 70C6949B-1B93-4D25-90CA-A03B4BE3769C_zpsspehdoel.jpg

 photo 1058F8C5-37FE-48DE-8CC2-9B541FE4CD91_zpsomz2owjo.jpg

My recovery has been great! With Lily I hemorrhaged and just had a long recovery. This time around I feel SO much better and I’m so grateful for that.

 photo 4897E353-B382-40A6-A5D5-3096D7A916B5_zpsrrynraac.jpg

 photo EFCF0209-F823-4578-A8F0-7AF0C72CB3A8_zpsdlh3vjrc.jpg

 photo IMG_5932_zpsgbsvivlk.jpg

 photo IMG_5956_zps42rfv8jf.jpg

 photo 052E9000-F53B-4A32-AFF6-BDA19C0A221F_zpsqx0k4z1t.jpg

 photo IMG_5944_zpsahilc6rv.jpg

 photo IMG_5925_zpsrhkklslq.jpg

 photo 5B37CBDC-70EC-4C38-BA50-E0AE558DFE78_zpssa55jquo.jpg

 photo 0A6AF11D-ECD9-4146-B032-5B576DA2ECEC_zpsmxx0chc1.jpg

She is now a week old and just such a sweetheart. She wakes every 2 hours at night, sleeps in her bed nicely(unless I fall asleep nursing her, then she sleeps nicely nuzzled up to me:)).

 photo IMG_5900_zpsjvszrlfo.jpg

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