4th of July 2017

Oh the 4th, it’s the best holiday in my opinion. Each year we go to the Granite Parade in Sandy with my in laws. This year my MIL got us the BEST spot in the shade. She brought water guns for Lily and J and everyone had a great time catching candy from the floats. After, they have a carnival down the street with bounce houses, games, a petting zoo and food trucks. It was 100* by the time the parade ended, so we just let the kids go down a few slides and then we headed to lunch at an air conditioned restaurant.

We took the kids home for naps and then had a BBQ with my parents. I just LOVE summer foods. So easy and fresh.

After dinner we headed to my SIL whitney’s house for my nephew Cal’s bday. We had cupcakes and shot off fireworks and then watched part of the Riverton firework show.

The ice cream lady even stopped by so of course we got ice cream. Oh and so did Godzilla and a T-Rex haha(I guess Whit’s new neighbors just wanted to dress up and go around and meet the neighborhood, it was so weird and funny).

It was such a perfect night with family. The kids liked the fireworks and REALLY loved the water balloons whitney had for the kids.

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Claire at 7 months old

Claire had her check up a month late, so her 6 mo check up she was actually 7 months. She is happy, healthy, and mainly in the 30% in all areas.

Claire is so giggly and loves when anyone looks at her. Her whole face lights up and her gummy smile just makes me melt.

Claire turned 7 months while we were up at Girls Camp(a church camp just for girls 12-17 yrs old). She came along with me all week at girls camp and was such a doll. She never fussed, hiked with me, and LOVED all the attention the girls gave her. My other 2 kids got to play with my mom, Josh’s mom, and then Josh took a day off work as well.

She’s rolling over like crazy and has tried a few foods, but doesn’t quite love eating solid foods yet.

She only wakes once at night, and some nights she sleeps through the night(7pm-7am). She takes 4 naps, but I can tell she’s almost ready to drop one.

She laughs SO hard at J and Lily and her laugh is so contagious. Lily has gotten a lot better with her and most of the time likes to give her toys and kisses. That has been such a blessing.

On Sundays during the 3rd hour of church the sweetest lady and her daughter take Claire while I’m helping with the young women in our church. Claire adores her and I couldn’t be more grateful. I spend a lot of time volunteering with the young women, and it hits me often how blessed I am to have so much help. I couldn’t do what needs to be done without everyone that is constantly there to support and love my family. I always want to remember Claire and Zunny’s sweet bond.

Things I want to remember about Claire at 7 months:

She loves to pinch my neck while nursing

she started clapping for the first time(thanks to the girls at camp and McCall for teaching her!)

She loved being in the back pack while hiking

Her sweet coos and happy sounds after she nurses

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Exercising; how I make it work with 3 kids

**I’ve used photobucket for all my photos the last 5 years and they recently changed their policies, so if you’re reading this on your phone my pics won’t show up. I’m trying to get it resolved, but until then, my pots won’t have any new pictures.

The number question I get, “How do you make time to exercise with 3 kids?”

I’m not perfect, some days it just doesn’t happen, but 95% of the time I MAKE it happen. I need that time for me, and I’m a better mom if I get a little ‘me time’ in each day. It can definitely get tricky when you have a busy schedule but kids or no kids, everyone is busy and everyone has to make a conscious effort to be healthy. So, I’m going to share my biggest tips to making exercise a part of your everyday life.

  1. Find a time that you are most likely to be active. For me, the morning I’m most energized and most likely to get in a great workout. I have a routine, and my kids know and are use to it. We get up, eat breakfast, the kids get dressed(or I dress them) for the day and then I change into my workout clothes. They get to watch a show and eat a snack while I run(my treadmill is upstairs in the guest room, they watch TV in the family room and I can see them through a camera). My baby still takes a morning nap, so I start my workout as soon as she goes down(about 8:45am). If I’m doing a BBG(Bikini Body Guide) workout I usually just do it in the family room with the kids all around me. SOMETIMES our mornings are crazy, so I sneak in my workout as soon as my baby goes to bed at about 7pm and Josh will put the other 2 to bed. **Once my baby consistently sleeps through the night(she’s almost there!) I’ll try and run before everyone wakes up, like 6am**
  2. Make your workout fun for the kids. Like I mentioned above, my older kids get to watch TV and eat a fun snack(chocolate milk, a fruit snack, etc). If my 2 year old, Lily wants to be in the treadmill room with me I have a pack n play set up with fun toys. Some days Lily just doesn’t want me to workout, so if it’s nice out I put the girls in the stroller and go for a walk while J rides his scooter. My neighborhood is mostly hills so it’s a decent workout.
  3. Be Flexible. As a stay at home mom, finding time for myself can be difficult. But if there’s one thing I have learned since becoming a mom of 3, time for yourself is crucial to being a better mom. Knowing that, I am very flexible with my workouts. I make it a priority, but I am flexible when it happens. If I have something early in the morning, I’ll do a BBG workout instead of run or I’ll do sprints for 20 min instead of a full 30-40 min run.

Really it boils down to making a healthy lifestyle a priority. It doesn’t matter how many kids you have, how busy your work schedule is, or whatever you’re excuse may be. If you make it a priority it will get done. I want to be able to run around with my kids, go on adventures with my husband, and get down on the ground and play with my grand kids when I’m a grandma. Working out and eating healthy makes me feel good and in return I have energy to help others feel good. What more could I ask for? 🙂


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Let Summer of 2017 Begin

Summer is finally here and I couldn’t be more happy. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the seasons and I love having a schedule, but I REALLY enjoy Summer and not having a set schedule for 3 months. Lazy mornings playing in our backyard in pjs, smoothies, pool time/adventures with Josh, cousins, and endless amounts of Popsicles are a few of my favorite summer things.

Here are a few photos of what summer has looked like for us so far.

Cherry Hill with cousins
 photo BBB0341C-0CD1-4321-9BD9-CB66CF63DCC5_zpsuv5f63sm.jpg

Thanksgiving point

 photo FE2000A7-7102-48F2-8B82-368872015573_zpslqmitnt0.jpg

 photo C17EB999-565A-46B4-A836-12AE430F4862_zpsynjnimf5.jpg

Lily is definitely a daddy’s girl through and through

 photo 6D853DFC-E639-478E-B521-10F5AF0E8B05_zpskhmnqfva.jpg

Puppy barn; J is on a puppy kick. He wants one so bad, but I refuse. I do not have the time right now for that kind of chaos haha but I told him when he’s 18 he can get one…

 photo 6102727C-D097-46B0-B3A7-753ACBD9168D_zpscy5hdcax.jpg

Claire is growing and the happiest little bug(we call her Claire Bug). She loves the water and just watching her siblings.

 photo 945056B4-5666-427C-8D5F-15CEEADCA24E_zpsggrnel0m.jpg

 photo A478E4D5-36DC-46F1-B624-5E2B9E881A55_zpsp2zxw1mh.jpg

Lily has changed so much the last week. She has been talking SO MUCH and a lot clearer and because of that I think she’s so much happier. She can express herself and be heard. She’s become quite the little mommy, but at a drop of a hat will try and hurt Claire. She LOVES to tease and get a reaction. She almost had J in tears the other day just teasing him(J is sensitive) and I had to separate them. She also really loves to make people laugh. She will do the funniest things and make me laugh/cry. I love her!

 photo BCABE35D-E92A-4553-A626-6E8484BFF221_zpsryr4wnry.jpg

 photo DBCE763D-942E-49C2-9348-9A4C8A484162_zps8saebsuz.jpg

 photo 37044F92-A1E1-4632-B69B-2B8575F45773_zpsoxqsq8ts.jpg

 photo EDECA0AC-0070-4981-A3C3-FC48BD06B61F_zpsqrlxyqp5.jpg

Jackson finished his 4 season of soccer and still loves to play. He’s a great goalie and even made a few goals this season.
he is still my biggest helper, joke teller, and pokemon obsessed almost 6 year old. He follows me most of the day chatting about everything, I don’t even have to talk, and he will keep an entire conversation going all day haha he has a thirst for knowledge and loves to ask questions and read short books. He can also get me laughing pretty hard haha.

 photo 05D6AAE6-E978-4BB0-B75E-0B4755EE8923_zpsfbfgpiss.jpg

 photo 198ABB45-5623-4867-A5A2-FC8D6CAAB419_zpsw0xtredw.jpg

 photo E57EC1F4-9DC3-4481-A632-6C388D49E4BE_zpsjsf799c2.jpg

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Claire at 6Mo +Postpartum Update

If I had to describe Claire in one word at 6 months old, it would be happy. 99.9% of the time, she is so happy and content. She loves her siblings, mom and dad, and everyone around her. At church, we rarely hold her, we have so many helping hands and I’m so grateful for that(and that it’s not winter and I don’t have to worry as much about sickness).

Claire has moved into the nursery and sleeps in the crib. I started transitioning her into her own room about a week before she was 6 months. Before she was in a pack n play next to my bed.  It took  the whole week to figure out what she likes for her to be able to fall asleep on her own.I loosely follow Baby Wise but  I don’t like the cry it out method, but I know sometimes it’s necessary so that they know how to fall asleep during the night without me. So began the week of trial and error. I would nurse her( once she hit 6 mo I started giving her rice cereal at night too), burp her, swaddle her, then lay her down awake in her crib, sing her a song and then walk out. The first few nights she would cry and not settle down, so I wouldn’t  let her cry for more than 5 min without checking on her, re-swaddling if she needed it and putting her binky back in. Finally, after doing this routine for a few nights and a similar routine during the day for naps(I don’t nurse her before naps) she falls right to sleep! She was getting up 2x to eat, but I’ve slowly been weaning her off of those(her dr. said her weight is great and she shouldn’t need to eat at night) and last night(2 weeks later) was her first night sleeping through the night and not needing to eat!

It feels so good to be 6 months postpartum. I was telling Josh the other day, that I finally feel like my hormones have regulated and I have SO much more energy and feel like myself again. I think there’s 3 big factors why I feel this way; time, the weather is sunny and warm, and Claire is sleeping through the nights most nights.

At 6 mo Claire LOVES:

  • sitting up, if she’s laying down she cranes her neck to try and sit up haha
  • rolling around and scooting to get to toys
  • sucking on everything
  • eating food- she’s eats rice cereal 1-2x a day and I let her chew on a banana or watermelon sometimes when I’m trying to prepare dinner.
  • laughing at her siblings
  • being outside
  • nursing
  • being swaddled


  • riding in the car during bed time
  • being put down while I’m trying to make dinner(her and Lily always BOTh want to be held then haha

Claire is such an angel, she lights up any room she enters and we love her!

 photo 2CD5FA5B-2507-4D7E-88B7-69E3484F41BD_zpsxykjjmcd.jpg

 photo 18B43DA6-F223-484B-AB17-43FE374C2DF8_zpsjmh96uzp.jpg

 photo 27E1DC18-78D9-47C5-A3D6-B3CF49EC1CDE_zpstrd7mpua.jpg


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Park City with the Reeds

A couple weekends ago we headed up to PC with my sister Neeley’s family. We had such a blast(Josh was there, but you know he hates pics lol). We stayed at the Mountain Side Marriot. We ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant since it was Cinco De Mayo weekend and it was delicious, more importantly, the kids were great! Lily is obsessed with her cousin Brittyn, so it was so nice to just sit and chat.

Brittyn insists on carrying Lily, and Lily loves it!

 photo 4DC84F15-3BB9-4D43-87CE-4729CE8D2AB4_zpsfiptsf6m.jpg

 photo 35D90B8D-29CA-4886-8D76-2397B93896B2_zpskfxfeuhd.jpg

Later on we took the kids swimming. Everyone had fun, even Ruby that accidentally grabbed her little sister’s swim bottoms! Luckily, she just wore her clothes in the pool ha!

 photo EDC78987-1C4C-4ABB-A7F1-CDC64AAC8362_zpstvjb5jk9.jpg

 photo 2E5E3B5C-B21F-40DB-A01E-8C25E030EC25_zps3qcutbxu.jpg

 photo BFC78383-A663-4CD7-9810-D11DED80E567_zps2sykxi2l.jpg

 photo 945DCABB-114F-4422-81D3-B940DFF82E28_zpslzsjnsqf.jpg

The adults stayed up late playing fun games and eating WAY too much goodies, but I don’t regret a thing! The kids watched Sing and ate yummy treats before falling asleep.

 photo 5BCAAD0A-99B0-410B-9C33-7F6BC099012D_zpsyopqbaht.jpg

 photo 419164FD-7160-4BE0-AA1C-80EE4EA31721_zpsbixrlzyd.jpg

I love making memories with family:)

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Soccer mom fail

There’s certain milestones in my parenting life that I look forward to hitting. Being a soccer mom was top of my list since I played soccer growing up. J has played for 4 seasons now and improves each season. He’s a great goalie and loves to dive after the balls. He’s made a few goals this season as well which he’s really proud of since the kids are bigger now.

J’s cheerleaders

 photo 05EBD412-8FB3-4BEA-868D-C60C591C64A9_zpshynwpqpe.jpg

J’s aunt Alisha who came to watch

 photo 781FB938-A461-466E-B5C5-F9DA4C9C13B9_zpshl18d5m5.jpg

This season is extra special because he’s playing with his cousin Calvin. They are so dang cute together!

 photo 8D2B721C-1D2C-4439-B8DF-43EBD4FE6320_zpsqtqbw70x.jpg

The other night Josh and I were chatting with Whitney(my SIL) and she casually mentioned I had snacks for the game. In one swift huff of smoke I yelled I forgot them, grabbed my purse, handed baby Claire to Josh, and ran to the car. haha Luckily, the game still had 30 min left so I ran to a nearby store, picked up the snacks and drinks and was back before J even realized I was gone.

I’m so grateful Whit mentioned something haha!

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Claire at 5 months 

Time can slow down at any time and I would be just fine with that. My kids ages right now are my favorite! At 5 months Claire:

  • is starting roll, but can’t quite get from her belly to back
  • sleeps in a bassinet next to my bed and only wakes up 2x nurse
  • growing out of her 3 mo clothes and starting to wear 6 mo
  • smiles SO big for everyone, but smiles the biggest for lily
  • LOVES being outside, baths, anyone talking/playing with her, and snuggling/sleeping with mom
  • DISLIKES riding in the car during bed time, and that’s about it. She is SUPER easy going and happy 99.9&% of the time.

I love baby profiles

 photo 022DCE0E-DDEC-45E8-9FA6-F44D28295135_zpsr2v0gflg.jpg

Lily wanted to hold claire on the swing, they were both laughing so hard! It didn’t last too long cuz Claire’s chunky legs were a little squished haha.

 photo FA7D5297-C268-4083-A3C8-9F76F12C8BE0_zpspc4iipem.jpg

Her first taste of banana. She wasn’t very interested.

 photo 2CD5FA5B-2507-4D7E-88B7-69E3484F41BD_zpslotddycn.jpg

 photo 4D7C61A2-091C-4111-93F6-2CA648FA7088_zpscsvhazuh.jpg

this picture!
 photo CC984A5D-898D-464E-947B-7E34478EC08D_zpshcrwc76p.jpg

 photo 48BDAB5B-4D09-4BF8-A970-E8D3FFFD43FD_zpswfhbmymh.jpg

 photo 6BA74B8F-4F75-40FF-8DBD-0774F2D62590_zps8egkboy9.jpg

 photo 710D1793-DEF0-479B-95BE-16D130CEA640_zpstrenx4aq.jpg

 photo 2AA98792-9BC9-4D88-8515-3C01934C0DE5_zpsvc0pwzkw.jpg

 photo 61E20A8D-9920-44CF-8632-B1AC38FFDD3E_zpsxqdg4ykl.jpg

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Thanksgiving 2016

I totally spaced blogging about Thanksgiving since I went into labor and had Claire 4 days later.

So let’s back WAY up! Leading up to thanksgiving we had beautiful fall weather. We went on a hike up to this amazing suspension bridge.

 photo BF0BE25D-D5A5-4B23-8A60-20ACD82979E8_zpsmaijkhfv.jpg

 photo 65AE8962-F130-45C1-B046-0E4DD039CAB4_zpsozwzycyk.jpg

J helped papa pick grapes for homemade grape juice.

 photo 0527E486-25C1-484A-BD35-5528CD04D8B9_zpslab9mgdf.jpg

We stayed over night in Salt Lake and showed the kids temple square and the church history museum.

 photo C163A5B3-95C8-4995-93B4-E5AA339E2D40_zpsjq77dv7b.jpg

 photo CABD5BDD-6EFB-4AD2-949E-3895042C7638_zpsrqnozjns.jpg

We went down to a BYU game and had so much fun. The weather was so beautiful.

 photo 17E64E20-D070-4BEA-B671-A56B02BC12F0_zps7c8ssemt.jpg

For thanksgiving we headed to Josh’s parents house for a delicious dinner and to celebrate his sister Alisha’s birthday. I thought maybe I would have a thanksgiving baby, but no such luck. Dinner was so yummy though!

 photo 88DC0569-74CF-4AEB-ACF5-91F93BB4EE2B_zpsntxmkzcw.jpg

Later that night we headed to my sister Leah’s to visit with my family and have dessert. My sister Neeley foot zoned me and helped jump start my labor!

It was a great relaxing weekend, and then I went into labor Monday:)

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Claire at 4 months

Claire has really started becoming her own little person. That’s why I love this baby stage! She has the cutest baby babble that doesn’t stop most of the day. She belly laughs so easily now which is so fun for J and lily.

4 mo stats:

Head circumference: 15.7 in-30%

Height: 24 in -13%

Weight: 13 lbs 12 oz -30%

 photo AE228CC2-3D27-4219-B0E5-9535CA90935B_zps6thdnuqv.jpg

 photo C726248A-47FF-43CA-9633-6BA8DFA99D4A_zpslgltkh5a.jpg

first time swinging
 photo DBAA1EE0-015D-4B60-8270-FAF55F4422CD_zpsdjebddhx.jpg

morning smiles:)

 photo 76CDAAE9-8F09-4D0F-A72A-43C43E19B191_zpszp4qgnua.jpg

 photo CBD0DDFB-0E72-4636-B571-6CDCA9E99F49_zpsnt7iquit.jpg

Lily ran away from me while I was trying to dress her to say good morning to Claire:)

 photo 83ED6933-7753-4359-9B13-D49BCE0C7699_zpsn3atoaw5.jpg

 photo 15CBC6A0-E9A4-4406-9AFF-6FD39F32A9BC_zpseahzvasw.jpg


What Claire’s day looks like:

She loves sleeping on her side most of the time and has gotten into a good sleeping schedule(most nights but I don’t count on it haha)

Wakes up at 9am-nurses

Plays until 10

Naps till 11 repeat all day give or take an hour here and there.

In the evening she stays awake for 2-3 hours instead of napping and then when I nurse her I nurse her to sleep and lay her in her bed(during the day I put her in her bed awake and she falls alseep). I put her to sleep about 8:30pm then she sleeps till about 2:30am. I nurse her then put her back to bed till she wakes again about 6am, and then again between 8-9am. But honestly, it’s never perfect. I go with the flow, and don’t stress a lot about it, but having a schedule makes scheduling the rest of my day so much easier because I’ll know around when she’ll be hungry, tired, etc.

Things I want to remember:

She lights up when either J or lily interact with her and kicks her little chubby thighs when I’m about to pick her up(my fav).

She rolls more, but still not consistently. Her head is really strong, and she can lift it up if she rolls on her belly.

I love how she holds my shirt when she nurses

Claire is such a sweet heart. Everyone always comments how easy going she is. She rarely cries out unless it’s late and she’s in her car seat, she doesn’t love that so much haha.

When she wakes up she has the cutest pouty lip as she stretches and opens her eyes.

She likes to such in her hands and blow bubbles

She loves loves loves to be spoken to. She’s so social and loves ‘talking’ back and forth

She constantly tries to sit up when I put her in her car seat or swing. She just wants to play with her siblings haha

She’s a sweetie pie and we all adore her!

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