Marathon Training Update: Week 1&2/12

I just finished week 3 of marathon training and 2 weeks ago I ran my first longer run that had me a little nervous, 14 miles.  I did it and the weather couldn’t have been better. It has been HOT here in UT and last Saturday it rained the night before and we woke up to a cool 65* and a nice breeze. My friend ran 10.65 miles with me before she had to get back, and then I did the last 3.35 solo.


After my half marathon, I took the next 4 weeks easier and ran 3-4x at a comfortable pace during the week and then a long run of 8-10 miles on Saturdays. Then when I was 12 weeks out from October 12th, race day, I started this plan but realized with our traveling this summer I needed a slightly different plan and found this one(Hal Higdon novice 2). That’s been the hardest part, finding a plan that works for me. I don’t want to stop strength training 3 days a week(upper body, lower body, and core) because I really think it keeps me injury free so that’s been a challenge too. I’ve learned that I can do strength after my 2 shorter runs and then on “cross training” day on the plan, but it takes discipline. I have to start my workouts earlier before my kids wake up, so I’ve been getting up at 5:30 to run outside 3x a week, and then I get to sleep in till 6am on days I do my shorter runs on my treadmill and strength train. Or I sleep in till 7:30 and deal with my cute kiddos while I train.

*Lily doing push ups for her workout haha

The beautiful sunsets and my awesome running buddies have helped so much on those early morning runs! I don’t always get pictures, but I really love having company and taking in my gorgeous surroundings.

14.6 miles(I ran out of time to hit 15)last Saturday, before Jackson’s baptism. So grateful Rachel(not pictured, I always feel silly asking for pics haha) texted to run!

 Happy running!! The next 3 weeks I’m traveling on the weekends, so my long runs will be midweek, wish me luck!


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Jackson and Lily’s Birthday Week 2019

Jackson and Lily always get a whole week of birthday celebrations since their birthdays are 3 days a part. I don’t want either of them to feel like the other is more celebrated so I think I overcompensate and we party all week ha!

We celebrated with my family at Cherry Hill. They chose ding dongs for the dessert with juice boxes and couldn’t wait to party with cousins all day. My sisters and mom SPOILED them! They were elated and felt so loved.

On Lily’s actual birthday she woke up to unicorn cereal, presents, and decorations. We did whatever she wanted the whole day which included Cherry Hill, making her cake,playing video games with J, and cake with Grandma Lee Lee. She was THRILLED!

On Jackson’s birthday he got baptized with his best friend/cousin Cal. You can read more about his special day here.

The night before he and I made his request: cake pops! It was so fun and they turned out delicious! The morning of his birthday he woke up to decorations, his favorite cereal, and presents. I was out on my long run, but I got to face time him ha.

THEN we ended the party week on Sunday with the Scott’s and celebrated Lily, Jackson and their cousin Ezra birthday’s.

Phew, that was a wild week, but I love celebrating these cute kids.


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Jackson and Calvin’s Baptism Day

I can’t even tell you how many times I have teared up this past month as we got closer to Jackson’s 8th Birthday. 8 is a big deal in our church because you can choose to be baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It’s a big commitment to follow Christ and his commandments. It’s not easy to always strive to make the right choices, but by being baptized we promise to remember Him and try everyday to be better and endure to the end.

Jackson was so ready for this next step and he was so excited. He’s been reading his scriptures and working hard to learn more about Jesus and be a good example to his siblings.

The day was extra special because he got to be baptized with his cousin Calvin. The day couldn’t have gone better. They were surrounded by so much love and the weather was gorgeous, not too hot!

3 cousins all baptized in the same year.

I loved planning this day with Whitney, she made everything extra cute, and takes the best pictures.

Jackson, you are one of a kind, Josh and I are so grateful to be on this journey with you. You brighten every day(Claire on the other hand, has had better days😂)!



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Jackson is 8!!

Happy Birthday Jackson!

I know I’m sappy, but man I can’t believe I have an 8 year old. I love that boy with all my heart!

At 8 years old Jackson:

  • Loves pokemon, baseball, riding his bike, his buddies/cousins, wearing hats, drawing, writing stories, reading, playing his DS, Minecraft, staying up late with mom and dad, playing golf with dad, earning money, being a big brother and Legos.
  • Hates shrimp, losing, and that’s about all I can think of ha

He’s very thoughtful, first to apologize, peacemaker, people pleaser, and has the best sense of humor. He makes me laugh all day and recently understands sarcasm and it’s my favorite! I love joking with him all day and being able to laugh with him about funny things the little ones do.

I love our late night chats, and the way he follows Josh around all day Saturdays helping him with all sorts of projects. He’s grown up so much this year and I’m so proud of the young man he’s becoming.

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Lily’s 4!!!!

Happy Birthday Lily!!

Lily Mae is independent, a mover and a shaker, and loves all things girly. She got a little bit of makeup this year from Aunt Neeley and she could not be more thrilled. She put it on EVERYONE including her boy cousins haha. She still has a bag or 2 or 3 with her at all times and is the best sharer. Even on her birthday she shared presents with Claire. She is a peacemaker but also likes to liven things up with a little teasing or tricks. Her wide eyed smile reminds me of my little sister when she knows she just did something a little mischievous but also hilarious. She can dance to any beat and loves to sing. Lily is the best snuggler and sleeper. You will find her in a dress 99% of the time but occasionally in pants but hardly ever in shorts. She says her legs get too cold in shorts and I believe her, she’s a little pip squeak. She looks up to Jackson so much and loves to be apart of whatever he’s up to.

Putting makeup on Claire

Recently, Josh took her on her first special date to the theater to see the play Cinderella. She dressed up in her Elsa dress and had the best time. She couldn’t wipe the grin off her face all day. She adores Josh. All the kids of Josh wrapped around their fingers, they are so lucky!

Lily is creative, energetic, and loving. Josh and I laugh and laugh at her silly faces and contagious laugh and scratchy voice. She’s a sweetheart.

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Chasing Waterfalls

Last Saturday Josh planned for the family to go on a little hike up to a cool and refreshing waterfall. We’ve done this hike a handful of times, it’s perfect for all ages.

After my long run I packed 3 pb&j’s and 2 cream cheese bagels(since not everyone likes sandwiches)with lots of strawberries, carrots, snacks and waters.

Josh hiked with Cooper on his back. He slept the entire time! Much different from when Claire screamed the whole time last year when she was in the pack haha.

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To the Mountains

On Pioneer Day (UT holiday)this year we headed to the mountains.

Josh’s dad snagged us an awesome camp site up Big Cottonwood canyon where we all met up for hot dogs, smore’s and yummy sides. It was just what I needed to escape the heat. We were right next to a river and a spooky cave. Jackson and his cousins Cal and Port took it upon themselves to offer tours of the cave haha. They were busy exploring and climbing the whole time. The little ones liked throwing rocks into the river. Claire mostly like crawling around like s puppy, she is a funny girl.

These little moments with family always fill my cup.


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One of the very best parts about summer is all the family time we get to have. I’m grateful my kids get to be around a lot of cousins. My cousins were everything to me growing up, I loved it!

Cooper has 2 GIRL cousins a couple of months younger than him.

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Why A Marathon?

It’s Thursday and I’m more than half way done with week 3/16 of my first marathon training. I’ve had a lot of time to think on my runs and questions myself as to why I’m running a marathon. Saturday morning my alarm was set for 6am and I needed to be out of the house by 6:30am for my 10 mile run to beat the heat and be back in time for Josh to mow the lawn and do yard work before it got too hot. Unfortunately, Cooper was up ALL NIGHT like he had been most of last week due to teething. Nothing soothed him much, except if I stood up and swayed back and forth while he chewed on my finger(he won’t take a binky and he wasn’t hungry so he wouldn’t nurse). I decided to sleep in. I thought to myself, ” why am I training for a marathon while nursing? When my baby isn’t sleeping through the night? When it’s summer and I should sleep in? When I’ll have to do long runs during our vacations? . . . and on and on. But I decided to get out there anyway.

I didn’t start my run till 8:45am and finished a little after 10am. It. Was. Hot. I’m glad I had my hydration belt and knew where there was a water fountain to fill up. I ran hills and felt so accomplished after I got back home but also guilty that I had waited too long to go out and Josh had to do the yard work during the hottest part of the day and he didn’t even complain.

I’m running because I want to push myself. I want a challenge. I want to stop making excuses and I want to show my kids that you can set big goals and achieve them if you work really hard. It takes sacrifice, commitment, and ya maybe a bit of craziness ha. Also, I love running. It’s so therapeutic to me. I solve a lot of problems in my head when I’m out running haha and I love the way I feel after. I feel so accomplished and proud of what my body can do. I feel strong. Even though it’s SO Hard to get out of bed early, I’m gonna keep trying. I’m gonna keep pushing. I wanna see what I’m capable of.

8 miles before 8am on Monday. I try hard to get my workouts in before my kids wake up. But I usually have 1 little buddy. Today it was Claire for a few minutes then J and Lily woke up so they watched TV. I fed Cooper at 6:15, then started my workout. That way he usually sleeps another hour or more.

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Date Night, Little Moments, and week #2 marathon training

Josh and I went to our first ever Real Salt Lake soccer game last week. He got tickets through work and the weather couldn’t have been any better. We ate dinner together that wasn’t good but we didn’t care, we loved having each other’s undivided attention.

I’m so grateful to my mom and Josh’s mom who babysit for us often so we can have date nights.


For the last couple of months I’ve been writing in a gratitude journal every night. I write 10 things I’m grateful for from that day and it can’t be the same as the day or even week before. It’s helps me pay attention throughout the day to the little things. Here are just a few:

Easy summer dinner

Warm evening breeze

Lily sharing her backpack with Claire

Finding J, Lily, and Claire in Lily’s bed reading after my run.

 3 freshly bathed babes<—-prob one of my top 5 fav things

Week 2 Marathon training

Monday- 7 miles; 4 mile warmup with 2 miles of hills and 1 mile c/d

Tuesday- legs + 4 slow miles

Wednesday- 5 easy pace miles

Thursday- 5 progression miles

Friday- arms + abs 1 hr workout

Saturday- 10 miles

Total Miles-31 miles- First 30 mile week in over a year!


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