Baby #3 Bump Update: 18 weeks

18 week bump

 photo 9072E636-D4FD-49DF-AEAB-8B28E3DCF601_zpsdhpml8zi.jpg

16.6 week bump ( I didn’t take one at exactly 17 weeks haha)

 photo 5F668E9C-5D68-44E8-BB36-984B2B005D28_zps5odlrhfr.jpg

You can read about 13 weeks here, 15 weeks here.
How Far Along? 18 weeks
 Maternity Clothes? Yes, I bought a dress that’s so comfy and a few summer clothes a size up. All the comfy baggy clothes please!
 Sleep?  I’m sleeping pretty good. Lily had her first ear infection the last week or so. I’ve been up with her, and I can’t lay on my back or stomach anymore. Hugging a big pillow on my side has been the most comfy.
Best moment this week? Feeling the baby’s movements more frequently. Best feeling!
Movement: Yes, I’m feeling the baby move a lot more often and it’s my favorite. I love learning it’s schedule and looking forward to feeling it move.
 Anything making you queasy? I get nauseous anytime I’m a passenger in a car. Other than that, I feel pretty good. Every once in awhile if it’s a hot day and I’ve been running around I get a little queasy.
Fitness level: I haven’t done a scheduled workout in about a week. That’s just how it goes lately, I’ll have a low key week where I can workout more, and then a busy week where my workout is just playing and being active with the kids. I always try and eat healthy and drink lots of water, but scheduled workouts don’t always happen. Everything has its season=)
What I’m looking forward to: My appointment next week, we find out the gender!!
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4th of July 2016 & Lil at 11 months

My favorite holiday has come and gone. This summer is going by way too fast. In just not ready for the scheduled fall just yet, so I hope the rest of summer SLOWS down.

The 4th started with a nice treadmill run. It was great!

We headed to Sandy for the parade and carnival that Josh’s parents help organize. I just love all the traditions and making memories each year with the fam.

 photo B4EA177A-397C-4F12-8112-5F383CB52BD1_zpscbmcgcar.jpg

We chilled the rest of the day, got a few things done here and there and even found a new park near our house.  Then headed to T Point for snacks and fireworks with Josh’s family.

 photo 2400D159-5B06-4826-B341-09359243832F_zpsti2uelp6.jpg

 photo ECB78BD1-DC4C-40CD-90F0-338671AE650C_zpsjra8s9sv.jpg

Such a great holiday celebrating some of the things I most cherish, freedom and independence!

 photo A1C4973B-22A1-4244-95A8-617A35FB5635_zpsdvmwkird.jpg

Lily had a blast celebrating her first 4th with her brother and family.

J loves this holiday for the fireworks for sure!


Lily at 11 months only had a few more milestones to add from 12 months:

  • She has 3 more teeth and one more just starting to poke through
  • She says a lot more words like “buh buh” for bye, “J” she mimicks me yelling for him, and  “ya”
  • She does not like to practice walking
  • She finally started walking while holding furniture but easily gets spooked and will start screaming till you sit her down
  • She terrified of leaves😂 and a lot of unknowns. She’s very timid
  • I stopped pumping so she’s on formula for her 3 feedings now

The one thing I want to remember about her at this stage is how cuddly she has gotten. She will crawl up to J and give him a big hug and pat him on the back. She doesn’t quite give kisses yet, but hopefully soon. She’s very animated and loves to look around at who is paying attention to her. Almost 1 year!!!

she occasionally lets me put an obnoxiously large bow on her haha

 photo 0733BABE-AF18-4FE6-A08C-73C82ADEF2FA_zps8tv8yfdp.jpg

 photo B20831F1-BF45-4749-A988-26C10D0D9C8C_zpsszjjkufz.jpg

 photo B6C222BD-66F9-4200-B9ED-47503315B807_zpszmkpnji8.jpg

 photo 50C43A6F-31E2-4730-BBE2-D556C3D8B9FF_zpslxkbqrfs.jpg

 photo AD934D0F-5F0A-4C1C-A4E8-B3E7FCDE17EF_zpsmdmurbth.jpg

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15 week bump update(baby #3)

If you missed our announcement, you can catch up here:)


15 weeks Bump Update

How Far Along? 15 weeks

 photo 49F2B49A-B45C-4A1A-910D-3712F65E52EE_zpsomn87osw.jpg

 Maternity Clothes? No, but I’ve started putting a rubber band on my pants to give me a little extra room. Oh and wearing LOTS of dresses.
 Sleep?  I’m sleeping great!
Best moment this week? I felt the first flutters this week. I love feeling the baby move for the first time. For me, that’s when I really start connecting with this sweet babe.

Pregnancy Cravings? Since the beginning I have been craving more savory foods more than sweet. My biggest craving has been sushi topped with wasabi. Josh has taken me to get California rolls quite a few times and even tried to satisfy my HUGE craving with a Sumo Burrito. It’s as big as a burrito, but it’s wrapped in sea weed haha. It was a little too much haha. My other cravings are vegetables(which I normally just tolerate) and meat. All so bizarre!

 photo 81B4DB04-A449-443C-949B-FF35615B3370_zpsqv46foch.jpg

Movement: Yes! (see above)
 Anything making you queasy? I few things here and there still make me a little queasy. This past week I was given chocolate milk, and after a sip or two it made me gag:/
What I’m looking forward to: Feeling more movements
Fitness: I finally have more energy these past 2 weeks. I’ve been working out again, but it leaves me pretty tired. I’m glad I usually get a little nap when Lily naps or I just got to bed super early ha!
 I went to a Barre class with friends and didn’t die.

 photo FD477628-3557-4755-AFFA-9C2F1676A7FC_zpsgt4w84ar.jpg

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Surprise! Baby #3 due Dec. 2016

Surprise! We’re pregnant with baby #3 due December 2016. We are as shocked as probably most of you haha!  After waiting 2 years for Lily, we were hoping it wouldn’t take as long with our next. We are so completely excited and a bit overwhelmed thinking about this baby and Lily being 16-17(depending on when the babe comes) months apart.

 photo d56d12f3-f306-48db-8663-0523e135b3c7_zpsrpokqblc.jpg

I found out when Lily was about 7 months old and couldn’t believe it. I was nursing Lily and didn’t even take a test till I was about 7 weeks pregnant after my sister Bree urged me to. We were at a family party and I took a bite of pizza and about lost my whole lunch! I didn’t think much of it, till Bree was like, “Um, you usually love food, why would pizza make you gag? Maybe you’re pregnant!” It was then I realized I was about 15 days late! I took a test on  Monday afternoon and it immediately showed positive. I called Josh at work and we were in shock and just kept laughing in excitement.
I had my first ultrasound when I thought I was 11 weeks along, but the baby was measuring 9 weeks! That was a bummer, but no biggie. I actually have 2 sacs, but my Dr. said it looks like another baby never formed. Yep, I could’ve had twins!!!! I feel a little relieved with that news, ha. See the empty sac on the left, and our little peanut on the right?

 photo 37995E6A-FDFA-4B79-9B4F-7405338CB667_zpstvr1mk6d.jpg

**Side note: Josh’s grandma called before she knew I was pregnant and said she had a dream I was pregnant with twin baby girls! So, my bet is this baby is another girl since I ALMOST could have had twins.
 I mentioned a few posts back in Lily’s monthly update that I was losing my milk. I can only pump twice a day now and only get about 2-4 oz. It’s a bummer, but she’s almost a year and then I can fully wean her to cows milk. During the first trimester I was so tired! Nursing and being pregnant is no joke! I’m grateful Lily and J sleep well at night, and now I feel so much better and able to workout and have enough energy throughout the day.
This was my first workout feeling pretty good and a little baby bump at 12 weeks

 photo 0EC9C07D-E8A8-4567-863F-E4FF30C0F875_zpsozqe0xne.jpg

How Far Along? 1 3 weeks
 Maternity Clothes? No, but there are certain pants I can’t wear without feeling uncomfortable.
 Sleep?  I’m sleeping great minus the frequent bathroom breaks.
Best moment this week? Finally telling everyone!
Weird pregnancy moment? Thinking for a second I was having twins! My Dr. worded it weird and I totally thought their was 2 babies in there until she clarified and said there was only one that developed, but 2 sacs.
Movement: not yet
 Anything making you queasy? I get pretty nauseous if I don’t eat frequently. I have to things with high protein or I’m starving again in 2 seconds. I think it’s because I’m pregnant AND nursing. I have to eat A LOT!
What I’m looking forward to: My next appt. I love seeing my Dr and hearing a heart beat.
We are thrilled to have another baby and can’t wait to find out what it is at my 20 week ultrasound.
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Lily 10 mo. update & J’s last day of pre-k

J had his last day of preschool this past week. He has grown physically and mentally so much this year! He his my little buddy. Seriously, I wish everyone could meet Jackson. He loves people, making you laugh by telling jokes from his joke book, and has the biggest heart. Sometimes I forget he’s only 4 because he’s so willing to help all the time and takes on a lot of responsibility. Love my bubba!

 photo D0CC84F4-B381-436B-B61D-3BC19EB3F758_zpsxf6bbkpb.jpg

 photo IMG_5575_zpsq7eboic8.jpg

 photo IMG_5572_zpsjbhvd8fn.jpg

helping feed lily while I workout

 photo B7E2C48B-022D-4A4E-9F34-9687A7AF8280_zps3eo2dmfb.jpg

 photo 7993DE72-FCB2-4CC2-87BA-B0F339B399AA_zps829t6ehy.jpg

I know I say this every month, but THIS is my favorite stage!

Lily interacts with all of us and knows who we are. She says a lot of little things and mostly mimics. The other night while we were driving we were all saying her name and she copied us haha

Her top 2 teeth are coming in and taking their sweet and painful time. Poor girl! 



playing in the toy room with J(she’s no longer happy in the family room with mom, ha)

the swings

Itsy Bitys Spider(she does her version of the spider with her hands), Patty Cake, and if you say, “How big is Lily?” “Sooo big!” she reaches her hands way over her head.

She full on crawls, can get from laying down to sitting up, and tries to stand up using furniture.

Jackson likes to carry her around even though I tell him not to. I have to admit it’s pretty adorable. His(and hers) fav thing to do is put her in the laundry basket and push her all over the house. He tells her stories, entertains her, and LOVES to put bows in her hair!

 photo IMG_5580_zpstqyyiew6.jpg

 photo IMG_5564_zpseafzu7qx.jpg

 photo IMG_5561_zpswopip3ft.jpg

She still continues to eat anything we give her. She eats whatever we’re eating but has a few dislikes; strawberry flavored things(she likes strawberries though) and still doesn’t love sweet potatoes. She really isn’t picky. She loves to slime her hair after she eats(in this pic she is mad I’m not getting her out right away, but you can see her slimed hair).

 photo C123EE27-72D6-4925-916F-E662EE8B5081_zpshyy9hhx2.jpg

One thing I don’t want to forget about this stage is when she’s playing on the floor she will take little breaks, come find me, and lay her head on my lap. It’s my favorite!

I’ve started losing my milk(more on this later), so my pediatrician said I can slowly start giving her soy milk (I’m lactose intolerant so it’s a precaution) mixed with whatever milk I get. My little sis Bree just had a baby and has been generously sharing her milk with lily too haha

 photo 836F8410-D3A2-43F9-8498-702A92ED6AC8_zpsru7cljlr.jpg

I pump(she started biting me) in the morning and at night for those feedings, then I mix a little of Bree’s milk with soy milk for her afternoon feeding. So far she’s liked it!

I can’t not add a sweet pic of Bree’s new little babe. She is a doll!

 photo milla 3_zpssysgh4sw.jpg

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Memorial Day Wknd 2016

We took advantage of the long weekend and headed up to Josh’s family’s cabin in Oakley. We stayed Friday night and played all day Saturday.

Friday night we had a delicious BBQ and the boys went on a walk to explore. The adults stayed up late chatting and snacking(my fav) and then woke too early with all the kiddos.

 photo 58304AA7-1CFE-40F2-B5AA-22CD5B4C3389_zpskl3h0pn8.jpg

Saturday morning we played outside and then headed to the lake to go fishing. The boys caught 4 rainbow Trout in less than an hour! It was fun to see them get so excited.

 photo EE031CD7-D9ED-454D-97F6-7E8A49158CD4_zpssi4kkbhb.jpg

 photo B0657ED7-68D9-443D-B548-D58C0053319A_zpsvkj9icx6.jpg

 photo 0E384E76-C048-42D6-A741-1D87529213D1_zpsxnpi1h7o.jpg

 photo 6291C7CF-748B-48B5-99FA-14867B7C7D9D_zpsiaht0dtn.jpg

We headed home so we would have time to clean up for my nephew Ike’s birthday. We played kickball, are yummy food, sang to the bday boy and the kids hit a piñata. It was a busy fun filled weekend for sure.

Sunday we went to church and just spent time as our little family. I love Sundays to regroup and rest.

Monday morning Heather and I ran the 5k Run of Remembrance for the 4th year in a row! It was our first year running the 5k, usually we do the 10k, but it’s what worked for us right now(more on that later). I love this race because it gives me time to thank and be grateful for all those who have served and died for my freedom.

 photo A37C4243-10FE-4F1D-AB41-3481793D04BE_zpszkgm4oee.jpg

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Disneyland 2016

We packed up and headed to Cali the beginning of May to experience Disneyland as a family of 4. Of course it was magical! I surprisingly didn’t get too many photos, but enough for some highlights.

 photo 0884D683-6359-4B83-8091-AB2D9E78B1D3_zps3bsbhimf.jpg

The first day we headed to the beach and walked around the pier. Lily wasn’t sure about the sand but that didn’t stop her from trying to eat it!

 photo 2CE37183-D19A-4A72-A79C-01F416463828_zpstpke2qqi.jpg

 photo BE5E6EDB-6208-4A24-9EF6-D8787A472EC4_zps36zjwfid.jpg

We all had fun exploring, playing at the park and finding seashells.

 photo 80500442-FA8D-4DBF-B95E-A8FC915C6D96_zpsfopxkhne.jpg

Sunday we headed to church, then explored another beach. We found tons of crabs in the tide pools and a sweet lady took a family pic for us.

 photo 1412EB45-AFD0-43ED-BD28-318AEBFE52EE_zpsyqljqphi.jpg

 photo 727BE522-3B57-4930-9B9A-2171366893B3_zps5ttqbagj.jpg

That night Josh took us to Joe’s Crab Shack for some amazing shrimp and crab for Mothers Day. We were all starving and the food hit the spot.

Monday we spent ALL DAY at Disneyland. We got to the park at 10 and left at 10. We rode every ride that was open,and ate a lot of great food(my fav being churros). I was proud of J because he rode every ride that he was big enough for. He was so brave! We saw a great show(Mickey’s Magic Map, I think that’s what it was called) Lily loved dancing and clapping along. We ended the night with the Lights Parade and fireworks.

That morning I surprised them with Disney shirts(Target for the win) and J was so excited about his Star wars shirt.
 photo 690A4BA4-8A4E-41AA-9E40-02E0C73B7D17_zpsdrjc9kgl.jpg

 photo 9741691A-8A35-4F09-A876-45EB81E2216E_zpsejqvaqk8.jpg

Hugging her Minnie doll while waiting for the parade.
 photo 27957C22-7A85-45E1-B98A-DCC5F81FFC9E_zpsudwtnzmj.jpg

 photo 70C2B925-8FAC-4B44-9B66-AC8974DC47AC_zpsjkmeptte.jpg

You can’t go to Disney and not have a LITTLE sugar;)

 photo 636B2CA9-CA87-44C0-90AA-66B48F1216FB_zps8nkebioo.jpg

We only waited in line for one character, (we saw a lot just out and about) Kylo Ren, J’s favorite haha. He was really in character and was kinda creepy. He also wouldn’t get very close to us haha

 photo C8C60CEC-D1EB-4CED-86A1-AF243B4DC2CE_zpsqjuiityi.jpg

Tuesday we did California Adventure but only lasted till about 6pm. We loved the day time parade and seeing all the characters. We were exhausted and spent the rest of the night swimming at our hotel before heading home on Wednesday.

Another great trip in the books!

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Lily 9 month update

The last couple of months have flown by! I did remember to take pictures of Lily while she was 9 months and she had her check up. Her stats:

weight- 16.51 lbs-12%
length- 25.67in-4%
head circumference- 17in-26%

 photo F1780CBB-6BAC-4F50-9B43-22665E6238B8_zpsjq3nraly.jpg
At her checkup they poked her finger to test her iron levels and her finger wouldn’t stop bleeding! I didn’t realize she had taken her bandaid off and blood was everywhere! Luckily, after I held it for a bit it stopped, sheesh!

She hasn’t grown anymore teeth, still just has the bottom 2. J likes to call her a little rabbit.

She started scooting and getting around EVERYWHERE! J loves having her follow him and really play together.

Her favorite things:

  • Saying “dad” or “dada”
  • Eating- she eats anything and everything. I barely started introducing dairy like cheese.  I also introduced peanut butter on sandwiches.
  • Playing with J. Pretty sure he is her fav
  • Bath time
  • Being outside


  • Wearing bows
  • Getting cleaned up after meal time
  • Getting dressed
  • Loud noises

She has finally gotten over most of her stranger danger. I love that everyone gets to see the happy smiley lily that we see all day:)

 photo IMG_5462 2_zpscqbno4bo.jpg

And then half way through our little photo session, the dragon showed up haha
 photo IMG_5497_zpsadg4lbbc.jpg

 photo IMG_5475 2_zpslttnjeze.jpg

 photo IMG_5468 2_zps96klzn9w.jpg

 photo IMG_5473 2_zpskeygnrjf.jpg

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Lily at 8 Months

J was laughing with Lily the other day after all his cousins had gone home. He looked at me and said, “Mom I’m so glad I have a little sister, I just love her.”

 photo IMG_5407 1_zpslnbkkjju.jpg

Lily is pretty mobile even though she isn’t crawling. She rolls or scoots everywhere. She tries to crawl and gets so frustrated when she can’t.

She still sleeps great for naps and during the night. She occasionally wakes up with a cold, growing pains, or teeth! Yep, on Easter Sunday she was so sad and I figured she was growing or tired. J didn’t get teeth till about 10 months so it didn’t even cross my mind. Monday I was feeding her little pieces of dried apple and she bit down on my finger and I felt a tooth! Later that day I tried looking at it and discovered 2 bottom teeth!

She mimics a lot of sounds but still hasn’t said,”mama” or “dada.” Her fav sounds are the pig snort and a hiss.

When she’s mad she balls her fists and turns red(wee bit feisty)

She loves all food and will spit her binky out and grab for whatever you have with lightning speed. BUT she still does not like sweet potatoes but loves green beans and peas!?

Nurses 5x a day + 2 solid food meals and a few snacks

She waves hi/bye

While I’m nursing her she’ll pinch my neck, back of my arm or my finger.

Twirls her hands and feet constantly

Still laughs the hardest for Jackson

Her hair is a strawberry blonde

Lights up and squeals when dad comes home(this pic is when he walked in the room during our photo shoot:))

 photo IMG_5390 1_zpsqtci0bzy.jpg

 photo IMG_5403 1_zpspzecftyt.jpg

 photo IMG_5400 1_zpsolfwaodb.jpg

 photo IMG_5402 1_zpskoxphzue.jpg


 photo IMG_5419_zpspif7eaje.jpg

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Easter 2016

Easter came so early this year and made everything kind of a blur. I LOVE Easter! It’s one of my very favorite Holidays and this year was so special with a new little babe.

We started off festivities with a play group party at my friend Alicia’s house. She made Egg shaped sandwiches for the kids and had a cute craft for them too! J kept saying, “this is my very best day mom!”

 photo 303D1D7C-C722-4D0B-B5F2-45C701ACBD9D_zpsno3q2f2l.jpg

 photo 5291F426-C289-4351-9964-92CD02B237A6_zpsi72t5zap.jpg

Our second Easter we headed to the mountains with the Scott’s. This was Lily’s first time to the cabin and it didn’t disappoint. ATV rides, toys, egg hunt, dying eggs, and delicious food!

 photo 4BE9D32C-EDC9-4E75-92A9-5E9FDE678828_zpssyg4ix3d.jpg

 photo 33625EEB-9CE8-4FE3-A229-1622262A25D6_zpsn2dk8gqf.jpg

Not at the cabin, but these two played so cute together while up there.

 photo 5B43F073-F44B-4B3D-9BC8-CD5D05DEB4AB_zpsrw1omvzc.jpg

 photo 6F39C7B2-4622-4E97-89EC-90A295C765F4_zpsf4uyll5r.jpg

We came back Saturday and the boys headed to the BYU Spring game and the girls watched the General Women’s Session(church meeting) at my moms.

Sunday morning we went to church. J was excited to get a new Easter movie and Book of Mormon Stories book along with lots of candy and family games. I attempted a few pictures before church…

 photo IMG_5374_zpsdn8vxd3x.jpg

She was so unhappy on Easter…I found out why the next day(2 new teeth!)

 photo IMG_5364_zpsifz5vw1g.jpg

My little stud, I can’t even.
 photo IMG_5359_zpsm2hlrzqx.jpg

Third Easter was spent with my family at Leah’s house. More food and egg hunts!

This year was so special because we got to share with J what Easter represents; the Resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. We talked about his last week of life and J was so reverent wanting to know why He did it all. I’m grateful to know the reason is because He loves us, me and you. Because of Him we can all live again with our Heavenly Father.

 photo IMG_5349_zpsn1b8qobi.jpg

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