Back at It

2 Saturdays ago I ran outside for the first time in about a year. I love my treadmill and that it allows me to workout with my kids, but it was so fun to get outside.

I don’t know if this is how everyone is, but I’m faster outside than I am on a treadmill and it feels like the time just cruises by. However, I have a real fear of dogs. I get so much anxiety before and during my run that a dog is going to run out after me. I carry pepper spray, ad I’ve only had to raise my arms and show dogs that I have it for them to back down, but I hate it every time! 2 dogs came running out on Saturday, but backed down.

Any who, it was a beautiful day and I really enjoyed being able to get out. Josh was out of town, but my brother and his family were in town for my nieces wedding and staying with me so they watched Lily and J while my mom watched Claire and Cooper.

I got in 6.25 miles at a 9:45 pace. I’ll take it! I didn’t know where my pace would be and it’s nice to know around where it’s at so I can set goals to get faster. I’ve looked into full marathons and narrowed it down to 2. I’m seeing how my running the next 2 weeks goes before I sign up because one is sooner than the other, so we’ll see.

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A living prophet

This weekend my family slows down and we tune in and watch General Conference. We hear from the living prophet, Russell Nelson, apostles, and other great church leaders (and eat LOTS of yummy food).

We are inspired by their words, taught by the spirit, and called to action to be better, try harder, and receive answers to questions we may have.

I’m so grateful to have this time to reflect and grow closer to Christ. There is still 1 more session today at 2pm(MST) if you’d like to tune in here!

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Food Snatchers

Everyday I sit down to eat and my little ducklings flock toward me. It doesn’t matter if I just made them a 3 course lunch( a snack while I’m preparing lunch, lunch, and a little treat after) they still will want whatever is on my plate.

Most days I don’t mind, and I try and eat healthy so they think eating carrots, pears, and avocados are fun. Other days I wait till nap time so I can indulge in a treat all to myself after my lunch.

One day I’ll miss those chubby hands with little dimple knuckles snatching food off my plate. They always keep lunch(or any mealtime) entertaining for me.

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the Steveson tribe

This past week my beautiful niece Bayley got married. My sister Neeley and her husband really know how to plan a party. My brothers and their families were in town so we all soaked up the family time.

One night after everyone had left, I looked out in my backyard and saw ” the Steveson tribe” scribbled on the cement with chalk. I love that my kids know that their cousins are special, a “tribe” that will be there for each other no matter what. Later on J told me all about what they did as a tribe and the hilarious stories.

It was a perfect weekend(except Josh was traveling for work, if he were here then it would have been just right).

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Cooper at 5 mo(sleep update)

My favorite thing Cooper started doing more this month is “talking.” He little mmMmm’s, Chewbacca noises, and coos give me hope that maybe his first word will be “mama” and not “dada” like the other 3. But I’m not holding my breath, ha!

He loves grabbing anything near by and shoving it into his mouth at lightning speed. The kids get a kick out of that and love handing him toys to see him in action.

^such a little man

Anytime anyone walks in the room when he’s in hush high chair he throws his arms out and opens his big gummy mouth wide! As if to say, “Hi! Hold me and give me kisses!”

He rolls all over, holds his head up, and still loves sucking on his fist, thumb, and Muslin blankets.

His sleeping training was/is SO hard and still not super great. He reminds me of J and hates sleep(J still does and doesn’t require a whole lot😅). I’m just trying to be consistent and help him any way I can. He sleeps in the crib most of the night but when he wakes between 4-6am I just bring him in bed with me till we wake up. I just love those snuggles! He is starting to sleep longer stretches, about 3 hours which is huge progress! He was waking every 30-40 min before. When he was a newborn I just loved snuggling with him and nursed so often in my bed, but now he just kicks me and stays awake ready to party ha! So the transition to his crib was necessary.

I can’t get enough of him(neither can anyone else) there’s always a battle of who gets to hold him. He’s happy, calm, so squishy, kissable and laughs like an old man! Those baby blue eyes just melt me!

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The First Day of Spring

I’m not sure I could have timed the first day of spring any better.

The sun was shining the snow had melted, and we played outside most of the day.

Lately, the kids think playing in the FRONT yard is way cooler than the backyard. I’m partial to the fenced in backyard, but I gave into the begging and we all ventured to the front.

J is all about climbing trees while the girls are all about running and dancing. Coop is just along for the ride:)

And guess what came flying onto my leg?! A ladybug of course, Spring is the very best in my opinion.

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Running Update

I’ve gotten a few questions if I’m still running. In the past I’ve written all about my workouts and running, but my blog has shifted and I now enjoy writing about lots of topics, not just my fitness. It sounds like there is still an interest in running updates and I love chatting about running, so here’s how it’s been going.

Cooper is 5 months old(next week) and I ran my first 5 miles last weekend. It felt great! I have only been running on my treadmill but can’t wait for spring running outside. I run 3x a week 3-4 miles each time. I just run whatever I feel, I love just zoning out, listening to music or a church talk and just not thinking. Sometimes I crank up the incline and walk, I just like to do cardio for 35-45 min. The other 3 days I do arms, legs, core from this plan.

^cooper’s the cutest workout buddy

^okay I actually have lots of cute workout buddies

I’m looking for a half marathon, and then I want to do a full! I have never done a full marathon, but I’m going to do it! I’m planing to nurse Cooper till he is 1, so I may wait till next spring. I’m going to see how the half goes and plan from there.

If you’re in Utah, what’s you favorite race here??

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Chips and Salsa

Last Christmas Josh’s parents gave us a “year of dates” as our gift. Since they’re living in Singapore right now the gift was 12 gift cards, so we could go out once a month for a year. This past weekend we splurged and used 2 of the gift cards. We took the girls and Cooper to Wonder Park(J was at school, hope he doesn’t read this 😬) and then took the whole family to Chile’s.

We rarely go to sit down restaurants with the kids, but the stars aligned and no one spilled their drinks ha!

Unfortunately for the waiter, he dumped our meals as soon as he got to our table! Luckily we all just had to laugh. The kids just enjoyed their fun blue drinks with Swedish fish at the bottom a little longer till our new food came. Oh, and they brought us chips and salsa while we waited. If you know me you know food is the way to my heart.

It was a fun night of jokes, laughs, and memories. This phase of life is a good one(except bedtime, bedtime is rough).

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This week I took Cooper outside to sit with me on the back patio. We watched Claire, Lily and J play on the swing set and in their new “house” which happens to be a large pile of sticks that Josh cut off one of our trees.

The Sun was beaming and we all got our fill of vitamin D. At dinner J and I talked about how excited we were for spring.

The next morning we were woken up VERY early to snow plow trucks trying to keep up with the falling snow. March 13 and it’s still snowing here in UT. I don’t mind one bit. My kids are still out playing in the backyard, but this time all bundled up and Cooper and I watch from inside on the couch with blankets.

The extremes in seasons this year keep me on my toes and our clothes drawers full of all weather clothing ha, but, “Come what may and love it.” (One of my ALL TIME FAV talks…Joseph B Wirthlin found here)


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Sick Day

Yesterday J woke up and said his throat and tummy hurt. I told him to get ready for school, eat breakfast and then we’ll see how he feels. As we’re headed out the door he said his throat still didn’t feel great, so I told him he could stay home. He said he really wanted to go to school(he’s a social beetle, not a butterfly cuz he would think that was silly) so I let him go and told him to call me from the office if he still didn’t feel well.

I got a call shortly after…

So I had a fun shadow all day showing me his lego creations, telling me stories and jokes his friends shared with him, and lots of, “hey mom’s”. It wasn’t my usual laundry day, but still productive none the less.


I’m grateful I get to be home and can be with J when he’s feeling sick(or not so sick at all). There were a lot more fights and teasing yesterday but a day spent together is always a good day, fights and all.

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