You Can’t Say Summer w/o Cherry Hill

We love the tradition of Cherry Hill once a week with my sisters and their kids. We all buy passes during Black Friday and then spend the summer making memories.

The older kids(including Jackson) run around together jumping from the lazy river, cardiac canyon, and the dragon slide. They stop in for lunch and snacks every so often, but for them they are running/swimming all day. J always comes home with racoon eyes just like I did as a kid from the chlorine.

The girls love the water slides, lazy river, and pirates cove. I strap Cooper to me and we play and play and snack and eat too. Our first day this year was a beautiful overcast day. Cooper was on antibiotics for a double ear infection(the sickness continues!!), but loved being in the carrier and sleeping on my mom. I’m so glad summer is finally here!

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Moments in Life

I love my simple life. My days are full of diaper changes, making breakfast, lunch, dinner, playing make believe, pushing babies on swings, watching my kids create, and spending time with Josh.

I was looking through my camera roll and Claire(my 3rd) loves to steal my phone and take pictures. She captured some funny and simple every day photos. Some of them I took and they are the simple moments in life that make me happy.

^I love this one Claire took of herself of her chubby toes and her favorite puppy dress.


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Last Day of 1st Grade: J Man

Jackson was the only one in school this year, and he FINALLY had his last day. We were all anxiously waiting for school to end so Summer could officially start. He has loved school, his friends, and his teachers.

We met at the front door for morning prayers, hugs, and goodbyes one last time before he was off.

First day

Last day

When he got home I had invited 2 of his friends over for a water balloon party and popsicles. They went through 100 balloons fast, so they resorted to cups and water. It was so fun to watch. We were all laughing and enjoying the warm day.


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Running Hills

I just wanted to pop in and give a running update. I’m 3 weeks away from my first half marathon after baby #4. I’m 7 months postpartum and I’m feeling stronger, but not fully ready. The last 2 weeks I’ve ran my long runs with a FAST friend who just crushes hills. I cannot keep up, but it has been a great challenge for me and I’ve loved pushing myself mentally and physically.

Last week we ran 10 miles and it was straight uphill the first mile and pouring rain and cold. I was totally unprepared for the course and just kept telling myself to not give up. I stayed with her but I know she slowed down quite a bit for me ha. The rest of the miles were downhill, some more up and then pretty flat and then uphill again.

Hills are great speed work in disguise so I was happy with my effort.

This past Saturday we ran 11 miles and MORE hills. This time I was mentally prepared for anything and my goal was just to keep up.

The sky was red/pink, there was thunder, lightening, and a downpour! I’ve never been so drenched after a run, our shoes were sloshing and my hat was dripping haha.

^I accidentally stopped my watch, but we ran 11 miles the last mile was about 10min.

^from a different rainy run 3 weeks ago cuz I forgot to take one this Saturday

We ran downhill then up and up and then back down and then back up! It was killer and I had to walk up a few parts of the hills. I was mentally stronger this time and I feel so prepared now for whatever race day brings. The American Fork half is mostly downhill for 7 miles and then flat. So we’ll see how these hills help me.

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This winter has been a long one. We got a few days of spring and then it just went back to cold and so rainy. Last week J came home from school with pink eye and the rest happened like dominos. Cooper got pink eye, then Lily, then Claire and finally Josh(I don’t know how I got lucky). I wasn’t so lucky when I woke up one morning with THE worst sore throat, throbbing ears and later had body aches. It lasted 4 days and I was certain it was strep. The test came back negative so I just had to deal. Then Lily woke up with a sore throat and then Josh did. I was tending to everyone’s eyes, throats, achy legs, and then Claire woke up Sunday(yesterday) with hives! I took her in and my sweet middle child had an ear infection!

^I was trying to get her to smile at the Dr. see her poor cheeks swollen?

^Claire after antibiotics and Benadryl and a visit from Grandma❤️

I’m so grateful I’m feeling a lot better so I can continue to care for the sickies and that everyone has the medicine they need(I hope) and that everyone is asleep in their beds for now. It’s exhausting, summer weather needs to come now(as I write this the rain pelts my windows and roof ha).

Sure makes me appreciate the days we’re all healthy!

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Late Night Projects

We took a little break from house projects while I was pregnant(we’re always doing something to the house but kept it small) but this past month we are going full force ahead!

We(Josh, but I puttied holes and painted)put up board and batten on our basement stairs, got new carpet, picked out vinyl for our gym(Josh is going to install), did A LOT of yard work(we’re doing teen boxes for the first time!)with my dads help. We are still in the thick of all these projects, and I love it! I love making our house a home and working together on projects.

^before paint

^first coat of paint

^final product

We were trying to finish up the basement stairs one night after the kids were in bed before they brought the new carpet The next day. I heard a little voice and it was Jackson who wanted to help, and we let him! He did great for his first time painting and it was fun to be together; Josh, Jackson and me(Josh not pictured because he hates them).

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Lily and Claire’s Ballet recital

A few weekends ago in between all the house projects we have going on(more on that later) we watched Lily and Claire dance in their first ballet recital. I use the word “dance” very lightly.

They loved the experience and probably loved wearing makeup for the first time even more.

Lily was a wonderful ballerina and followed her teacher perfectly.

Claire is a free spirit and made us laugh throughout the 2 minute performance.

And then it was over. We celebrated with treats and hugs and the girls got flowers from their teacher that made them feel so special.

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The Backyard

I grew up in Washington State where our house was surrounded by big evergreen trees and forest. We spent most of our days making forts in the woods, playing in the streams, and picking berries from our garden.

Living in UT next to a mountain our backyard isn’t a forest, but it is exactly perfect for my family.

My kids find such joy exploring in the beautiful ivy, playing on the swing set, and digging in the sand box. My favorite tree provides the best shade and most importantly it’s fenced in.

Yesterday in the pouring rain my girls were outing sand into buckets and making “cocoa”. I love their imagination! Their fav thing to do is play on the swings, this particular day Claire(she wanted to hang that way haha)wanted to swing with Cooper and Lily wanted to push. J is in the background dressed as a Pokémon master I’m sure.

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Cooper at 7 months

Cooper at 7 months is CHUNKY. I love every single roll and can’t wait for the Sun to finally come out so we can show them off. He is very happy and energetic. He loves to roll, tries to get up to crawl, claps, and eats anything and everything we give him. He doesn’t nurse well with people around, I think he has FOMO(fear of missing out😂). So we usually have to find a quiet place. He is still sleeping well and has been sleeping through the night! He usually goes down between 6:30-7:30pm and I feed him/change him when I go to bed at 10:30, then he wakes up at 5-6am. I feed him and then he sleeps till 7:30(I lay him back down because I like to workout and shower then feed him breakfast). It’s a little funky but it works for us.

He still hates a binky but LOVES to sleep with a muslin blanket by his face. He laughs the hardest at his siblings and puts up with a lot from his sisters. No teeth yet and doesn’t look like he’s even close(super okay with this nursing mama) but loves to naw on celery, puffs, and baby rice cakes.

He has the yummiest gummy smile that melts all of our hearts. When I go in to feed him at night it’s hard to leave because he’s always smiling up at me. He’s just a happy spirit that calms me and is everything our family wanted.

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On Sunday Jackson gave a talk in his primary class at church. Jackson isn’t shy and actually enjoys being in front of a crowd. I asked him the week leading up to his talk to think about a time that he could remember being happy after he obeyed the commandments. He thought about it for awhile and said, ” I remember when we passed out water to homeless people. That made me really happy.” Our past prophet Thomas S. Monson said, ” Our greatest happiness in this life will come as we follow Gods commandments and obey His laws.”

Jackson is such a sweet example to me and his younger siblings. He has worked hard to learn more about Christ and be more responsible. Love you J!

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