30/31 weeks bump update(baby #4)

This week(30) has been a bit of a doozy. I’ve had some growing pains, and feel uncomfortable most of the day and I’ve been grumpy. It’s hard to imagine I still have several weeks to go, but I also know this time FLIES by. Looking back at my previous pregnancy posts, I seem to feel this way with all my babies ha! My sweet baby boy is growing a lot these weeks and it’s hard on my body buy oh so worth it. I also got a small case of the shingles this past week. That was annoying and so random! Other than that, all has been well. I never wanna come off as ungrateful, but I also like to keep my posts real.

Week 31 I feel SO MUCH BETTER. I’m so so grateful to have my energy back and not in so much pain ha.

Now onto the good stuff! Belly pics

He moves like crazy and I love feeling him roll around, stretch out, and get occasional hiccups.

I’m still able to workout 6 days a week for about 30-40 min a day. It’s hard and slow, and by nap time, I’m ready to put my feet up so I can get through the rest of the day. I day dream about when I’ll have energy to do it all again and not feel totally dead by the end of the day i.e. workout, clean my house, AND play with my kiddos.


I also celebrated my 29th birthday. Josh is SO good at spoiling me. He planned a surprise getaway to Salt Lake where we went out to dinner at The Roof and my mom watched the kids so we can stay the night in Salt Lake. It was exactly what I needed. So many friends and family wished me a happy birthday, dropped by, or called, I love my birthday!


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Scott Family Reunion: ST George 2018

For the long Labor day weekend we headed down to St George for the Scott family reunion.


It was so fun to be with family, and Josh’s immediate family was all able to fit into one house. I love it when we can all be together and the little cousins get to stay up and wake up early with each other.


(sneaking in grandma and papa’s bed!)

We got their Thursday evening and headed out to dinner with Josh’s sister Alisha and her husband at Cafe Rio. We were excited to see Grandma and Papa, Whitney and Josh, and Kate and Jared came the next night.

Friday, Saturday, and Monday I got up early and snuck out for a quiet morning walk. I love my time in the morning to workout. The air was crisp and the hint of fall made be super excited.



After my walk on Friday I got the kids ready and loaded up for a day at Sand Hollow Lake. It was SO MUCH FUN. We rented a sea do and didn’t leave till dinner time. The kids loved the soft sand, riding on the tube, and playing with cousins. We had a great shaded spot(thanks Lee Ann and Richard) and the food was great.





Saturday we spent half the day at the pool while the husbands went golfing. It was a perfect pool with a nice shallow end for the littles.




And then us moms got to sneak away for a fun lunch together where they surprised me with baby boy gifts! It was so much fun.


The other half we met up with Josh’s extended family for games, dinner and socializing.


Sunday we headed to church and then checked out the St George temple and visitors center. The temple is SO white and my girls kept wanting to “see Elsa inside” haha. Unfortunately, she never made an appearance.


We headed back to the house and watched home videos and took naps until it was time for a dinner and more games with the extended family. We all had such a great time and really appreciate everyone that put in time and energy planning the events.


Monday mornning some of the guys went out shooting, and then we headed back home. My kids and I were so sad to say goodbye and can’t wait for next summer. Now we can officially put up Halloween/fall decor!

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Summer 2018 Highlights:

Summer! Need I say anymore? I mean, summer time is the best 3 months of the year in my opinion, well fall is great too, and spring…okay well summer is great and we lived it up. I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking.


img_36811img_36791img_3677 We met up with Josh during his lunch at a splash pad.

img_3585 Claire had a first pig tails


For Father’s Day we hiked with the Scott family. It was gorgeous! We learned Claire does NOT love to be in the hiking pack.

img_3549img_3669img_5767 We made it Cherry Hill with cousins for the first time this summer!

JULY(besides the 4th, and bear lake)


lots of cousin time


best friends and their kids came to visit!


lots of helpers all. the. time.

img_4030img_40281img_4035 backyard fun


more cherry hill with the sisters, my mom and of course all the kiddos.img_3913 Grandmas house for popsicles and her shirts

img_3871 Calvins party at the reservoir


AUGUST(not including their birthdays or first day of school)


More cousin time of course!


backyard smore’s with dad


Friends came to visit!


More popsicles at grandmas


And of course more cherry hill time with cousins


J had a final days of summer party with school buddies


back to school shopping and treats



Cousin Maya’s bday party jello fight!






Cowbunga Bay with dad


First daddy daughter camping trip for Josh and Lily. She had THE best time even though it rained and thundered all night. She thought it was the best adventure with dad.



Josh’s summer work party that we all look forward to all year! The girls loved the elephants and J loved the water balls. Mom and dad enjoyed all the yummy free food haha.

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4th of July 2018

We spent my favorite holiday relaxing and enjoying family…just the way we like it.

That morning we headed to the Granite parade with Josh’s parents and sister. We had a great spot thanks to Lee Ann who put chairs out say before! We love the parade, it’s simple and exciting and we get candy haha

That afternoon we headed home, took naps, played in the backyard, then that evening we met up with Josh’s family at Texas Roadhouse. It was so yummy! Whit invited us all over for Calvin’s birthday cake and fireworks.

It was a perfect night. I just love summer nights and watching my kids make memories with cousins.

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Welcome 3rd Trimester, 28 wks (baby #4)

28 weeks
 Sleep?  I’ve been sleeping okay but the last couple of weeks I’ve been sleep walking, talking, and one night I even ripped Josh’s pillow right from under him. I was convinced it was a bag I needed in my dream haha.
Best moment this week? I heard his heartbeat at my OB appt and got the glucose testing and whooping shot over with. I’m measuring big(I feel like that’s nothing new), so we’ll see if I go early with him like I have the other 3 babes.
Fitness level:  Now that Summer is dying down(I can’t believe J starts school TOMORROW!) the temperatures in the morning have been perfect. I love when my cardio days I can get outside with the kids. Pushing a double stroller, trying to keep up with J on his bike, and going up and down hills in the neighborhood is killer! Other days I just walk/jog on the treadmill and do arm/leg workouts on the Nike Training Club app.
I’ve been trying really hard to eat healthy whole foods and then I usually treat myself at night to something if I want it.

What I’m looking forward to: I think I have nested almost as much as I possibly can. The last thing I want to get done before he arrives is paint/reorganize the laundry room. We updated our basement, and that felt great. The laundry is the one of the last places(master bathroom, Josh’s office, and the living room are left).

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Back to School 2018

This year Jackson started 1st grade and French. He has been SO excited to be back at school and to see his friends. Most of our summers we dedicate to family, so he was excited to hang out with his buddies.

He met his teachers(he has one french teacher for half the day that only speaks french, then an English teacher for the other half of the day). He likes both of them and talks about how cool and funny they are. Today they said his teachers let his class have a ‘special recess’ meaning they got an extra one haha. I love this age and how easy to please they are.

The first week of school he hasn’t complained, I hope he continues to be optimistic and enjoy learning.

Lily (and Claire) started “Mommy School” this week as well. 2x a week I teach them from a curriculum packet I bought online. They last about 1.5 and so far really enjoy learning together. I love having 2 days of structured mornings with the girls. They love the attention and Lily loves showing her work to Josh and J when they get home. She so wishes she could be at school, but I like to soak up every year I get with them at home. img_4314img_4316img_4309img_7444-2img_7436-2img_7433-2


J also started his fall soccer season. I love watching him play, he gets so competitive and really enjoys running(like I did/do). This season he has his cousin Cal and a lot of his buddies from school on the team. He’s got the cutest cheering section!


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Bear Lake 2018


Every other year we try and do a family reunion for my side of the family. There’s 7 kids, all our spouses, and 28(and counting) grandchildren. It gets pretty wild, but it’s so fun!


This summer we spent a few days in Bear Lake playing at the beach, sadly no boating. The minute they put it in the water it started to smoke.


We spent the rest of the time eating, playing volleyball, chatting, eating some more, fire pits, famous raspberry shake runs, talent shows, more food, and the Minnetonka caves.


We have learned that Claire does NOT like heights or caves. Anytime she is in the hiking pack or carrier on a hike or this case, caves, she cries and screams haha


The swings were a big hit. The house my sister and BIL found was SO fun.



Lily fell asleep next to cousin Mason(who also fell asleep). His hand is in ice water because he burnt his little hand on the muffler of my BIL’s motor bike.


Lots of tired babes from playing hard with cousins. I loved these little snuggles.


On the way home, the kids got a little crazy! It was such a fun trip!

My 2 brothers and their wives weren’t able to make it and we missed them SO much!

I can’t wait for our next family reunion.

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Jackson’s 7th Birthday Party

As I mentioned in Lily’s birthday post, Jackson and Lily had a combined party the day before his actual birthday.

On the day of his Birthday he woke up to decorations, balloons, cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and presents.

He loves getting BYU gear from Josh, and then he got a few school clothes and of course more Minecraft Legos.

Later that morning Jackson really wanted to make his own cake. He loves the  baking show, “Sugar Rush” so I let him do as much as he wanted. After, we ran and got him a nice hair cut, and then I told him I had a surprise arriving at 12 for him. He was so excited! During the summer we don’t have a lot of play dates because we spend a lot of days with cousins that we don’t see much of during the school year. He was thrilled when a few friends showed up to celebrate with him. They played Minecraft, ate cake, built Minecraft buildings or people out of marshmallows and toothpicks, and just had fun being boys.

That night, as a family we had Jackson’s favorite dinner; corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, and grilled chicken. Then we headed to the local bowling/arcade that he loves to play at.

He is one easy to please kid and I had a lot of fun spoiling him!

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25 weeks bump update(baby #4)

How Far Along? 25 weeks
left: 25 Right: 24
 Maternity Clothes? This summer has been a HOT one! I have LIVED in summer dresses. They’re a mix of maternity and non-maternity and just the best for this heat.
 Sleep?  I’ve been sleeping okay, but I’ve been having crazy vivid nightmares that my kids need me, someone breaks in, or that I’m going into early labor. I looked back at my other bump updates and I was having the SAME kind of dreams with Claire. So crazy! 
Best moment this week? I had a prenatal check up and got to hear his heartbeat. I LOVE getting to hear the baby’s heart beat every 4-6 weeks.
Movement: Yes,he’s definitely got a little schedule and I look forward to his kicks throughout the day. Jackson and Lily love to feel my tummy and wait for his kicks. They talk to him and Lily sings to him. It’s the sweetest.
 Anything making you queasy? Nope, hadn’t had any queasiness in a long while, thank goodness!
Fitness level:  This summer has been a crazy busy, fun, but busy summer. I get about 20-35 min workout in most days, but I don’t stress if I don’t. Most weeks are something like this: MWF cardio on the treadmill (walk/run) or a brisk walk with the girls in the stroller while J rides his bike. TTHS I do a Nike Training Club workout targeting my legs or arms. Those leave me SO sore! But some days my workouts don’t happen and I just try and be active playing with the kiddos.

What I’m looking forward to: I have been decluttering the house since Christmas. It’s been a HUGE project that I’ve been chipping away at. I only have a few areas of the house left, so I’m looking forward to finally finishing that and then nesting for baby boy.

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Christmas Morning 2017


Okay one from Christmas eve because it was too good haha


We woke up to a green Christmas this year which was very unlike UT. It did start to snow a bit later on in the day which was such a wonderful addition to a magical day.

For the first time ever, we had Christmas at our house. We have loved past years of sleeping over at my in-laws, but our families have grown out of the space. I really loved starting new traditions and carrying on old traditions in our own home. There’s just something magical about Christmas morning! The kids loved opening presents and seeing what each other got. I had my parents over for Christmas breakfast and then we spent the day relaxing. Later on we had dinner over at my in laws, one of my favorite traditions because Josh’s dad makes a really yummy Japanese traditional dinner.

PS next year I need to do a better job of getting Josh and I in the pics of Christmas morning haha.

Since it’s actually August now because I’m playing catch up, it’s crazy to think that 2018 Christmas we’ll have another baby!


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