Baptism preview

A couple weeks ago Jackson, Josh and I were invited to a baptism preview. I was totally surprised by this invitation because surely someone made a mistake, there’s just no way my baby is turning 8 this year. But alas, no mistake, Jackson will be 8 in August and has the choice to be baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

We’ve started studying and memorizing scriptures together as a family in preparation.

Jackson is a leader and loves his siblings and is so SO patient with his wild sisters.

Love you J man!

Baptism is a sacred ceremony, or ordinance, through which a person promises to follow Jesus Christ. The baptismal ordinance symbolizes the washing away of sins and is necessary to become a member of Christ’s Church.

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Cooper at 3 months

We see smiles, we hear rare giggles, and the kids love that Cooper “talks” with them. It’s hard getting J out the door to school because her really loves his morning hang outs with Cooper(he’s so so happy in the morning.

He still loves everything from last month, and I would have to add under his dislikes; riding in his car seat. More specifically when the car stops.

He received THE sweetest gift from my moms best friend Leslie. She HAND made this beautiful quilt. It matches his nursery perfectly and is so soft. We’re in love with it! Thanks again Leslie.

He’s on a good schedule:

7am- wakes up with mom I nurse him and then he comes to the basement with me while I workout(the other kids are still sleeping)

8:30am- takes a nap

9:30am- wakes up and nurses, plays, back down for a nap repeated until 8pm.

At 8 we get all our babes ready for bed, say prayers, and say goodnight. Cooper goes down (in his bassinet next to my bed)and wakes at 10(I nurse him and put him back down), then he’s asleep till 2 I nurse him and put him back down till 5:30, then he’s up at 7.

Some nights are different and he’s up a lot or he sleeps longer. This week he got his first stuffy nose(the kids CAN NOT stay away from him). So he’s been up a lot. I snuggle them most nights when they’re sick so he can sleep up right in my chest.

He’s wearing some 3 mo clothes but mostly 6mo clothes and size 3 diapers. He’s a big boy!

He’s looking more like Jackson to me. I want to remember how he he pats my chest while he nurses and how he nuzzles into my side when we sleep. I love that I’m his calm safe place.

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Afternoon naps

Lately I’ve felt a little overwhelmed in my job as a mother. I knelt down in prayer several times throughout the last few weeks asking Heavenly Father how I can continue to create a safe home for my children that we can enjoy together as a family.

Today as I was studying the Bible during nap time with a snoozing baby on my chest I was reminded:

I have a really awesome job. I get to do all sorts of things like; bake, throw parties, dance, and even nap with my baby in the afternoon. Okay okay I also have to change poopy diapers, clean toilets, and fold laundry(impossible to do one handed while holding a baby haha).

I received my answer from my Heavenly Father, it was personal and what I needed. No matter what our jobs or trials are right now I hope my friends know they have a Heavenly Father that loves them.

Luke 1:37 For with God nothing shall be impossible.

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Rosy cheeks and freezing toes

Last week Josh took Lily and J sledding with his siblings.

I received some great videos of the jumps, hills, and falls that kept me entertained while I was stuck inside with my babes.

Lily came home with frozen feet because all she has are rain boots that don’t quite do the job. She didn’t care one bit, but my mommy heart hurt! I’m on the hunt for new boots.

J had rosy cheeks and a big grin and Josh came home with a MASSIVE bruise down his side, he bruises like a peach!

I had homemade banana bread and hot cocoa to warm everyone up. Feeding my people yummy food is one of my favorite things…changing poppy diapers is my least favorite thing in case you were wondering.

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Cooper at 2.5 months

The other day Josh got Cooper to giggle. It was tiny and short, but it was a giggle! This stage is so fun. They are finally waking up enough to smile, “talk” and maybe even giggle. He is such a light in our family, everyone flocks to him all day.

It has been so fun the last couple of weeks to have Josh and J home all day and just play as a whole family.

Cooper loves bath time, nursing, laying on a blanket and kicking his legs, snuggling mom or dad.

He eats about ever 2 hours during the day, and at night I think he’s eating about every 3, but I’m not sure, it’s all a blur. He still sleeps with me most nights, but I’m going to start being better about putting him back in his bassinet so we can both get better longer stretches of sleep.

At his appointment he was 13 lbs 50%, 22in 20%, and his head was in the 50%. He was THE saddest any of my kids have been after his shots. We got to snuggle a lot haha

He really is such a sweet baby, but his cry is fast and furious. It cracks me up how upset he gets the minute he gets hungry or tired.

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Cooper’s Blessing

While Josh’s parents were in town we thought we would bless Cooper the night before they had to leave on December 29. We had all our family over to our home and our sweet Bishop and his wife(one of my favorite people, she’s just the best).

Josh gave him a beautiful blessing. Cooper started to cry during part of it but Josh just took a sec to calm him down and was able to continue.

I got to get him dressed in Jackson’s blessing suit, and I added some little booties that would be just his. Unfortunately everything was a little snug…fortunately it all still worked out haha. He’s 2.5 months old wearing 6 mo clothes!

^his little toe sticking out!!

I love the quiet special time I’ve gotten to dress each child for their blessing. Memories I’ll never forget.

He has such a calm peaceful spirit and brings our family so much happiness. We all just can’t get enough of him.

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Christmas 2018

Christmas morning was peaceful. The kids walk up about 7:30 which is pretty typical of most days, so it was great not to wake up too early.

We made them wait while we turned lights on and made the space cozy and just so. Then we played Josh’s family Christmas song and then we sang my family’s Christmas song(crazy we both have songs huh?)

They ran down(we had to wake Claire and Cooper) and we’re SO happy to see Santa visited. Santa brought them each what they had hoped to get, and then Josh and I got them a few fun things. It was so fun to see them so excited and their cute tired eyes. It’s these moments I wanna remember forever!

These wear their favorite presents, Elsa dresses. The wear them all day playing make believe.

My parents joined us for breakfast, and then Josh’s visited a little later.

The day after Christmas we had the Scott party. It was a lot of fun playing games, eating good food, the nativity, and socializing with family.

The next day we went to aquarium with Josh’s mom and sister Alisha. Such a fun gift from Lee Ann and Richard!

It was a busy couple of days before Lee Ann Richard headed back to Singapore, but it was some of the best!

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Christmas festivities 2018

Christmas festivities started early this year at Josh’s work party(20’s themed). We are so spoiled and Josh’s sister Whitney watched Lily and J at her house (they had the best time with cousins) while my mom watched Claire and Cooper at our house. It was a late night so I knew my mom could put the 2 littles down to sleep but I knew J and Lily wouldn’t go down as well so they played with cousins.

We had so much fun dressing up, eating yummy food, and playing black jack for chances to win a raffle.

The next week my family got together to celebrate my late grandma Laura Mae like we always do. The kids make gingerbread houses, decorated cookies, and had fun being together. My mom made it a really fun day!

A couple days later we went to Josh’s parents who visited from Singapore(they live their temporarily for work) and we had our traditional Skiaki dinner, devotional, and present exchange. It was such a perfect night together.

The next night(Christmas Eve) we played Bingo with Josh’s mom’s family. It was fun, but we were missing his grandparents who weren’t feeling well.

Later we headed to my moms for dinner, the nativity, and a present exchange.

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There’s nothing quite like the feeling I get when my home is decorated for Christmas. It’s magical! I don’t have a ton of decorations, but the ones I have make our home so cozy.

This year Josh did most of the decorating with the kids Thanksgiving morning while I cooked food. It was great!

I did however decorate the Christmas tree. I love it! I take time to make it just so and I don’t let the kids help much. They do get to decorate the smaller tree in our front entry and the tiny one in their room so it balances out right?

Anyways, the other day I came down and most of the bulbs were hanging all on one branch and then I found this gem dangling up near the top.

I couldn’t help but laugh. It was a humbling moment. I put the bulbs back neatly on the tree but I left the gummy worm. It’s a reminder that kids make life sweet. And that Jackson might have a career in decorating…or not😂.

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Cooper at 1.5 months

Sorry Cooper. Being baby number 4 your updates will probably not be on the month every month 😬

He’s just a very sweet, sleepy baby so far. He goes with the flow and loves to be held and snuggled.

Bath time is fun as long as I crank up the heat upstairs so your nice and toasty when you get out of the bath and have to get dressed.

He tolerates all the siblings touching, holding, and kissing him non stop.

A few weeks after these pics I took more when he was about 8 weeks.

He now smiles!! Is there anything better??

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