Lily at 8 Months

J was laughing with Lily the other day after all his cousins had gone home. He looked at me and said, “Mom I’m so glad I have a little sister, I just love her.”

 photo IMG_5407 1_zpslnbkkjju.jpg

Lily is pretty mobile even though she isn’t crawling. She rolls or scoots everywhere. She tries to crawl and gets so frustrated when she can’t.

She still sleeps great for naps and during the night. She occasionally wakes up with a cold, growing pains, or teeth! Yep, on Easter Sunday she was so sad and I figured she was growing or tired. J didn’t get teeth till about 10 months so it didn’t even cross my mind. Monday I was feeding her little pieces of dried apple and she bit down on my finger and I felt a tooth! Later that day I tried looking at it and discovered 2 bottom teeth!

She mimics a lot of sounds but still hasn’t said,”mama” or “dada.” Her fav sounds are the pig snort and a hiss.

When she’s mad she balls her fists and turns red(wee bit feisty)

She loves all food and will spit her binky out and grab for whatever you have with lightning speed. BUT she still does not like sweet potatoes but loves green beans and peas!?

Nurses 5x a day + 2 solid food meals and a few snacks

She waves hi/bye

While I’m nursing her she’ll pinch my neck, back of my arm or my finger.

Twirls her hands and feet constantly

Still laughs the hardest for Jackson

Her hair is a strawberry blonde

Lights up and squeals when dad comes home(this pic is when he walked in the room during our photo shoot:))

 photo IMG_5390 1_zpsqtci0bzy.jpg

 photo IMG_5403 1_zpspzecftyt.jpg

 photo IMG_5400 1_zpsolfwaodb.jpg

 photo IMG_5402 1_zpskoxphzue.jpg


 photo IMG_5419_zpspif7eaje.jpg

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Easter 2016

Easter came so early this year and made everything kind of a blur. I LOVE Easter! It’s one of my very favorite Holidays and this year was so special with a new little babe.

We started off festivities with a play group party at my friend Alicia’s house. She made Egg shaped sandwiches for the kids and had a cute craft for them too! J kept saying, “this is my very best day mom!”

 photo 303D1D7C-C722-4D0B-B5F2-45C701ACBD9D_zpsno3q2f2l.jpg

 photo 5291F426-C289-4351-9964-92CD02B237A6_zpsi72t5zap.jpg

Our second Easter we headed to the mountains with the Scott’s. This was Lily’s first time to the cabin and it didn’t disappoint. ATV rides, toys, egg hunt, dying eggs, and delicious food!

 photo 4BE9D32C-EDC9-4E75-92A9-5E9FDE678828_zpssyg4ix3d.jpg

 photo 33625EEB-9CE8-4FE3-A229-1622262A25D6_zpsn2dk8gqf.jpg

Not at the cabin, but these two played so cute together while up there.

 photo 5B43F073-F44B-4B3D-9BC8-CD5D05DEB4AB_zpsrw1omvzc.jpg

 photo 6F39C7B2-4622-4E97-89EC-90A295C765F4_zpsf4uyll5r.jpg

We came back Saturday and the boys headed to the BYU Spring game and the girls watched the General Women’s Session(church meeting) at my moms.

Sunday morning we went to church. J was excited to get a new Easter movie and Book of Mormon Stories book along with lots of candy and family games. I attempted a few pictures before church…

 photo IMG_5374_zpsdn8vxd3x.jpg

She was so unhappy on Easter…I found out why the next day(2 new teeth!)

 photo IMG_5364_zpsifz5vw1g.jpg

My little stud, I can’t even.
 photo IMG_5359_zpsm2hlrzqx.jpg

Third Easter was spent with my family at Leah’s house. More food and egg hunts!

This year was so special because we got to share with J what Easter represents; the Resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. We talked about his last week of life and J was so reverent wanting to know why He did it all. I’m grateful to know the reason is because He loves us, me and you. Because of Him we can all live again with our Heavenly Father.

 photo IMG_5349_zpsn1b8qobi.jpg

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A Day in the Sun…finally!

I’ve said this a billion times, but Spring is my absolute FAVORITE season here in UT. Everything starts to bloom, the weather is in the perfect 60’s and you can play outside all day without it getting blistering hot.

We have been soaking up all the Sun there is just in case UT plays a mean trick on us and it starts snowing again.

 photo 9CF7442D-4FF8-43C8-92E5-B902ACC4549C_zpsvm6vdim6.jpg

J loves to ‘read’ to Lily, so the other day I put a blanket out and let them just play together. Mostly Lily enjoyed watching J play in the yard.

 photo IMG_5262_zps2uyysf9x.jpg

Baby supermodel haha!

 photo IMG_5275_zpseqzmizhu.jpg

J loves to get his picture taken and I love taking them, so when he asked for one of just him you know I jumped on that.

 photo IMG_5272_zpskfyzgylb.jpg

Oh and I have to add this….Lately J’s favorite thing to do is bring his radio(thanks for that Christmas gift Neeley, he seriously uses it everyday) up into his room, blasts it, and jumps on his bed. I caught this mid dance shot from the video monitor we have in his room. Later he came down and said he was listening to the news on his radio and it said USC won the other night. What?! He just cracks me up!

 photo 79B4952C-34B1-4089-B171-23DB09461EFD_zpsvng9rkc8.png

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How my workout goals have changed after baby #2

Hello! It’s been forever since I’ve done a running related  post. I’ve wanted to write this for awhile and now I’m finally putting pen to paper(or fingers to keyboard ha).

I LOVE running, it will always be one of my very favorite ways to sweat, but things changed after I had Lily. I just wanted to slow life down. I’ve mentioned a couple of times that I’m REALLY enjoying and soaking up this time when my kids are little.

I think it’s so important to find time every day to be active and have a little ‘me time.’ I’m lucky enough to have a treadmill and weights at home and so it’s very convenient to get a 30-45 min workout in everyday.

My oldest son Jackson, 4, is very independent. While I’m working out, he plays with toys, Lily, or watches a show. He doesn’t need me to entertain him. Lily on the other hand is 7 months old and I need to be able to see her.

Here’s what a typical morning looks like:

7am-lily wakes up and I nurse her and J hears us and comes in the nursery

7:20- we go downstairs for breakfast

7:30-bath time for Lily, J gets himself dressed and brushes his teeth(he takes baths at night)

7:45-I get workout clothes on and start workout. J plays or gets to watch a show.

I move Lily between these toys to keep her entertained. She loves it and both kids are used to this routine. I remember with J I would get so flustered if I had to stop my workout. Now I just embrace it because I feel like being a mom is such a blessing.

 photo 5E7E27FC-5E5D-4040-8E66-0242A3191177_zpsajndneop.jpg

 photo 350B7000-7109-430B-A94E-B20249DC60F4_zps6acf9vud.jpg

 photo 02C043FB-524D-45A7-8DF5-8E5FE8909D4B_zps9oed6ahf.jpg

8:45- I get ready for the day while Lily naps and we’re out the door by  9:30 for preschool or errands(poor lily usually has to nap on the go in the morning).

I had to change my mind set so that I could enjoy my workout with interruptions. Here’s what helps me:

  • I don’t set a certain amount of miles each workout. Instead I say I’m going to run or walk for 35-45 min Tue, Thurs, and Sat
  • I do resistant  workouts(abs,arms, legs) on Mon, Wed, Fri for 30 min. A lot of the workouts I can interact with Lily and she loves when I’m jumping around(j will join me a lot of times too).
  • Keep a schedule. My kids both know the routine and just expect me to workout every morning. Neither of them protest, it’s just a part of our life.
  • My focus is now to gain strength and live a healthy life. I was so focused on miles before and didn’t realize the pressure or stress I was putting on myself. I’m planning to run a few races this summer or fall, so I’ll save the training miles for when I’m actually training😉

If you have any questions or suggestions of how you get your workout in, leave a comment!

I’m off to soak up this beautiful weather UT is having. :) 

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San Diego for our anniversary

In February we celebrate Josh’s birthday, our anniversary and Valentine’s Day all in the same week. We always try and do something fun hat week and this year we chose to go to San Diego with the kids.

We left the snow for the sun for a 4 day weekend and had a blast! The kids traveled really well and we made some great memories.

 photo IMG_5192_zpsgxxhhxoq.jpg

Thursday we flew into Orange County in the afternoon. We headed straight to downtown Disney to walk around and get some food. We passed the Build a Bear Workshop and J immediately saw the Star Wars bears. If you know J you know how much he LOVES his stuffed animals and Star Wars, so we let him build one. He chose Darth Vader ha!

 photo 09342FEA-0011-48C2-9F7F-602DD7EF258B_zpsmd0bgdn7.jpg

Later that night we drove to the beach at sunset and walked around for a bit before getting some treats and heading back to the hotel.

 photo 7DB2226A-5B43-41EF-8284-0982C454124A_zpspzfcon7b.jpg

Friday we spent all day at the San Diego Zoo. It was incredible and such a beautiful day. The kids took turns in the stroller(when J got tired I just put Lily in the Bjorn. We didn’t want to fly with the double stroller). I think we saw all the animals except the Panda bears. We were pretty bummed, but in order to see them you had to wait in a 45 min line in the Sun!

 photo IMG_5213_zpsky4varqn.jpg

On the Sky-Fari

 photo 4D8F8CCF-6947-494A-B2DF-2C6164DA48A1_zpsc1rdmovv.jpg

 photo IMG_5225_zpsslbhfaed.jpg

 photo IMG_5223_zpssxb2rmtn.jpg

 photo IMG_5219_zpstl5zaqem.jpg

cotton candy break
 photo 998B9B2C-022A-4608-92E9-0B167F2AC524_zps55szalss.jpg

 photo IMG_5198_zpskjh2hnn6.jpg

 photo 627F4921-0CEE-4FDE-88F6-CE4B0EF09578_zpsivmlhm32.jpg

On the way home we stopped and saw the San Diego Temple then headed to the hotel pool.

 photo 9DAFD588-2BFB-4217-BD04-E2EF090541E0_zpsszoqlvgh.jpg

 photo 1F4C32B1-A66B-4ACF-9155-F38A780BAC3D_zpsbrrabgxr.jpg

Saturday we drove to Midway to go to the USS Midway Museum. The ship is massive! It took us 3 hours to tour it(they give you headphones to listen as you go to each section), it was pretty incredible.

on the top deck of the USS Midway they had about 20 or so planes. J wanted to sit in them all!
 photo IMG_5239_zpslyu8v0k7.jpg

 photo 0506BAE5-BA5F-4ECF-9161-6D4CE28D5094_zps1dwlqchf.jpg

On the way back we stopped in Old Town San Diego and visited the Mormon Battalion  and had some yummy Mexican food. Then we headed to the sea lions at the beach. I really enjoyed walking around at the beach it was so pretty.

 photo CF882C85-507B-42C5-A34A-7FDDCFEE4EE1_zpsrlgycafd.jpg

Sunday we tried to go to church but it was Regional Conference so we drove by the Newport Temple then headed to the airport.

Such a fun getaway with lots of yummy food and quality family time.

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Valentines 2016

This year we were out of town on Valentine’s Day. I wasn’t able to do my usual heart pancakes and fun heart shaped pizza or dessert for dinner! So, after we got back, the following week we celebrated. We had red heart shaped pancakes with sprinkles in them, Valentine cards, and a Valentine party with friends.

Can I just say that those sugar cookies are THE BEST I’ve ever tasted? My friend Amy had such a cute party for all the kids(and us mamas). J asks to play at her house regularly!

 photo 84B273CA-99F1-4D00-A762-326FB5A81322_zps5srvoxne.jpg

 photo 94E4F716-6442-4562-8B80-DA6078B27CBD_zps03iaujqg.jpg

I had to take some photos of Lily for her first Valentine’s Day(thanks Katie for the cute shirt!) and of course compare them to Jackson’s first Valentines.

 photo IMG_5253_zpsm077hrbf.jpg

 photo 8470c7e1-b838-43f0-8ae7-ce6f4d0b5988_zpsc47lnj6q.png
 photo IMG_5249_zpsntydyje7.jpg

Hope everyone had a great day of love this year!

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Lily’s 7 month Milestones

I think with every passing month I find myself saying, “this is my favorite stage.” And it’s true, I love watching Lily grow, learn and especially interact with us.

 photo IMG_5310_zpsxh4ojlw6.jpg

 photo IMG_5303_zpsprtb576d.jpg

Lily at 7 months LOVES:

    • Food. Everything about it. If someone is eating she will watch you and grab at the food and make a smacking noise with her lips till you share it with her or find her something to eat. *Social eater like her mama ha!
    • Baths

 photo IMG_5256_zpso0bgeesw.jpg

  • Being outside. With the weather warming up we’ve gone on walks and to park.
  • J is still her favorite. I love the way she lights up when he enters a room and cries when he leaves.

Lily doesn’t like:

  • When I brush her hair
  • When she can’t get to a toy

7 Month Milestones

 photo IMG_5340_zpswzkl5dzx.jpg

 photo IMG_5327_zps0dj9vbzy.jpg photo IMG_5318_zpsqqjhypmu.jpg

 photo IMG_5311_zps5xdke5py.jpg

    • She has started to push up on her arms and scoots backwards but isn’t totally mobile. She’s always in a corner or all the way at the bottom of the crib from playing in the morning ha!
    • She laughs and smiles a lot. She laughs at whatever J is doing.
    • She does the funniest snort when people are watching her just to get a laugh and then she starts laughing

 photo 36228E1C-DDE2-48DC-83DF-3AD34F7127A7_zpsrbsuynyz.jpg

  • She sleeps through the night
  • Nurses 5x during the day and eats 3 meals of either rice cereal, a fruit(Apple, banana, or pear) or veggie(squash, peas, or carrots).

 photo F9870FFD-D987-4164-97BE-C9D4D2491998_zpsufheowfa.jpg

First time on a swing

 photo E31E3BFD-32D5-41A0-A0C4-74297D08D700_zps5ien0vfw.jpg

She’s a sweetheart like her brother Jackson:)

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Lily Mae at 6 mo

Lily had her half birthday last Sunday. She has grown the most(to me) this past month. I feel like she can do so much and everyday she’s learning or trying something new.

She had her check up today, her stats:

15.17lbs 32% weight

 16.5 in 36% head circumference

 24.61 in 13% Length

J loves this stage too. She interacts with him and looks for him as soon as she wakes up. She craves his attention. He still asks when they can share a room and get a bunk bed( I hope he still feels that way when she is old enough, ha!).

 photo IMG_5172_zpszxd31pys.jpg

 photo IMG_5150 2_zps6w2fwbrl.jpg

sits up unassisted
rolls over from her belly to back and back to belly
spins herself around on her belly to get to things
puts food to her mouth but can’t quite get it IN her mouth haha

 photo 76751BC2-E64E-4113-A05F-6B63D257D802_zps0elooywx.jpg

 photo IMG_5165_zpssj6lpqoy.jpg

she grabs at everything, including my camera

 photo IMG_5156_zpsxntwfayn.jpg


  • Bath time
  • Her belly kissed
  • Tickles
  • Music
  • ‘Talking’
  • Sitting up
  • Sleeping in her crib
  • Kicking her legs
  • Daddy
  • Mommy
  • No socks when she naps
  • Jackson
  • Being naked
  • Blowing bubbles
  • Trying new food(herself not with a spoon)

 photo ED83EF63-29DA-4082-9C9D-02889D5E9B4E_zpspkbwj98f.jpg

 photo IMG_5180_zps7ztzunjh.jpg

We started giving her solids a week before she was 6 mo and she loved eating pears, apples, bananas, and broccoli in the fresh food feeder(it’s like a netted paci you put slices of food in so they can chew on it but not get big chunks).

 photo 06B7D64F-E1E2-4CB0-A797-7149F323FF41_zpsmpgri8ny.jpg

We gave her rice cereal mixed with either homemade apple sauce, sweet potatoes, or bananas 2x a day after nursing, but she didn’t like it much. I decided to take a break for a few days, then bought I different brand of rice cereal(the kind ‘with bananas’) and she gobbled it right up! I think she preferred the texture of the rice cereal to the baby oatmeal.  She really loves to feed herself so I also give her peach puffs(cereal that dissolves). She’s so cute when she’s trying to actually get them in her mouth. *I learned at her checkup today I shouldn’t introduce THAT many foods at once and I should feed her one solid food meal a day (slowly add more meals)THEN nurse her to ‘top her off.’ Oops! So we’ll be doing that starting today😉

 photo IMG_5186_zpsqwtayepr.jpg


  • Riding in the car for too long
  • When anyone walks away from her
  • still doesn’t love getting her clothes put on her

She’s pretty easy going at this point, so not too many dislikes.


She sleeps in the nursery in her crib. At night she still wakes up for 1-2 feedings(we’re working on getting rid of the 2am feeding). She goes down at 8pm wakes between 1-2am, then at 5am, then between 7-7:30am she’s up for the day. She takes 1 shorter nap(30-45min) and 2 longer naps(2-2.5 hours) depending on the day and our schedules. I put her in her crib while she’s still awake with her binky(she LOVES her binky) and sing her ” I Am a Child of God” then leave the room. She’ll fuss for a second then fall asleep. Most of the time she falls asleep while I’m singing(I would too, my voice is not great ha).

 photo IMG_5129 2_zpsqdjonrdo.jpg

 photo IMG_5132 2_zpsqysjpuqd.jpg

 photo IMG_5142 2_zpsvyppqet8.jpg

What I want to remember about Lily at 6 months

 photo IMG_5188_zpsertklw9d.jpg

Daddy’s girl


 photo IMG_5179_zpscnysjfjw.jpg

She’s a happy smiley baby and is such a sweetheart. I love that she likes to hold onto my neck when I’m feeding her. She’ll even grip my neck when we’re walking and she’s on my hip. She’s started to snuggle my neck like a hug(or anyone holding her) and pat my back, it’s the cutest!  She’ll push her cheek up to mine and just hold it there and then start giggling. Her nursery has become one of my very favorite rooms. It’s so peaceful to rock her and look down and see her smiling up at me as she studies my face. The first year with my babies I spend a lot of time in their room dressing them, nursing them, rocking them and I can’t help but feel their love for me in those quiet moments. Happy 6 months!



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New Years and our 2016 family theme 

New Year’s Eve was spent at my sister Leah’s house, but let’s back up to the previous week. My sister in law Whit planned for the Scott family to go to a nearby homeless shelter and help provide lunch. We met at her house and made 50 sack lunches in an assembly line, it was a lot of fun. J still talks about how fun it was and how good it made him feel. I definitely want to do more family service projects.

 photo A0559641-15B2-4C07-B946-CF45C2DEDFC4_zpsnytela9r.jpg

Back to New Years, we all brought appetizer type foods(I brought homemade queso blanco) little smokies, quiche, bruschetta, and so so much more! I forgot to take any pics, so I’ll steal this one of me and my sisters from Christmas Eve.

 photo _MG_5025_zpstftduawc.jpg

We left about 9:30pm and saw fireworks on the way home. Josh and I stayed up till 12 and then I was out(life with a newborn ha).

New Year’s Day I started it off with a 5 mile run, feels so good to just run when Josh is home to watch the kiddos:)

The first family night of the new year I introduce the new family theme. Previous years here and here.  This year, Josh picked it from Elder Eyring’s priesthood session talk.

 photo 52247da5-9aeb-4bac-b642-28fd7fafea1a_zpsjfjoiw69.png

It’s a reminder that when we do our part(read scriptures daily, pray daily, take the sacrament, go to the temple, have family night, and so on) that He will add his power to our efforts. To me that means He will help us accomplish things we wouldn’t otherwise be able to accomplish. I want those blessings and added power in my life, so we’re gonna work on doing our part of the deal.

I hope everyone has had a great 2016 so far! As always, if you ever have questions don’t hesitate to ask:)

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Christmas 2015

This year Christmas was so magical. I’m pretty sure I say that every year, but it’s true! J loved all things Christmas and could not wait to meet Santa. He actually met him 2x this year and he thought both occasions were unbelievable. That’s quite a change from past years, he was pretty unsure about him till now.

 photo E5E6FE19-C49E-466D-BB59-FD2B558BBD70_zpsqnotxb27.jpg

 photo A4764B4F-61A2-4F54-AA25-C23970E76B7C_zpsaqulb6sd.jpg

Our schedule was pretty full all month long, so I’ll let the pictures do some of the talking.

Christmas Eve we went to my parents early in the afternoon and ate appetizers, did the gift exchange, family talent show(always so cute!), and the kids did the nativity.

 photo _MG_5024_zpsdsc8hgvq.jpg

J got nervous singing Rudolph for his talent so his cousins jumped up to help, so cute!

 photo 01C7CD03-E7E7-41BD-982E-83DBC7058FA9_zpshbgaqvqw.jpg

 photo 191D1AF7-C837-48B8-B5F3-BA81270CC6C2_zps61djhzm9.jpg

Then we headed to Josh’s Grandma and Grandpa’s house for dinner and bingo. Anyone who gets a bingo gets a white elephant type gift until the gifts are gone, it’s hilarious!

 photo 05DD320E-61E0-441A-9F3E-B0ABA4CD2F1D_zpskkcatnhq.jpg

After dinner all 4 of Josh’s siblings plus their spouse/bf/fiancé and the 5 grandkids headed back to his parents house. We had the kids perform the nativity and then tucked them into bed.

 photo 3FF205ED-AF76-45C0-BBCB-4215CF333173_zpsi8qao8jt.jpg

 photo 4532DFE5-1D89-491E-AEA4-96997ACEA0FF_zpsvf2b0g1n.jpg

The adults stayed up late and had a devotional(one of my fav traditions) and then headed to bed.

Christmas morning was so fun with all the kids playing and being so excited with what Santa left. Lily was mostly enthralled with the other kids and their excitement.

 photo _MG_5029_zpstuosduxc.jpg

 photo _MG_5032_zpshahb487c.jpg

 photo _MG_5030_zpsiciasdnt.jpg

Lily and Ezra sitting with grandma

 photo 95914f3c-398c-49c7-80a5-c8769970b7e2_zps4ysq8mdb.jpg

 photo 6ab96ae7-7fc4-4f2f-944c-2b368c17ab80_zpseozxmq4l.jpg

We headed home and couldn’t get up our driveway, Josh had to dig us out for a good half hour! 18 inches of snow, it was gorgeous.

 photo 69EFF327-AC6C-4EF9-94D0-3D8BC85A8B2C_zpsjivqzij9.jpg

Later that night we went back to Josh’s parents for his dad’s traditional Sasaki dinner, I’m still dreaming about it! I’m already so excited for next year’s Christmas=)

 photo _MG_5020_zpsilv1mopd.jpg

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