Jackson’s Primary Program 2016

Sunday J had his primary program(where all the kids sing songs and have little talking parts in front of the whole congregation, it’s the best sacrament of the year!) and he was really excited. He’s been practicing his part for weeks and we were so proud of him for memorizing it. “Prophets are called of God to testify of Christ.” Such a simple phrase, but it’s so true. I’m grateful we have a prophet on the Earth today that testifies of Christ and warns us of things to come. Heavenly Father promised us after the apostasy  that He will never leave us without a prophet to guide us, just like he has throughout all of history.  I’m so grateful for the recent talk our prophet Thomas Monson gave here titled the “The Perfect Path to Happiness.”

J has such a sweet spirit and I’m grateful for his patience with me and his sweet example. I couldn’t have picked a better older brother for Lily and baby girl. Great job on your primary program Bubba!

 photo 7E4DA196-E361-4785-A196-C03BB71C5E1F_zpsoqsp1ixb.jpg

 photo F2456B2B-38CF-476C-934B-00DB816F5EE8_zpsuydpii7r.jpg

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Baby #3 Bump Update: 31-32 weeks

31 week bump

 photo 22E5F8BE-A71D-4BCC-87D9-1961D885A8D6_zpssalzw4tc.jpg

32 week bump

 photo FD3EB0F2-BF58-4312-BC1B-926A999B2B0C_zpse1xvyune.jpg

Now is the time my updates become a little different. Instead of going through all the questions, I just write my overall feelings, moods, fitness, whatever is on my mind haha

I’m 8 months pregnant and if she comes when my other 2 did I have about 6 weeks left. I don’t want to get my hopes up that she will come early, but it would be nice. I’m getting so anxious to hold her and just have her a part of our family already. We still haven’t decided on a name, but I definitely have a favorite, so we’ll see once we’re in the hospital. My OB appointment isn’t until next week, then my appointments are every 2 weeks(what? I can’t believe we’re already THAT close!)

This past week I have felt really tired and by the end of the day my back is in a lot of pain. I think carrying Lily most of the day doesn’t help, but I wouldn’t give it up for anything. I sleep really well most nights but Lily has a cold that has kept her up a few nights and the month of October always has J up a few times because he’s spooked about one thing or another haha. That’s just mom life though and I’m so grateful I get to be the one that comforts them when they’re sad, sick or scared.

I’ve still been able to workout most days of the week. I walk 2-3 miles 3 days a week and do strength training the other days. Sunday is always my rest day, and if I feel like I need a day off I take it. I eat all the foods,drink a lot of water, and get heart burn like it’s my job. Tums are a lifesaver. Lily hasn’t been taking her morning nap, so she’s been joining me for workouts. She doesn’t always love it, so I might have to find time at night to workout because getting up early isn’t an option(I would choose sleep every time haha).

 photo EBD2FF2F-2AFB-4CE6-9ABD-C02955BC90A5_zps5amghmfq.jpg

I bought my first thing for baby girl, a fleece suit she can wear all winter when we’re out and about so she stays warm. I also got a few matching dresses for her and Lil, so fun!

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Black Island Farm and AF Canyon 2016

Every year we head up North to Black Island Farm with my side of the family. We have donuts and cider after and it’s one of my favorite traditions. This year we headed up on Saturday and it was BUSY! We usually try and do it on Monday night, but it didn’t work out this year. The weather could not have been more perfect. You can read about past years here here and here

J and Lil with my parents

 photo 2DFD38FA-C9CC-4EA1-AC42-E8D10AC45255_zpsrcxbleje.jpg

Lily with dad on the hayride(where she had an allergic reaction to something and her eyes were swollen!)

 photo F54CDF3E-A806-4AB5-B228-63C01B480686_zpsshp86pph.jpg

All the grandkids with grandma and grandpa(missing half)

 photo A2C29862-C948-4725-8621-DDFB97ADCCE8_zpsx13cp2yz.jpg

Family photo with my 31 and 6 days prego belly

 photo FB2331A2-0DE5-469E-AE5E-C4F632E8F58B_zpsheaypkjf.jpg

 photo 4F334D73-1BAA-4032-A58C-4E7F66167152_zpse5foclbh.jpg

 photo F43CDA4D-BD23-413A-9B12-95AB6864D140_zpsclgkunpr.jpg

 photo 7457F1E5-F0BE-4B61-A7CB-12F759118E9D_zpslgrzwscy.jpg

After we headed to my sister Neeley’s for donuts and the yummiest cider, bonus, she had pizza for us too! My pregnant belly was in heaven with all the good food.

Earlier this fall we headed up to American Fork Canyon for a Sunday stroll. I know I say it a lot, but fall is seriously THE BEST. I know what my heaven will look like…these colors and my sweet family.

 photo C2812CDB-7952-4862-98A4-1409C287214B_zpsvuimiq3b.jpg

 photo 238FC03E-0C36-4B1B-BBB1-F572B84B2DA8_zpssckjmjfc.jpg

 photo 7F8FF913-28A4-43DB-9E89-E1D6442A9467_zpspk7jwabw.jpg

 photo 7D593D7C-77A4-4360-8820-E07A52A3AE70_zpsrzksbamg.jpg

 photo 8655002F-6B3C-44D5-859C-CB56BCA41AC9_zpsorfujre5.jpg

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Baby #3 bump Update:29/30 weeks

29 week bump
 photo 3445C592-5421-4A20-85C6-BD97E3BE66DD_zpsrnd2g1im.jpg

I love comparing my baby bumps————

30 week bump
 photo 305751CA-D7CA-4ACB-977B-A6D02D067E94_zpsrec8c4a5.jpg

30 weeks with Lily
 photo A7AB44A7-3B43-48EC-9B9A-D6E43896AD3B_zpsqi94cbr8.jpeg

30 weeks with J

 photo 95E448FD-A0F7-455C-8EB5-1D5D27649E4E_zpsr2jmjidj.png

Sleep? Sleeping good with pillows surrounding me. It’s ridiculous. J was up last night because we had lots of thunder and lightening. But other than that, the kids sleep well so I try to as well.
Best moment this week? She’s just about 3 pounds now and her movements are so big. I can feel a leg or arm move across my belly. I love seeing a little elbow(I’m guessing) so this is a fun stage.
Movement: She is still moving a lot and at my last appointment my Dr. said at this point if I don’t feel at least 10 kicks every 2 hours to come in. No, that doesn’t mean I’m constantly counting her kicks, but if I feel like she’s stopped, then I count and take notice how many times she kicks.
 Anything making you queasy? Still get a occasional heart burn at night. I’m still loving all foods but have to eat smaller meals or I feel SO uncomfortable and large haha. The other day I felt very sore all day. I could feel my belly growing and my body/back ached. I felt discouraged thinking, ” Oh no, I feel this horrible and I still have 8-9 weeks left! I’m just really dramatic and it only lasted that one day, phew!
Fitness level:e The last 2 weeks I’ve still kept up my workouts but they are SLOW. For me, I workout to keep me strong and to prepare for labor and to have a better recovery. More importantly, I want to have energy throughout the day to be a good mom and to feel good. That means 30-40 min of working out is just great! I try and stick to healthy foods and LOTS of WATER. But let’s be real, I still have treats. As I type this I just ate a whole Butterfinger I forgot I got for my birthday, it’s called balance;)
Last weeks update here 27-28 weeks.
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Being a homemaker and conference

This past weekend we had conference. Every 6 months we watch/listen to our prophet, apostles, and other church leaders as they give talks about inspired topics. I always walk away from the weekend feeling uplifted and ready to try and do and be a better person.

One quote that I really loved by Bonnie Oscarson from last conference is below. Being a mother and a homemaker I pray every day to create a home that is a refuge from the world. I want my husband, kids, friends and family to feel relief when they walk through the doors. I will however, defend my home from things that aren’t uplifting or that threaten my family and their spiritual growth.

 photo 12085A59-73A7-41E2-8F40-11C0D9F10DF4_zpsunu0vhmr.jpeg

As the world changes and becomes increasingly more evil, I want my family to be strong in their beliefs and stand tall even if that means standing alone at times. Home is where children are taught right from wrong and how to treat others(among many other things). My role as a mother is important and lately I feel so overwhelmingly grateful that I get to be a mom to 2(almost 3) sweet kids. I get to be home. Today after I picked J up from preschool he was chatting away(like always) and he mentioned something at preschool(nothing bad, but he was concerned). I’m so grateful I’m the one that gets to address his concerns and be there to comfort him.

Conference means all the snuggles while we watch haha.

 photo C1E89C00-A9D5-4356-B0FD-558EE60AB66D_zpsctc4glfc.jpg

I want to continue to try and be my best, to never give up. There are hard days, and I’m grateful to my sweet husband who picks up where I lack.
You can watch or listen to the recent conference here. Happy Monday!

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Baby #3 Bump Update: Wks 27 &28

27 week bump
 photo 9F9F0BF2-B8AA-480B-B8E1-4D651BE671EF_zps0bb5lvuy.jpg

28 week bump
 photo 970DC925-E56E-4EEF-80BF-48322B66A800_zps0qbttbtd.jpg

How Far Along? 29 weeks
Starting my 29th week I’m feeling PREGNANT. It’s crazy what a week or 2 will do. I love feeling her huge movements and having a noticeable belly that strangers comment on. I feel like it’s these next 10 or so weeks that I start bonding with her and the kids/Josh get excited with all her little kicks.
 I had my Glucose test last week at 28 weeks. It was the day after I had the 24 hour flu and I was NOT feeling great. Luckily, I didn’t feel too terrible drinking the glucose drink, giving blood, and get a tetanus shot. Not ideal after being sick, but I’m so glad it’s over. So far I haven’t heard anything so I’m guessing I don’t have gestational diabetes.

 photo C079EBE5-05A7-478D-9C49-A92DB9FD1AC5_zps50ulp7is.jpg

 Sleep?  I’ve been sleeping great the last 2 weeks. No more horrible vivid dreams! I’m still having very real dreams, but they aren’t nightmares haha.
Best moment this week? Feeling her hiccup for the first time. She started hiccuping in the 28th week and now she gets them daily.
Movement: Yes, she moves SO much. She moves a lot at night which I really love. I probably won’t love that she has her days/nights mixed up haha but honestly, she moves a lot all day/night. I don’t remember having such an active baby before.
 Anything making you queasy? Not queasy, but heartburn has started this past week. She’s definitely growing and my belly is feeling it. I’m at the stage now that taking a deep breath is hard, and sitting can be uncomfortable. Laying on my side feels best and having Tums near after dinner.
Fitness level: I just finished week 7 of Kayla Itsines BBG program. I had to modify a lot because instead of Saturday’s ‘full body’ workout it was just an ab and cardio day. Since my abs are currently non existent I just did arms and legs from the previous days. I’ve been able to walk/run 2-3 miles every other day.

I walked/jogged a 5k with the kids when I was almost 27 weeks. This is the only photo I took on Snapchat haha Josh was DJing the event😉
 photo E33855E6-41E1-4560-B4CC-F4ED7AA44865_zpslptpck2v.png

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Baby #3 Bump Update wks 25-26

25 week bump
 photo 7890347C-F859-459A-9D7B-763A98D069BC_zpslxwkifdj.jpg

26 week bump(definitely starting to ‘pop’)
 photo C20D02A9-61E6-4351-9507-A574FE947AD2_zpsiiikup11.jpg

How Far Along? 26 weeks
 Maternity Clothes?Yes! My birthday is this week and I went shopping and got some shirts for fall/winter. I love finding shirts that are non-maternity so I can wear them now and then after they are loose fitting and comfy for my post baby belly.
 Sleep?  I have been having terrible vivid dreams. I’ve heard of women having crazy dreams while pregnant, but I had never experienced it until these last couple of weeks. It’s awful! I’ll have dreams that someone is in the house, or that my baby comes out with extra limbs, or terrible sad dreams.
Best moment this week? Finding cute clothes that fit. It’s amazing how your attitude can change if you feel good haha.
Movement: Yes, she’s definitely got a little schedule and I look forward to her kicks throughout the day.
 Anything making you queasy? On Labor day we went up the canyon for a hike and the winding road wasn’t doing me any favors, but it wasn’t too bad. 
Fitness level: I’m on week 5 of Kayla Itsines BBG program. I had finished a full round(12 weeks) before I got pregnant so now I just do the workouts but modify them. If they do any burpees or ab workouts I find similar exercises that don’t require me to be on my back on laying on my belly. I’ve loved having something to keep me motivated and feel somewhat strong, haha.

 photo 96449751-CD09-4C28-89D4-A00D598BF606_zpsxrgixwof.jpg

What I’m looking forward to: Washing her clothes and putting them in her drawers/organizing the nursery to fit both Lily and baby’s clothes. Eventually Lily will share a room with J, but not until the baby is out of our room(I usually have them sleep next to me in a pack n play for 4-6 months).
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Summer Fun Latelys

Toward the end of August J started his 3rd season of Pre-K soccer. This season has been extra special because his 2 friends, Audrey and Derek are on the team with him. He has started to really get that competitive drive and he’s been so fun to watch.

 photo FFB9020B-36A6-471E-A157-C001B48AC224_zpsydhl63or.jpg

Throughout the summer the kids and I would meet up with my sisters, mom and cousins at Cherry Hill(water park). A couple weeks ago Josh was able to come up and celebrate my nephew Ty’s bday. It was so fun having him there to go on all the fun water slides and tube rides with J. It’s sad to think Cherry Hill is closed for the season:(

 photo 1A0B5BBC-F0FB-458C-A02B-31A568D12323_zpsyvrk1dll.png

How have I not mentioned peach season?! Fresh peaches really are heavenly and my in laws have several trees. Each week we’ve been picking them like crazy to eat throughout the week, freeze for smoothies, and make homemade peach cobbler. My favorite is fresh peaches in yogurt topped with granola, mmm.

 photo A5A9847B-FFCD-449D-AFE1-D28384E7F34E_zpsjyghzrb9.jpg

We checked out a splash pad with my sister and sister in law before they all close and Lily was in heaven. J ran around with his cousin, and Lily crawled until she got too cold. I got soaked by so many kids, next time I’ll wear my suit too;)

 photo 0BA061AB-B7D9-409F-9E38-7BAD33212BA6_zpsttfaxbs5.jpg

Over Labor day we went up to Park City(our favorite weekend getaway) and loved all the fall colors on the mountains. We had yummy mexican food on main street, played in the pool with cousins, and then stopped by Swiss days Saturday morning. I say stopped by, because it was absolutely crazy! We had never been before and loved Midway and the Swiss feel throughout the town, but the crowds were too much with kids and a stroller haha!

 photo 424B55A5-AF13-48C5-9F21-BE830F49FD1D_zpsgr9tzza9.jpg

Monday we went on a hike up to Cecret Lake with Josh’s dad, sister and nephew. J is still talking about it, it was a great hike and the crisp cool air got me so excited for fall! Lily was terrified of the carrier at first and kept screaming and holding on so tight. After a few minutes she got used to it and kept pointing at the trees and saying, ” Wow!” and then eventually snoozed.

 photo 042B1824-6C0B-48EF-9F1A-311A35569DAC_zps72yq3lks.jpg

 photo 5284A8D8-A1FA-43DC-BDD5-86EAB40CB025_zpsbxvdri47.jpg

 photo C6464C95-5BE6-4DF3-A245-95E6D983D697_zps5hf8r6cl.jpg
Thanks for the pic Whit!

Last but not least, I had to include this cute pic of Lily, my niece Amelia, and my mom. We were visiting my mom and Lily climbed up and gave Amelia the biggest hug and kept patting her bum. I hope she’s that sweet with baby girl haha.

 photo 83BF4537-DC8B-4B98-9689-A5DF98B3444F_zpsxilc4aok.jpg

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Baby #3 Bump Update 22-24 weeks

22 week bump
 photo 952702AA-FF48-4732-9D22-BDF8CF628D59_zpsueaelj6c.jpg

23 week bump
 photo B2A3E720-167A-4642-A0A2-09CC59C33D3A_zpswv9sv8pf.jpg

24 week bump

 photo 79CD9C92-AB00-4BE0-9367-A1E5BE7C95C6_zpsxj3s33fb.jpg

How Far Along? 24 weeks
 Maternity Clothes? I finally ordered a pair of maternity pants for fall/winter. Target was having a great sale so I got them for $20(in above pic)! I love the ones with side panels vs. the full belly panel, I can’t handle having something over my belly tight like that.
 Sleep?  I sleep great, but I sleep so deep. According to Josh, the other night Lily had woke up crying, and apparently I just turned her monitor off! I don’t remember any of it, so now I put my monitor further than arms reach so I can’t turn it off haha
Best moment this week? J felt the baby kick(23.5 weeks) and thought that was pretty cool. He keeps saying how cool it will be to have 2 sisters. He can’t wait to meet her. It’s so sweet. Also, the past 2 weeks my face is finally clearing up. This is the first time I’ve had to deal with pregnancy acne and it has not been fun. So I hope that continues to calm down. I also had my 24 week apt and heard her heart beat. She was kicking the doppler and it would make a loud noise haha.
Movement: Yes, she’s definitely got a little schedule and I look forward to her kicks throughout the day.
 Anything making you queasy? Honestly, this past week I have been getting sick again. I feel like after certain foods I get queasy. I had a girls night at Olive Garden and the moment I walked in the smells were making me sick. I didn’t eat my leftovers either:/  I still get nauseous in the car if I’m not driving, so weird!
Fitness level: The past 2 weeks I feel like I have more energy so I’ve been working out a lot more regularly. Everything is slower or modified, but on Tue/Thur/Sat strength training(legs, arms, full body) then on off days I walk/run for 30-40 min.
What I’m looking forward to: Deciding on a name. I don’t think it will happen until were at the hospital, but I love thinking of names, so let me know if you have any suggestions.
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Jackson and Lily’s double Birthday 2016

Since J and Lil’s birthdays are 3 days apart we decided to have a double party. Luckily Lily didn’t mind having a Star Wars themed party😉

On Lily’s actual birthday we had pancakes for breakfast and she got a new doll. She LOVES dolls and stuffed animals. She was thrilled!

 photo 65587664-F6D3-479B-9E54-C7F2893641B9_zpswqtg9bpf.jpg

On the morning of J’s birthday I had decorated and set out a few presents for him to open. We got him a Kylo Ren costume and light saber. If you know J you know he loves to dress up. He was so excited to wear the costume all day and for the party(he hasn’t gone a day without wearing it ha)!

 photo 113FE1A7-94BD-4D28-84DC-6CF81B7A15B7_zpsdqilutbv.jpg

That night family came over and we had cake, pizza, a piñata and of course presents. I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking, it was such a fun night!

Playing Star Wars before all the other cousins showed up(J’s face!)
 photo IMG_5795_zpsnnahz5vz.jpg

 photo IMG_5824_zpsh20r7nci.jpg

 photo A74441A1-064F-43BD-A7EF-E64C66B50819_zpsa3xop0ui.jpg

 photo 7DEC3D59-0F39-4248-AB51-868CCCF906A7_zpstdqlrang.jpg

 photo FFFC7FB0-8158-46AC-BD93-0D877AB03331_zps5ikvqmzz.jpg

We had masks for everyone to dress up

 photo IMG_5798_zps33eqw6mk.jpg

Pink cupcakes for Lily and red/white(Darth Vader/Storm Trooper) cupcakes for J.

 photo IMG_5797_zpsjdgcidrp.jpg

 photo 69782D73-2DAD-42F5-A311-97D6B235D1FD_zpsd3t5s9at.jpg

Can’t forget my nephew Ezra taking his first steps at the party!

 photo IMG_5809_zpsbjimfupt.jpg

 photo 21F57EA3-F447-40E2-A3F5-6AF83DDC8455_zpszfuznrvz.jpg

 photo 48AFF7F1-9250-4383-81E0-71C82AE94910_zpsccxtzwa4.jpg

We had a dance party at the end of the night
 photo 6CC75EC8-2431-4C66-AF37-B08A53947A1E_zpsiraa8sr8.jpg

This pic is accurate of our crazy family of 4(almost 5)!

 photo IMG_5827_zps4hb4yckn.jpg

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