Baby #3 Bump Update wks 25-26

25 week bump
 photo 7890347C-F859-459A-9D7B-763A98D069BC_zpslxwkifdj.jpg

26 week bump(definitely starting to ‘pop’)
 photo C20D02A9-61E6-4351-9507-A574FE947AD2_zpsiiikup11.jpg

How Far Along? 26 weeks
 Maternity Clothes?Yes! My birthday is this week and I went shopping and got some shirts for fall/winter. I love finding shirts that are non-maternity so I can wear them now and then after they are loose fitting and comfy for my post baby belly.
 Sleep?  I have been having terrible vivid dreams. I’ve heard of women having crazy dreams while pregnant, but I had never experienced it until these last couple of weeks. It’s awful! I’ll have dreams that someone is in the house, or that my baby comes out with extra limbs, or terrible sad dreams.
Best moment this week? Finding cute clothes that fit. It’s amazing how your attitude can change if you feel good haha.
Movement: Yes, she’s definitely got a little schedule and I look forward to her kicks throughout the day.
 Anything making you queasy? On Labor day we went up the canyon for a hike and the winding road wasn’t doing me any favors, but it wasn’t too bad. 
Fitness level: I’m on week 5 of Kayla Itsines BBG program. I had finished a full round(12 weeks) before I got pregnant so now I just do the workouts but modify them. If they do any burpees or ab workouts I find similar exercises that don’t require me to be on my back on laying on my belly. I’ve loved having something to keep me motivated and feel somewhat strong, haha.

 photo 96449751-CD09-4C28-89D4-A00D598BF606_zpsxrgixwof.jpg

What I’m looking forward to: Washing her clothes and putting them in her drawers/organizing the nursery to fit both Lily and baby’s clothes. Eventually Lily will share a room with J, but not until the baby is out of our room(I usually have them sleep next to me in a pack n play for 4-6 months).
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Summer Fun Latelys

Toward the end of August J started his 3rd season of Pre-K soccer. This season has been extra special because his 2 friends, Audrey and Derek are on the team with him. He has started to really get that competitive drive and he’s been so fun to watch.

 photo FFB9020B-36A6-471E-A157-C001B48AC224_zpsydhl63or.jpg

Throughout the summer the kids and I would meet up with my sisters, mom and cousins at Cherry Hill(water park). A couple weeks ago Josh was able to come up and celebrate my nephew Ty’s bday. It was so fun having him there to go on all the fun water slides and tube rides with J. It’s sad to think Cherry Hill is closed for the season:(

 photo 1A0B5BBC-F0FB-458C-A02B-31A568D12323_zpsyvrk1dll.png

How have I not mentioned peach season?! Fresh peaches really are heavenly and my in laws have several trees. Each week we’ve been picking them like crazy to eat throughout the week, freeze for smoothies, and make homemade peach cobbler. My favorite is fresh peaches in yogurt topped with granola, mmm.

 photo A5A9847B-FFCD-449D-AFE1-D28384E7F34E_zpsjyghzrb9.jpg

We checked out a splash pad with my sister and sister in law before they all close and Lily was in heaven. J ran around with his cousin, and Lily crawled until she got too cold. I got soaked by so many kids, next time I’ll wear my suit too;)

 photo 0BA061AB-B7D9-409F-9E38-7BAD33212BA6_zpsttfaxbs5.jpg

Over Labor day we went up to Park City(our favorite weekend getaway) and loved all the fall colors on the mountains. We had yummy mexican food on main street, played in the pool with cousins, and then stopped by Swiss days Saturday morning. I say stopped by, because it was absolutely crazy! We had never been before and loved Midway and the Swiss feel throughout the town, but the crowds were too much with kids and a stroller haha!

 photo 424B55A5-AF13-48C5-9F21-BE830F49FD1D_zpsgr9tzza9.jpg

Monday we went on a hike up to Cecret Lake with Josh’s dad, sister and nephew. J is still talking about it, it was a great hike and the crisp cool air got me so excited for fall! Lily was terrified of the carrier at first and kept screaming and holding on so tight. After a few minutes she got used to it and kept pointing at the trees and saying, ” Wow!” and then eventually snoozed.

 photo 042B1824-6C0B-48EF-9F1A-311A35569DAC_zps72yq3lks.jpg

 photo 5284A8D8-A1FA-43DC-BDD5-86EAB40CB025_zpsbxvdri47.jpg

 photo C6464C95-5BE6-4DF3-A245-95E6D983D697_zps5hf8r6cl.jpg
Thanks for the pic Whit!

Last but not least, I had to include this cute pic of Lily, my niece Amelia, and my mom. We were visiting my mom and Lily climbed up and gave Amelia the biggest hug and kept patting her bum. I hope she’s that sweet with baby girl haha.

 photo 83BF4537-DC8B-4B98-9689-A5DF98B3444F_zpsxilc4aok.jpg

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Baby #3 Bump Update 22-24 weeks

22 week bump
 photo 952702AA-FF48-4732-9D22-BDF8CF628D59_zpsueaelj6c.jpg

23 week bump
 photo B2A3E720-167A-4642-A0A2-09CC59C33D3A_zpswv9sv8pf.jpg

24 week bump

 photo 79CD9C92-AB00-4BE0-9367-A1E5BE7C95C6_zpsxj3s33fb.jpg

How Far Along? 24 weeks
 Maternity Clothes? I finally ordered a pair of maternity pants for fall/winter. Target was having a great sale so I got them for $20(in above pic)! I love the ones with side panels vs. the full belly panel, I can’t handle having something over my belly tight like that.
 Sleep?  I sleep great, but I sleep so deep. According to Josh, the other night Lily had woke up crying, and apparently I just turned her monitor off! I don’t remember any of it, so now I put my monitor further than arms reach so I can’t turn it off haha
Best moment this week? J felt the baby kick(23.5 weeks) and thought that was pretty cool. He keeps saying how cool it will be to have 2 sisters. He can’t wait to meet her. It’s so sweet. Also, the past 2 weeks my face is finally clearing up. This is the first time I’ve had to deal with pregnancy acne and it has not been fun. So I hope that continues to calm down. I also had my 24 week apt and heard her heart beat. She was kicking the doppler and it would make a loud noise haha.
Movement: Yes, she’s definitely got a little schedule and I look forward to her kicks throughout the day.
 Anything making you queasy? Honestly, this past week I have been getting sick again. I feel like after certain foods I get queasy. I had a girls night at Olive Garden and the moment I walked in the smells were making me sick. I didn’t eat my leftovers either:/  I still get nauseous in the car if I’m not driving, so weird!
Fitness level: The past 2 weeks I feel like I have more energy so I’ve been working out a lot more regularly. Everything is slower or modified, but on Tue/Thur/Sat strength training(legs, arms, full body) then on off days I walk/run for 30-40 min.
What I’m looking forward to: Deciding on a name. I don’t think it will happen until were at the hospital, but I love thinking of names, so let me know if you have any suggestions.
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Jackson and Lily’s double Birthday 2016

Since J and Lil’s birthdays are 3 days apart we decided to have a double party. Luckily Lily didn’t mind having a Star Wars themed party😉

On Lily’s actual birthday we had pancakes for breakfast and she got a new doll. She LOVES dolls and stuffed animals. She was thrilled!

 photo 65587664-F6D3-479B-9E54-C7F2893641B9_zpswqtg9bpf.jpg

On the morning of J’s birthday I had decorated and set out a few presents for him to open. We got him a Kylo Ren costume and light saber. If you know J you know he loves to dress up. He was so excited to wear the costume all day and for the party(he hasn’t gone a day without wearing it ha)!

 photo 113FE1A7-94BD-4D28-84DC-6CF81B7A15B7_zpsdqilutbv.jpg

That night family came over and we had cake, pizza, a piñata and of course presents. I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking, it was such a fun night!

Playing Star Wars before all the other cousins showed up(J’s face!)
 photo IMG_5795_zpsnnahz5vz.jpg

 photo IMG_5824_zpsh20r7nci.jpg

 photo A74441A1-064F-43BD-A7EF-E64C66B50819_zpsa3xop0ui.jpg

 photo 7DEC3D59-0F39-4248-AB51-868CCCF906A7_zpstdqlrang.jpg

 photo FFFC7FB0-8158-46AC-BD93-0D877AB03331_zps5ikvqmzz.jpg

We had masks for everyone to dress up

 photo IMG_5798_zps33eqw6mk.jpg

Pink cupcakes for Lily and red/white(Darth Vader/Storm Trooper) cupcakes for J.

 photo IMG_5797_zpsjdgcidrp.jpg

 photo 69782D73-2DAD-42F5-A311-97D6B235D1FD_zpsd3t5s9at.jpg

Can’t forget my nephew Ezra taking his first steps at the party!

 photo IMG_5809_zpsbjimfupt.jpg

 photo 21F57EA3-F447-40E2-A3F5-6AF83DDC8455_zpszfuznrvz.jpg

 photo 48AFF7F1-9250-4383-81E0-71C82AE94910_zpsccxtzwa4.jpg

We had a dance party at the end of the night
 photo 6CC75EC8-2431-4C66-AF37-B08A53947A1E_zpsiraa8sr8.jpg

This pic is accurate of our crazy family of 4(almost 5)!

 photo IMG_5827_zps4hb4yckn.jpg

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Happy 5th Birthday Jackson

Oh Jackson, where do I start? This year has been a HUGE year of growth for you physically, mentally and emotionally. You are my bubba, my helper, my sidekick, and my sweetheart.

I can’t write this without getting a lump in my throat because I love you so much. I’m so grateful for the bond we have, you make me laugh without even saying a word. I think we communicate mostly with our eyebrows haha.

At 5 years old J loves:

  • Star Wars( you and dad watched all of them together)
  • Riding his scooter
  • Creating things(crafting). You have made Pokemon cards, ghost buster jackets complete with name tags, yokai watches, and lots and lots of pictures.
  • Food! You’re always snacking and trying to get sweets like your mama. You love slurpies like your dad
  • Stuffed animals
  • BYU hat
  • Playing video games with dad
  • Helping with lily in anyway
  • Playing with friends/cousins

J dislikes:

  • Bed time
  • Running errands, with mom…dad can make any errand sound fun
  • Big dogs
  • Houses with alarm systems. We accidentally set my sisters off, ever since he gets so freaked when he sees an alarm box

Things I want to remember about J at 5 years old is definitely what a tender heart he has. He wants so badly to do good and to please others. His prayers are so reverent and well thought out. He constantly asks questions and is so curious about the world. He LOVES his sisters and talks about the baby daily. I’ve caught him with Lily’s new doll several times just rocking her, or singing to her! He says he can’t wait to hold the new baby.

 photo 82A59AC0-AD10-4A72-9CF0-7394DEEBC299_zpslt0xunuh.jpg

 photo IMG_5618_zps3fuza1dr.jpg

I snuck this pic of him rocking Lily’s new doll

 photo 2C3A19F6-E9AD-4B3A-BB11-75D262DC379D_zpscc4zobnz.jpg

He wanted a pic with the Birthday gumball he got from church
 photo IMG_5794_zps4fkeumrh.jpg

I told him to ‘open his eyes’ haha
 photo IMG_5785 2_zpszhk0uhhr.jpg

We couldn’t have asked for a better big brother to protect our girls. J is our buddy and we can’t wait to celebrate your birthday!

We love you!

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Baby #3 Bump update 21 weeks

You guys! This pregnancy is flying by, I can’t believe I’m already half way!

How Far Along? 21 weeks

20 week bump

 photo 13B64E62-453B-454B-8039-321E0F5A2F0E_zpszh0qdop8.jpg

21 week bump

 photo 204875C8-3C2B-476E-A3D7-BB7C92EC1859_zps4ql1xme2.jpg

Maternity Clothes? Yes, I bought a dress that’s so comfy and a few summer clothes a size up. All the comfy baggy clothes please!

 Sleep? Yes I’m able to sleep pretty good with my army of pillows haha

Best moment this week? It was actually last week, we got to have an ultra sound and find out it’s a GIRL!! She was so cute and moving a lot. I was still in shock that there was actually a baby in there, so Josh and I really enjoyed seeing our little peanut for an hour.

 photo 0C27394B-B308-4511-81DF-4A5595BE628E_zps5wj8k9xe.jpg

Movement? Yes, And 2 nights ago Josh felt her kick! I love this stage so much.

Anything making you queasy? I get nauseous if I eat too much. I get full so fast so I have to have small frequent meals. We went out last week to the Cheesecake Factory and I definitely indulged and paid for it after. I was so queasy!

Fitness level? I ran 3 miles for the first time in a month or so and it felt good. Same as the last update though, I’m not too worried about scheduled workouts, I do what I can when I can.

What I’m looking forward to: J being able to feel her kick, he asks everyday:)

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Lily at 1 year

Lily turned 1 the last day of July. Honestly, I felt so sentimental and mushy about my baby turning 1. I LOVE the first year and it flew by.

At 1 Lily loves:

  • Breakfast. When she wakes up she wants food before anything else(just like her mama)
  • While we’re on the topic, food! She isn’t picky and loves to eat and sign ‘more’
  • Playing with J
  • Bath time
  • Her bed(she won’t sleep in my arms)
  • When she gets sleepy she likes to pick at my nails. It actually hurts haha
  • Hugs
  • Any sugar dad sneaks her
  • Dolls and stuffed animals

She dislikes:

  • Sticky hands
  • Whole milk makes her tummy hurt(we’re gonna try again in a few weeks)
  • Getting dressed
  • Being left in a room(if I have to walk away for a second)
  • She has a irrational fear of any kinds of plants!

She signs ‘more,’ ‘milk,’ and ‘food’ and points and says “that” for everything else.

The things I want to remember most about lily at 1 is how excited she gets for any of us when we walk in a room. Her feet and hands spin and her whole face lights up. She loves to tease and make people laugh. She laughs with us at meal times and is such a crack up. I love the snuggles she gives me after nap time and her sweet fuzzy blonde hair.

 photo IMG_5778 2_zpsmskbxxwp.jpg

she loves that binky

 photo IMG_5760 2_zpsaot84gwx.jpg

Recently, her new thing is to climb into every box big or small haha
 photo A5306FC9-C06A-48E7-89A9-4BBECD63A9A0_zpshbz6cxnv.jpg

She got to open a gift at breakfast on her birthday and she loved the her new baby doll.
 photo 65587664-F6D3-479B-9E54-C7F2893641B9_zpsffnnsjzm.jpg

She was getting mad at me while I tore her sandwich into smaller pieces, so I just gave her the whole sandwich and she was so happy!

 photo 07D8BDED-ED1C-4715-B377-E47868EE95B3_zpszjehhkcc.jpg

I love when she sleeps she sticks her little booty up

 photo IMG_5743_zpse37emgm3.jpg

Happy first birthday Lily!

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Steveson Family Reunion 2016

For the first time in forever, we planned a Steveson family reunion. I have 6 siblings, we’re all married and we all have kids. That makes for 16 adults, 25 grandkids and 1 on the way!

My sister Neeley and her husband booked 2 cabins right by each other in Garden City up in Bear Lake. We got their first with my 2 brothers and their families so we headed to the beach.

 photo 295077A1-F5EE-418C-A8EA-819112ACE177_zpsifuxwula.jpg

 photo IMG_5653_zpsgxvfbjjb.jpg

 photo IMG_5641_zps99tvilya.jpg

 photo IMG_5697_zps5slhec0y.jpg

Later that night everyone arrived and after a delicious dinner my sister Leah made we headed to a pool. It’s was pretty chill yo we headed back and the kids had a movie night in one of the lofts and the adults caught up down stairs.

movie night for the kids
 photo 8EE61358-C802-459D-A546-F09F6B7C6B12_zpsixxvlvjb.jpg

 photo IMG_5626_zps8t9ftun1.jpg

The next day was spent outside on the beach. The older kids boated( we had 2 boats and 2 wave runners) the tweens had fun swimming in the deeper end, and the little kids had a blast in the warm shallow water.

 photo IMG_5618_zps3fuza1dr.jpg

 photo IMG_5660_zpsdgxgaps4.jpg

 photo 582AAAAD-E73E-48B0-9138-DC2E5B45D894_zpsgdf7dcdm.jpg

I LOVE relaxing on the beach watching the kids, eating good food, and playing in the sand. We could have stayed all night!

 photo 82A59AC0-AD10-4A72-9CF0-7394DEEBC299_zpslt0xunuh.jpg

 photo IMG_5615_zpshk1vs9qi.jpg

Thursday night we had yummy dinner by Neeley.  We had tasted the famous raspberry shakes the night before, so Josh and I tried dole whip, a fresh strawberry lemonade, AND a chocolate cone with fries😉 We wanted to try it all haha

Friday was our last full day, so some of the dads golfed, then we headed back to the beach.

 photo 4474C102-82F7-4AA6-82B5-35EAC70B5FCD_zpsddoahmxr.jpg

 photo IMG_5610_zpsiajjsvgh.jpg

 photo IMG_5609_zps7jknfemh.jpg

That night we had a talent show, slide show, Bday party for all the July birthdays, and dance party. If you know my family we all like to dance, so I think that was one of the best nights. We all said our goodbyes, and in the morning everyone headed home(my brothers had to drive all the way back to WA).

 photo EDD17CF6-D31B-49E8-A706-2B19326BB326_zpsvnnnww6w.jpg
Me and all my siblings; me, Leah, Bree, Joel,Neeley, Jordan, Tanner
 photo IMG_5686_zpsyodpzaxm.jpg

 photo IMG_5685 2_zpsqlptmmhg.jpg

Love you all!

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Baby #3 Bump Update: 18 weeks

18 week bump

 photo 9072E636-D4FD-49DF-AEAB-8B28E3DCF601_zpsdhpml8zi.jpg

16.6 week bump ( I didn’t take one at exactly 17 weeks haha)

 photo 5F668E9C-5D68-44E8-BB36-984B2B005D28_zps5odlrhfr.jpg

You can read about 13 weeks here, 15 weeks here.
How Far Along? 18 weeks
 Maternity Clothes? Yes, I bought a dress that’s so comfy and a few summer clothes a size up. All the comfy baggy clothes please!
 Sleep?  I’m sleeping pretty good. Lily had her first ear infection the last week or so. I’ve been up with her, and I can’t lay on my back or stomach anymore. Hugging a big pillow on my side has been the most comfy.
Best moment this week? Feeling the baby’s movements more frequently. Best feeling!
Movement: Yes, I’m feeling the baby move a lot more often and it’s my favorite. I love learning it’s schedule and looking forward to feeling it move.
 Anything making you queasy? I get nauseous anytime I’m a passenger in a car. Other than that, I feel pretty good. Every once in awhile if it’s a hot day and I’ve been running around I get a little queasy.
Fitness level: I haven’t done a scheduled workout in about a week. That’s just how it goes lately, I’ll have a low key week where I can workout more, and then a busy week where my workout is just playing and being active with the kids. I always try and eat healthy and drink lots of water, but scheduled workouts don’t always happen. Everything has its season=)
What I’m looking forward to: My appointment next week, we find out the gender!!
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4th of July 2016 & Lil at 11 months

My favorite holiday has come and gone. This summer is going by way too fast. In just not ready for the scheduled fall just yet, so I hope the rest of summer SLOWS down.

The 4th started with a nice treadmill run. It was great!

We headed to Sandy for the parade and carnival that Josh’s parents help organize. I just love all the traditions and making memories each year with the fam.

 photo B4EA177A-397C-4F12-8112-5F383CB52BD1_zpscbmcgcar.jpg

We chilled the rest of the day, got a few things done here and there and even found a new park near our house.  Then headed to T Point for snacks and fireworks with Josh’s family.

 photo 2400D159-5B06-4826-B341-09359243832F_zpsti2uelp6.jpg

 photo ECB78BD1-DC4C-40CD-90F0-338671AE650C_zpsjra8s9sv.jpg

Such a great holiday celebrating some of the things I most cherish, freedom and independence!

 photo A1C4973B-22A1-4244-95A8-617A35FB5635_zpsdvmwkird.jpg

Lily had a blast celebrating her first 4th with her brother and family.

J loves this holiday for the fireworks for sure!


Lily at 11 months only had a few more milestones to add from 12 months:

  • She has 3 more teeth and one more just starting to poke through
  • She says a lot more words like “buh buh” for bye, “J” she mimicks me yelling for him, and  “ya”
  • She does not like to practice walking
  • She finally started walking while holding furniture but easily gets spooked and will start screaming till you sit her down
  • She terrified of leaves😂 and a lot of unknowns. She’s very timid
  • I stopped pumping so she’s on formula for her 3 feedings now

The one thing I want to remember about her at this stage is how cuddly she has gotten. She will crawl up to J and give him a big hug and pat him on the back. She doesn’t quite give kisses yet, but hopefully soon. She’s very animated and loves to look around at who is paying attention to her. Almost 1 year!!!

she occasionally lets me put an obnoxiously large bow on her haha

 photo 0733BABE-AF18-4FE6-A08C-73C82ADEF2FA_zps8tv8yfdp.jpg

 photo B20831F1-BF45-4749-A988-26C10D0D9C8C_zpsszjjkufz.jpg

 photo B6C222BD-66F9-4200-B9ED-47503315B807_zpszmkpnji8.jpg

 photo 50C43A6F-31E2-4730-BBE2-D556C3D8B9FF_zpslxkbqrfs.jpg

 photo AD934D0F-5F0A-4C1C-A4E8-B3E7FCDE17EF_zpsmdmurbth.jpg

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