Running Limbo


Tuesday- 3 miles with Brittany + abs/arm workout

It was a beautiful cloudy kind of morning. I took a pic of Brittany and I, and let’s just say it wasn’t my morning so another sun/mountain/cloud pic is what you get!


After I did some abs/arms workout and J was right there with me. In fact, he thought he’d just go for a run. . .



Later on in the day I was chatting with my neighbor about running. I’m sort of in a running limbo. I’m not really training for anything in particular, although I do have a couple races on the calendar(Halloween half, and probably another half in August). I try and stay in half marathon shape(keep my mileage up) so I don’t have to re-train for them.

I feel ready to sign up for a full, but we’re traveling a bit the next couple of months. I don’t think that I could adequately train in enough time. I know I could run a full and survive, but I want my first full to feel great. I don’t want to be completely dead after.

So, this summer is not the summer to run a full. Should I make other running/workout goals? Should I continue to have fun with running and make it more of a social activity(which I’m loving)?

Goals I’ve thought of:

PR(beat my personal record) in the half marathon

Work on strength training, building muscle

Work on distance(maybe not 20 miles but 15-16)

Build my weekly mileage past 30 miles

And because the post wouldn’t be complete with at least 100 pics of J, he finished swimming lessons last night! I also got to cuddle my nephew=)

photo(659) photo(658)

Any suggestions?

What are your summer goals?

What’s your favorite summer running gear?



About Sugar Plum Runner

Welcome to the Sugar Plum Runner! I grew up in WA state, but currently reside in UT with my husband Josh, son Jackson, and 2 daughters Lily and Claire. I love running, but I have never been so inspired to run, race, and blog about it since 4 years ago after I had Jackson. I grew up playing soccer and cheered in high school. My favorite part of both sports(and yes I consider cheer leading a sport) was the conditioning. I found myself running after practice was over on my own. That's when I realized that running may be the sport I really loved.
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23 Responses to Running Limbo

  1. I’m training for a warrior race. Fairly sure I may not survive it lol I should probably start practicing the monkey bars. J looks so darn cute in that towel I can’t even take it!

  2. I’m running a 5k in September, a 10-miler in October, maybe another a half in October, and the Princess Half in February. I’m trying to get my mileage up during the week too, but I’m having issues! It’s getting better, but there is definitely room for improvement.

  3. jumpeatrun says:

    I would wait until you are in the perfect place to train for your first full, but you could definitely set yourself some new distance goals and work toward those!
    It’s always so exciting when you go a new distance!!

  4. I think you’re being super smart to hold off on the full for now. Rushing through training sounds like it could lead to injury.

    Personally, my favorite goals are always based on time. You could try to beat your half PR, or maybe even see how fast you can run one mile or a 5k?

  5. I would def wait until u have enough time to train.. u want to feel amazing when u complete your first 🙂

  6. Erin says:

    Ahh sweet boy!! Levi is starting swim lessons soon!! So excited!!

  7. J in the towel after swimming lessons – too cute for words!

    I think your possible goals this summer sound awesome! I’m training for a 10K on July 4th and then a half in October and that’s all that I have on the books besides practicing and teaching yoga. I just love summer!

  8. freudenberg4 says:

    Favorite summer running gear is my shorts and tanks! We have wacky weather in Ohio so when I get to wear these I am pumped! If you feel you want to run a marathon, I would just go for it! That is basically what I did for my first and I was really happy how training and the race went. I don’t think there is ever a perfect time to train, life is always happening!

  9. Runner Girl Eats says:

    I’m focusing on strengthening my base and upping my mileage so that I can get serious about training for my half this fall 🙂 J is too cute!!

  10. I think you are being smart about running right now, and it’s so good to just have FUN with running! The full marathon distance is not going anywhere, so when you decide the time is right just go for it!! I think you would finish your first marathon and feel great for sure…the key to the first one honestly is just getting past the daunting feeling of the 26.2 distance, and once you get through that you’re good! I have to warn you though full marathons are addictive 🙂 I am excited to hear that you’re thinking of crossing over to the dark side though, haha 😉 Keep up the amazing work you’re are doing!! I am so inspired by you since you have a little one you are chasing after and you’re still keeping up with all that mileage and training!

  11. I honestly think running limbos should happen, I normally take some time off from strict training especially in the summer time. it allows us to just get back to that love of running for what it is!

  12. Oh my goodness Jackson in those shoes is SO CUTE. And the towel. Geez, I’m surprised you don’t post 200 pictures of him in every post! I would say keep enjoying running for what it is. The half PR sounds like a good goal for you and it seems like if you keep doing what you’re doing (increasing mileage and adding strength training) you will get there!

  13. I feel the same way…I’ve been trying to get my mileage back up so I will be able to run at least a half this fall/winter and then maybe train for a full next year. I want to rock my first full as well!!

  14. megbek says:

    Girly, you’re such a great runner. 🙂 I totally omit pictures I take if they aren’t cute.
    I think it’s wise to postpone doing a full if you know you have a busy schedule coming up. Plus, I feel like there are a lot of great ones early on in the new year, March and April time. I absolutely support your feelings of wanting to feel great and prepared for one. I wasn’t really as prepared as I could have been for mine, and my time showed that. So did my hiatus from running for 4 ish weeks afterward. I was so miserable because running hurt and I didn’t want to do it. Your mileage is already impressive so I think shooting for a new half PR would be awesome. Plus, as you said, you’re enjoying your social runs. I feel the same way! 🙂 Can’t wait to see where you’re traveling to these next couple of months. J’s a sweetie, never too early to get him in to running! He looks like he can rock some Brooks!! ❤

  15. ribbonrunner says:

    Definitely good to wait on the training because you don’t want to “survive” your first marathon, you want to go into it feeling the most prepared you can. Keep up the great work with your half goals. I’m in the same thought process wondering if I should just run and exercise for fun and fitness, but I know myself and I do better with a goal in mind. You are the queen of goals so a PR goal would be awesome!

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  17. Personally I’m going to be working on speed next….When I started increasing mileage that is when I got hurt. But I think if you listen to your body you’ll stay safe!

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