Friday Favorites

*Sorry I haven’t been commenting on your blogs, my comp charger is broken so I only have a couple min to write up posts on my husbands comp before it’s family time. I hope to have a new charger this weekend=)


Thursday- 6 miles on stationary bike + 8 min abs + arm definer workout

I did the arm definer workout from the Nike Training Club app with an  8lb weight. I usually use a 5lb weight, it was a nice challenge!

Friday Favorites

1. My husband loves me and knows me so well. He picked up all of my favorite health magazines because he knows I’ve been down about my injury. If I can’t run, the next best thing is to read about it=)


2. I think it was Sunday this week that we had a beautiful lightning storm. I caught the sun setting and a big rain storm coming in.


3. One of my favorite things about summer is how care free the season is. Most often we pack a lunch and then we’re gone all day doing whatever. This particular day we were done at the pool and were headed home. J didn’t want to put new clothes on and I didn’t make him. Who wouldn’t want to run around in their undies/diapers haha

power to the babies

power to the babies

4.  Their was a double rainbow actually a couple of weeks ago and J wouldn’t stop saying, “a rainbow, a rainbow, wow!”

photo(5)What’s something positive about your day?

What’s your workout today or tomorrow? Any long runs or races?

About Sugar Plum Runner

Welcome to the Sugar Plum Runner! I grew up in WA state, but currently reside in UT with my husband Josh, son Jackson, and 2 daughters Lily and Claire. I love running, but I have never been so inspired to run, race, and blog about it since 4 years ago after I had Jackson. I grew up playing soccer and cheered in high school. My favorite part of both sports(and yes I consider cheer leading a sport) was the conditioning. I found myself running after practice was over on my own. That's when I realized that running may be the sport I really loved.
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9 Responses to Friday Favorites

  1. Hahaha I love that caption on that picture of Jackson. So funny! Something positive about my day is that I get to briefly go into NYC today. The best part about it is that it’s not as hot as it was last time I was there two weeks ago, so it will be much more enjoyable!

  2. That picture of J is so cute! My days all week are completely consumed by work, so not much fun has been going on – maybe this weekend though!

  3. Lish says:

    I am feeling ya on the injury thing…I haven’t been running all week either and really hoping whatever is happening with my hip/back/IT fixes itself quickly!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  4. Runner Girl Eats says:

    That pic of J is awesome! I would be doing the same pose if I could run around in undies all day 🙂 I love that your husband brought home all your fav magazines! So sweet and thoughtful.


  6. Agh, sorry about your charger, it’s so pricey to replace those! 🙂
    Sweet husband indeed! I just mope around too, when I can’t run, so those would totally help me also!
    Adorable that you let him run around in hid diaper AKA undies. I would too, if it were appropriate. Who wouldn’t want to run around free as a bird on occasion? LOL. Have a great weekend!

  7. Aww, what a sweet hubby you have!! And yay for storms. They are one of my favorite things about Summertime.

  8. Hahaha I love that picture! When Rylnn does that, we always say “Power to the little people!”

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