This is what it’s all about + weekly goals

Yesterday we went to church, and the majority of the afternoon both the hubs and I had church meetings. After, we ate a nice dinner of grilled cheese and tomato soup. I LOVE grilled cheese. Growing up, every Saturday night me and my cousins would eat it and talk about all our drama haha

The rest of the evening was spent in our basement watching Shrek with J. He came up, snuggled right in between Josh and I and grabbed my hand. I  really cherish these little moments. They’re what life is all about.


This picture is from awhile ago, I peaked out of my bathroom one Sunday morning and caught Josh getting J ready for church. It still makes me teary eyed. I’m just so grateful for my boys and their support. Josh willingly watches J Saturday mornings so I can run.

20130929-200410.jpgThis ,Monday morning, I’m grateful my husband is willing to get up and get ready for work while the rest of the house snoozes. I’m so grateful that he’s willing to work extra hard so that I can stay home and raise Jackson. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

So, on this Monday morning, what are you grateful for?

Last Week Goals

1. Drink more water. Half check, ongoing goal=)

2. Stop mindlessly snacking. Fail

3. write down things J does in my journal so I don’t forget. Check

New Goals

1. get a speed workout in

2. Eat more veggies

3. Go to bed before midnight

About Sugar Plum Runner

Welcome to the Sugar Plum Runner! I grew up in WA state, but currently reside in UT with my husband Josh, son Jackson, and 2 daughters Lily and Claire. I love running, but I have never been so inspired to run, race, and blog about it since 4 years ago after I had Jackson. I grew up playing soccer and cheered in high school. My favorite part of both sports(and yes I consider cheer leading a sport) was the conditioning. I found myself running after practice was over on my own. That's when I realized that running may be the sport I really loved.
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13 Responses to This is what it’s all about + weekly goals

  1. Thankful for happy double digit miles this past weekend, a super sweaty yoga session and spin this morning! Also for hot tea on a busy Monday 🙂

  2. jumpeatrun says:

    before midnight?!?! are you usually up that late? I have to get up at 4:30, so I am usually in bed by 9:30 at the latest. haha

  3. I need to adopt that goal of going to bed early too. I’m a night owl and wake up early like you too!

  4. Meghan @ fitnesscrEATures says:

    That’s the cutest picture of yours guys’ hands! Amazing. 🙂
    And amazing on your 8 miles this weekend girly! I was so happy for you! I know that’s the best feeling to get that kind of a run done! I totally forgot about your half coming up! YIPEE!
    You and your family are so sweet and adorable. I love you guys! 🙂

  5. kpanzl says:

    I love your weekly goals! Do you often meet them?

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