First run after race and sisters!!!


Monday- 2 miles on treadmill + arm workout

I was so sore after my the race on Saturday. My hips were so tight and my quads were screaming at me. I couldn’t wait to do a little jog this morning so I could stretch. I foam rolled those quads for a loonng time. Then I bribed my lil sister to come over and rub my legs, she is the best and I’m spoiled!

20131028-171006.jpgMy sister in law Sarah and her family were here in UT from TX because they get to move back to WA state! (where we all grew up) It was so fun to have everyone get together.

Leah, me, Sarah, Neeley, Bree and Mason

Leah, me, Sarah, Neeley, Bree and Mason

We ate at Kneaders, it was a bit crazy.

J at the big boy table, he loved it!

J at the big boy table, he loved it!

Then they all came to my house. The kids love my house for one reason, the giant mountain in my backyard. They had fun climbing up as far as they could.

20131028-171121.jpgThen it got really really windy out and my sister almost blew away! Haha but seriously. . .

20131028-170912.jpgIt was such a fun day getting to see family. I’m so happy they get to move back home and be closer to us!

How did your Monday treat you?

When do you usually run again after a race?




About Sugar Plum Runner

Welcome to the Sugar Plum Runner! I grew up in WA state, but currently reside in UT with my husband Josh, son Jackson, and 2 daughters Lily and Claire. I love running, but I have never been so inspired to run, race, and blog about it since 4 years ago after I had Jackson. I grew up playing soccer and cheered in high school. My favorite part of both sports(and yes I consider cheer leading a sport) was the conditioning. I found myself running after practice was over on my own. That's when I realized that running may be the sport I really loved.
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11 Responses to First run after race and sisters!!!

  1. way to foam roll, I need to do more of that. I know it would only help. Happy Tuesday!

  2. Meghan @ fitnesscrEATures says:

    good job on your half!! i read your recap yesterday and it’s amazing that you ladies only walked 3 times! I walk SO much more during mine! LOL! Awesome costumes and I’m glad you guys had fun!
    My hips are always what get tight after a race so foam rolling is always in order! And I always have my boyfriend massage out my legs as well as stretch me! I’m spoiled too! LOL I always think to myself, “How does anyone run without SOMEONE to help them out afterward?”
    I want a mountain in my backyard! NO FAIR!
    Lucky that your fam is going back to WA. I miss that place way too much and can’t wait to go there in December! πŸ™‚ Cute family outing, I love all the names, especially yours and Neeley! And I have a sis named Leah too! Super adorable name! ❀

  3. Way to go on the foam rolling! My quads are killing me but I haven’t felt brave enough to roll yet. I try to stretch and walk plenty after a race, but usually take a full week off from running.

  4. Runner Girl Eats says:

    My Monday was fantastic. I got in two workouts after work and spent the rest of the night eating dinner on the couch and watching Scandal πŸ™‚

  5. olivetorun says:

    I love that you got to spend time with your family! I am going home this weekend and I cannot wait to spend time with mine! πŸ˜€

  6. I typically just take my time and run when I feel like it after a race. You did the right thing…stretching/foam rolling/getting a massage are my favorites!

  7. Congrats on the race! I’ve never dressed up for one before but I think it would be fun to do! I haven’t done enough races to have a typical post-race routine, but it usually takes me about 2 days to get back into running.

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