Entry Table Remodel(From Desk to Entry Table)

While helping Josh’s grandparents sell some of their furniture before their move, I saw his Grandpa’s old desk and knew it would be perfect for our entry. I think I’ve found a new hobby, I just love taking something old and making it a beautiful statement piece again. It only took me a few hours to do this piece(drying time takes most of it) and I love how it turned out. Another plus, Josh really loves it too!

 photo DD927759-BA77-499A-84BB-CDDFE48255DB_zpsgarjvlrl.jpg

Materials You’ll Need: Entry Table Remodel

  • Paint Brush
  • Sand paper (the coarser it is the faster the sanding will go. I chose a fine sand paper because it was my first time)
  • Electric sander(highly recommended)
  • Stain(Early American)
  • Primer(Zinsser Bulls Eye 1,2,3)
  • Painters Tape
  • Drop cloth
  • 3-4 rags
  • Plastic bags to hold screws and handles

 photo B2D46987-85D7-49EF-B8B6-6C7EF1976229_zpswqhdnpqs.jpg

To begin:

  1. Take off handles from drawers and place all part into a bag and label if necessary. Remove drawers.
  2. Put new sand paper into electric sander and begin sanding. I had never used an electric sander and just borrowed one from my MIL. It’s not hard to use at all. I did realize you need to replace the sand paper often because it wears out pretty quick. I thought I had sanded the entire piece in about 10 min. After washing the excess sand off with a damp rag I realized I hadn’t sanded enough off. Keep sanding until most of the finish is off and when you wipe it down it feels smooth to the touch. Whatever you don’t sand off, it may show through the stain.

The first time I sanded the desk and thought I was done ha

 photo D0C7872D-4D19-4841-AA07-5DDEF95B68E3_zpstm0hpkkk.jpg

 photo 4FF5B47E-7C89-4B83-9C97-A17802F434C8_zps0jkwbngt.jpg

Wipe everything down again with a damp cloth and then a dry one.

 photo DC28C0D7-B91A-48B0-A925-BDAE82B935E0_zpsc7ztszpp.jpg

Lay down drop cloth and place table on it. Tape off the table top from the legs so the primer doesn’t get on top of the table you’re wanting to stain(shown below). Spray primer on the doors as well. This was the first time I had ever used spray primer. It was so fast and easy. You don’t want to spray it on too close or it will build up and drip.

 photo A13186D2-5A72-466F-87FE-54568DEE3228_zpsqubvtsin.jpg

  1. After the primer dries, tape off the bottom half of the table so if any stain drips it doesn’t get on the legs. I purposefully didn’t paint the legs at this point so if any stain did drip I could easily sand it and prime it again.

First coat

 photo 75E11A95-3351-4F5C-8488-29A165D1F3B1_zpsw5vsgcu3.jpg

  1. Get your stain, brush, and a new dry cloth. Stain the top of the table in smooth even strokes. Overlap strokes so you don’t have streaks. make sure you’re doing the edges so you don’t have drip marks. Let it dry for about an hour in a covered area so nothing gets stuck to it(I did it in my garage with the door cracked). After an hour wipe off any stain that hasn’t seeped into the wood.  Repeat the staining process as many times until you have your desired darkness(I did 3 coats)

Second coat

 photo 38B285CF-A302-41D4-B8D7-8B3C493628F8_zpsly8pec3s.jpg

  1. After the stain is completely dry, paint the legs and drawers white. You could also spray paint them but I had leftover white paint from when I painted my cabinets.

 photo EF78D7D7-27D8-4EC4-BAC4-D3AD921D1A9B_zps0wuruaqa.jpg

  1. Finish by spraying or painting a protectant coat over the entire piece.
  2. Replace handles.

 photo A196B218-FD87-43B6-8490-375D093554B3_zpsrtnpfv82.jpg

  1. You’re finished!!! I love how it turned out, it’s perfect for my front entry.

 photo E4249F16-4B24-43FA-95C5-4C404FFC22EC_zpsrd3j5uk3.jpg


have any questions? Let me know!

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2 Responses to Entry Table Remodel(From Desk to Entry Table)

  1. LOVE it!! You are amazing. Plus that looks so fun to do.

  2. The Zen Kat says:

    This looks like a fun project! I’ve never built furniture, unless you count cheap Target pieces. 😉

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