Friday Thankfuls


wednesday- 4 miles with Heather

thursday- 3 miles on TM + stretching

This week of workouts have been great. I’ve definitely had to slow even more down when I’m running outside. It’s more of a run/walk which I’m totally okay with. As long as I get some activity in I feel good. It was so fun to run with Heather, she just got back from Hawaii and had a blast. I can’t wait for her belly bump to grow so we both look like crazy pregnant women haha

 photo B5942A5B-56E6-4C91-BF6B-A217F2E6DC2D_zps7yhzcpu0.jpg


This week instead of Friday Favs, I’m doing things I’m thankful for=)

1. Slow days with this little guy. We had lunch at the park and made ‘wishies’ and ran around. He’s such a sweet heart and I wanna soak up these days of just him and I. I’m so thankful for my little fam.

his new Ninja Turtle sunglasses go everywhere with us
 photo E73420C2-8396-4262-A95D-EA724D8A8CAC_zpsntgh2dof.jpg

 photo B5363DC8-5BD3-48CB-B375-EBB18FAD6B64_zps5udzuuja.jpg

 photo 255DA467-A5E1-4BD1-B095-73583E8324C5_zpssnyy5kgs.jpg

2. Peanut butter and bananas. I’m thankful for delicious food after my workouts. I LOVE that all the yummy fruits are in season. I may have gotten up last night starving, so I just ate a mango haha.

 photo 021CEDB1-886F-428B-980A-5E1D2C1DC8F0_zps7fttqctu.jpg

3. Date nights. I know you guys don’t get to see a lot of Josh on the blog(he’s not a fan of pics) but we got to go to the temple the other night. It was such a beautiful night and after leaving the temple I felt so refreshed, I really needed that time with Josh and Heavenly Father.

 photo 59749B5F-6F9F-417A-AE93-CA76C5D8D478_zpszzkymlbt.jpg

4. Being pregnant. I am so grateful every single day for this wonderful blessing. I can’t wait to meet this spunky little girl.(25 weeks)

 photo D5BB5268-56E0-4770-BBCF-F63580A3CD53_zpsxesrujz2.jpg

My brother and sister in law are in town so I gotta go. Have a wonderful weekend!!

what are you thankful for?

About Sugar Plum Runner

Welcome to the Sugar Plum Runner! I grew up in WA state, but currently reside in UT with my husband Josh, son Jackson, and 2 daughters Lily and Claire. I love running, but I have never been so inspired to run, race, and blog about it since 4 years ago after I had Jackson. I grew up playing soccer and cheered in high school. My favorite part of both sports(and yes I consider cheer leading a sport) was the conditioning. I found myself running after practice was over on my own. That's when I realized that running may be the sport I really loved.
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6 Responses to Friday Thankfuls

  1. You’re the cutest pregnant lady EVER. I’m so impressed with how you’ve kept up with your workouts!

    Also – J in sunglasses is HYSTERICAL. So presh!

  2. jumpeatrun says:

    PB and bananas….ohhhh yea…..

  3. I love checking in on your adorable baby bump! So cute! I also love how thankful you are for everything ❤ xoxo

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