Baby Bump Update(baby #4): 36 weeks

*Posting 2 weeks late, because I forgot to hit publish!*

I can’t believe I’m already 36 weeks! I don’t feel like this pregnancy has gone by too fast, but it IS crazy to think we’re gonna have another little babe in 2 weeks or less(my dr. will induce that early because baby boy is on the LARGE size).


This week I’ve managed a few workouts, but I saved a lot of my energy to nest/clean the house. I just haven’t had a lot of motivation to workout, my body aches, especially my back.  So I’m just taking the pressure off and doing whatever I feel like haha.

I had my appointment and I’ve gone from a 1.5cm to 2.5cm dilated and from 50%-60% effaced. Progress is good, so next week at my 37 week appointment she’ll strip my membranes. That is what has always jump started labor for me in the past, so I’m hopeful we’ll get to meet baby boy VERY soon.

I put up his bed in our bedroom this week, filled is dresser with washed clothes, packed his bag and my hospital bag, so I’m ready!

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