Halloween 2018

I was SO glad we were able to have Coopers first Halloween this year and I wasn’t still pregnant.

This year Josh took the kids to our church party while I stayed home with Claire and Cooper(I’m trying hard to keep Cooper away from large crowds or gatherings for prob a few months).

The next day was Halloween and I took the girls to J’s school parade. They had so much fun seeing all the costumes while my mom rocked Cooper at home❤️ I’ve had so much support from both grandmas and Josh, it’s been so nice to still be able to get out AND keep Coop healthy.

That night we went to my moms for dinner and trick or treating. The neighborhood right next to here goes all out for Halloween and is pretty flat so it’s perfect for the kids. We got home and J passed out candy for awhile. It was so funny to see how much he was loving that. He says next year we need to get home earlier so he can pass out candy longer.

Claire probably stole the show this year. She was SO adamant she walk by herself to each house, hold her bucket, and hold her Minnie ears. She was slow, but determined. She would say the cutest “Happy Halloween” to everyone and “tank yew.” She has loved all things Halloween this month.

Lily had a lot of fun running to each house with Grandma and made sure to hold grandmas hand the whole time. She’s the cutest tiny ballerina.

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