Girls Park City Trip 2018

Every year my sisters, mom and I try and go on an overnight weekend getaway usually to Park City(it’s only 40 minutes away).

This year we headed up in October and headed to dinner as soon as we arrived. We went to our usual spot, Blur Iguana except when we walked in it looked a little different and the place was EMPTY. The waiter informed us it’s now called Tekila and it was the first day they opened. We were a little hesitant but we were starving so we stayed. Luckily we did because we were the only ones the whole time so we got the best service! They gave us free appetizers, (the fresh guacamole was to die for!) one free entree, and free dessert. We felt like celebrities.

I sent this pic to josh cuz I couldn’t believe how empty it was hah

We walked around Main Street for a bit and then headed back to the hotel where my sisters surprised me with baby gifts! It was so sweet. They also rubbed my feet, my sister Neeley foot zoned me, and we stayed up way too late eating yummy treats and laughing.

The next morning we worked out at the gym, got our nails done, and ate more food for lunch. We even ran into Katherine Heigl! It was such a fun weekend, I wish my brothers and their wives lived closer so we could all hang out!

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1 Response to Girls Park City Trip 2018

  1. Are you sure Katherine Heigl isn’t a family member?! Looks like you had a fun trip!

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