The plague

Flu season is quickly approaching and my house was hit hard. Of course we all got the flu shot but it never matters.

A week after I gave birth to Cooper, I got the worst stomach flu. 24 hours of body aches and other gross things that left me so tired and weak. Luckily my mom and Joshs mom came to the rescue and watched my kids ALL day because Josh was out of town for work.

Breastfeeding while sick is probably the worst feeling and that’s saying a lot..I had just given birth naturally a week before haha.

Luckily it passed and I survived with all the help I received(my sweet friend helped with carpooling too!). It’s the best feeling to feel good again. The next day I washed all the bedding, scrubbed the house, Cloroxed everything and Lysoled everything right after(dramatic? Maybe…). Josh was a bit sick while on his work trip but I thought we were in the clear.

Fast forward a week later(last night) and Jackson threw up once and then felt better, and then Claire blew out of her diaper and had a low grade fever. Josh was a rock star and dealt with it all while I tended to Cooper. Luckily everyone is feeling better today, so I’m hoping we’re all on the mend and there are no more surprises tonight and we can all get back to snuggling.

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