Cooper at 1 month

I know it’s so cliche but this month really has flown by but at the same time seems like time has slowed down. People constantly ask if he is our last baby and I honestly don’t know. We just take one baby at a time, so I cherish each baby as if they’re my last.

Cooper is getting some good chub on his legs, cheeks and chins!

We’re getting the hang of nursing(he’s still pretty lazy at latching) and we still co sleep most of the night because he eats so often it’s just easiest. But I am trying to start a better routine at night and trying to learn his little habits(like does he like a swaddle, a binky, his side or his back, etc.) so we’re still not sleeping a whole lot.

He like this swaddle blanket? Sack? (Im not sure what to call it)a lot.

He’s still pretty chill and sleepy, but has definitely woken up this last week. I try hard to do the sleep, eat, awake/play routine and he finally stays awake for awhile. The kids freak out when he opens his eyes lol

He’s outgrown newborn diapers and most of his newborn clothes 🙁 and his happy and healthy. The other night he giggled in his sleep and I could have died! It was so cute!

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