4 weeks Postpartum (baby #4)

4 weeks is always a bit of a scary number for me. It seems like the baby blues always hit right around then. So far I’ve felt better than ever. I was so miserable those last couple of weeks of pregnancy it just feels so good to NOT be pregnant.

Baby blues hit hard with my third, Claire. Im not sure if it was because it was winter, or if it was because her and Lily were so close(16 months) or a combination of it all. But I did a lot of reading and searching this time around to do anything that would help me fight it this time around. So far, this has helped me:

Eating healthy. I bought a meal plan a month before I gave birth so I could get used to it and not be overwhelmed. I have loved it and I’ve enjoyed eating better foods because, surprise, I feel better! Haha I eat 400 more calories than the plan is set up for because I’m nursing, but it has been great. At 4 weeks pp I’m 6lbs away from my starting weight and I had gained 22lbs.

Getting outside. I was SO relieved(for many reasons) that he came early so I could get outside before the snow comes. I’ve gone on walks with the kids, or just ran errands just to get out and it’s been wonderful for my health.

Staying active. A week after delivery, I started walking on my treadmill at a VERY slow pace because I couldn’t get outside before Josh left for work and my walks with the kids are more stop and go style lol. It felt so good to slowly move my body a few days a week. At 3 weeks I was walking and even ran a slow mile at the end of the week. I spoke with my Dr at the hospital before they discharged me and because I didn’t tear and I was active while pregnant she told me I could do light activity. She even allowed me to have a 4 week Postpartum check up instead of 6 so I officially got cleared to workout this week at whatever intensity level, wahoo! *I’ve got major running goals that I’ll share soon!*

My girls “working out” with me.

Know it’ll pass. When I nurse I get a flood of hormones and emotions that often make me feel sad, but just for a moment. It’s so weird. But anytime it happens I tell myself it’ll pass and it always does. My mom said her and her mom always felt that way too the first couple of months nursing. I communicate to Josh how I’m feeling too and he’s so sweet to always make sure I get “me time” and is always willing to watch the kids.

Prep as much as you can. You have 9 months to prep meals, de clutter, stock up on house essentials, medicine, whatever! I love nesting so for the first couple of weeks you just have to maintain your house and enjoy your kids. Then when you’re feeling a lot better you can get back to all the things.

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