Claire Turns 2

We celebrated Claire all day yesterday for her 2nd Birthday. Lily struggled letting Claire have the spotlight so it was an…interesting day haha but it ended wonderful and Claire had a lot of fun being spoiled.

Claire is…sassy, smart, playful(LOVES to wrestle) sensitive, snuggly, funny, and so much more. She has a lot of personality and does NOT want help when she’s hurt or frustrated. She has to figure it out on her own or she will yell at you haha.

She loves her siblings, food, Minnie Mouse, Poppy, and Elsa. She doesn’t like getting dressed, or Santa Clause(see below pic).

She loves making us laugh and says “baby brudda(Brother)” and Coopa(Cooper) so cute! She also says “not me!” Whenever I say it’s bedtime.

Every kid at 2 years becomes a daddy’s girl/boy and she’s no exception. She is obsessed with Josh(I mean we all are, he’s the best) and will sit and snuggle with him as soon as he’s home.

We celebrated as a family, had one of her fav dinners, cupcakes, and presents. She loves her Minnie Mouse car to ride around on in the house.

You can read Claire’s birth story here and her 1st bday here.

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