8 weeks Postpartum (baby #4)

I wanted to do a short update on my journey after baby #4. I mentioned in this post what has helped me this time around to fight the baby blues. It’s been just about 8 weeks since Cooper’s birth and I am happy to say I haven’t experienced baby blues! Don’t be confused though, I have had PLENTY of rough, overwhelming days but nothing that lasts or looms over me.

I think the number 1 thing that has helped was cleaning up my diet. Turns out, when you eat junk, you tend to feel like junk. If you nourish your body, you tend to feel good. I purchased a meal plan by Fitness Carli while I was pregnant. I started trying to eat better(it took time for me to cut bad habits and I’m still not perfect)and over time I’ve gotten used to making better food choices.

One of my fav lunches: pita with spinach, cheese, turkey, shredded carrots, sauce and veggies on the side(I had carrots too but I ate them before the pic).

The number 2 thing that has helped is having a positive mind set. Whenever I feel down or overwhelmed I try and go over everything in my mind that I’m grateful for. I also like to think about events or a get together I’m looking forward to. This always turns my mood around, if it doesn’t, then a good nap snuggling my babe usually does the trick 😉

I mean, is he not the cutest?!

As always, feel free to ask any questions!

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