Christmas festivities 2018

Christmas festivities started early this year at Josh’s work party(20’s themed). We are so spoiled and Josh’s sister Whitney watched Lily and J at her house (they had the best time with cousins) while my mom watched Claire and Cooper at our house. It was a late night so I knew my mom could put the 2 littles down to sleep but I knew J and Lily wouldn’t go down as well so they played with cousins.

We had so much fun dressing up, eating yummy food, and playing black jack for chances to win a raffle.

The next week my family got together to celebrate my late grandma Laura Mae like we always do. The kids make gingerbread houses, decorated cookies, and had fun being together. My mom made it a really fun day!

A couple days later we went to Josh’s parents who visited from Singapore(they live their temporarily for work) and we had our traditional Skiaki dinner, devotional, and present exchange. It was such a perfect night together.

The next night(Christmas Eve) we played Bingo with Josh’s mom’s family. It was fun, but we were missing his grandparents who weren’t feeling well.

Later we headed to my moms for dinner, the nativity, and a present exchange.

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