Christmas 2018

Christmas morning was peaceful. The kids walk up about 7:30 which is pretty typical of most days, so it was great not to wake up too early.

We made them wait while we turned lights on and made the space cozy and just so. Then we played Josh’s family Christmas song and then we sang my family’s Christmas song(crazy we both have songs huh?)

They ran down(we had to wake Claire and Cooper) and we’re SO happy to see Santa visited. Santa brought them each what they had hoped to get, and then Josh and I got them a few fun things. It was so fun to see them so excited and their cute tired eyes. It’s these moments I wanna remember forever!

These wear their favorite presents, Elsa dresses. The wear them all day playing make believe.

My parents joined us for breakfast, and then Josh’s visited a little later.

The day after Christmas we had the Scott party. It was a lot of fun playing games, eating good food, the nativity, and socializing with family.

The next day we went to aquarium with Josh’s mom and sister Alisha. Such a fun gift from Lee Ann and Richard!

It was a busy couple of days before Lee Ann Richard headed back to Singapore, but it was some of the best!

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