Cooper’s Blessing

While Josh’s parents were in town we thought we would bless Cooper the night before they had to leave on December 29. We had all our family over to our home and our sweet Bishop and his wife(one of my favorite people, she’s just the best).

Josh gave him a beautiful blessing. Cooper started to cry during part of it but Josh just took a sec to calm him down and was able to continue.

I got to get him dressed in Jackson’s blessing suit, and I added some little booties that would be just his. Unfortunately everything was a little snug…fortunately it all still worked out haha. He’s 2.5 months old wearing 6 mo clothes!

^his little toe sticking out!!

I love the quiet special time I’ve gotten to dress each child for their blessing. Memories I’ll never forget.

He has such a calm peaceful spirit and brings our family so much happiness. We all just can’t get enough of him.

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2 Responses to Cooper’s Blessing

  1. Nancy Steveson says:

    Thanks for the post…what a sweet little one. I also enjoyed the photos of family, miss you. Hopefully I will be able to come to Utah this summer and see you all in person. Love and lots of hugs…Grandma Nancy from Iowa

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