Cooper at 2.5 months

The other day Josh got Cooper to giggle. It was tiny and short, but it was a giggle! This stage is so fun. They are finally waking up enough to smile, “talk” and maybe even giggle. He is such a light in our family, everyone flocks to him all day.

It has been so fun the last couple of weeks to have Josh and J home all day and just play as a whole family.

Cooper loves bath time, nursing, laying on a blanket and kicking his legs, snuggling mom or dad.

He eats about ever 2 hours during the day, and at night I think he’s eating about every 3, but I’m not sure, it’s all a blur. He still sleeps with me most nights, but I’m going to start being better about putting him back in his bassinet so we can both get better longer stretches of sleep.

At his appointment he was 13 lbs 50%, 22in 20%, and his head was in the 50%. He was THE saddest any of my kids have been after his shots. We got to snuggle a lot haha

He really is such a sweet baby, but his cry is fast and furious. It cracks me up how upset he gets the minute he gets hungry or tired.

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