Cooper at 3 months

We see smiles, we hear rare giggles, and the kids love that Cooper “talks” with them. It’s hard getting J out the door to school because her really loves his morning hang outs with Cooper(he’s so so happy in the morning.

He still loves everything from last month, and I would have to add under his dislikes; riding in his car seat. More specifically when the car stops.

He received THE sweetest gift from my moms best friend Leslie. She HAND made this beautiful quilt. It matches his nursery perfectly and is so soft. We’re in love with it! Thanks again Leslie.

He’s on a good schedule:

7am- wakes up with mom I nurse him and then he comes to the basement with me while I workout(the other kids are still sleeping)

8:30am- takes a nap

9:30am- wakes up and nurses, plays, back down for a nap repeated until 8pm.

At 8 we get all our babes ready for bed, say prayers, and say goodnight. Cooper goes down (in his bassinet next to my bed)and wakes at 10(I nurse him and put him back down), then he’s asleep till 2 I nurse him and put him back down till 5:30, then he’s up at 7.

Some nights are different and he’s up a lot or he sleeps longer. This week he got his first stuffy nose(the kids CAN NOT stay away from him). So he’s been up a lot. I snuggle them most nights when they’re sick so he can sleep up right in my chest.

He’s wearing some 3 mo clothes but mostly 6mo clothes and size 3 diapers. He’s a big boy!

He’s looking more like Jackson to me. I want to remember how he he pats my chest while he nurses and how he nuzzles into my side when we sleep. I love that I’m his calm safe place.

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