Q & A Part 1


I think this is the first Q& A I have done on the blog! It’s one of my favorite posts to read on others blogs, so thanks for sending your questions over on Instagram! We’ll just jump right in since my baby could wake at any time ha ha.

Q: How did you and your husband meet?

We both worked in the BYU Athletics building(he was in Athletic Marketing and I was the front desk secretary). My roommate worked directly with him so I would go chat with her and got to know him. He asked me out and the rest is history!

Q: How are your kids and being a mom of 4?

They’re great! Thanks for asking. Being a mom of 4 has been really fun. I know that sounds crazy, but I really love being a mom. Of course I have crazy/overwhelming days, but overall it’s been really wonderful. The kids are all so helpful and really love baby Cooper.

*helping with laundry before bed

Q: What time do your kids wake up in the morning? And if they wake up before 5/6am how do you get them to go back to sleep?

They all wake up about 7:30am. Claire(she’s #3 and 2 years old) often wakes up when Josh leaves for work about 7am. If any of them started waking up earlier I can explain to the older ones that they can’t come out of their bed till their alarm clock turns green(bought it on amazon). But if it was a child younger than 2 then  I would 1. see if they can get themselves back to sleep 2. go in and tuck them back in without talking to them(when you talk to them they think it’s time to wake up) and 3. if none of those work I would see if they are getting enough to eat before bed, if they have a fever, teething, have a messy diaper…if you can answer all those and they are still waking up, then I would keep doing 1 &2 until they understood when wake up time is.

Q: I’m wanting to run a half marathon and have never done one before. What training schedule do you recommend?

Congrats on wanting to run your first half, that’s so exciting! I have ran 11 half marathons and  I love recommending this guide (scroll to the bottom of that page and you will find a 12 week schedule) to those that are running their first. It’s perfect for beginners and after my first I felt it adequately prepared me to run the 13.1 miles. I didn’t worry about time at all with my first, my goal was simply to finish and not walk at all. Let me know how it goes and ask any additional questions you may have. Good luck!


Q: How do you only have a little treat a day? I always eat all the treats if I start with a little one.

This is a great question. I love sweets and I have learned if I say “no” to any one food category I will binge and eat ALL of it when I get the chance. I have been learning how to eat intuitively for about 4 years now. I listen to my body and eat when I’m hungry and stop  when I’m satisfied NOT  uncomfortably full. I follow this meal plan and get my veggies in first to nourish my body and then eat something that satisfies my taste buds whether that’s a turkey sandwich, a salad, or pizza. Then if I’m still wanting a little something sweet then I have a cookie, chocolate or whatever I’m craving. On special nights  I do eat more dessert than other days because I like to enjoy yummy food with my family. often when I binge eat something it’s because I’m stressed, sad, bored etc so if I feel like I’m over eating  I try and stop and ask myself the “why” of eating that way and address/solve that issue another way than with eating. Chewing gum helps me for eating when I’m bored.

That’s all I have time for today, but if you have any questions leave them in the comments on here, FB, or on my last Instagram photo.

If you have anything to add, share that too!

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