San Diego 2019

The last couple of years for Christmas we have decided to give the kids a trip as a family. We love planning them for February when the Utah weather is cold and we need a little vitamin D.

This year we went to San Diego where we spent a day in Lego Land, and then a day at the Safari Park. It was such a fun trip! The kids did great(4 kids on a plane made me nervous but getting all their STUFF there stressed me out!) luckily it all went really well. Only a few short meltdowns the whole trip so I call that a success.

The day we arrived we went straight to the beach to see the sea lions. The kids loved playing in the sun. Then we headed to dinner with my sweet friend Heather and her family. My kids were so tired after dinner so we headed straight to the hotel and crashed.

^at dinner where the bff’s Milla and Lily reunited:)

The next day Heather and her family showed us such a fun time at Lego Land. It was perfect for all the ages of my kids and it wasn’t crowded at all. We went on all the rides several times and the kids loved all the different play places.

Friday we headed to the Safari Park. Our Claire bug LOVES animals. All my kids enjoyed it, but Claire was so cute squealing at all the different animals. Cooper really enjoyed being outside and nursed great on the go all week.

After walking for 2 days they were ready to snuggle in bed the rest of the night! We got treats and watched whatever we could find on the TV.

^the day we got back was Josh’s birthday! We celebrated with one of his favorite dinners, dessert, and presents.

Family time is my favorite time. It’s A LOT of work, but Josh and I try and laugh through it all.

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  1. Hooray for family vacations!

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