Cooper at 4 months

We’re seeing more and more of Coopers personality and he is so sweet, wiggly, and interactive. I’ll set him in the high chair(yes he’s already in that!)and the kids swarm him. He opens his mouth as wide as possible and doesn’t shut it till they leave, he just beams!

His stats:


Height- 5%

Head- 30%

He’s getting good at tummy time, nursing and sleeping in his crib.

Speaking of sleeping, I started sleep training him. I do this at 4 months because my babies don’t need to nurse all night anymore, they get wiggly in bed with me, and we both sleep better in our own space. It takes me 2 weeks to get into a good schedule and getting to know how they like to sleep/put themselves to sleep. It’s a TIRING/difficult process, but in the end it’s SO worth it and my babies are always so much happier because they’re getting quality sleep(and me too!). It’s the best feeling when I finally figure out their little sleeping habits. Cooper does NOT like to be swaddled, a binky or rocked before bed. I wrap him in a muslin blanket wth his arms free, then simply put him in his crib awake(ideally 15 min BEFORE he normally sleeps when he’s still happy) while I sing him a lullaby, then a noise machine turned on while he talks and coos himself to sleep.

^those little hands on the right ready to grab him when in reach haha his siblings Really love him.

He’s still nursing exclusively and does great with a bottle when I need to use one(so grateful for that).

He loves bath time, getting his diaper changed, and his siblings. He doesn’t care for his binky much and tries SO hard to suck on his thumb but I stop him when I can haha

^Valentines Day morning. He hadn’t had his bath yet and still in his sleep sack(sometimes he sleeps in one of those) but couldn’t miss out on the photo haha

I love him so much my heart could burst!

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1 Response to Cooper at 4 months

  1. he looks like a sweet old man in the last photo with the sweater and turtleneck! I think its great that you’ve figured out the process for starting sleep training for your kiddos! 2 weeks of pain is worth it to have a better trained sleeper!

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