Our “Things”

As I was cleaning up dinner and singing along to music (Taylor Swift’s Red album because cleaning with music is the only way to clean)I realized each one of my kids had brought something to the dinner table with them. Each item was SO telling of each child.

^the aftermath of spaghetti dinner

Jackson had brought a LEGO robot and baby robot he’s been working on. He wanted all of us to vote which was better. He’s very into everything Lego the minute he gets home from school and always wants the fams opinion on his latest creation.

Lily brought a bag with the zipper bulging, FULL of anything and everything. She has precisely 7 bags all different kinds; backpacks, purses, lunch pales exactly like the last, full of anything she can shove in there. She tries to bring them everywhere but they all weigh probably as much as she does.

^she pulled 2 bags out of the larger bag full of more bags oh and princess shoes for “when she gets married”

Claire brought a rock. Yep, a rock she snuck it inside from outside and I’ve caught it in her mouth several times. Claire is our puppy child. She loves all food, will finish your plate if you turn your back, loves licking anything, and is the best snuggle buddy.

It will be interesting to see what Cooper’s “thing” will be. For now it’s a burp cloth because he likes to drool, like a ton.

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2 Responses to Our “Things”

  1. hahha I love this list! How fun to see the little ways in which your kiddos differ

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