Sick Day

Yesterday J woke up and said his throat and tummy hurt. I told him to get ready for school, eat breakfast and then we’ll see how he feels. As we’re headed out the door he said his throat still didn’t feel great, so I told him he could stay home. He said he really wanted to go to school(he’s a social beetle, not a butterfly cuz he would think that was silly) so I let him go and told him to call me from the office if he still didn’t feel well.

I got a call shortly after…

So I had a fun shadow all day showing me his lego creations, telling me stories and jokes his friends shared with him, and lots of, “hey mom’s”. It wasn’t my usual laundry day, but still productive none the less.


I’m grateful I get to be home and can be with J when he’s feeling sick(or not so sick at all). There were a lot more fights and teasing yesterday but a day spent together is always a good day, fights and all.

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