This week I took Cooper outside to sit with me on the back patio. We watched Claire, Lily and J play on the swing set and in their new “house” which happens to be a large pile of sticks that Josh cut off one of our trees.

The Sun was beaming and we all got our fill of vitamin D. At dinner J and I talked about how excited we were for spring.

The next morning we were woken up VERY early to snow plow trucks trying to keep up with the falling snow. March 13 and it’s still snowing here in UT. I don’t mind one bit. My kids are still out playing in the backyard, but this time all bundled up and Cooper and I watch from inside on the couch with blankets.

The extremes in seasons this year keep me on my toes and our clothes drawers full of all weather clothing ha, but, “Come what may and love it.” (One of my ALL TIME FAV talks…Joseph B Wirthlin found here)


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