Running Update

I’ve gotten a few questions if I’m still running. In the past I’ve written all about my workouts and running, but my blog has shifted and I now enjoy writing about lots of topics, not just my fitness. It sounds like there is still an interest in running updates and I love chatting about running, so here’s how it’s been going.

Cooper is 5 months old(next week) and I ran my first 5 miles last weekend. It felt great! I have only been running on my treadmill but can’t wait for spring running outside. I run 3x a week 3-4 miles each time. I just run whatever I feel, I love just zoning out, listening to music or a church talk and just not thinking. Sometimes I crank up the incline and walk, I just like to do cardio for 35-45 min. The other 3 days I do arms, legs, core from this plan.

^cooper’s the cutest workout buddy

^okay I actually have lots of cute workout buddies

I’m looking for a half marathon, and then I want to do a full! I have never done a full marathon, but I’m going to do it! I’m planing to nurse Cooper till he is 1, so I may wait till next spring. I’m going to see how the half goes and plan from there.

If you’re in Utah, what’s you favorite race here??

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2 Responses to Running Update

  1. Ooo a full is a lot of fun! (but I think I can also say that because it has been so long since I did the one I did). I am just re-starting couch to 5k. despite doing plenty of halfs, I like starting slow each spring.

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