Food Snatchers

Everyday I sit down to eat and my little ducklings flock toward me. It doesn’t matter if I just made them a 3 course lunch( a snack while I’m preparing lunch, lunch, and a little treat after) they still will want whatever is on my plate.

Most days I don’t mind, and I try and eat healthy so they think eating carrots, pears, and avocados are fun. Other days I wait till nap time so I can indulge in a treat all to myself after my lunch.

One day I’ll miss those chubby hands with little dimple knuckles snatching food off my plate. They always keep lunch(or any mealtime) entertaining for me.

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1 Response to Food Snatchers

  1. what stinkers! I remember begging for sips of my mom’s Diet Coke as a kid. And my brother still steals any open pop and calls it his own.

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