Cooper at 6 months

Cooper is FINALLY sleeping. This month that was my main focus because no one was getting sleep. I wasn’t too consistent previously, and I was really trying to avoid crying it out, but he’s my first that wouldn’t use a pacifier. I tried EVERYTHING and finally realized he just needed to be left alone. I was too much for him when he was tired(he would fuss when I tried to rock him before laying down, he just wanted to be put down.

The worst of it was day 1 when he whined(not cried just kinda whined) for 75 min before he fell asleep. No, I didn’t just let him whine for that long, I went in every 5-10 min and consoled him, even picking him up a few times, but honestly he got more frustrated when I came in.

Then he fell right to sleep every time after with no crying. He still falls asleep so great. He used to wake up every 30-40 min and now when he does he just whines for a minute then he’s back down and sleeps another hour or two. He’s still waking 2 times in the night to eat, but he doesn’t need to. I’ll work on that, but I’m not too worried. We both get better sleep now that we’re in our own beds.

^when I feed him at night I steal all the sleeping snuggles I can get




Cooper at 6 months LOVES:

Eating-he wants food any time he sees someone eating. So I’ve started feeding him solids at lunch time and then I nurse him after, and then at dinner he gets solids too. He devours anything we give him and gets so happy to be eating with us haha

Bath time

Playing with his siblings

Being outside


Sucking on his muslin blanket(that’s what he sleeps with)

Rolling and scooting everywhere

Cooper doesn’t like:

Riding in his car seat at bed time or really much at all ha!

When his sisters give him TOO much love

When he rolls half of his body under the couch or into a corner

Things I want to remember about Cooper at 6 mo:

When I walk into get him from bed or in his chair he grins SO big and spins his feet and hands. He loves to nuzzle his face into my hair and has the cutest raspy laugh like Lily.

He looks just like Josh to me and I love it!

I just love having another little baby boy around. He’s such a happy chunky guy.

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