Why does speed work scare me?

Throughout my years of running, races, having babies and starting over again I always find myself nervous/scared to run fast. I really want to beat my half marathon time and break 1:50. I think I’m more than capable of it, but as I approached my first official week of speed work (6 mo postpartum) I felt scared, but also very excited.

So today, Tuesday I woke up ready to give it a go. In order to break 1:50 in the half I need to run 8:20 miles so I did a tempo run. I warmed up 1 mile, then ran 2 min at 8:20 pace(7.2mph on my treadmill) then 1 min recovery at 9:40 pace repeated 5 times. Then a cool down lap totaling 4.25mi.

Honestly, it felt great! I worked on relaxing and just letting my body be comfortable with the uncomfortable pace. I didn’t listen to any music, and just lived in the moment, took it all in.

Of course I had a few buddies with me:)

I’m excited for these big goals I have this year. I’m grateful for Josh who encouraged me to go after them and for my kids who love watching me and asking how my workout was.

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