Trial and Error: Running Nutrition

I’ve been researching and experimenting with my nutrition before a long run, during, and after.

I was nervous to sign up for my first full while breastfeeding but I’ve learned if you want to accomplish a goal, you just gotta go after it and stop making excuses. But I do need to fuel properly for my workouts so A) I don’t lose my milk B) I don’t get injured.

Here are a few things I’ve learned works for me:

Breakfast: water, 2 pieces of wheat toast with jam have been great for my stomach. Last week before my 8 miler I tried white bread with jam and an applesauce packet and my stomach felt a little off, not terrible but not great.

Drinking water AND Powerade during long runs. It’s gives me carbs, electrolytes, and an energy boost from the sugar.

^on my 9 miler last week

Taking 2-3 energy jelly beans every 30 minutes. I didn’t want to take caffeine since I’m breastfeeding and my sister told me about these. They’ve worked great! They give me the boost I need. I’m sure I’ll need to eat more during longer runs, but for runs that are 9-13 miles these are great.

^the green packet I just bought does have caffeine, I just noticed that! Haha so maybe I’ll try that packet when I’m nursing less and closer to the marathon? We’ll see…

After a run I love drinking a Light Muscle Milk that’s non dairy( I have sensitivity to dairy) because it’s so convenient and has carbs and protein to help aid in muscle recovery. The minute I get home I’m back in mommy mode and trade off with Josh so these drinks are perfect. Later on when I get a second I eat a half plate of veggies with a turkey sandwich or whatever’s in the fridge.

So far I’m feeling great and Cooper is a CHUNK! I’m trying to stretch and rest my legs when I can, but I’m a mom to 4 very active kids haha.

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