Cooper at 7 months

Cooper at 7 months is CHUNKY. I love every single roll and can’t wait for the Sun to finally come out so we can show them off. He is very happy and energetic. He loves to roll, tries to get up to crawl, claps, and eats anything and everything we give him. He doesn’t nurse well with people around, I think he has FOMO(fear of missing out😂). So we usually have to find a quiet place. He is still sleeping well and has been sleeping through the night! He usually goes down between 6:30-7:30pm and I feed him/change him when I go to bed at 10:30, then he wakes up at 5-6am. I feed him and then he sleeps till 7:30(I lay him back down because I like to workout and shower then feed him breakfast). It’s a little funky but it works for us.

He still hates a binky but LOVES to sleep with a muslin blanket by his face. He laughs the hardest at his siblings and puts up with a lot from his sisters. No teeth yet and doesn’t look like he’s even close(super okay with this nursing mama) but loves to naw on celery, puffs, and baby rice cakes.

He has the yummiest gummy smile that melts all of our hearts. When I go in to feed him at night it’s hard to leave because he’s always smiling up at me. He’s just a happy spirit that calms me and is everything our family wanted.

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2 Responses to Cooper at 7 months

  1. Lindsay says:

    I was a total blanket baby too. My mom always wanted me to take a pacifier but I hated them. But I always had to have my blanket on my face and still had to have it until I was in High School or I struggled to sleep! Do you older children have any special sleep items?

    • Sugarplumrunner says:

      Awe! That’s so sweet! My other kids were all binky lovers but stopped taking them at 2.5years old. Now they have certain stuffed animals they like.

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