This winter has been a long one. We got a few days of spring and then it just went back to cold and so rainy. Last week J came home from school with pink eye and the rest happened like dominos. Cooper got pink eye, then Lily, then Claire and finally Josh(I don’t know how I got lucky). I wasn’t so lucky when I woke up one morning with THE worst sore throat, throbbing ears and later had body aches. It lasted 4 days and I was certain it was strep. The test came back negative so I just had to deal. Then Lily woke up with a sore throat and then Josh did. I was tending to everyone’s eyes, throats, achy legs, and then Claire woke up Sunday(yesterday) with hives! I took her in and my sweet middle child had an ear infection!

^I was trying to get her to smile at the Dr. see her poor cheeks swollen?

^Claire after antibiotics and Benadryl and a visit from Grandma❤️

I’m so grateful I’m feeling a lot better so I can continue to care for the sickies and that everyone has the medicine they need(I hope) and that everyone is asleep in their beds for now. It’s exhausting, summer weather needs to come now(as I write this the rain pelts my windows and roof ha).

Sure makes me appreciate the days we’re all healthy!

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