Running Hills

I just wanted to pop in and give a running update. I’m 3 weeks away from my first half marathon after baby #4. I’m 7 months postpartum and I’m feeling stronger, but not fully ready. The last 2 weeks I’ve ran my long runs with a FAST friend who just crushes hills. I cannot keep up, but it has been a great challenge for me and I’ve loved pushing myself mentally and physically.

Last week we ran 10 miles and it was straight uphill the first mile and pouring rain and cold. I was totally unprepared for the course and just kept telling myself to not give up. I stayed with her but I know she slowed down quite a bit for me ha. The rest of the miles were downhill, some more up and then pretty flat and then uphill again.

Hills are great speed work in disguise so I was happy with my effort.

This past Saturday we ran 11 miles and MORE hills. This time I was mentally prepared for anything and my goal was just to keep up.

The sky was red/pink, there was thunder, lightening, and a downpour! I’ve never been so drenched after a run, our shoes were sloshing and my hat was dripping haha.

^I accidentally stopped my watch, but we ran 11 miles the last mile was about 10min.

^from a different rainy run 3 weeks ago cuz I forgot to take one this Saturday

We ran downhill then up and up and then back down and then back up! It was killer and I had to walk up a few parts of the hills. I was mentally stronger this time and I feel so prepared now for whatever race day brings. The American Fork half is mostly downhill for 7 miles and then flat. So we’ll see how these hills help me.

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6 Responses to Running Hills

  1. Lindsay says:

    You’ve got this! You’ve trained for the hills and it will totally pay off come race day! I can’t wait to hear how race day goes. I am sure you’ve talked about this before but how often do you take nutrition during training runs?? Will you follow a similar pattern during the race?

    • Sugarplumrunner says:

      Thank you!! I usually take 2-3 energy beans every 3 miles and I alternate water and Gatorade when thirsty. I don’t like GU but I’ve never tried the shot blocks. What do you use?

      • Lindsay says:

        I really like these packets by PowerBar … I am not sure if they sell them anymore though. I would be interested to see if a few energy beans was enough energy for me. I don’t think so because I generally like to take in 100-200 calories ever 4 miles …

      • Sugarplumrunner says:

        Ya I think for the marathon I will
        Definitely need something with more calories. I’ll have to look into the power bar packets!

  2. Great job!!! You’ve got this!

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