Taper Week before AF Canyon Half Marathon

I’ve heard of the taper messing with your head the week before race week. I think this is my first time experiencing that(I’m not sure I have every trained hard like I have this time around though) and it’s hard to imagine running 13.1 miles FAST. I feel sluggish, but I DO feel very well rested and ready to run.

Last run before the half

This week I have focused on nutrition(last week I was eating a lot of sweets, I blame it on nursing hormones) hydration, and sleep. I read that getting a good nights sleep the nights leading up to the race is better than trying to get rest the night before the race since you usually have race day jitters. I focused on getting in carbs on Thursday more so than Friday. I wanted to eat light Friday so that I didn’t feel so heavy. Last weeks 8 miler I felt SO heavy and I had eaten a lot the day before. The Thursday night before the race(race was on a Saturday) I get 10 hours of sleep! Of course there were a few 20 min nursing sessions in there, but it felt great.

Last long run before the half(8 miles) w/beautiful pink skies!

My workout leading up to the race looked like this:

Monday- 6 miles: 3 miles of race pace in there


Wednesday- core + 3 miles at a comfortable pace

Thursday- 3 miles at an easy pace

Friday off

I ate at my mother in laws Friday night and I had salad with a strip of London Broil, and some baked potatoes. Thursday night I had pancakes and had more carbs that day.

We’ll see if it all pays off!

The race expo was awesome and so well organized!

And the swag is the best I’ve ever had. Love the belt to hold your phone, keys, gu etc.

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