Cooper at 8 months

Cooper turned 8 months the day I ran my half. He is smilier than ever. His gummy mouth wide open and flailing arms and legs is the best way to be greeted every morning.

He recognizes people and gets so excited to see his siblings, mom, dad, grandmas or grandpas. He’s pretty chill with anyone and doesn’t have too much stranger danger.

He had a double ear infection this month and a little cough. I let his sleep in my bed with me till he felt better, ya know for extra snuggles.

His legs are THE best with all the chunky dimples and lines. He still loves all food and started drinking a bit of water out of a bottle.

He’s rolling, scooting and up on all fours taking a few crawls but not actively crawling yet.

His FAVORITE thing is bath time. He kicks and squeals like crazy and drenched anyone in sight. He would stay in there all day.

He has 2 bottom teeth that I can see wanting to come through, but it will probably be another month till they do.

Cooper loves saying “ma ma ma” and “da da da” and clapping and waves sometimes. He is such dream!

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