Race recovery and what’s next

Saturday after the half marathon I came home had a protein drink, lots of water, lots of veggies and then Josh and I went on a celebratory date night(thanks mom for watching the kids).

I chose the Cheesecake Factory, one of my fav restaurants and we had a gift card. #winning

I tried something new and went with the shrimp scampi, it was good but not as good as my fav Bang Bang Chicken and Shrimp.

I foam rolled my sore quads, drank more water and went to bed early.

Sunday I rested, stretched, drank more water, took a nap, more veggies and my homemade cinnamon rolls, and then my sister foot zoned me. She said I liked healthy and she could only see that my left arm was a bit sore. Unrelated to the race…I just carry a 20lb baby all day and sometimes all night haha.

Monday morning I felt so much better. I could go down stairs pretty normally ha and ran 3 slow miles and did an arm workout. Compression sleeves help me so much when I recovering.

Monday marked my 1st day of MARATHON TRAINING!! I’m 12 weeks away and pretty nervous but mostly excited to push myself towards a new goal.

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1 Response to Race recovery and what’s next

  1. Yay!! Sounds like a great way to recover, and I hope the beginning of training is going well!

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