A change of plans and week 1 marathon training

I am so glad several of you reached out to tell me the Big Cottonwood Marathon wouldn’t be a great first time marathon. I had been feeling that way for sometime and read a few blog posts of others who warned that the downhill was BRUTAL. I was trying to find a marathon close to home, in the Fall so I had time to train, and near my 30th Birthday because why not? BUT after hearing from a few of you, I have decided to NOT run Big Cottonwood Marathon and sign up for the SoJo( South Jordan) Marathon October 12th. I would love to do the St. George marathons, but I also want to sleep in my own bed and have a familiar routine for my first marathon.

The SoJo Marathon does have some uphill from mile 3-6, but the rest is flat or downhill. I’ll be training for those hills and would love any tips you have for my first marathon.

Since changing marathons, I now have 15 more weeks of training. I think that will be ideal!

Would you guys be interested in what my training looks like? I already keep my own training journal, but will post it if that’s something people are interested in.

Here’s what week 1 looked like:

monday- 3 slow miles(sore from race) + arm workout

tuesday- 4 miles comfortable pace

wedneday- 4.5 miles hill training; 1 mi w/u, 2.5 mi on incline, 1 mi cool down

Thursday- legs+.5 mi(ran out of time)

Friday- 5 miles +core

Saturday- 7.5 miles outside(slept in so it was sunny)

Total mileage 24.5—-

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