A Bed Made or a Made Bed

Little did we know when we bought our bed it would be made for 6.

Lazy mornings when all the kids meander in with sleepy eyes, bed heads and rosy little cheeks are my favorite. They always step over me to get to Josh #favparent to give him kisses and hugs and then eventually find me. After a few minutes they usually demand breakfast, but some mornings we can get away with shows and a few more minutes of sleep.

Funny story about our mattress. When we bought it we had to drive about 25 minutes with it in a flat bed trailer that we pulled behind our car. Being young and naive we didn’t think a heavy king mattress needed to be strapped down. Well, as we were driving along the freeway it flew out! Luckily the people behind us saw it happening and stopped. No one was hurt, and a guy pushed it to the side out of the way. Then me and my sister in law WENT AND SAT ON IT ON THE SIDE OF THE FREEWAY while Josh took the next exit to turn around and pick it us up. So so dumb. Oh and I was 6 mo pregnant with my 1st, Jackson.



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