4th of July 2019

Another awesome year celebrating THE best holiday.

Snuck out for a 5 mile run

Made festive pancakes with berries

My sister in-laws and mother in-law are so fun and set up tie dye shirts for the 4th. They turned out so cute and the kids loved them!

The parade is one of my fav traditions.

Oh and so are the afternoon naps, which this year happened later than normal. The girls would not nap, but Josh took over parent duties so I could relax for a bit while Cooper slept. It was heavenly.

Dinner, fireworks(J and Cal got to light them all off!), and birthday celebrations for my nephew.

It was COLD! The first time since I’ve lived here(11 years) it wasn’t lava hot haha.

Claire liked the fireworks from a distance..

Love where we live and I am so grateful for all those who fight for our freedoms.

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