Date Night, Little Moments, and week #2 marathon training

Josh and I went to our first ever Real Salt Lake soccer game last week. He got tickets through work and the weather couldn’t have been any better. We ate dinner together that wasn’t good but we didn’t care, we loved having each other’s undivided attention.

I’m so grateful to my mom and Josh’s mom who babysit for us often so we can have date nights.


For the last couple of months I’ve been writing in a gratitude journal every night. I write 10 things I’m grateful for from that day and it can’t be the same as the day or even week before. It’s helps me pay attention throughout the day to the little things. Here are just a few:

Easy summer dinner

Warm evening breeze

Lily sharing her backpack with Claire

Finding J, Lily, and Claire in Lily’s bed reading after my run.

 3 freshly bathed babes<—-prob one of my top 5 fav things

Week 2 Marathon training

Monday- 7 miles; 4 mile warmup with 2 miles of hills and 1 mile c/d

Tuesday- legs + 4 slow miles

Wednesday- 5 easy pace miles

Thursday- 5 progression miles

Friday- arms + abs 1 hr workout

Saturday- 10 miles

Total Miles-31 miles- First 30 mile week in over a year!


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2 Responses to Date Night, Little Moments, and week #2 marathon training

  1. Hooray for quality time! My planner has a monthly recap, and you’re supposed to list 3 people you are grateful for. My friends make a rotation through, but my mom is on there every single month. And usually for some different reason or event that I really did need her. I’m glad you guys were able to get some one on one time, I think that’s a great thing for your kiddos to see!

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