Why A Marathon?

It’s Thursday and I’m more than half way done with week 3/16 of my first marathon training. I’ve had a lot of time to think on my runs and questions myself as to why I’m running a marathon. Saturday morning my alarm was set for 6am and I needed to be out of the house by 6:30am for my 10 mile run to beat the heat and be back in time for Josh to mow the lawn and do yard work before it got too hot. Unfortunately, Cooper was up ALL NIGHT like he had been most of last week due to teething. Nothing soothed him much, except if I stood up and swayed back and forth while he chewed on my finger(he won’t take a binky and he wasn’t hungry so he wouldn’t nurse). I decided to sleep in. I thought to myself, ” why am I training for a marathon while nursing? When my baby isn’t sleeping through the night? When it’s summer and I should sleep in? When I’ll have to do long runs during our vacations? . . . and on and on. But I decided to get out there anyway.

I didn’t start my run till 8:45am and finished a little after 10am. It. Was. Hot. I’m glad I had my hydration belt and knew where there was a water fountain to fill up. I ran hills and felt so accomplished after I got back home but also guilty that I had waited too long to go out and Josh had to do the yard work during the hottest part of the day and he didn’t even complain.

I’m running because I want to push myself. I want a challenge. I want to stop making excuses and I want to show my kids that you can set big goals and achieve them if you work really hard. It takes sacrifice, commitment, and ya maybe a bit of craziness ha. Also, I love running. It’s so therapeutic to me. I solve a lot of problems in my head when I’m out running haha and I love the way I feel after. I feel so accomplished and proud of what my body can do. I feel strong. Even though it’s SO Hard to get out of bed early, I’m gonna keep trying. I’m gonna keep pushing. I wanna see what I’m capable of.

8 miles before 8am on Monday. I try hard to get my workouts in before my kids wake up. But I usually have 1 little buddy. Today it was Claire for a few minutes then J and Lily woke up so they watched TV. I fed Cooper at 6:15, then started my workout. That way he usually sleeps another hour or more.

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