Lily’s 4!!!!

Happy Birthday Lily!!

Lily Mae is independent, a mover and a shaker, and loves all things girly. She got a little bit of makeup this year from Aunt Neeley and she could not be more thrilled. She put it on EVERYONE including her boy cousins haha. She still has a bag or 2 or 3 with her at all times and is the best sharer. Even on her birthday she shared presents with Claire. She is a peacemaker but also likes to liven things up with a little teasing or tricks. Her wide eyed smile reminds me of my little sister when she knows she just did something a little mischievous but also hilarious. She can dance to any beat and loves to sing. Lily is the best snuggler and sleeper. You will find her in a dress 99% of the time but occasionally in pants but hardly ever in shorts. She says her legs get too cold in shorts and I believe her, she’s a little pip squeak. She looks up to Jackson so much and loves to be apart of whatever he’s up to.

Putting makeup on Claire

Recently, Josh took her on her first special date to the theater to see the play Cinderella. She dressed up in her Elsa dress and had the best time. She couldn’t wipe the grin off her face all day. She adores Josh. All the kids of Josh wrapped around their fingers, they are so lucky!

Lily is creative, energetic, and loving. Josh and I laugh and laugh at her silly faces and contagious laugh and scratchy voice. She’s a sweetheart.

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