Jackson is 8!!

Happy Birthday Jackson!

I know I’m sappy, but man I can’t believe I have an 8 year old. I love that boy with all my heart!

At 8 years old Jackson:

  • Loves pokemon, baseball, riding his bike, his buddies/cousins, wearing hats, drawing, writing stories, reading, playing his DS, Minecraft, staying up late with mom and dad, playing golf with dad, earning money, being a big brother and Legos.
  • Hates shrimp, losing, and that’s about all I can think of ha

He’s very thoughtful, first to apologize, peacemaker, people pleaser, and has the best sense of humor. He makes me laugh all day and recently understands sarcasm and it’s my favorite! I love joking with him all day and being able to laugh with him about funny things the little ones do.

I love our late night chats, and the way he follows Josh around all day Saturdays helping him with all sorts of projects. He’s grown up so much this year and I’m so proud of the young man he’s becoming.

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