Jackson and Calvin’s Baptism Day

I can’t even tell you how many times I have teared up this past month as we got closer to Jackson’s 8th Birthday. 8 is a big deal in our church because you can choose to be baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It’s a big commitment to follow Christ and his commandments. It’s not easy to always strive to make the right choices, but by being baptized we promise to remember Him and try everyday to be better and endure to the end.

Jackson was so ready for this next step and he was so excited. He’s been reading his scriptures and working hard to learn more about Jesus and be a good example to his siblings.

The day was extra special because he got to be baptized with his cousin Calvin. The day couldn’t have gone better. They were surrounded by so much love and the weather was gorgeous, not too hot!

3 cousins all baptized in the same year.

I loved planning this day with Whitney, she made everything extra cute, and takes the best pictures.

Jackson, you are one of a kind, Josh and I are so grateful to be on this journey with you. You brighten every day(Claire on the other hand, has had better days😂)!



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2 Responses to Jackson and Calvin’s Baptism Day

  1. Nancy Steveson says:

    Thanks so much for the photos. Congrats Jackson on being baptized!!

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