Jackson and Lily’s Birthday Week 2019

Jackson and Lily always get a whole week of birthday celebrations since their birthdays are 3 days a part. I don’t want either of them to feel like the other is more celebrated so I think I overcompensate and we party all week ha!

We celebrated with my family at Cherry Hill. They chose ding dongs for the dessert with juice boxes and couldn’t wait to party with cousins all day. My sisters and mom SPOILED them! They were elated and felt so loved.

On Lily’s actual birthday she woke up to unicorn cereal, presents, and decorations. We did whatever she wanted the whole day which included Cherry Hill, making her cake,playing video games with J, and cake with Grandma Lee Lee. She was THRILLED!

On Jackson’s birthday he got baptized with his best friend/cousin Cal. You can read more about his special day here.

The night before he and I made his request: cake pops! It was so fun and they turned out delicious! The morning of his birthday he woke up to decorations, his favorite cereal, and presents. I was out on my long run, but I got to face time him ha.

THEN we ended the party week on Sunday with the Scott’s and celebrated Lily, Jackson and their cousin Ezra birthday’s.

Phew, that was a wild week, but I love celebrating these cute kids.


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2 Responses to Jackson and Lily’s Birthday Week 2019

  1. Nancy Steveson says:

    Happy belated birthday Lily…sounds like you had a great time…love Grandma Nancy from Iowa

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