Marathon Training Update: Week 1-6

I just finished week 3 of marathon training and 2 weeks ago I ran my first longer run that had me a little nervous, 14 miles.  I did it and the weather couldn’t have been better. It has been HOT here in UT and last Saturday it rained the night before and we woke up to a cool 65* and a nice breeze. My friend ran 10.65 miles with me before she had to get back, and then I did the last 3.35 solo.


After my half marathon, I took the next 4 weeks easier and ran 3-4x at a comfortable pace during the week and then a long run of 8-10 miles on Saturdays. Then when I was 12 weeks out from October 12th, race day, I started this plan but realized with our traveling this summer I needed a slightly different plan and found this one(Hal Higdon novice 2). That’s been the hardest part, finding a plan that works for me. I don’t want to stop strength training 3 days a week(upper body, lower body, and core) because I really think it keeps me injury free so that’s been a challenge too. I’ve learned that I can do strength after my 2 shorter runs and then on “cross training” day on the plan, but it takes discipline. I have to start my workouts earlier before my kids wake up, so I’ve been getting up at 5:30 to run outside 3x a week, and then I get to sleep in till 6am on days I do my shorter runs on my treadmill and strength train. Or I sleep in till 7:30 and deal with my cute kiddos while I train.

*Lily doing push ups for her workout haha

The beautiful sunsets and my awesome running buddies have helped so much on those early morning runs! I don’t always get pictures, but I really love having company and taking in my gorgeous surroundings.

14.6 miles(I ran out of time to hit 15)last Saturday, before Jackson’s baptism. So grateful Rachel(not pictured, I always feel silly asking for pics haha) texted to run!

 Happy running!! The next 3 weeks I’m traveling on the weekends, so my long runs will be midweek, wish me luck!


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