Cooper at 9 months

Without fail when my babies turn 9 months I start panicking that they’re growing up too fast. Don’t get me wrong, the 9 month age is seriously one of the best. They crawl, belly laugh all the time, and even give big juicy open mouth kisses haha. I love this stage, but I always start feeling a bit sad that we’re leaving infant stage and moving into baby /toddler stage.

he fell asleep swinging

Cooper is crawling anywhere and everywhere, trying to climb up things, cutting 2 teeth and still eating like a champ. He has the best laugh and Lily makes him laugh the hardest.

I can’t get enough of his snuggles. I just want to soak up as much of him as I can.

Cooper loves the swing, bath time, being in the carrier at Cherry Hill, sleeping by the pool, playing next to me when I workout, and he REALLY loves nursing. So much so, he has rarely slept through the night ha. He’ll go from 11pm-5:30am SOME nights, but most nights he’s up for one reason or another. My kids are always that way till 1 years old because they’re either teething, growing, learning something new like sitting or rolling(that always keeps my kids up) or just off from the day’s activities. So I just roll with it. It’s just for a time, and he’s the sweetest.

I love when I put him down for a nap I always lay his muslin blanket over his face and he will lay there for a second with it over his face and then finally pulls it back like peek a boo. He laughs so hard. I love when he nurses he always has to hold and stroke my arm with his chunky dimpled hand. I love when he nuzzles his face into my neck and curls his feet up. I love/hate when he takes a bath he splashes so much because he can’t contain his excitement. He truly brings so much joy into our home. Love you Cooper Dean!

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