Lake Powell 2019

Lake Powell has my heart. I love it so much. After all, that’s where Josh and I fell in love exactly 10 years ago this month. He asked me to go with his family for the weekend after our 2nd date, and the rest is history!

It was Lily, Claire, and Cooper’s first time. Jackson’s has been 2x before, his first time was over his first birthday!

Lake Powell is something else, it’s so gorgeous. We headed down on a Wednesday afternoon and since we would be gone till Sunday I ran my long run that morning. . .17 miles! I can’t believe I did it. It’s crazy how your body adjusts!

I used my rolling stick on my legs during the 6 hour road trip that turned into 7 hours.

Unfortunately, on the way down, Claire threw up, a lot! Then she was sick the rest of the week.

We went for half a day on the beach Thursday, but Claire needed cooler temps so we took her back to the house.

Claire, Cooper and I stayed home all day Friday so she could rest. It was a blessing we were all in the same room at night, I could hear when she threw up haha and her siblings never woke up when I was cleaning  or catching her throw up(why are kids afraid of the bowl??).

*thanks to my SIL for the pics of everyone on the lake!

Saturday we had a nice slow morning. I snuck out and did 6 miles on a track(safest option).

Claire was feeling up for a boat ride later in the afternoon. She swam AND went on the tube(and loved it). It was a successful trip, we can’t wait to go back again.


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